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Training • Hardware

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Micoach Smart Run Dock Training
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Yoga Mat Women's adidas by Stella McCartney
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Micoach X_Cell and Textile Strap Training
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120 reviews
Bluetooth Smart Compatible Speed_Cell Works great after I figured out the unclear instructions
July 02 2014

Would be outstanding if the instructions were clearer. Adidas needs to do a better job of explaining how to get it to work. Didn't seem to have any problems locating the micoach with bluetooth or syncing it with my iPhone 5S..but it kept saying "no valid workouts" after I tested it. It wasn't until I contacted customer support I was told about the 80/60 need to move 80 meters within 60 seconds in order for it to start tracking, so just walking around your living room, or going out to the end of the block won't work. Nor will riding on a stationary bike, it only tracks the sports that it is programmed for. Since then though, I've tracked a soccer game, a soccer practice and a jog with no problems. Working great now!! ... read more

99hinz, Saskatchewan go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap Works perfect with miCoach for Windows Phone 8 on my Lumia 620
September 28 2013

I bought this monitor for the usage on my Nokia Lumia 620 in the hope of having Bluetooth Smart support. Last week I saw the miCoach app launched as the first one enabling Bluetooth Smart. Awesome training esp. also indoors with heart-rate tracking and coaching! ... read more

nokiaTrainer, Helsinki go to product
Micoach X_Cell and Textile Strap Mixed feelings...
October 03 2013

I have been using MiCoach for almost 2 years. LOVE the product. I use F50 1st gen & 2nd gen, Preadator LZ 1st gen, Boost, etc. For the MiCoach devices i have used 1st gen Speed_Cell, Pacer, and now the X_Cell and 2nd gen Speed_Cell. The concept is great. Recording data for my workouts has become in important piece of my routine. I am on board with the modernization of the hardware platforms, but it is true. You do need a Bluetooth v4 device in order for you to be able to pull the data from the X_Cell and the 2nd gen Speed_Cell. Be aware that most devices with Bluetooth v4 had to have been manufactured within the last year or so. Be sure to double check your device compatibility. Another piece to be mindful of is the web interface for the MiCoach data that is pulled from the X_Cell. When you pull data from the X_Cell, you can view the data on your multisport app, and not on the MiCoach website. Not sure when that is going to be addressed, but it really is frustrating to see "Sorry, this workout does not have any chart information" when I try to view the values from my latest workout with the X_Cell. The metrics that you are able to see on the multisport app are great, but until that data is unified in the web interface, and all of the lifetimes stats are updated, the product to me is incomplete. I am sure when the product is at full functionality I will be able to gather some great work out data. ... read more

Boston, MA, USA go to product
Micoach X_Cell and Textile Strap Good but not complete
December 25 2013

The GOOD: - It does what it says it does well. It measures your vertical, hustle and quickness either while wearing during practice or in the Power Up Drills. Plus you can use it as your HRM with the general app! The BAD: - Needs to save your Power Up Drills as cards you can view over time to note your improvement. The UGLY: - Adidas is not going to add website connectivity so everything you do with this device can ONLY be viewed in the multi-sport app. Nothing will upload to the website which is a shame because it's probably one of the best devices they have developed. Also, you can't view your Power Up drills results except immediately after doing them. Unless you take a screen shot and save as a photo in your phone, your result will be lost forever. Not good if you want to measure results over time. Overall: A good, unfinished product. If you want to improve your quickness, hustle and vertical this is the product for you, but you will have to give up being able to track your progress except if you wear it during practice (and then only in the multi-sport app). ... read more

andy_martini, Ponte Vedra, FL go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap almost perfect
April 08 2014

This heart rate monitor is great! It's extremely accurate and works very well with the miCoach app. The textile strap is comfortable and easy to adjust, put on, and remove. Also, as a woman, it's not noticeable at all when I wear it under my shirt. I have had some connectivity issues when my phone is in my backpack. The app kept saying "Bluetooth found. Bluetooth lost. Bluetooth found. Bluetooth lost..." nonstop without a break. But when I looked at the results afterwards, it appeared uninterrupted. Don't forget to take it off after you're done working out. Otherwise the dried sweat makes your skin bond to the connective part of the strap and it hurts to take it off. ... read more

sinetrogue, San Francisco, CA go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap Good Product, App campatibility can be better
July 07 2014

The product is good, but it doesn't pair with S-Health app on my samsung Galaxy S4. I was looking for pairing it with S-Health as it gives an option to track calories burnt and calories consumed. This device pairs only with micoach app. But this app doesn't have an option of tracking calories consumed... so its difficult to keep-up with my wait-loss goals !!! Now I have to use SHealth and MiCoach. Using two apps (instead of one) would drain the battery of any phone :( Below adds would be better Should pair with SHealth app or an option to track calories consumed in micoach app. ... read more

Vintouch, Harrisburg, PA, USA go to product
Bluetooth Smart Compatible Speed_Cell Absolutely love it
August 06 2014

I play football every Saturday and I bought this because I wanted to monitor how much I run on match days and it does that perfectly. It connects to my iPad/iPhone without even taking it out my football boot and the app also gives you tips on how to improve which is a big help. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because you never know when the battery is low or ran out until you try to pair with your device. ... read more

