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Training • Shoes • sale

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adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Men's Weightlifting
$ 178.99 $ 200
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adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Men's Weightlifting
$ 178.99 $ 200
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Voloomix Sleek Logo Slides Women's Training
$ 14.99 $ 22
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Voloomix Sleek Logo Slides Women's Training
$ 14.99 $ 22
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Voloomix Sleek Logo Slides Women's Training
$ 14.99 $ 22
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adissage Slides Women's Training
$ 18.99 $ 30
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Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Women's Weightlifting
$ 62.99 $ 90
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Vibe Energy Boost Shoes Women's Training
$ 83.99 $ 140
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Reviews for:Training Shoes sale

452 reviews
adissage Slides Adidas customer for life!!!!
October 07 2015

I purchased my Adidas slides about 4 years ago, so long that the comfort nodules/tubes have worn down taking the shape of my foot. I hate wearing shoes, but when I do, these are my go-to's. I wear these daily-all day-all year long; with or without socks & for every season! They are constructed well, last long & are very comfortable. I have purchased a pair for my son, who is always borrowing mine, my husband & my son's girlfriend. I'm a customer for life! Thanks Adidas!!!! ... read more

BEBOP65, U.S.A. go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great Lifting Shoe
September 28 2015

My training has focused on the Big Lifts (Deadlift, Squats) and hope to eventually get into Olympic exercises once skill and strength allow! Picked up these shoes as part of the arsenal and couldn't be happier. During all squat variations (front, split, back) my feet are planted like granite and my confidence and work rate have skyrocketed. Highly recommend for anyone looking to up their Big Lifts! ... read more

darkknight77, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes A must buy for power lifting
September 26 2015

I was sceptical at first about buying these expensive shows, however these are very well made and hopefully will last a lifetime. Fits perfectly, my feet are wide at the top but it still fits fine with no discomfort. Made a huge difference in terms of flexibility and allowing me to lift without bending back. Holds the ground solid which allows you to lift more weight. Well worth the investment. ... read more

ehadz, Oxford UK go to product
adissage Slides Better than anticipated
September 20 2015

I ordered these because I am on my feet all day long and wanted something to slip on at the end of the day that was not a standard rubber flip flop. These are UNBELIEVABLE! My feet were slightly sensitive to the footbed the 1st couple of wears, but they easily adjusted. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a convenient slide that also offers some relief for tired feet. ... read more

Shagsters, Dallas, TX go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great buy
September 09 2015

Just like all the other reviews these are a solid pair of shoes, I hover between size 8 and 8.5 so I got 8 and they were slightly too small, but it definitely helped my squat regardless, they're well made, etc... ... read more

dapatcho go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes A must for anyone serious about weight training!
September 05 2015

These powerlift's are the PERFECT shoe for women who are serious about strength/weight training. Comfy and offer great stability in all types of movement - squats, deadlifts, lunges and to my surprise really lock body and vote for standing overhead presses! Can't recommend them enough! I couldn't do a session without them now! ... read more

Gem87, North East, UK go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great Weightlifting Shoe
August 30 2015

I was advised to order a half size down to get a really snug but comfortable fit. They fit very well. The stability in these shoes is amazing. Hit a new PR on my squats the first leg day that I used these shoes. They look awesome. I really like the velcro strap for metatarsal support. The raised heel makes deadlifting in them a little awkward. Still doable though. ... read more

SnowBasic, Taber, AB go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Not for powerlifting
August 12 2015

These shoes are of exceptional quality. Very solid, secure grip. They run a little narrow. If you are weightlifting (clean-and-jerk, snatch), these shoes are great. They have just the right amount of lift in the heel. However, for powerlifting, most of us require a flat heel. I implore Adidas to made a powerlifting version of this shoe. Just make the heel flat - no rise. It would easily be the premier powerlifting shoe on the market! And, that's a huge market. There are many more powerlifters than Olympic weightlifters. ... read more

Bones13, Alabama, USA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great customer service
August 12 2015

i ordered these powerlifters last week in a size 5 (I'm usually a 5.5 in all my other runners..). I read all the reviews and they said to order a half size to a full size smaller!?? The 5 was too small so I sent back the following day. There was a ups returns tracking sticker that came with my lifters so it was just a quick phone call for a collection. Adidas refunded my PayPal account straight away and I ordered the 5.5 instead! I will definitely order from Adidas again. Constant updates on my orders and queries. ... read more

Jellyjenko, DUBLIN go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Quality shoes
August 10 2015

I've had the adiPower for a couple months now. They arrived snug and broke-in perfectly within a couple workouts as one would expect. Comfortable. My feet feel planted, solid, and secure on squats, deadlift, powerclean, and press. Good construction, breathable. Reminder: design is for weightlifting during which these excel. I would not want to engage any cross-functional training or running or anything else, not even a long walk home. And with such focused purpose, I am getting a return on my investment in these shoes. ... read more

Techtonic, San Diego, CA go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Probably one of the best investments a serious lifter could make.
August 10 2015

These shoes are incredible. I have no issues hitting depth in flat shoes, but these make a world of difference. I feel insanely stable, and the strap locks me in securely. I love these for front squats especially. I recommend them to everyone I know who lifts weights. I usually float between an 11.5 and a 12, and I opted to go for the smaller size - which was the perfect choice. They feel tight, but not uncomfortable. ... read more

JTG, Utah, USA go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Fantastic weightlifting shoes
August 04 2015

I bought these shoes to give me some comfort for squatting. It made a big difference. It takes the strain off your legs and lets you lift for longer. It looks cool and doesn't pinch your feet. Love these shoes! ... read more

JDogKillah go to product
Vibe Energy Boost Shoes Great for Dance fitness and studio training
July 30 2015

