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Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 342 reviewers.
Men's adidas Running Shoes
Springblade Shoes
Light Grey/Mtlc Silver (G98811)
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Rated 5 out of 5 by I'm Coming for YOU I can only be honest when I first opened the box I knew that every kid on the team was going to envy me. These shoes are the BOMB! My first words were DAAAAAANG. They are light, soft, comfortable, hip, unique and awesome. My coach tried to buy them right off my feet but I told him not today no way! When practice started, I bolted like Usain. I feel unstoppable! This season is going to be filled with leaps and bounds and I will finish first every time. Adidas have given me that extra push I needed. The blades give me extra support but most of all a spring in every step. I am almost 6feet tall and the blades never sway ...full support no matter what. Cross-country, track and football watch out, these shoes are going to be used for them all. My other running shoes are in the past never again will I wear anything for my sports but the SPRINGBLADES. I am getting all colors. Look out for me-- I’M COMING FOR YOU!! August 9, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good Shoe For the Right Audience I am very excited to be able to test out and review the new Springblade and hope I have this opportunity for other models as well (HEY ADIDAS…I WOULD LOVE TO REVIEW THE ADIOS BOOST!) I run two marathons a year and log about 60 miles a week during training. I am also a bigger runner at 6’2 200lbs. My preference for running shoes has evolved over the last three years as I have looked for a model that encourages mid-foot striking while combining enough support to protect my feet at the end of a race when my form is not the best. I was running in the Adidas Adios 2, which is the fastest and lightest shoe I have ever worn. I cut 10 minutes off my PR at the Chicago Marathon last fall wearing this model. However, it is more of a racing flat, and at my size, my feet started to break down solely wearing this for training and the actual race. When Adidas came out with the Energy Boost, I was skeptical given the efficiency of this new technology, however, it is the best shoe I have ever worn. I train for and run the races in it and cut another 10 minutes off my PR to 3:10 at a marathon last Memorial Day. It is light, responsive and truly does return energy better than the standard EVA foam. The upper does fit tight, but I like it. If you like a more loose fit, order a half size up as recommended by Adidas. Anyways, I am not here to review the Boost. I commend Adidas for thinking outside of the box and creating new technology for better energy return out of its shoes. Overall, I think that the Springblade is a good shoe, but for the right audience. Out of the box I noticed the flashy design, which is currently the trend with running shoes. The shoe feels very sturdy and the blades on the bottom are much stronger than I anticipated. It fits more loosely than other models I have worn, and Adidas recommends that you order a half size down. I didn’t, and my feet shifted around a bit during my first run so I would recommend doing so if you want a more traditional fit. One thing I didn’t like is there is no place to put your GPS foot pod under the sole of the shoe given the blades underneath, but you can always secure your foot pod on your laces. I just prefer to have mine in the shoe. I first tested them out on a 5-mile run, and the shoe seemed very clunky in comparison to what I am use to. I could never really get into a groove and go into cruise control like I do with the Boost. Typically, I do long runs, which I do not feel this shoe is made for so I decided to test out different scenarios so I could give an honest review. I ran slow, medium and fast paces, as well as straight sprints to get a good feel for this shoe. On the slow to medium paces, the shoe felt very heavy and unstable. Obviously, this is due to the fact I normally run in lighter shoes and probably should have ordered a size down, but I don’t think sizing would have made much difference in this case. However, on the faster pace and sprints, the shoe came to life and the explosive energy was evident. As for the blades, they felt very stable although I could feel one of them digging into my foot on the right side. I am not sure how many miles you will be able to get out of this shoe because I won’t do the bulk of my training in it. However, if I had to guess, I would say you could get over 400 miles although it obviously depends on the durability of the blades. As I said above, I think that the Springblade is a good shoe, but for the right audience. In my opinion, it is not a long-distance shoe and would not be a good choice to train for or run a marathon in. However, it is a good shorter distance shoe and would probably be better off utilized for speed work although it would be hard to justify the $180 