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Red • Sport • Running

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Reviews for: Red Sport Running

420 reviews
Ultra Boost Shoes Great shoes.
February 03 2016

These shoes are just amazing. Not only do they look good, they also are super comfortable. However, the price is a bit steep on these but the comfort just makes it so worth every penny. The primeknit on the new Continental version gets fuzzy real quick, so just be aware of that. Also, do not forget to pull the tongue and the heel tab when putting these on because I accidentally ripped something in the shoe, to which I can not seem to find (lolme). Anyways, these are definitely a MUST COP shoe. ... read more

jkth go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best shoe I've ever worn
February 02 2016

They are narrow, they run 1/2 a size big to your gender. The boost technology is impressive. I have the all white colorway and this shoe turns heads. The sole holds up the rest of the shoe and I really like the material on the top of the shoe. The laces are very soft and all around it's a great shoe for all of the seasons. Adidas, you had people turning heads last year and I've been saying 2016 is your year. ... read more

4nate56, Miami, FL go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Great Shoe, weird sizing
February 01 2016

This is the most comfortable shoe I've even put on my feet. They fit very narrow so if your feet are anything but narrow, you might want to size up. Your best bet is to go try on a pair of them on in a store. ... read more

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adizero Adios 3 Shoes Great a real improvement on the Adios Boost 2
January 31 2016

Having completed a 5km, 10km and half Marathon in these I feel comfortable stating that these are a great pair of running Trainers. They are a real improvement over the Adios 2s which I found were far too narrow and caused me pain, thankfully Adidas have corrected this. I also like the styling. ... read more

Wisem, London, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Most comfortable I have worn in a long time
January 29 2016

I wear these because I want cushion. These are not minimalist shoes. It's for someone who wants cushion. I feel I have to repeat that again because who complain are not understanding the purpose of the shoe. The shoe is my go to shoe if I want to run on the treadmill, run outside, train at the gym, and while I do errands on the weekend. I have 5 pairs, and have stopped wearing other brands. The UBs are extremely comfortable and because I rotate between several of them, I have not seen the wear and tear that some have complained about. ... read more

KING09, LA go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes # 1 runner
January 23 2016

Just got these. Smashed out 17 miles my first go and hawt dog, these are fire! Great fit, and I love the cushion to stiffness ratio. I have a lot of running shoes and these are officially # 1. Will be shredding the Boston Marathon in them this year. The perfect marathon shoe. ... read more

Runnahing, Portland go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Perfect for Running and lifestyle
January 22 2016

I'm really glad I purchased the ultra boosts as they are really , really comfortable!! They are perfect of running on all surfaces as well as being a good lifestyle trainer with certain colour ways Great product Game changer ... read more

J0K3R18, London, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Most comfortable and stylish running shoe combo
January 20 2016

This shoe is extremely comfortable, like walking on a slice of soft pillow. Ive worn them for 10 hours straight before and my feet were extremely comfortable the entire 10 hours.. Strongly recommend for runners or anyone looking for a comfortable everyday shoe! ... read more

Bwoods7 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Greatest Shoes
January 16 2016

I've worn all kinds of Nikes from flyknits to airmaxes and none compare to the comfort level of this shoe. The primaknit makes it feel like you have nothing on while the boost sole adds to the comfort. Continental Streatchweb gives unbelievable traction. Not only are these shoes comfortable but also look great so you can rock them anytime. I was skeptical at first but truly am sold after wearing these for a few days. Run a bit small so I would recommend half a size up. ... read more

Lenny4, LA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Get them whilst they're reduced
January 13 2016

The ultra boost all in all are a really good shoe! The boost foam is remarkable, wearing these is almost like walking on clouds! However there are a few things about the shoe which for me don't justify the huge price tag. The prime knit does take some getting used to as it's quite tight at first, also it makes your feet extremely hot. Moreover the bottom of the shoe is not hugely durable as the nibs do wear away rather easily. I got my pair for £91, which I'd say yes to again, however at full price of £130, I'd avoid. ... read more

JacobM96, Wales go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best Performance Running Shoe?
January 11 2016

I am a highschool student who currently runs in the ultra boost, 3-5 miles per day, 4 times per week. The Ultra Boost has the best combo of responsive and impact protection cushioning. I love the energy return from the Boost and plan on heavy rotation time in this shoe. HOWEVER the one drawback to the Ultras is the durability of the outsole. The nubs on the outsole were shaved down within the first 15 miles of use and that was very shocking. After the nubs wore off the shoe lost a significant amount of traction and the Ultras are now very slippery on wet surfaces. At the price point of $180 I am not sure if that can be overlooked as a minor concern. Boost is not my favorite cushion system on the market for both running and basketball ( I own the crazylight boost 2015s and plan on purchasing the d Rose 6s) I love the Ultras, other than the outsole problem great job Adidas. ... read more

Race808, Honolulu, HI go to product
January 11 2016


laura4x4a go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Great Performer
January 11 2016

A+ quality. materials are spot on. Recommended to everyone! If you don't own a boost shoe yet, you are missing out a lot. Cant wait to see Adidas figure it out how to colour the boost sole finally. Black boost with some colour way would be insanely crazy looking! ... read more

marknak8, follow on Instagram @marknak8 go to product
Springblade Pro Shoes Get ready for the compliments!
January 10 2016

Very cool looking - getting lots of compliments. But they run really small. I normally wear 11-11.5, but these 11.5s were way too small so had to exchange for the 12. Also got a different pair of springblades from a store a few days earlier and those 11.5s were almost big. ... read more

