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Running • Climacool • Shoes

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Reviews for: Running Climacool Shoes

18 reviews
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Buy your Straw hats & Climacools in Winter
February 03 2016

Here's a shoe that earns it stripes. Toe box fits perfectly for me and is properly reinforced. A competitors version lacked structure, and consequently, my foot would wander - not here. Strong support in a very light kick. And importantly, a design feature not immediately appreciated (nor evident in the shoe image on this survey) was a black shrouded sole heel. Nothing takes a white soled kick from natty to ratty faster than road/field splash. Nice touch design team. Two thumbs up! ... read more

Duke4126, The Shoe Capital of the Universe go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Amazing shoe for the price
January 28 2016

Great shoe that fits well, bought these shoes as a low cost shoe to run 5km-10km on the treadmill at the gym and they have been awesome so far. They also look good, I am very happy with them and would buy them again. Jeff ... read more

Ottawa go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Great Shoe
January 28 2016

So I purchased this shoe mainly for running, which has only occurred indoors as I have not been able to take them outdoors yet. Long story short- I like them. The fit is nearly perfect with regards to both width and overall size, they are really lightweight and super comfortable that it feels as if I'm walking on a cloud. The climacool technology really does work as you can literally feel the air on your feet when you're taking strides. I also really like the overall look of the shoe and it doesn't hurt that I got them at a great sale price that I could just not refuse. There are only a couple of things that I don't like about the shoe (a) the insole tends to move around fairly easily when taking the shoe off so it's something that I constantly have to adjust (b) whenever I'm putting on the shoes, they make a subtle cracking noise that I initially thought that I was breaking them. If you can look past the couple of things that I dislike then this is a great buy, even at the regular price! I would definitely recommend and will look in adidas' direction should I need to purchase another pair of runners. ... read more

Mickjogger, Toronto go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Great for if you do Parkour or Freerun
January 22 2016

I was looking for a good pair of shoes to replace my Adidas Climacool Oscillator s that I had for about 4 years, wore out, and eventually outlived their use. Sadly they don't make them anymore, so I looked into these, and eventually decided to get them. The shoes feel great, and very similar to my older shoes. It will take time to break them in as they are a bit narrow, Although if you want to buy half a size up that's on you, I just went ahead, and ordered in my normal size. Grip is decent, but I find it doesn't grip to every surface, but brick walls, and concrete which are the most improtant surfaces you are looking for work fine, and they are great in rain. It will take a bit more experimentation to figure out what other surfaces doesn't work, but if you need new shoes for training these are a good choice. ... read more

sonicnerd14 go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes great shoes
January 14 2016

I use these shoes at the gym. They feel good on the feet and really have a nice bounce. I had been worried they might be too narrow but they are just right. Almost felt like putting on a pair of slippers. Very comfortable and light on the feet. ... read more

Jro37, Penticton go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Nice pair of running shoes
January 09 2016

I've been wanting a new pair of running shoes for some time; these being on sale for about $60 after discount made me bite the bullet. My order was received within 1.5 weeks during Christmas season. I am quite impressed; the shoes are light and really built for running. The texture is perforated, and there are holes at the bottom of the shoe allowing your foot to breathe. I like how they look. No complaints on overall design. But I did dock 1 star for 3 reasons: 1. I have another pair of size 9 running shoes from Adidas and I feel these are just ever so slightly too big (but honestly this is just being nit picky). 2. I did receive an insole, and it doesn't appear to be attached to the shoe in any way (it's a slip on, your foot just slides over it). The product doesn't make any mention of this, and I'm not too bothered by it.. Just surprised is all. 3. I did qualify for express shipping, but it took over 5 business days to even receive a confirmation email that my order was officially shipped. Understandable as I ordered about 5 days before Christmas but it would be nice to receive feedback that my order is simply just delayed and not experiencing any other issues. Would likely buy again. ... read more

Evoi9, Toronto go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes comfortable
November 10 2015

I'm a chinese guy, 27years old. I should say this pair of shoe is just owesome. Soft, light, breathable,don't slide running in the rain. And It looks so cool. Nice shoe for spring,summer,autumn.Definitly 5stars, I'll give a 10 if I may. ... read more

Hursh go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes slick looking light shoes
November 08 2015

first off, really fast delivery. ordered it on a Thursday evening and got the shoes delivered to me on a Monday. in terms of the shoes, as many of the reviews mention, the insoles don't want to stay in tact. it slips and slides when trying to put your feet in and slips out when you take the shoes off. the style is a 5/5 though. super light and breathable. however, not suitable in vancouver rain weather! ... read more

takoyaki88, Vancouver go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Most comfortable shoes ever owned
October 20 2015

