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Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's Originals
$ 85
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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TOP TEN HI Men's Originals
$ 95
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Top Ten Low Shoes Men's Originals
$ 75
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Women's Originals
$ 62.99 $ 90
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Star Wars Top Ten Hi Shoes Boys Originals
$ 38.99 $ 65
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Star Wars Top Ten Hi Yoda Shoes Boys Originals
$ 47.99 $ 80
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Top Ten Hi Shoes Women's Originals
$ 90
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Reviews for adidas Top Ten

126 reviews
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes The Originals!!! Lets Go!!
February 28 2014

Again!!! Detroit is Known For Rockin Top Tens since the Early 80's. I say Bring Back the Patent Leather Adidas SkyWalkers and Patent Leather Top Ten High with the Strap and the Low Top 2 Strap Edition. I also think You should Re-Release Patent Leather 3/4 Concords with the Strap And Those Limited Edition Top Tens With the Fur inside without Breathing holes on the Toe, in the Navy Blue and the Burgundy Colorway!!! I wear a Size US 12 in Every Shoe But Adidas!! I have learned to Buy a Size 13!! I have no Problem with this Now that I know!! I love this Shoe!! Gets No Better!! Style and grace, Best Shoe to Match with any pair of Pants!! Ten fold for Hard Levis Blue Jeans!! ... read more

DexterLinwoodArea YBI, Detroit, MI, USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes only one for me
February 05 2014

I would like to start off by saying that in my opinion adidas is by far the best shoe I've ever had the pleasure of wearing not just because I never had an issue with my size 121/2 fitting like anything else but a 121/2, or the very appealing styles that caters to all races and genders, not even the great affordability in which adidas offer,although any one of these reason could easily persuade one's opinion of adidas being the best, but the fact of the long life and durability of their product in addition with great pricing,fit to size and the freshest style,how can one dispute the fact of adidas being the best.I can remember my first pair of adidas I was 15 years old and with my summer job I purchased a pair of top tens red/white/blue every week I purchased a pair forums,tens,shell toes,bill cords,concords,patent leather and many others im now 44 years old and I haven't been without multiple pair of adidas since and if God permits I will continue because like I said they are truly the best therefore adidas is the only one for me. ... read more

black bottom mo, Detroit, MI, USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes A Detroit Classic
February 13 2014

These are a Detroit classic, the young boys made these shoes popular. Growing up in Detroit these are the shoes that every boy wanted to wear or had to have no matter what, to style and profile in and they feel so comfortable with whatever you wanted to wear. I bought every color of the Top Ten, the Forms and the Concords I had them all. Adidas has always been the shoe for me, now the Top Tens are back. Thank you Adidas Deeeetroit Basketball ... read more

Dj-Ice313, Detroit, MI, USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Original
February 12 2014

When we talk old school, this is the sneakers for you. Quality seems very original. Great price and no need to camp out though I think some would camp for these. Simple and easy to order on the website, no crashing. Adidas is giving the competition a run for their money. In recent days I've seen more and more Adidas quality looking sneakers and product availability is not a big issue when it comes to Adidas. I've walked into an Adidas store and was really impressed with the layout and the availability of OG kicks from the past. Pick these up for a REAL RETRO feel. Next kicks, some Superstars and some fat laces. Thanks for bringing back the memories. ... read more

kp321, NJ go to product
Top Ten Low Shoes old school style
February 24 2015

Still love these from when I was younger looks n feel a lil like the old school ones wish they'd come back with some more of them especially the one pair liked the most besides the original color they were padded leather high. Will upload photo of what they looked like you only have them in low all leather. And you should have more colors and options available for customizing would like to do different color sole half n half or however it goes more top ten and forums *note* would not let me upload photos of shoe was talking about but no# is C77112 on hi padded leather you them way back in the day ... read more

Jae Wil, Highland Park, Michigan USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Acceptably good version of a classic.
February 08 2014

This is the 35th anniversary version of the Top Ten. It looks fab, but the construction here is a bit too much like the original. I mean, it's a relatively thinly-constructed shoe. The 30th anniversary version of the Top Ten was much sturdier, a bit lower in height, and better quality. And yet, I still bought the shoe and love it. I have serious doubts about its durability though. I'm usually a 12 in Adidas, but an 11.5 fit well and snug. It fits true to size (or maybe a bit big), with easy break-in (thanks to the soft toebox). ... read more

travai go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Brings back memories
February 04 2014

Growing up this was a must have...if you could afford it. If seen on, you were considered cool. These were the most comfortable shoe on the market. The leather was buttery soft. As for now, it looks exactly the same but the quality is not as good. Leather is stiffer, stitching around the toe is not symmetrical (back then it was the same issue) and I don't remember the laces having a slight blue tint as if your denim bled on it. But it actually looks better as you get more of a vintage look. I look forward to hitting the pavement tomorrow in one of the most iconic sneaker 70's. ... read more

