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Climachill • Sport

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Reviews for: Climachill Sport

20 reviews
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Nice shoe. Runs small.
December 22 2015

I should have read previous reviews regarding the sizing. I am an 11 in 90% of the shoes I buy and a 10.5 in the others. I had to return the 11s I ordered and got an 11.5. Fits much better, especially in the toe box. ... read more

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Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Adidas cosmic boost size 8
December 11 2015

Cosmic boost trainers are amazing , I always wear Nike free run until until I tried these little beauties , comfortable , look cool , perform really well and keep your feet cool and supported . These trainers are awesome thanks adidas I am converted ... read more

Petersfield , U.K. go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Fantastic
December 07 2015

First purchase of shoes from an online store, and it was everything I dreameddreamed of, with only a few minor cons. Overall, a great shoe, and in this color scheme, it is able to suit any outfit you wear. Great ankle support, and the "boost" does give a little additional bounce in your stride. Incredible for running, and pretty good in the gym and have also worn them on courts and fields, playing sports such as basketball and football (soccer for you American folks). The only qualm I have with these shoes is that the grip on the bottom of the site isn't as, well, grippy, as I would have liked. For example, on an icy or snowy day these kicks will do you no favors, and small slips will inevitability occur. They do fare better if you are on a court, but the occasional misstep is likely. This isn't too stay you can't use them here, I have done so several times and they are perfectly fine. Can honestly say that it is well worth the purchase - no ragrets. Hassle free process and regular email updates from Adidas; well done. ... read more

NatureFreak, Wellington, New Zealand go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Sweet shoes!
November 16 2015

Although they are slightly narrower than I would have liked, these shoes are crazy comfortable and super lightweight. For the issue with the width I simply loosened the laces and dont tie them as tightly and now they fit like a glove. Can't wait to get full use of them next summer! Highly recommended. ... read more

Englishman44, Brantford go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Comfy, Durable, Look and Feel Fantastic
November 06 2015

These shoes are excellent! Many people have commented on how great these look. They are great for everyday wear and fantastic for athletic performance. By far, the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I already own another 2 pairs of the cosmic boost but these are that little bit more special. ... read more

Stevieschnauzer, Arbroath, UK go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Great Shoe, Narrow Fit
July 24 2015

After reading other reviews I gathered a consensus that this shoe was a narrow fit. It is so order a half a size up and avoid if you have a wide foot. But if you have a narrow foot like me this shoe is perfect for runs, workouts, soccer or most things athletic. Holds up very well would definitely buy again. ... read more

Jack B, TX go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes A very interesting shoe!
July 16 2015

I purchased the original boost shoes and they've started to show their age, I went to the adidas store to check out the new boost offerings in person. I wasn't a fan of many of the color ways they had available. I saw these online and wondered why they weren't in the store when I went to buy. I would've loved to try them on. Even the employee mentioned that the new boost shoes ran a little small and I should get a bigger size. I always get a 9 now because I got used to buying 9.5's but in my experience with adidas shoes going half a size up normally means the width of my foot will fit just fine but I'll have a half inch more of shoe I don't plan on using and my feet slide back and forth in the shoe or my heel pops out. These shoes initially are TIGHT, like really really tight. I put them on for the first time and drove to work and my toes started to tingle, I was sad thinking I'd have to send them back. But maybe they needed to be worn in. The shoe is some kind of combination between knitting and other materials so maybe the knitting just needed to be stretched a bit. Sure enough a few wears later and now the shoes fit perfectly, don't even bother my feet anymore. I wish the toe area was a little wider however for traction reasons. Now that the shoe fits my foot I can see when I step I'm spilling over the actual boost forefoot. So that would be my primary nag, but otherwise I like the combination of a solid heel and a boost toe box. I only purchased these because I liked my GazelleBoost shoes so much that I wanted another pair in a less flavorful color offering. Plus the white boost material gets dirty really really easily and I'm not a huge fan of shoes with white soles because of this. I'm just a casual shoe wearer who would like to workout in his shoes and not have to worry if they look like dirty after my workouts or not. I'd recommend it but they're a gamble, you may not be happy with how tight they initially feel. But if they fit everywhere else otherwise give them a chance. ... read more

om1kron, los angeles, ca go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Small but sweet
July 15 2015

In other brands i'm usually an easy 11, but 12.5 in these shoes still fit a little snug than would be preferable. Other than sizing I have not a problem with these shoes. They're supportive, comfortable sole and very cool (temperature wise). Purchased the green colour way which is a lot brighter than it would appear on the images. ... read more

JR993 go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Awesome shoe, but...
June 25 2015

Straight to the point. Awesome shoe, but after about a week of wear, the right shoe has developed a very annoying creak. It sounds like there is a rock, or ball bearing stuck in the shoe, though I can guarantee you that there is no foreign object lodged in the shoe. I got caught in the rain one afternoon and the creak went away for about two days, and has now returned. Otherwise, my only word of advice with these shoes, is that if you are a sock wearer, get a half size bigger than you would normally wear. Exceptional shoe despite the annoying creak. ... read more

Cycologist, Indiana go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Great light cool runner
June 21 2015

