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Superstar • sale

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Reviews for: Superstar sale

8 reviews
Xeno Superstar Shoes Great Investment
January 08 2016

I got these as a gift to my boyfriend and he is in love with these. The color changes are game-changing. A lot of people sleep on Adidas but these are the rawest, mind-blowing pair of shoes I've ever seen. Can they make a woman's size PLEASE ... read more

Alisalisa, Richton Park, IL go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes One SICK Shoe!
October 10 2015

I purchased the black version and received it today. I took the advice of the reviewers and got a 1/2 size smaller and that worked perfectly. When you first open the box, these shoes pop. They are very cool looking. there are two distinct patterns - look at the left side and look at the right side. I like that they are dark almost black looking in general. For example, if you are outside in the sunlight, the shoe appears to be a dark charcoal colored shoe. Thus you can wear just about anything. It is when you are inside that different light can really show the colors. Any flash the color scales go white. Very cool! The shoe is comfortable and definitely unique. ... read more

Frederick33, Roseville, CA go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes xeno in superstar, nice
October 07 2015

well i needed a 12.5 but at that size they only have them in 12, 13 and 14. i got them in 13 and they fit fine. a little big, but better than a 12 which i can't wear. they do look black or a greenish tone but you will notice that they do change colors when the sunlight hits them or whenever a flash is taken. i do notice that in certain situations they go from black normally to white when the flash is taken aside from the black 3 stripes. not sure if they did this on purpose or not, but it is very cool looking. i would say they are kind of like the box that they come in where it mixes every color at once on the 3 stripes. kind of like the strip on the front of a mastercard where it bounces every color at you depending on where the light is coming from. normally you will get a lot of dark green/purple depending on the light. take them out in the daylight and you will see more or indoors depending on the light . i would definitely recommend these for anyone who is into shoes. ... read more

Akuma210, SA,TX go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes Size down
September 23 2015

These shoes are amazing but the size does differ from other superstars that I own. Bought them for my wife as well as myself and we both had to get smaller sizes. As for some of the other reviewers, they are reflective so they are only going to change color when there a light shining on then ( which you can see in the video and it says so in the description). We got them in both colors. I'd say the black is definitely better than the grey. ... read more

ChadG, New Jersey go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes not what i expected
August 12 2015

This shoe is nice i would still wear it however it is a catfish i expected the colors to be bright 24/7 and the really only show when you have them under the light of your phone. True definition of a catfish they look nice and beautiful online and in person they just alright just know when you get them they will be black 98% of the time even in sunlight you get just a hint of green ... read more

jimmy-james, san diego CA go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes Great pickup don't miss it! Sizes matter
August 11 2015

These shoes are the bomb. It's really unique and eyes catching. I own other superstar pairs and I wear them in size 10, but once I got the xeno one I wore them and they were too large for me! So I returned them and ordered half down the size 9.5 and hopefully it will be good. Otherwise the materials they used for this shoe are very decent. ... read more

Lil G1 go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes Amazing effects, wrong sizing
August 03 2015

According to the size chart, a men's size 8 is equal to a woman's size 9, but the shoe is slightly too big for me. Other than this sizing issue, the effects of the xeno are amazing and the snake skin pattern is perfect! ... read more

gina2311, chicago, il go to product
Xeno Superstar Shoes My Favorite Pair of 3 Stripes
June 13 2015

This has to be one of the first pair of kicks I've ever inticipated this highly on receiving!!! Now on to the Superstar Xeno...I must say Adidas had me in such a humble adoration that I had a huge grin on my face ear-to-ear! Right out of the box the shoe began to show its colors, and they were jaw-dropping to me. So after playing with them forever I used my iPhone for the flash to see them in their full 3M "effect", and continued to be amazed like a Afterward I put them on my (wide) feet and they are comfortable as well. I have not one complaint on any aspect of this particular Xeno. ... read more

Dragons_Vape, New Orleans, LA go to product
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