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Pink • sale

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Honey Up Shoes Women's Originals
$ 47.99 $ 80
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Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes Women's Running
$ 49.99 $ 100
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Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Women's Running
$ 77.99 $ 130
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-30 %
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Women's Weightlifting
$ 62.99 $ 90
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Lite Racer Shoes Women's adidas Neo
$ 59.99 $ 65
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-10 %
Sunlina Shoes Women's adidas Neo
$ 39.99 $ 45
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Veritas Mid Shoes Kids Unisex Originals
$ 34.99 $ 70
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Yoga Seamless Tights Women's adidas by Stella McCartney
$ 47.99 $ 95
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Reviews for:Pink sale

49 reviews
Yoga Seamless Three-Quarter Tee definitely like this piece!
October 09 2015

I was attracted by this three-quarter tee online. After receiving it, I found it very comfortable, stylish, and warm. Adidas Stella McCartney series never disappoint me:) A little bit of myself: 5 feet 5 inches, 130lbs, and 34B. I chose size small (a little bit tight). ... read more

Martina0916, California go to product
Veritas Mid Shoes Nice but ruined after 1st wearing
October 06 2015

These trainers are nice and designed for slim feet and very soft and comfortable, from what my 8 year old son has told me. I always buy my kids addidas and unfortunately these didn't stand up to the quality from previous buys. After the 1st wearing out the black rim around the shoe had rubbed off making them look terrible. Only good thing was they are very soft and comfortable. ... read more

Tash50, London go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes A must for anyone serious about weight training!
September 05 2015

These powerlift's are the PERFECT shoe for women who are serious about strength/weight training. Comfy and offer great stability in all types of movement - squats, deadlifts, lunges and to my surprise really lock body and vote for standing overhead presses! Can't recommend them enough! I couldn't do a session without them now! ... read more

Gem87, North East, UK go to product
Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Very comfortable! - plus more stability than other Boost shoes
September 01 2015

These shoes are a good combination between the bouncy boost sole and also a good amount of support. These are flexible enough so that I can add insoles with no issues. I am able to wear them out of the box with no break in period or irritation because of the soft flexible fabric at the top of the shoe and in the back by the heel. I can wear these all day!! ... read more

sneakergirl718, NYC go to product
Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes comfy but squeeky
August 26 2015

These shoes are very very comfortable, I feel like they run just a tad big and I wish I would have gotten a half size smaller as after wearing them a month they feel even bigger. Also, the right shoe heel area squeaks when I walk so I don't wear them in public. ... read more

ncstacey go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great customer service
August 12 2015

i ordered these powerlifters last week in a size 5 (I'm usually a 5.5 in all my other runners..). I read all the reviews and they said to order a half size to a full size smaller!?? The 5 was too small so I sent back the following day. There was a ups returns tracking sticker that came with my lifters so it was just a quick phone call for a collection. Adidas refunded my PayPal account straight away and I ordered the 5.5 instead! I will definitely order from Adidas again. Constant updates on my orders and queries. ... read more

Jellyjenko, DUBLIN go to product
Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Got them on sale at adidas outlet
August 09 2015

Bought these shoes at adidas outlets for 50 dollars or so they are so great super comfortable definitely would buy again I'm usually a size 5 i got them size 5 1/2 because i like the extra space when running if not i hurt my big toe ... read more

Junoe, Edinburg,Tx go to product
Veritas Mid Shoes love the shoes
August 07 2015

these shoes are so confortable! my kids love them i personally fit into my oldest shoe and the sole of the shoe makes u feel like ur walking on heaven :) the style is beautiful. i want to get myself a pair. ... read more

stephanyMiranda, boston go to product
Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Love these shoes!
August 03 2015

I have been running distance for quite some time now, and I have to say I have finally found a shoe I completely love and will never change from. I've tried the minimalist approach with shoes, and found that I liked how light weight the shoes were but there was absolutely no cushioning for my feet. After 18+ miles my feet were spent. These shoes are light weight even though they are not minimalist (10mm drop I believe) but I had no problem transitioning back into a non minimalist shoe because these shoes do not feel heavy or clunky. The mesh on the top is absolutely wonderful. It allows for a breathable, flexible fit. You can actually wiggle your toes in these shoes, which I love because sometimes on long runs I feel like I need to wiggle my toes around! The mesh is also surprisingly warm in the winter time too. This shoe also really fits well around your foot, which gives a great supportive feeling. I highly recommend this model over the newer Boost's because of the flexible material on the sides (right where the 3 stripes are). On the newer model those stripes are made of a hard plastic and they literally dig into the sides of your feet. Not comfortable at all. So if you are looking between this model and the new ones I recommend these!! I am going on my third pair of these and have trained for 3 marathons in these Supernova Glide Boost 7s. I am never going back to another shoe! ... read more