I am a dance fitness instructor teaching Zumba and Ujam(urban hiphop format) usually back to back. I love this particular pair because it helps me stick to the floor for squats and isolations and lets me glide/slide seamlessly. great for hip hop moves when I need to sharpen the footwork yet effervescent with salsa. It is also very cushy and has great lateral support for studio work as well. So you literally can go to zumba, kickboxing or strength training using 1 pair of shoes. You must give this a try and buy your usual size. this runs true to size. ... read more

janeblue7, san francisco, ca go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great shoes... Even for the ladies
July 16 2015

I've been using these shows for Olympic style weightlifting and they've been great. I wear a woman's size 8.5 to 9 and the men's 7 fit pretty well. The on,y downside is they are narrow so they squeeze a bit. I think once I wear them in, this won't be a problem. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. ... read more

Francey, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Wondering if I wasted my money....
July 14 2015

I bit the bullet, and got these shoes based on countless awesome reviews. And they have been awesome for my workouts. I don't think I can ever squat without weightlifting shoes again. However, after just a few weeks of use (3x week) I noticed the heel on the left shoe wearing down. This isn't typically a problem I have with any of my shoes and I was under the impression the weightlifting shoes were built tough. I haven't seen this problem mentioned elsewhere but it would e nice if replacement neoprene soles were available. ... read more

Archiballz go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes The best Olympic lifting shoes
July 14 2015

These are by far the best shoes out there for Olympic lifting. I've used them at least twice a week for a year and they're in the same condition as the day they arrived. The durability and stability is just unreal. Highly recommended. ... read more

midwestnowaves, Evergreen, CO go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Narrow fit around the front of the foot, but otherwise GREAT lifting shoes.
July 13 2015

I think my feet are wider than normal, so this probably won't be a problem for everyone, but for me the front of the foot area is a little tight. I have to make sure the laces are loose in the front so that my feet get as much room as possible to fit in them. Everything fits great though, and if I didn't have wide feet they would probably fit perfect. I'll deal with it. I would still recommend these shoes regardless. ... read more

Norsewulf go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Absolutely blew my mind
July 07 2015

There's nothing really to say about these shoes other than what has been said a million times. The quality is incredible, the sizing is about as true to size as you can imagine (went to an Adidas store and tried regular runners and ordered that size). I'm really blown away by the increase in my performance in the gym. Even my standing curls are better! It's been said the foot is the foundation of any movement. I'm glad to have Adipowers being my foundation. ... read more

Frederico K, Palmas, Brazil go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great Lifting Shoe
July 07 2015

Only complaint is i wish the toe box was wider, they fit comfortably but the toe is long and narrow. The tip of the shoe is empty even though the width is correct and my smaller toes are very snug against the sides of the shoe. ... read more

Izzo, Denver, CO go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Solid shoe, highly recommended
June 28 2015

I've started to transition from Crossfit to Olympic lifting, so I wanted a shoe for the job. I tried a lot of different lifting shoes before settling on these. These were the most solid and stable. I recommend these over the competition. The strap does a good job of really locking you in. I ordered a half size down from my normal running shoe and Crossfit shoe size. You want these to fit pretty snug. I'd say go off your normal size but then go a half size down. They offer free returns here, so there's no risk in trying a size you aren't sure about. The white looks fantastic. It'll get dirty fast, but they are weightlifting shoes--they're meant to get dirty. Overall, highly recommended shoes. I PR'd my snatch / added ten pounds to my snatch in the first week. Awesome. ... read more

LiftingInNOLA, New Orleans, LA go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Adipower weightlifting shoes are the best
June 27 2015

I would recommend buying those shoes half a size smaller than you usually buy any regular shoe or any adidas running shoe. I had adidas running shoes size 9,5, but for these adipower i have to take size 9, because weightlifting shoes have to be as tight as possible for maximum power to be developped on the weightlifting platform. I have narrow feet so the width was perfect for me. ... read more

didikongracing go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Adipowers > Romaleos
June 25 2015

I had initially bought Romaleos 2, which were heavier than expected and the inner strap was way too long that it use to drag on the floor and annoy me. The Adipowers are lighter and fit more snug, feel as stable as any other. Love them, should have gotten the Adipowers from the start. ... read more

OneIricky, Miami, FL go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great weightlifting shoe
June 24 2015

These shoes are amazing quality and for anyone who's serious about weightlifting, whether you're a beginner/ intermediate or advanced they'll add something to your lifts/ overall performance, I've always had issues with getting below parallel while squatting or feeling somewhat unstable during certain points of my lifts and with these the difference is substantial, you really feel planted when squatting in these. In regards to sizing they fit the same as all my other training shoes/ Adidas superstars, the only exception is the Powerlift 2 shoes from Adidas which I had to take a half size bigger in. While the price is significantly more than the Powerlift 2 there's quite a bit of difference in regards to quality, I'll upload one or two pictures so you can get an idea of the heel height difference/ see the difference in the strap. These shoes should last you years. ... read more

Jason78, Cork, Ireland go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes ADIpower awesome lifting shoes
June 06 2015

I wear US11 nike free runs, 11 vans and 10 converse. I bought size 11 adipowers but they were half a size to big. They were perfect at the begining but once worn in, they got bigger. Buying a second pair right now, will try to sell the other ones to someone at the gym. Recommend 100%, awesome support, your squat will got up garanteed! ... read more

alex123qc, Quebec go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great for the powerlifts!
June 04 2015

I was a boy before I bought this shoe, I am now a man. People buy me protein shakes after my workout to commemorate on not only lifting alot of weight with great form, but doing so while looking super fly ... read more

canadiankhal, Toronto go to product
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