price tag for this alone. For the type of runner I am, the Energy Boost is a great shoe, but still a little bulky. When the Adios Boost comes out on October 1, I think that it will be a perfect balance of a lighter shoe that can be used for both training (all types of runs and speed work) as well as the marathon, coupled with the support of the new boost technology. August 14, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best High Tech Running Shoe Ever!!! When I first saw the email from Adidas about getting a free pair of running sneakers to try for promotion, I was like, why not it is probably some weird shoe anyway. When the box came and I opened it up I was in awe! my son and my wife was amazed and wanted a pair themselves. I immediately try them on and take them on a test run. Adidas, you guys hit this one out of the park. They were comfortable, fit nice and snug and add energy to my step believe it or not. During my half mile test run I understand why it was called Springblade because with every step I was catapulted to the next step like I was on a trampoline. The best running sneakers ever!! At the gym everyone was asking me where I got it and how much it cost. I would smile and say it was free from Adidas for a test trial and it will be on sale next month. They all think the blades underneath looked really cool and wanted to know how they feel. Of course, it got rave reviews from me because I just love these Springblades. It was like a buss was developing in the gym people would point and steer like I was wearing some futuristic high tech running shoes that they can't have, and they were right. It is awesome!! I did find that if you run through mud cleaning the blades is a bit tedious but all else is great that is why I give it five stars. It is light, innovative,comfortable, good looking and performs great on the track. Best High Running Shoes Ever!! July 28, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Interior is lacking... Now that I have road tested it, I can say that I am a little bit disappointed. While I did feel the "spring" in every stride, it wasn't too comfortable on the inside. Have you guys taken out the thin insole? Did you feel the "polymer material" under it? It's hard as a prosthesis. There wasn't enough cushion on the plantar aspect of our foot (sole). I was feeling that as if I was stepping on hard plastic each time! And that is what the "springblades" are made of. I made a late reading about the shoes that in buying it, we should get a half-size smaller. And "this" may be the reason why. While I got my real size, I wore a pair of runner's socks which is basically thin and it hides just below the ankle. While I am contemplating on returning this, it might not be accepted anymore since it's already used. My options are 1) to wear a thicker pair of socks or 2) find a suitable insole that will provide the cushion that I need. Each time the blades hit the concrete pavement, you will obviously hear the sound of "plastic" even though each blade is layered with a thin rubber slate. Really annoying. While I do praise it COSMETICALLY, and it does ROCK the image, it lacks enough cushion interiorly which translates comfort and safety. For a $180 - $200 shoes, I can't justify to spend more money to find me insoles to get the comfort that I needed. But I'm stuck with it... August 30, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by I'm Sprung... As an avid runner, and someone who tended to favor Adidas running shoes beforehand, I had already reserved high expectations for the Springblade. Then I was chosen and contacted by to be an early recipient & reviewer of the Springblade shoes. So even though I was excited, I curved the expectations down to the point of being skeptic of whether a new sneaker can possibly add any extra dimensions of performance during my workouts. That was until I actually received the sneaker, tried them on, and gave them a test run. Upon trying them on, I noticed the fit & comfort to be very accommodating off the bat, as opposed to some running shoes that may require a "break in" period. The Springblades felt ready immediately. They were shockingly more flexible than I expected being that the springblade sole seems to be quite firm. From the toe to the heel, I'd say the shoe is an easy wear. Not too narrow, as I know that a lot of runners tend to complain with most true running sneakers. The Springblades felt true to size. And I'm a guy who will even insert an extra insole for maximum comfort...that wasn't a problem with the Springblades with or without. My first view of the Infrared model really got me excited with the boldness of the colorway. Not many have to courage or feel the need to sport such a daring look during workouts. But the color works perfect with the unique blades at the bottom of the shoe, and compliments most workout wear. It's a sneaker made to turn heads from a style point of view, especially during the casual wear of it outside of your workout run or the