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Top Ten

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Reviews for: Top Ten

118 reviews
Top Ten Hi Shoes Classic Kicks
November 06 2015

These shoes are great! Classic, retro, amazing sneakers. I would buy these for all of my friends, and would recommend them to everyone. The shoe seems narrow, after a couple of wears, they break right in and stretch. Thanks Adidas. GREAT product, and AMAZING quality. ... read more

DeBuckets, Knoxville, Tennessee go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Great product but...
November 03 2015

For some reason, Adidas shoes fit one size too small for me these days. Suggest you go to a store to try a pair on before ordering online. That issue aside, love Adidas pricing and style selection. I'm an "OG", so classic styles will always be "on point"! ... read more

CiscoKid414, Detroit,Mich go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Hi top purchase
October 20 2015

I'm very happy with these trainers - they look good and were delivered promptly. The only reason this review didn't get 5 stars was due to the delivery charge. The price seemed slightly over and I think the delivery charge could have absorbed this. Other than that, I'm happy to recommend this product. ... read more

MatthewPaul, Brentwood, UK go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Fab shoes!!
October 15 2015

I bought these for my boyfriend and they are the best trainers I have bought! the fit him perfectly, they're not too big and bulky either! they can be worn as your normal everyday trainers or they can be dressed up to look smart. I would definitely recommend :) ... read more

BHHT9395, Halifax go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Awesome Classic Hi-Tops!
September 29 2015

I just love these shoes. So cool and retro yet comfortable and versatile. Can be worn with baggy and skinny jeans equally well. Good level of waterproofing and quality. These are my second pair and I am a total convert. Get involved! ... read more

chrswlf, London, UK go to product
Marvel Avengers Top Ten 2000 Shoe First purchase ever.
August 24 2015

These were my first purchase of Adidas shoes ever, and I can honestly say I'm not dissapointed. As a fan of Iron Man, and red and gold these were a must have from launch day. They feel wonderful in hand, and even better on the feet. From the first wear, they felt like old familiar shoes I had been wearing for years. They fit nice, feel great, and look awesome. The attention to detail id great, from the small icon on the heel, the brushed metal like texture of the red upper, to the tounge and insole getting Avengers attenion. I have received so many complements and questions about these shoes, they are just like Tony himself, an attention getter! Hopefully I will be able to get myself another pair of these before they are gone for good! ... read more

BlueSonikku, Saskatchewan, Canada go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Sweet kicks
July 30 2015

Always wanted these shoes back in the 80's but I was a kid and had no money. But they are now mine at last, 30 years later. Kinda remind me of the red and white jabbar's adidas reissued about 10 years back, (please re reissue the jabbar shoes again). Anyways these shoes are cool and I recommend. ... read more

Johnnycoolspacedetective, Dublin, Ireland go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes One of the nicest retro sneakers in the Market.
July 13 2015

They are comfortable enough. But the best part about the sneaker is really all in the design. It's well rounded and suitable for a lot of wear. I would buy a second pair how much I like these sneakers here. ... read more

WizdomTree440, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Great, well-made classic shoe. Not as narrow as you may think
June 30 2015

I bought this show because I love how timeless and simple the design is. I feel like shoes now are way too colorful and trying to do way too much. These are very comfortable and the leather is pretty tough, seems like they're going to last a while. For all the people saying they are a little narrow, I thought so too at first. I ordered two sizes, a 10 (my normal size) and a 10.5, to see which would fit better. I was trying to figure out which shoe was more comfortable before i started dirtying them up, and almost chose the 10.5 because it seemed like width was more comfortable for my foot even though they felt a little long. I ended up wearing the 10 around, hoping the shoe would break in and it wouldn't feel a little narrow afterwards, and that's exactly what they did. I recommend everyone buys they're normal size, because they become a lot more comfortable after you use them for a little while. Unless you have really wide feet, then I would order two sizes and decide for yourself. ... read more

K-Dawg6969, Illinois, US go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Great looking shoe.
June 18 2015

Love this shoes. They not only look great but fit great as well. At first were a little on the small size, but after 1 hour or 2, they were completely fine. I'm wearing them with jeans and shorts, and look great. Always a spark conversation. I'm not planning on wearing them for its intended purpose, basketball. The only complaint I have it is that the shoes are bit hot. Also, the fact that I live in Miami does not help either. It is always hot in here. ... read more

Brian305, Miami, Fl. go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Classic
April 25 2015

I own 3 pairs of the hi top 10 and almost every time I wear them someone is telling me they are cool. I have a personalized version too, however a word of caution for those... for some reason on the personalized version they make the tongue in nylon only not the regular material which is really odd and kind of disappointing on the looks, comfort, and overall quality feel, too bad because it could have been a perfect combination. ... read more

Buddy34, USA go to product
Top Ten Low Shoes The perfect fit
April 24 2015

The top ten low shoes are comfortable and it is always the right time to wear them. Adidas is my favorite shoe brand so when there is a new design and new style that's out, I get excited. And this one definitely made my excitement list. Regardless, I've always supported all of the other shoes that's been out. If it's you that haven't got the top ten low shoes, it is very necessary that you go get them. I highly recommend them ... read more

Tete adidas, New Orleans, US go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Feet ich from width to small
March 25 2015