BroFessor, Michigan go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Great Stability Trainer
January 09 2016

The Sequence Boost 8 are a great edition to the Supernova Sequence line! Adidas added a bouncier boost step than the Sequence Boost 7's. The uppers are more durable, similar to the Sequence 5's. These shoes are made to last! If you're looking for a sold stability trainer, get a pair of these! I use them for medium distances (5-10 miles) and they are perfect! ... read more

ARC Adichamp, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Believe the hype
January 03 2016

Glad I finally pulled the trigger on these. I can see why people are so positive about them - comfort levels are off the chart. They look fantastic with almost anything (I'm not a runner, btw). Will definitely be looking to pick up an alternative colourway in the near future. It's hard to pass them over and wear anything else at the moment. ... read more

Scissorkicks, London, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Never written a review in my life
December 29 2015

I have never ever left a review on a product until today when I got these as was so amazed just how conformable they are it like your walking on clouds it's amazing I'm wearing these as much as I can never wear same shoes 2 days in a row before these I wore them for 4 days straight I 100% guarantee you will be happy with these I'm buying the all white ones as well ... read more

California go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Great Running Shoe
December 28 2015

This running shoe is great for a slight pronator like me. I enjoy having a slight stability shoe, but do not need anything excessive. This shoe fits the bill. In the past I have used Brooks Ravenna. The Sequence Boost feels lighter, has better cushioning, and fits my foot better. When I purchase my shoes I tend to go to a running store and have someone watch my gait, which I would recommend to anyone new to running. They then recommend several shoes to me (Ravenna). The Sequence Boost always feels the most comfortable to me. I purchased these shoes from due my running store no longer carrying them. Shipping was 2-3 days, and free. The only downside is the guilt of not supporting a local store. I replace my shoes every 350-400 miles. Due to my running I have owned several Supernova Sequence Boost 7, and now this is my second pair of Supernova Sequence Boost 8. They feel like the same shoe to me, but that is a good thing. I liked the colors of the version 7 better than 8. If you are looking for a light weight training shoe with a small amount of stability, then I would recommend this shoe to anyone to try. ... read more

Paladin, Ohio, USA go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Reflective Mesh!
December 18 2015

These are wonderful for night running! My wife purchased the blue ones for me, and wow, was I happy! So comfortable and plush, plus the side mesh materials are all reflective! Perfect, for night runs! ... read more

CoyoteDave777, Los Angeles go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes The best running shoes ever!
December 15 2015

This shoes is perfect, for me, its not only a running shoes, but it's one of the best sneaker of all time. I felt so comfortable and happy when wearing this running-sneaker everyday. I highly recommend, it worth each penny. ... read more

TONI TONY, San Antonio, Texas go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Faith restored
December 12 2015

My first Adidas runners were Response Stability 5. I owned two pairs and they fitted my feet perfectly. I have a narrow foot and higher than average arch. Great support and cushioning. When they stopped producing that model the closest in features seemed to be the Supernova Sequence 6. To be honest that was one of the worst shoes I have owned. They felt flat and almost like they had no cushioning. To make things worse they gave me blisters on my inside mid foot. It was with some hesitation that I bought the Sequence Boost 8, however I'd heard some good reports about the Boost technology so thought I'd take the risk. Glad to report that these are back to the fit and support of the Response Stability. The heel is slightly raised relative to the front foot, which suits my comfort and running style. Planning to buy another pair as a backup. Hoping they don' t change this design any time soon! ... read more

RoadTrail, Tasmania, Australia go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Flimsy top material
December 07 2015

I own 3 pairs, and at the same spot on every pair where my big toe touches the knit material is starting to unravel. A hole is in the making! It sucks because it is a very comfortable shoes. I just wish that the top material is a little bit sturdier. ... read more

SeattleEya, Seattle go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Most comfortable and stylish shoes ever
December 06 2015

I ordered theses Adidas shoes online in a size ten and I was a little worried they would be on the small side but when I received them in the mail I was very happy to find they fit perfectly. The shoes fit true to size and are very comfortable and stylish. I wear them a lot and I will definitely order another pair soon maybe in a different colour. ... read more

natashab go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Awesome ride and comfort....but.........
December 01 2015

I went to a specialty running store in order to buy some new running shoes. I tried on shoes from every brand they had and when I put on the Ultra Boost, I knew they were the one for me. The comfort is unreal. The upper fits just like a sock and the boost midsole is cushioned, yet not mushy. I went on a 11 mile run straight out of the box. No break in at all required, although you do have to be careful about not lacing too tightly. The plastic frame will definitely dig into your foot if you lace tightly. The good.....fabulous comfort without losing ground feel. These are cushioned and responsive at the same time, which I thought was impossible. There is one HUGE negative though. I have literally been on two runs with these shoes. I grand total of 18 miles. The nubs on the sole are at least half way gone, and I'm guessing when they are all the way gone, the traction will take quite a hit. Not exactly what I need in an Ohio winter. Adidas, is there any plan to modify the material the nubs are made out of. I love these shoes, EXCEPT, showing wear at 18 miles is just not acceptable. I'm not a pro or extra hard on shoes by any means. 51 yrs old, 6-0, 178 lbs, approximately 30 miles per week. ... read more

Pat_D, Ohio, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Ultra Boost Triple White
November 13 2015

Easily the most comfortable shoes I own. This is the 3rd pair I have purchased. They are slightly narrow in width but as they are prime knit it doesn't matter. Your feet are allowed to breath and it feels like a sock with a sole, but with sufficient support. ... read more

jdub84, London go to product
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