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Red • Running • Shoes

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Reviews for: Red Running Shoes

72 reviews
Springblade Solyce Shoes Adidas spokesperson
April 27 2016

I love adidad blades and since they came out that's all that I wear. I have about 6 pairs and they all fit comfortable enough to wear all day. My job entails me being on my feet all day and directly after work I go to the gym. I have a really narrow foot and Adidas blades or just playing Adidas seem to fit my foot perfect. They give me the support that I need and are extremely light in weight. I love Adidas blades in would recommend them to anyone and everyone. ... read more

Poizunive, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Best purchase ever
April 25 2016

Thank-you for creating these wonderful trainers. I have suffered from shin splints for years and have never found any trainers that help me with them until recently. I saw Karlie Kloss post about how awesome the pure boost x were and I intastly looked them up and started comparing them. A few days later i brought them and haven't looked back. I haven't had any issues with my shin splints at all. They allow me to run in no pain and the best part is I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all on my feet. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these trainers and allowing me to run pain free. ... read more

Messica, Brisbane, Australia go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes super confortable shoes
April 23 2016

The shoes are the best I've ever had. The pnly thing is I suggest to take half a size or a size bigger and they are not for women with large feet as they are really narrow shoes. If tou wish to put them with sock you need minimum a full size bigger. Other then that those shoes are so comfortable that you won't want to go back to your other shoes!!! ... read more

Any40, Montreal go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Solid marathon speed shoe
April 22 2016

Really happy with the adios 3. I run in a few different models and different brands and have to say the adios 3 comes close to nailing the perfect high intensity distance shoe. Perfect blend of cushion and responsiveness. Light weight and a tiny dose of stability. I'm super happy. Was in the Boston before this and am happy I traded down in weight. Classic looks too, means when I retire them from miles I'll be happy to continue wearing them. ... read more

Ireland go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Best running shoes
April 21 2016

These are the best running shoes I have ever had (and I have had many...). So comfortable and for someone with wide feet, they are excellent. It feels like you have a pair of socks on you and not a pair of shoes. And they are nice looking. Well worth the money. ... read more

Marie123 go to product
Springblade Solyce Shoes Best runner ever
April 20 2016

I am not a long distance runner. I played football and would have loved these shoes if they were made in my time. I walk and jog some and I am not a little dude. Love this purchase. I have been a Adidas man since grade school. ... read more

UDOG, San Bernardino CA go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Best trainers ever!
April 16 2016

I got these trainers as a birthday present and it was the best present I got!! So comfortable and great for the gym. I would say go up half a size as they are a bit snug. I had tried them in a store before so i went up half a size and I'm glad I did. Overall I am really really pleased with them! ... read more

Stac87, Belfast go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Improved upgrade to previous version, should ensure that this is the staple racing shoe for road runners
April 16 2016

The Adizero Adios has been my go to running shoe for all road races from 5K up to Marathon. I have owned the Adios 1 and 2 editions. The main difference with the Adios 3 compared with the Adios 2 is that the toe box is wider and this makes for a more comfortable run, esp for long runs. I tend to get a larger size (so EU size 44 instead of 43) and that suits me fine. Boost cushioning great as ever and the new style Continental grip appears better quality than in the Adios 2 and Adios 1 versions and should prove longer lasting. I would recommend this shoe most definitely - little wonder that it tends to be the marathon racing shoe for the elites. ... read more

SydenhamHillRunner, London UK go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Light and comfortable
April 15 2016

Having already run in the Adios 2 I purchased the Adios 3 when a new pair of shoes was required. They fit and feel exactly like the 2 which i love. The laces on the 3 don't seem to move as freely as the 2, but overall these perfect. Light, responsive and with enough cushioning for long runs. ... read more

TriDaz, London go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Custom-fit arch support at last!
April 10 2016

I am not a runner. I walk A LOT, however. As such these shoes have been a true miracle. I have trouble finding truly supportive shoes that offer correct arch support and that do not make my feet too hot. These shoes offered the perfect solution to both. They actually give back momentum with each step I take. The pop of yellow has gotten many compliments as well. ... read more

walktofit, Minneapolis, MN go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Best Running Shoe
April 09 2016

When I bought these I was skeptical at first because of the gap in the shoe but these are the best shoes I own. My runs are longer and faster. I don't feel the impact when I run on concrete anymore. They are truly a comfortable fit.Great Job Adidas ... read more

AutumnC, Tallahassee, FL go to product
pureboost 2 m Most Comfortable Shoes I've Ever Owned
April 08 2016

These shoes are unbelievable. They're ridiculously comfortable. They-re also very breathable and lightweight. They run a little big. I normally wear an 11 but went with a 10.5 and they fit perfect. Definitely will be buying another pair once these are destroyed from wearing them every day. ... read more

Yakes go to product
April 07 2016

These are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I just got my pair and I think I will buy another before they sell out because they are amazing. I will just wear these as a everyday shoe, but I think they would be great for working out. Very comfortable, they feel great and look super cool. Adidas nailed it with these! ... read more

swood, mid west go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Light running shoe
April 06 2016

It came time to replace my Nike Free running shoes and I thought that I'd give the Adidas Solar Boosts a try. I average 30-35 miles a month and prefer a light and flexible shoe so the Solar Boost has been a good choice. I've noticed the arch support is not as high as the Free but it's not a big deal for me. I hope to get 300 miles out of these. ... read more

Tcphoto, Madison, GA go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Shattered my personal best on first run!
April 04 2016

Just want to say i very rarely give product reviews but after a week of research on picking a shoe, its true, these shoes are absolutley amaizing! On my first run with them i shattered my all time personal best from a year ago by 13% & still holding the same heartrate. I can only imagine better times when my muscles become used to these new shoes. THANK YOU ADIDAS! ... read more