gym. It just looks funky! The compliments keep coming as I've described the Springblade as a time traveler's sneaker by Adidas to all those who've asked. After my first outdoor test run of about 6.5 miles, I was left very impressed! And still with enough energy for a quick gym workout since there was little foot and leg fatigue that I felt was due to the Springblades. It was almost as if I was cheating during my gamut of test run intervals of jogging, timed run and a few wind sprints...the blades aborbed a lot of impact and limited my leg muscle exhaustion and went very easy on my foot arches. On a mid 80s degree day, I noticed the shoes were very breathable. My feet stayed cool, which spells comfort, and that lends to a longer, effective workout. It just feels like a well constructed, high quality shoe all around. Also, I've made sure that I tested them on multiple surfaces, ie running trail, asphalt, concrete, and as of late the treadmill. The shoes have held their own... Now for the sake of objectivety, I must say that the Springblade is not the lightest shoe I've ever run in. It's probably not ideal for those runners who are seriously looking to cut down on your run my opinion this sneaker is best served as a complete workout shoe. Meaning, if you're looking to get in a quality endurance run, then maybe hit the gym to complete your regimen, or even to just take it easy and casually kick around...the Springblade will be more than serviceable. I'd highly recommend it if it's within your budget. Fortunately for me, Adidas hooked me up with my pair for I'll definitley have this pair in my workout rotation until they give out. However I'm already eyeing a new pair in a different colorway! Thanks again Adidas for the hook up and I hope this review is useful to all prospective buyers...PEACE! August 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST SHOES I EVER HAD! I want to Thank you addidas for sending me Springblade shoes. When I first open the the box, my first reaction was this shoes are looking great, the bright and orange color shoes. I put those shoes on, and my first reaction was that this are the best shoes I ever had. As a runner I look for shows that are relaxing to my hill. I have to say it feel really comfortable, Thanks to the Energy Blades that i dont feel the hard ground. on my last five minutes on the treadmill I try to run fastest I can I run between 8.2 to 12.5 on the treadmill , and I can just feel that the blades are giving me the energy boost. The shoes are very light weight. When I went to gym, people tell me "where did you get these nice shoes" "This shoes look good on you" "can I see the bottom of this shoes" it gets people attention. I would reccommend this proudect to all the runner. your money will wroth it. again Thanks Addias for giving me this opporunity to review your shoes its my honor! ADIDAS THE BEST! August 1, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Nice, but not for us We had just recently sprung for the Boost shoes, but when we got the chance to get a free pair of Springblades to test we figured 'why not?' My wife and I are almost the same size, so we each took a go. Look- The brightest shoes we've ever seen, a passing car won't miss you! The blades were quite a surprise upon first glance (and a point of interest by those all around). Its got a breathable mesh and feels instantly comfortable when put on. The blade quality was a bit of a concern but no worries as they're well attached, strong, and flexible all at once. Fit- They fit true to size, maybe a bit on the long side. Wear/Effect- Neither my wife nor I are big runners usually 1-2 miles at a time and not as often as we'd like to, so if you're looking for hardcore testing it's not us. Previously we've enjoyed the Boosts for their instant comfort with no break-in needed and were curious how the Springblades would do. On my test run I did a mile jog/run and found they left me with shin splints and little 'explosive propelling energy'. But I found that the faster I ran, to the point of sprinting, the better it felt. Short sprints felt so smooth as if I was gliding along the ground... no hard foot falls, the blades bouncing feet and giving comfort from the hard ground. With more breaking in, I have a feeling they'll get more comfortable for runs, but for now our Boosts give more consistent comfort for our all-around fitness needs. Wondering how they handle day to day? My wife thought they looked really unique and wore them to work (standing for many hours) without any comfort issues. Overall: We are casual joggers for the most part, so potential buyers keep that in mind. These are high-quality, incredibly unique shoes that really shine when sprinting! I wouldn't say they gave me boosts of energy, but the space the blades create from the ground make you feel like you're running on air. Not a sprinter? Jogging was not too comfortable for me, but I imagine if you spend time really breaking them in, it would help a lot. While not its primary