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Samoa • Lifestyle

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Reviews for: Samoa Lifestyle

23 reviews
Samoa Plus Shoes Nice Shoe
November 06 2015

This is a nice shoe, but it's not as comfortable as my usual Adidas shoes. It is still a good shoe, but I was expecting the same level of comfort (cloud comfort) as my last pair of Samoas. These aren't quite the same, but still very wearable. ... read more

Tiarashawn, Atlanta, GA go to product
Samoa Shoes Similar to the old Rom
January 24 2014

Was really disappointed when the original Rom was discontinued (showing my age,right?). A little narrow at first, but once broken in fit like a glove. Really light and comfortable. I'm a flooring contractor who's on my knees all day so the extended rubber at the toe is a great feature to keep the toes from wearing out. Too bad they don't offer blue stripes like the old Roms ... read more

Zymurgy, Kansas City, MO, USA go to product
Samoa Shoes Very Good Cross-Training Shoe
January 11 2014

I have been wearing Samoa shoes for the past 5 years. I typically buy two white/black pairs at a time and they last about 2 years holding up to some intense cross-training: 1. Durable leather uppers that resist scuffing when doing plyometric programs (i.e. box jumps). 2. Bullet proof toe caps for planks, spider-man pushups and mountain climber exercises. 3. The original insoles are good, but I do wear Superfeet insoles which make them great for treadmill runs and sprints. 4. Flat soles for supporting heavy weight lifting. 5. I also have been using Samoas for spin class. Again, the flat soles and toe caps are perfect for pedal stirrups. No need for me to buy expensive "clip in" biking shoes! So, through the week's various workouts I wear just one set of comfortable Samoas that look great with the right Adidas workout apparel. The only drawback is that during certain exercises (i.e. mountain climbers) my heels tend to come out of the shoes occasionally. But I blame my trainer for working me right out of my shoes! ... read more

Deanom7, Naperville, IL, USA go to product
Samoa Shoes Fly kicks
October 27 2012

My shoes that I wear to school or at casual events. Looks great with anything, whether it be shorts or jeans, ankle or crew socks. I got it recently so I'm not sure about durability. Hope it holds up for a long time. ... read more

LightTheStorm, Columbia, SC, USA go to product
Samoa Shoes What happened?
September 07 2012

I have been purchasing Samoa for about 8 years now and never really had a problem until the most recent pair I received. The insole and the liner were not glued into place. If I am going to spend money on a product I expect it to be of the same consistency every time. Adidas you've been cautioned. ... read more

go to product
Samoa Shoes Really fantastic shoe, recommended!
August 23 2012

I was simply getting these cause Tom Gabel (Laura Jane Grace) was known for wearing these and I wanted to a try a pair out for myself and I wasn't disappointed these fit great and I just feel really comfortable in them. ... read more

Qaoqao, Gainesville, FL go to product
Samoa Shoes Perfect, as always
June 27 2012

I love adidas! No matter the style, I know that when I order my size shoe, it will fit perfectly every time. My order was placed on a Sunday. I paid for 2 day shipping. My order arrived on Tuesday. They didn't make some lame excuse or have any small print saying I'd need to allow for processing. The only thing that worried me a little was that they didn't charge my card until after the order was received. The shoes are wonderful. My favourite style of adidas is the trainer type, so these are marvelous. I've had SL72s, Country, and a few other styles and the Samoas fit right in. I couldn't be happier with my order. And I will order from again! Thanks so very much! ... read more

Johnny Moondog, St Petersburg, Florida, USA go to product
Samoa Shoes My son's Smile
March 16 2012

My son was specific with asking for the "Samoa Brand" Adidas, because ALL of the other kids were wearing them & they looked hot! I promised to purchase the shoes pending his grades... After my son put the shoes on, he smiled from ear to ear. He said they fit like a glove. Because of his enthusiasm about the shoes made me try them out for myself. The Samoa's feel great! The leather was soft, it truly does fit like a glove. ... read more

uniqueRN, Romeoville, IL. go to product
Samoa Shoes good look, just a little narrow
March 07 2012

Like the look of these shoes, but they were a little too narrow. If they were just a little wider they would be perfect. I will say they are very comfortble besides being narrow. The soles have nice cushion and spring to them. ... read more

bill k, Lansing,mo go to product
Samoa Shoes Awesome!
February 03 2012

The shoes are so comfortable and they look great. The shoes came in just two days after I ordered them. Fastest I've ever had something shipped. I am beyond pleased with the product and service. Thanks! ... read more

big sky, Staunton, VA go to product
Samoa Shoes Why can't they make this in women's?
January 11 2012