Rell10, London go to product
Bluetooth Smart Compatible Speed_Cell Easy connection
February 04 2014

I have an iPhone 5 and just bought a Speed Cell Bluetooth off Adidas website. Express postage was as advertised, ordered Saturday night, arrived Tuesday morning. It connected first go with miCoach multi sport app. None of the connection problems I've read about. Can't wait to get first game on it tomorrow night ... read more

Dogtayls, Penrith, Australia go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap RESEARCH CAREFULLY
July 08 2013

As far as I know, this works great. I can't tell, though, as it does not work for Android yet. Once Google finally updates the Bluetooth stack with 4.0 (BTLE), hopefully Adidas will update the micoach app to work with the sensor. In the meantime, it does not work with Android, it does not work with the iPod Touch 4G. It will only work with the newest iPhones and the iPod Touch 5G. ... read more

Kentrik, Ogden, UT, USA go to product
Micoach X_Cell and Textile Strap X-Cell
December 06 2013

The x-cell is a really good product in being able to monitor and measure performance. Really helps to motivate pushing a little harder in games and training to outdo previous scores. The x-cell as a heart rate monitor is excellent however it can feel and look a little bulky on the chest. I play soccer and it worries me sometimes on the ball hitting me on the chest and what that might do to the equipment or to myself. The last thing is that the measurement for quickness, reaction time and hustle is measured in g/s and g/min. To understand what I was doing on the field I had to do a little research. ... read more

Rasta07, South Carolina, USA go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap Train better with HR
April 26 2015

I've had the HR strap for about a year now and I have found that it has helped a lot with improving my training. The range is really good where i can wear the strap on court and have my phone linking 15m away. I do have the Fit Smart now which i wear most of the times but when your playing sport you aren't always able to wear a watch. I find the HR strap to be more accurate then the Fit Smart. I have to wash the strap after each session or it can get a bit smelly. After 12 months use i haven't had to replace the battery. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap Best Coaching Device On Market
April 01 2014

I have been comparing my wife's micoach and its capabilities with my unfortunate purchase of a similar product from an industry big player. micoach is a much much better product, which will truly makes you a better athlete where it is just a slogan of the other company. The micoach web site is almost perfectly designed, with fantastic preset periodized training programs that are dialed into specific intensity zones. If you want to alter the workout calendar, it is very simple to do with a click and drag to pull a workout from one day and move it to another day. It is also easy to alter preset workouts plans to integrate more cross training if you like, which is what I did with my wife's plan. I started with a level 6 10K plan, and reduced the running days to increase the strength training days. Speaking of weight training days, the animated demo of how to perform specific movements is excellent and is something the NO ONE ELSE has. This is hands down the best on the market. I can't wait to get mi own. Next up, if Adidas could design a program for cyclists with BlueTooth interface with a PowerTap, I will have died and gone to heaven! ... read more

KSchirm13, Bethesda, MD, USA go to product
Micoach X_Cell and Textile Strap Solid piece of kit
March 06 2014

The sensor is built sturdily, and is easy to set up. The band is surprisingly comfortable once in position, and I've had no issue with it sliding off. If you have a compatible mobile device, and use the Adidas apps, I'd certainly recommend this sensor. ... read more

Oldetymer, Maryland, USA go to product
Sport Performance CC Boxer Briefs 2 Pack So life changing I might even be able to think better
June 13 2015

Coming from cotton boxers and very occasional briefs Being a construction worker In a hot summer climate I have had a mild spiritual rebirth As someone who also sits on cushions In various air conditioned rooms and cars A similar rebirth Seriously cooling, comfortable,breathable and Gently supportive= Not one to give out glowing praise casually I cannot help but recommend all men behold the power Of climacool underwear for themselves ... read more

New reviewer 742 go to product
Heart Rate Monitor With Textile Strap Good for a old guy.
March 14 2015

My wife purchased this for me 6 months ago to help while we try to "get fit" I'm a 56yr old 6'4" fella whom is moderatly active but never successful in maintaining a workout routine. I've never been a runner, so I used this device to monitor my hart rate when walking each day. It helped me set a pace and understand what was necessary to get my hart rate into the zones I wanted to achive. Within two weeks of using this I was walking 5 miles at a brisk pace and maintaing a 140+ HR. Now 6 months later I'm jogging 5k every day and getting my HR up to 150 by the end of the run. I've lost 30lbs and hope for more. For me this devices helped me set my pace via hart rate, not speed, as a always slow runner I had always been discuraged by my lack of speed, now I pay little attention to my speed and concentrate on my hart rate and running the 5k every day. I use it with a Samsung Note 3, had some connectivity problems with the hart rate sensor for a while. At first it was not a problem. Then after a few weeks it would take forever...5-8 min for MiCoach to find the Hart rate sensor, even after wetting it, shaving my chest, new batteries, got to the point where I stopped using it. Then after about 2 months of not using it I put a new battery in and tried it again. It's been working flawlessly since. I've had updateds on my phone and apps so maybe that was what sorted it out. I'm a happy camper now. ... read more

Allaire, Pensacola Fl go to product
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