I originally had purchased the Climachill Ride Boost which I do like but I personally found them to be a bit loose. So I decided to try the Cosmic Boost. I like these better. They are just a cool as the Ride Boost but have a bit more cushion. These do run a bit small, I had to get 1/2 a size larger. They do feel great and are super light and cool for my outdoor runs. I've been using these for outdoor long runs and I sweat less and my feet swell less. Great job Adidas.! The improvements I would make would be to resize them so they run true to size and maybe a thicker rubber sole. Maybe use the Continental rubber like the Supernova ... read more

ryche316, Bronx, New York go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes The Hype is Real
June 18 2015

Initially bought these shoes based off the cosmic boost/colorway hype, and I could not be more impressed. Theyre truly a lightweight shoe (not as light as the ultra boosts but also not as expensive) that provides plenty of support. if you're looking for a comfortable yet visually appealing, trendsetting shoe look no further. ... read more

Native, Florida go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Great for those long summer runs!
May 31 2015

Just got these shoes and ran two 8-milers this weekend... And really liked the shoes. They are very light, they keep your feet cool and the "boost" soles make them very comfortable. I really recommend the shoes, but I feel future buyers should know: 1. They run very small... I had to go back to the store and get a full size larger. 2. They have almost 0 drop, so if you are replacing a regular BOOST running shoe, make sure you get used to them... otherwise your calves will let you know... ... read more

Like-Half-Marathons, West Linn, Oregon, USA go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Summer Shoes
May 28 2015

Overall I decided to purchase this pair mostly for the look (Color Core Black / Running White / Solar Blue ), turns out it was a great investment. The shoes are light and don't retain heat as much as other shoes, you definitely feel a difference. The pair is full of "small-hole" which I assume helps "cooling down" your feet, but also allows the color of your socks to show slightly through the shoe. Pretty cool. Negative -- The edge of the tongues of the shoes aren't as smooth as I would like it to be, not a huge issue though. --I wouldn't recommend using the shoes on rainy days. I believe Adidas mentions they made of quick-drying material but as I mentioned, the shoe is full of "small-holes" thus even if your shoes dry quickly you may be stuck with wet socks, which I imagine isn't pleasant. I personally only use them as casual/walking shoes, due to the fact they are so comfortable, light and overall look. I can't see myself ever running in them. Ill stick with my Boost for that. Note: Most of my shoes are from Adidas (soccer, basketball, running, boat, etc, etc.) and they are all 10.5, however those shoes run very small. The 10.5 pair I received were way too small and I had to return them. I then purchased a pair of size 11 which solved the issue. Fantastic pair. ... read more

Gin., Ottawa, ON go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Great pair of shoes but they run small!
May 13 2015

I love Adidas shoes....I own 4 pairs, some casual and a trail shoe. They are all size 12's but the Cosmic Boosts run very small. I had to return the size 12's and ordered a pair of 13's (ouch!). They are very comfortable and very light.....great pair of shoes but they do run small. ... read more

alex1552project, Bay Area, CA go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes So Sweet!
May 10 2015

When I saw these I knew I had to have them. Not as comfortable as my Ultra Boost shoes, but these look insanely cool in the black and white version. Excellent quality and still very comfortable. Great shoe for gym workouts that include cardio and lunges. Get them! ... read more

Hubbman, NorCal go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Mixed Feelings
May 09 2015

I bought this shoe last week and was really excited to get it. When it arrived I was extremely disappointed because this shoe is quite narrow and has a pointed toe box. I don't have narrow or wide feet, but I like the balance and support that wider shoes provide. The material and craftsmanship are fantastic. I really hope adidas make this shoe wider and with a wider toe box. This goes for most of their running shoes. If this shoe was wider I would definitely give it five stars. ... read more

Matatau, Mexico go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Brilliant
May 09 2015

I bought this shoe recently in an awesome colour way. I run in Adidas Ultra Boost but use these as casual. By far the best looking shoe I have owned to date. Super comfortable keep up the good work Adidas :-] ... read more

Bailey1, Australia go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Sprinter
April 30 2015

I have worn boosts before but the cosmic boost are by far the best. i use them for warm ups in training and at competition. the boost tech gives great return in every stride. They are light and breathable so fast drills are easy in these shoes. Over all they are brilliant. ... read more

Matty996 go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes marathon runners
April 27 2015

i really enjoy the boost technology !!! these are good for me because they almost have a 0 drop and since I am a mid-foot strike runner , my natural stride feels really comfortable and with the boost this shoe feels really good, this model is great for my style. I wish the toe box would be bit wider, but the shoe body mesh is incredible and it is super comfortable on the foot and toes. I really like how the shoe hugs around the heel and bottom part of the ankle and the body of the shoe hugs well around the foot, so no slipping . I wonder how they'll fair at track practice, maybe that will be another review. ... read more

26.2milesinmybrain, California, USA go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Great shoe gym
April 13 2015

I got the Cosmic Boost a couple of weeks ago and i have thoroughly enjoyed it. Although listed as a running shoe, I've preferred to use it as my gym shoe as i find the EVA heel provides a more stable platform for training. Meanwhile, when i'm working up on my toes it is great to have that boost there. The times that i have run in them they have been fine. The extra lace holes allow me to lace the shoe right up and get a really good fit around my foot and ankle. The primeknit upper isn't as good as on the Ultraboost, but I find it more breathable, especially the tongue. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
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