These are very nice shoes and like them except for a few small things. First they are fitted way to tight; I had to pull the laces back a lot before I cloud cram my foot inside. Second even though my feet are in the shoes width is so narrow my circulation gets cut of unless I move my foot a little (and i have small feet width wise). Lastly the way they formed the back for the ankle is kinda uncomfortable. These would be way better if they simply made the width a little bigger ... read more

Mastro13, Leamington go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Sexy shoes! Need wide width.
March 19 2015

I just got my shoes in the mail. I was so excited! They look really good and I couldn't wait.... But even though I ordered a size bigger than usual thanks to reviews here, I couldn't even fit my foot into them. I'm returning them and getting another pair because I really really want these shoes, but there needs to be a wide width version of these. I'd hate to get my next pair just to find out they're impossibly long. ... read more

Kaibi, Boston, MA go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes No regrets
March 10 2015

I got the Floral version of the shoe and let me tell you it looks way better in person. I didn't even notice but even the lace ends have gold tips on them. This shoe is so padded and is really comfortable. The design on the shoe is really cool and the shoe fit true to size. Would buy again for sure. ... read more

brofromDE go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Laces are odd styrofoam feeling
March 08 2015

The shoe itself and the options are great. The laces are bizarre - unlike any other of the Adidas high-tops I own. And it appears Adidas doesn't sell laces. It seems like such a small thing - but I'm going to have to find replacement laces I like, or take them from another pair - I won't order another custom pair without finding a solution. These laces really stink. ... read more

AnotherCustomer go to product
Top Ten Low Shoes old school style
February 24 2015

Still love these from when I was younger looks n feel a lil like the old school ones wish they'd come back with some more of them especially the one pair liked the most besides the original color they were padded leather high. Will upload photo of what they looked like you only have them in low all leather. And you should have more colors and options available for customizing would like to do different color sole half n half or however it goes more top ten and forums *note* would not let me upload photos of shoe was talking about but no# is C77112 on hi padded leather you them way back in the day ... read more

Jae Wil, Highland Park, Michigan USA go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Old skool classic!!!
February 23 2015

Im from the old skool aera and had just about every color of top-ten,concords,and forums back in the 80's.None where ever comfortable or good for playing basketball but they look good on my feet.So when i see these tennis come backout n they don't come out often i got jump on them cause im so 80's.Remember they not track tennis!!! ... read more

DJ-88, Maryland go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Top quality classic
December 26 2014

As someone who grew up in Detroit I've seen a lot of top tens. The shoe has been popular there for years. To me this shoe is made with the same quality it always had.That's not always the case with retros. These shoes are very comfortable and not bulky. They are ,however ,a true high top. Despite the leather tongue, this shoe breathes. I live in Arizona now and I wore these in 100+ degree weather with no problem. These are great. ... read more

NoQuit1971, Arizona go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes my second purchase on line ever!
December 18 2014

this is my second purchase on line, the first one ever was last february i think with you. all the shoes I've got are size 9.5 UK, those ones are 9.5 but they are a bit tight, I'm wearing them just because I hope one day the will get lose, hopefully! ... read more

carlocot, London, UK go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes top ten hi
December 04 2014

love these shoes but they are at least a size smaller than other brands.. I had a navy pair with white stripes before (3 years ago) and they went with everything. Sorry to say they dont make them anymore but i thought i would try black for a change. I need a 13.5 but they only go up to a 13! maybe i will try the custom but they are an extra £20 just for the half size .. im usually a 12.5 in other shoes but these run v small ... read more

johnoscot go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's top ten hi shoe
November 12 2014

I've only had these shoes for about 2 weeks so I can't say anything about durability. The shoes look awesome and are very comfortable after a short break in period the material seams pretty good but like I said I won't know for sure until I have more experience with the shoes. Overall I think this is a great shoe and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested. ... read more

Alex25, Whitehorse Yukon Canada go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Very cool
September 06 2014

I have been checking these out since they were reissued this time around and definately wanted to get them. I initially wanted the colorway but I waited too long and there are none available inmy size. However, when I saw these, I was totallly blown away!!! I love the old school style, the fit is real supportive. I lace mine up kinda snug so I can run and cut in them if I want. I wear them kinda loose and pop the toungue with jeans. Very awesome looking and extremely comfortable after a brief breakin period. Adidas has definately redeemed itself in my eyes, i was unhappy with a previous purchase and was a little dubious of their current quality level but these top tens certainly have changed my mind. I'm looking forward to wearing these for a looong time. I highly reccomend these. ... read more

Robbot, Norwood, MA, USA go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes The Coldest Pair Yet....
July 22 2014

Wow!! Caught sight of these and they were a Must have. In Detroit we call Them The Pistons Boys. Y'all did it with this Pair!! An Instant Classic that I hope you guys Keep around for Years to come, I would like to own a Few pair Ha Ha.. Salute!! ... read more

DexterLinwoodArea YBI, Detroit, MI, USA go to product
Top Ten Hi Shoes Size does not match
July 06 2014

I love the classic look of the Top Ten basketball shoes, but I was surprised when I received my pair. I wear size 10 shoes and that's what I ordered, but I tried my Top Ten on and they were too small! This is the first time that I buy size 10 shoes and they don't fit me. Buyer beware! For Top Ten shoes (maybe Adidas shoes in general) I recommend ordering a half size bigger than what you normally wear. ... read more

goldomenso, IL go to product
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