LUVMYJAYZ, Portland Or. go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Classic
April 25 2015

I own 3 pairs of the hi top 10 and almost every time I wear them someone is telling me they are cool. I have a personalized version too, however a word of caution for those... for some reason on the personalized version they make the tongue in nylon only not the regular material which is really odd and kind of disappointing on the looks, comfort, and overall quality feel, too bad because it could have been a perfect combination. ... read more

Buddy34, USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Feet ich from width to small
March 25 2015

These are very nice shoes and like them except for a few small things. First they are fitted way to tight; I had to pull the laces back a lot before I cloud cram my foot inside. Second even though my feet are in the shoes width is so narrow my circulation gets cut of unless I move my foot a little (and i have small feet width wise). Lastly the way they formed the back for the ankle is kinda uncomfortable. These would be way better if they simply made the width a little bigger ... read more

Mastro13, Leamington go to product
Star Wars Top Ten Hi Yoda Shoes love these
January 19 2015

bought these today, wore them tonight. love them. however, would love to find out what they are made of. it is definitely not leather. feels like paper. want to know how to clean them. think its very interesting that there is no fabrication content on this site. ... read more

kicksareforkids, orange county, ca go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Great looking shoe.
June 18 2015

Love this shoes. They not only look great but fit great as well. At first were a little on the small size, but after 1 hour or 2, they were completely fine. I'm wearing them with jeans and shorts, and look great. Always a spark conversation. I'm not planning on wearing them for its intended purpose, basketball. The only complaint I have it is that the shoes are bit hot. Also, the fact that I live in Miami does not help either. It is always hot in here. ... read more

Brian305, Miami, Fl. go to product
Top Ten Low Shoes The perfect fit
April 24 2015

The top ten low shoes are comfortable and it is always the right time to wear them. Adidas is my favorite shoe brand so when there is a new design and new style that's out, I get excited. And this one definitely made my excitement list. Regardless, I've always supported all of the other shoes that's been out. If it's you that haven't got the top ten low shoes, it is very necessary that you go get them. I highly recommend them ... read more

Tete adidas, New Orleans, US go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes It's about time..
April 17 2014

As a kid I bought my first pair of Top Tens in 1982, Red & White the Indiana colorway.They were 63.00 & I remember the day like it was yesterday, I caught the bus to Northland Mall in Southfield, Michigan. Unlike many people I did not buy mine because of the dope boys Y.B.I or any of the other drug organizations going on around Detroit at the time, I saw them in sports Illustrated & Indiana was wearing them, yes the Converse spokesman Isiah Thomas was the reason I bought them. I think Kiki Vandeweghe wore them also. I hope they bring back the Skywalkers in the Bright Blue, Yellow, Red & the original colorways of the Concords including the patents. I will buy every last one of them. I still have unworn Top Tens from the 80's when they were made in France, the Blue, Red & White & the all White. I hope the Top Ten Low comes back as well. It's nice after seeing what Nike did with the Air Jordan's & the Air Force One Adidas is taking care of it's often overlooked fans. The Silver & White Adidas ATP's were dope too, I'm looking for some size 10 if anyone has them unworn with original box only. I love Adidas, thanks for the gift this has made my day. ... read more

souteddyhuh, Native New Yorker, Native Detroiter go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Too Narrow
February 16 2014

Like many Adidas shoes this runs narrow and did not fit in size 10.5. Adidas needs to get in the 21st Century and start either sizing the shoes better or offering wide sizes. Disappointed to be sure. But does look good and apparent quality construction. ... read more

Johnniee, San Francisco, CA, USA go to product
mi Top Ten Custom Shoes Great, well-made classic shoe. Not as narrow as you may think
June 30 2015

I bought this show because I love how timeless and simple the design is. I feel like shoes now are way too colorful and trying to do way too much. These are very comfortable and the leather is pretty tough, seems like they're going to last a while. For all the people saying they are a little narrow, I thought so too at first. I ordered two sizes, a 10 (my normal size) and a 10.5, to see which would fit better. I was trying to figure out which shoe was more comfortable before i started dirtying them up, and almost chose the 10.5 because it seemed like width was more comfortable for my foot even though they felt a little long. I ended up wearing the 10 around, hoping the shoe would break in and it wouldn't feel a little narrow afterwards, and that's exactly what they did. I recommend everyone buys they're normal size, because they become a lot more comfortable after you use them for a little while. Unless you have really wide feet, then I would order two sizes and decide for yourself. ... read more

K-Dawg6969, Illinois, US go to product
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