Bruiser82, Winnipeg go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Awful on the Achilles
April 04 2016

I've attached a photo showing my last 3 Adidas purchases. Each shoe (from left to right) shows how the back of the shoes have slowing increased in height over time. These are too high in the back and are painful to my Achilles tendon. Just plain irritating. As you tell, I love Adidas but even the middle shoe can't be worn for more than 4 hours without it hurting the top of my foot. So, since adidas seems to be getting worse in fit for my feet, looks like I might be looking elsewhere. ... read more

Beachbrights, Houston, TX go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Worth every penny and I'll be buying Adidas from here on!
April 02 2016

Great value no nonsense running shoe. Never paid much attention to technology as a casual runner but these shoes do make my running more comfortable. They are very light and definitely absorb more shock. Good grip too ... read more

whateverIchooseitsgone, UK go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Pillows for your feet!
March 29 2016

I'm a personal trainer and on my feet all day. I swear by boosts for hugging my feet and making them feel good from 6am-8pm. They are great for jumping around in my interval classes as well. I pronate a lot so probably wouldn't wear them on a long run and they are WAYYY too cushioned for weightlifting. But that is not what they're designed for- they are designed to be super comfy and cushioned and they completely deliver and look ridiculously pretty whilst doing it. ... read more

Lozzle, London go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes cool for looks
March 28 2016

Sure if you want a "look sneaker" go for it.. I am an athlete and I was not impressed by these gems... sure the look, color, cut spoke to me.. however, performance wise if you want to walk around an outlet mall and feel pillows below those feet of yours knock yourself out.. but, they make you and your body lean forward.. I understand the concept to give your feet more wiggle room in the front for when you run.. but, plyos and lifting weights its a no go guys.. ... read more

shay., maimi go to product
pureboost 2 m Great Shoes
March 26 2016

These are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever purchased. My one complaint with them is that boost just does not say clean; however, this issue is not limited to the pureboost. All boost shoes that I have get dirty and are nearly impossible to clean. If adidas would make some boost shoes with black boost this problem would be fixed. ... read more

parker4, Louisville, Kentucky go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Shoes that actually Fit!
March 24 2016

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought for any kind of sport. I have always had problems finding shoes that fit me well, but these are perfect. I would really recommend them to anyone. ... read more

FionaM, Edinburgh, UK go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Try them BEFORE you buy them!
March 21 2016

This is my first pair of Adidas running shoes, I finally decided to succumb into the boost hype. Given the overhyped quality of the boost foam, I am not impressed by the adios boost 3. It does not provide the exceptional energy return people roar about and it is not more comfortable than any other shoe or even racing flat I have tried. As per the Torsion highly acclaimed transition - sorry, I didn't feel the difference. Sizing is totally messed up. I normally wear EU 44 to 45 for dress shoes, while for running shoes i size up to 45.5 for the extra space in the toebox area needed on longer runs. Knowing these run short in sizing, I purchased 46 and gues what? Adidas adios boost 3 size 46 is at least 1 cm SHORTER compared to all other running shoes I own sized 45.5! Given that, either try these in a shop before buying online, or go ONE FULL SIZE UP compared to your normal running shoe size. And keep in mind these have a narrow fit in the forefoot, so if you are the wider feet type - stay away from this shoe. Now the benefits. Adios boost 3 feels lightweight, fast and responsive, they mean business. These shoes feel lighter than their actual weight. Now this is highly subjective, but the coral/black scheme looks fabulous in reality and added the contrasting faux suede details, and the overall retro look - they simply stand out, they shine (even though I was skeptical, when the shoes arrived I fell in love with the look; even my wife admitted they look "fresh", and she simply hates how all boosts look). I did one 15k in them and despite the considerable tightness in the forefoot caused by the improper sizing, I didn't have major pain neither blisters or hotspots and my legs felt OK post-run. Once they brake-in, fitting should only get better. This is a race flat, so it's not exactly comfortable, ride is stiff, but obviously they deliver proper cushioning and in the end your feet are protected. Road feedback is on point, support is fine for a neutral shoe, heelcups feel loose, but in a non-distractive way. I see adios boost 3 easily supporting a half-marathon, however not a full marathon, unless you are a light, pro racer with a highly efficient running style. Manage your expectations, don't expect energy return nor great comfort, most importantly SIZE UP and you will be rewarded with a light and fast shoe suitable both for everyday training rotation and raceday. ... read more

Bulgarianrunner, Sofia, Bulgaria go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes My distance runs are becoming longer.
March 17 2016

I wear women's 8. They fit perfectly. First thing I did when I walked into the store is notice them, and They were the best compulsive buy ever. These shoes hug my foot literally. They are light, and feel great when I run. Looking forward to my longer runs!! ... read more

Questor, NC go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Favorite shoe of all time
March 12 2016

I've owned 4 pairs of adios now and have loved every pair. With boost cushioning, they might just be the perfect fast training and racing shoe. I even take them on trail since their low profile stops my ankle from rolling over on rocky terrain. I bought my adios 2s true to size and they were a bit too snug. I got the adios 3s a half size lager and they're perfect. ... read more

Country_mouse, Hood River, OR go to product
Pure Boost X Shoes Best. Shoe. Ever!!
March 05 2016

Super comfortable! Great fit and I can be on my feet on concrete all day without feeling like I was hit with a Mack truck! Highly recommend to anyone that LOVES comfort! Bonus: they are crazy fun looking too! ... read more

Adigirl71, Lake of the Oazrks Missouri go to product
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