function it's nice to know that they're cool looking and comfy enough to casually wear too. But for us, the time to break-in and our lack of regular running leads us to like the Boosts more (for their no-break-in-needed and instant comfort). To say simply... Casual jogger/gym user - I say go Boost Serious runner/sprinter - go Springblade August 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great unique shoe I'm so glad Adidas sent me the email to test out their new shoes for free! As soon as I put them on and started walking around I could feel the difference compared to other running shoes. The energy blades really do give you more power. The last few months I've been really close to being able to dunk a basketball. I put on the springblades and walked outside and dunked with ease! They look good and feel great while running. Me and my team run the red rocks amphitheater every Tuesday and Thursday and any Colorado native knows that is very difficult. The energy blades really gave me that extra boost to get up those big steps. One downside is they do get dirty easily but that's the same as any shoe. For any runner I highly recommend the springblades! July 31, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Major Design Flaw!!!! This is my second pair in 2 months and not because I love them that much! I returned the first pair after 3 weeks due to the joint on the soul coming apart!! First of all why is the soul in two pieces? So I ordered another pair and after a week, this pair is coming apart as well! They are very comfortable but obviously can't hold up to any stress. I have recommended these to many people and a co-worker ordered them and his are coming apart too! I am going to assume if the 3 pairs that I know of have had this problem then it must be all of them. I am very disapointed that for 180 dollars these weren't thoroughly tested and this weakness corrected before they released them!!!! Buy them if you want but you will be sending them back, guaranteed!! October 9, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not the shoe for me I had the honor of testing the Springblade before the official release. This was the first time I had the opportunity to take part in testing a new running product, so I was very excited. I've been running with Adidas shoes for about 4 years now. I started with the Supernova Sequence, and after losing some weight and changing my running form, I felt I needed a shoe which was less firm. I decided to try the Adidas Energy Boost. These shoes have made running even more enjoyable, which I really didn't think was possible. I was very interested to see how this newer technology in the Springblade would stack up against the Boost, which is quite new itself. Adidas sent me size 12. I wear a size 12.5 in the Energy Boost, but I requested a 12 in the Springblade, because the Springblade was supposed to fit truer to size like the Supernova Sequence. Unfortunately, it didn't. The 12 was actually too long for me. I contacted the Adidas customer service department, and they quickly sent me another pair in 11.5, along with a label to Fedex the 12's back at no cost to me. The 11.5 seemed to fit much better. I laced them up and took them for a 3 mile run. In my opinion, one of the most noticeable differences between the Boost and Springblade was a feeling of disconnect with the ground. One of the many qualities I love about the Boost is the fact that I can feel the ground and easily make adjustments to my feet and form, while feeling cushion and support at the same time. I felt mostly support and plastic while running with the Springblade, and it seemed more laborious to pick up my feet. I felt like I was running in a taller, stranger version of the Supernova Sequence. I was wearing no show socks, and the top of the heel dug into the inside of my ankle, which caused a small blister. After finishing the 3 mile run, I wasn't too impressed, but I wasn't going to give up on them. I decided to wear quarter length socks; I thought maybe I got blisters because the shoes were new. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The heels of the shoes continued to dig into my ankles. It seems that the tops of the heels are higher than the Boost, or perhaps the Springblade is just not the shoe for my foot. Neither an 11.5 or a 12 worked. After running a total of 7 miles in the Springblades, I decided to ditch the pain. I couldn't wait to get back into my Boosts. On a positive note, they seem to be very well-made for those who may find them to be a good fit. It seems like this shoe might be good for someone who needs more support and structure. Additionally, the Adidas customer service team was fantastic. They went above and beyond to try and get the right shoe on me, so I could do a proper review. I really wanted to give the shoe a thumbs up, but I also have to be honest. The Energy Boost is still, by far, the best shoe I've ever owned. July 30, 2013
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