I really love the look of this shoe, I had a pair in white previously and decided to go black the next round. They're affordable, super comfortable and go with everything. I don't know why designers can't make women's shoes as simple as they make men's more often. ... read more

wardward, Carson City, NV go to product
Samoa Shoes Nice shoes
January 05 2012

I bought a pair of Samba's some months ago after seeing a friend with a pair. They are nice shoes and like them very much. I wear them a lot but upon first wearing them they were tight around my foot. I have a wide foot and this shoe is a bit narrow. The Superstars are nice and wide. And a friend of mine bought some Sambas too after seeing mine. ... read more

Spursfan, Portland, OR go to product
December 31 2011


Samoa Shoes built for a narrow foot
October 26 2011

I have AA-13 narrow foot, this shoe fit like a glove. The sole is well cushioned firm heel cup, and plenty of toe box. The shoe is light on the foot. Hardly any break in time, The style is old school classic. Great comfort, will purchase this shoe again. I wear this shoe for walking and coaching on the baseball field,and light running. ... read more

Wally Gator, Denver, NC go to product
Samoa Shoes Must-Have
September 22 2011

My 13yr old son loves these shoes. He wears a size 14 (in men) shoe. I order these shoe online on a Sat. with standard shipping and we received them Tuesday afternoon. Now that's what I call fast & easy service. Thanks Adidas!! ... read more

Ninamck, Covington, Ga. go to product
Samoa Shoes Great Shoes
June 07 2011

I was looking for something a little less running shoe for work. I saw several people wearing these on a recent business trip and decided to give them a try. Very comfortable, pretty good arch support. ... read more

RossDude, Pittsburgh PA go to product
Samoa Shoes Classically Perfect
April 01 2011

I had a pair of these shoes when I was in grade school and to have another pair after all these years feels great. They have a timeless classic design and feel and always look clean. My only critique is that they are a bit narrow, but I also have wide feet. A wide size option would be a good fix for that. ... read more

Conroe, TX go to product
Samoa Shoes Super "Tight"/Fly
March 22 2011

Excellent shoe. However, if you have wide feet, you'll need to jump up half size or a whole size. I wear an 11. Had to get wit an 11.5 As we all know, Adidas' are narrower than the average shoe. Dope shoes for a cool price. A'ight then, in a minute. ... read more

M.O.I., Houston go to product
Samoa Shoes Great shoes!
March 10 2011

They've stopped selling Adidas shoes in our area, so I was looking for a good deal online and I found one! Not only were they a good deal..the quality of them was amazing. My husband will have them for years! ... read more

Reagans mom, TX go to product
Samoa Shoes Still the best
February 15 2011

I owned 2 pairs of these 6 years ago, and after a few disappointing shoe choices in recent years, I decided to return to the best shoes I've ever worn. After wearing them for one day, they fit like a glove. The leather outside is even softer than I remember. In terms of durability, I wore these everyday for a year each of the previous times I owned them, and I'm expecting the same or better from this pair since I'll be wearing them slightly less frequently. The sizing was consistent with all of my other pairs of adidas shoes including casual, running, and tennis. They run a little narrower than your average shoe, just how I like my shoes, but they will certainly stretch. ... read more

Kmac's Quality Goals, La Jolla, CA go to product
Samoa Shoes Samoa Shoes
February 10 2011

Great product, it did run a little too tight squeezing on the sides ( size 12.5 probablyt should of got 13 instead but its all good) ,which pain my foot a little ,but after awhile of walking in them its do not feel that way any more. I guess it just needed a little stretching out on the sides. Pllan on getting the same shoe but different colour. ... read more

DJJockey, MD go to product
Samoa Shoes Almost there
October 27 2010

The shoes were just a little too narrow, and run just a bit too small. If getting these, I'd recommend getting maybe 1/2 to 1 size larger. My foot is a little bit wider, so I think getting a size larger should remedy the problem. They seem to run just a little small, so I'd recommend the larger size for ANYBODY if you want a comfortable fit, and don't want your toes getting too close to hitting the edge of the shoe. The sole has awesome cushioning, so once I get the right size, I expect this shoe will feel great! ... read more

Clovis, CA go to product
Samoa Shoes Sole, work, casual
June 30 2010

I own five pair of Samoas for work and casual wear, two of which I retired because I wore them so much. The shoes are extremely durable, I worked in a warehouse and wore these shoes to work everyday that's why I had to retire 2 of them due to excessive work load on them. I constantly got compliments on them and still do. Samoas are really comfortable and are perfect for people for wider feet. The construction is awesome and I find that the more they are worn the more comfortable they get. The tread on the Samos are pretty cool trefoils designs but it seems on all my pair of these shoes the sole wears down before anything else... of course after several yyyearss of wear.. just saying.. :) ... read more

adidastx, TX go to product
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