These shoes are like walking on clouds... Love them so much. Careful they do seem to run about a half or full size smaller than other shoes but i think this is typical with Adidas. I am usually an 11-11.5 and these fit perfect in 10.5. Like others mentioned the insoles pop up when you take them off but definitely not a problem for me when walking/running. ... read more

Scondogger, Los angeles go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Nice shoe, recommend it, but not perfect
September 20 2015

A big fan of how the shoe looks and it gets its fair share of compliments (I wear it casually). It's super light, provides fairly good support, and the mesh cover definitely keeps things cool. A few critiques: The insole moving around is a problem for the first few days but it settles in. A week later, not a problem when putting it on but the insole does still pop when taking the shoe off. I've also found that the lower edge of the shoe (white and red) picks up scuffs pretty easy. They wipe off but kind of annoying. None of this would scare me away from purchasing again. ... read more

superluigi, New York, NY go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Feather-light
September 07 2015

Since I've started using these shoes for running, I ordered another pair for work (I work 12-hr shifts in an ICU; lot's of running around and comfort is crucial to survive a day or night without blisters). These shoes are light and airy; excellent for whatever kind of running you do - from short jogs to 12-hr work days on your feet. Highly recommended. ... read more

spyke1313, Montreal go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Light weight comfort
August 26 2015

Aside from the metrics of a narrow space at the ball fo the foot, this choe breathes well, is light on the foot and is comfort in flat terrain. I would avoid a too-rocky path as the light weight of the sole does not add to rock protection. ... read more

Chip1950, Portland, Oregon go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Comfortably light
July 16 2015

the good: they're light and feel like wearing socks. the bad: they have a plastic insert that is loose and hard to put feet in and pull out without it the insert coming loose. surprised adidas haven't fixed this issue. ... read more

Gungho go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Great shoe and for a great price
July 15 2015

ordered these shoes with a little hesitation as the pic sometimes is a little misleading. The show came a little brighter blue than I thought. it fit just right and felt nice for a few steps. I ended up wearing them the rest of the day that I got them and was very happy with them! Got lots of steps in and cushion on the shoe was great. it does slide out a little bit but nothing that you cant adjust on your own. To top if off, I received lots of compliments already on the shoe! def a good purchase and may pick up the red one as well! Thanks Adidas! ... read more

APJ, Bay Area, CA go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes By far the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn
July 12 2015

If you are looking for a pair of running shoes, or just any shoes in particular, these are definitely the shoes for you. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they provide great support and are also some of the best looking shoes out there. So if you are even hesitant about buying these, or any other shoes, there's no need to be any longer cause all you have to do is click that purchase button up there and you will not even sort of regret it. ... read more

floatinghatguy, Arroyo Grande, CA go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Happy Chappy!
July 05 2015

Great shoes and value for money. Very comfortable and love the fabric, very cool. The only downside, is the inner sole shifted quite a bit in the first few days. It has settled now and I love the shoes. ... read more

GermanChicken6, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Nice shoes but weird/loose insoles
April 24 2015

Beware of the very loose insoles on these. I ordered these in size 8.5 and thought that was too large since I had about an inch of space in front of my toe. So I ordered a pair in size 8 and although the length was almost perfect, a bigger issue arose, where the insole of the shoe would get shifted/pushed forward when putting on the shoe. I noticed a similar issue in the size 8.5 where the insole was very loose and would easily come out when taking off the shoe. In the end, I decided to stick with the 8.5 since it's much worse/difficult to have to try and fix the insole after you've already put your foot in the shoe compared to just putting the insole back in place after I've taken the shoe off. They're breathable with the mesh material but I feel like I might end up ripping it with my big toe. They also seem to get dirty easily especially on the bottom white rubber part. They're not perfect but I still like them and recommend them! ... read more

Harry122 go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Great Shoe, Don't Second Think Your Purchase!
April 05 2015

I have ordered many shoes off Adidas online over the last couple years, and again, the shoe did not disappoint. These shoes are exactly as they are named, fresh. I have received many comments on these shoes, great style and can be used for running, walking, or just daily wear. The shoes make a statement when you walk into a room. The only worry I have is that the shoe may get a hole above my right big toe because my toe turns up and has cut through mesh shoes before. Other than that, great shoe with great breathability, if you think you like them online, you will love them when they show up on your doorstep. -AT ... read more

Lex T, Belleville, IL go to product
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