KaydeeG, Denver go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes reflectors
July 09 2015

I ordered the black and pink, not realizing how think the reflectors on the side would be, wow. the shoes feel amazing and fit perfect. I'm not a night runner so really have no need for reflectors like a bicycle. Odd because they don't indicate the reflectors in the description being that prominent. I may return and order one of the other colors that don't appear to have them. ... read more

ncstacey, NC go to product
Honey Up Shoes just brought it, loving it
June 12 2015


toyy, miami,fl go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes GREAT PURCHASE
June 02 2015

I had read a lot of reviews before I ordered and I am very happy I did. I ended up getting a size 7.5 (I am usually an 8) and it fits perfect. I also have very wide feet and the width also fits great. I bought the purple ones which look really good but hard to match (for anyone who care about what they look like). I wish there were other colours to chose from (more classic ie: black and white). The shipping was SO quick! I live in Ontario. I ordered late Friday. Got the "they shipped" email Monday, and by Tuesday they were at my doorstep! Very satisfied. ... read more

Sandy209, Bowmanville, Ontario go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shoes!
April 29 2015

These are my first pair of lifting shoes, and I enjoy them so much I bought a few other pairs. Although they are made for support (great at stabilizing side to side doing deadlifts), I find them actually very comfortable wearing in the gym even when not doing a leg workout… They are sturdy and not meant to be comfy in the way a padded springy running shoe would be, but I find them very comfortable, and that coming from someone who wears orthotics for fallen arches, that says something! They fit true to size, and the purple is a refreshing change. ... read more

ssblondie go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shies for power & oly lifts
April 23 2015

This shoe fits my foot (regular-slightly wide) great!--with the advice from previous reviews to order a size down possibly even a size and a half. I'm usually a size 8 or 8.5 and I ordered a 7.5 & 8. The 7.5 fit me perfect. Colour is just like the pic-wish there were more choices other than pink or purple for women. But the purple is sharp w/ the dark purple-navy trim & yellow-green accents. I'm a CrossFitter & I love these shoes during max effort lifting days-creates stability & explosiveness to my sq, cleans, jerk, etc. not to mention PR's. ... read more

Feijao88, Edmonton go to product
Sunlina Shoes Disappointing
April 13 2015

I bought a pair of black Sunlinas last summer and they are the best shoes for comfort and attractiveness. I just bought this year's Sunlina and it is a much different shoe. The cut is different in that the old pair were cut lower by the toes. This year's edition is cut higher which makes them less comfortable and much less attractive. I can't understand why this change was made. I received numerous compliments on my last pair. The new ones look like granny shoes. ... read more

Scattered, Columbus, OH go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes best purchase for any squatter
March 06 2015

I bought a pair for my wife as a new year gift. I have owned my men's adidas powerlift shoes for about two years now and been VERY HAPPY about them: they provide solid platform that makes me confident squatting heavy, have the great looks, and didn't wear or tear after over a hundred sessions of intense workouts. It's been my best investment in fitness. I knew my wife will like these shoes a lot. She had always been squatting in her runners as she didn't want to buy another pair of "gym shoes". The first pair in size 5.5 arrived within 2 days from Ontario to Alberta with FREE express shipping, but they are about 1/2 size bigger, so I ordered the pair 1/2 size smaller immediately before even returning the first pair, (that's how confident I am about The second pair arrived within 2 days as well, which fit her feet perfectly. The second my lady first stand in shoes, she felt the difference. She indeed enjoyed how pretty the shoes are, and the performance in the power rack proved awesomeness. She even received compliments in the locker room. If you are hesitating on buying these shoes, don't. Just buy 1/2 size or 1 size smaller, and make yourself happy for every workout in the next few years. Also, this is the cheapest option of good weightlifting shoes out there, I had been searching for a good few months before decided on adidas a few years ago. ... read more

weightlifter51, AB go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes Like wearing a cross between gloves and slippers
February 12 2015

I love these trainers. I wasn't sure on the photo that I would keep them when i ordered but after trying them on I don't want to take off! They look much nicer on your feet than on the website. Few comments - the fit is snug so I ordered a 5.5 instead of 5. The fabric is very thin so my feet feel cold outside in winter. Great if you are training but I am wearing these for every day as I like the look of them so much. Much more like a summer trainer. I like these so much that I am looking to buy another pair of boost for training in as I want to wear these for every day! ... read more

shellshock go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes love them....
February 06 2015

This is a very different shoe to my normal running trainer but having done a few runs in them now i love the bounce they give. I used the online chat facility and the person i had was a runner and had used them which was reassuring. I was a bit hesitant about buying a trainer i had never tried on but knowing i was a neutral runner i was given some great advice and a few different options. ... read more

PK76 go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes Great running shoe
January 28 2015

These are great running shoes. I bought them to replace a previous pair of adidas running shoes of a different style. Very comfortable, and I didn't even need to break them in. The back is made of a felt-like material, so they don't rub at your heels. Great bounce in the soles, and reflector 3 stripes and laces make them safe for late night/early morning runs. So comfy that I'm considering a pair for work now too. ... read more

BryceE, Glasgow, Scotland go to product
Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Perfect for cold, snowy weather
January 10 2015

I am a believer! I've been running on the regular Glide Boosts for about a year now, but decided to train for a marathon (in Chicago!) this winter, so I knew I needed something that would keep me warm during the cold weather. I came across these and knew I had to have them. I wore these today on a 4 mile run through 2-4 inches of untouched snow, air temp 10 degrees, windchill below 0, and they kept my feet completely dry and toasty warm. I wore them with a pair of thin wool socks and they were perfect. I heartily recommend these to anyone crazy enough to brave the elements and run in the cold midwestern (or anywhere) winters! ... read more

ChiRunMom, Chicago, IL go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Oveall good shoe!
October 02 2013

I wear a size 6 so that is what size I purchased in the Power Lift 2.0. I had to return them and I purchased a size 5.5 which is the smallest size. I actually could probably wear a size 5 but they do not offer anything smaller than a size 5.5 so I will have to make do. If you want a snug shoe I suggest ordering a full size smaller. As for the quality of the shoe I will say the blue material is not leather and it does look a bit cheesy/cheap up close. I am not concerned with how it looks so that is no issue for me. I really like the heel which bring my torso upright for squatting. I feel stable in these shoes when lifting and the strap across the top really enforces that feeling. All in all I am happy with his shoe. ... read more

P0527, Texas, USA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Size runs big
September 20 2013

I'm normally a 9 in female... everywhere.. Got these in 9 and they were a good size too big.. I also got a mens pair in 7.5 which the site recommends going 1 size smaller if you are a women and i have always gone 2, so i played it safe with the 7.5 but they were too big, but i think the women's 9 was even larger.. So maybe their male female scale was correct but i wont get larger than an 8 in womens in these.. The look pretty though. ... read more

Niner go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Best workout shoes ever
August 07 2013

I have been following Mark Rippetoe's strength training program. But because I have had several knee surgeries to repair skiing injuries I have been unable to perform the squat correctly. Now with these shoes I can get low enough even with my damaged knee. These shoes are just what I needed. They are wonderful. ... read more

Montanamo, Trout Creek, MT go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Good for narrow feet - They run big
July 29 2013

My feet are narrow so they fit ok and I'm glad I read another review saying they run big. I bought an 8.5 and I usually wear a 9. I could probably get by with an 8 but I think the area by the toes would be too narrow. Do not buy if you have average to wide feet...I assume the mens version would be a better fit for you. I like them overall and PRed my backsquat today wearing them :) ... read more

amerika27, Zephyr Cove, NV go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes
July 28 2013

These shoes have been a great addition to further assist my stability during lifts. I'm still not entirely sure the 6.5 is the right size for me, but sending them back a second time for a different size is not on my list of things to do. They are perhaps a little more than a half-size too big, but I don't know for sure because I'm not sending them back to find out. Wish I could have tried these on somewhere instead OR free shipping on returns would have been cool. I know there probably isn't a huge demand for these shoes for women, but a second option on colors would have been nice but not a huge deal. Otherwise, love having these shoes! ... read more

Denver, CO go to product
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