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NEO • Raleigh • Shoes

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Reviews for: NEO Raleigh Shoes

71 reviews
Raleigh Mid Shoes Cool looking
November 23 2015

I tach many Zumba Fitness classes every week. I own few pairs which I alternate constantly to keep my feet healthy. This sneakers are cute becasue of he look. They are fine i usually buy dance snakers half a size bigger than my actual size to give room for thick sock and toe. I recomend this shoe if your feet are not too wide but average and you do not need too much support. I recomend the shoe for very smooth dance surfaces though. Wooden floors. ... read more

Kiki 24, Rhode Island, USA go to product
November 22 2015

I have wider feet and these sneakers are SO comfortable to wear right out of the box. I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra pair of shoelaces in the box AND they're silk! I wore the regular shoe laces for a few days & absolutely feel in LOVE with these shoes. Now I switched to the shiny black silky shoelaces & I love them even more! I have a thicker calf/ankle so the high top can irritate my skin when I don't wear leggings or a long sock between top of the shoe and my skin. They are so stylish & comfortable that I want to own a pair of these for the rest of my life! And I've gotten so many compliments from boys & girls about these new shoes I only got last week! Thank you!!!! ... read more

Marlene27, Las Vegas, NV go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes Perfect for wide feet
November 16 2015

I always have problems with other brand mid or hightops because they are very tight and hurt my feet. But I never have that problem with Adidas. I bought these shoes because I don't have to break them in. They fit, feel, and look perfect. ... read more

JUSTAG, United States go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes Thumbs up
November 04 2015

So I am an art student and college kid living in Cambridge MA. The walk from my dorm to my classroom is a little over a half mile each way; I often carry about 30 pounds total of stuff with me; I frequently have classes that run for three hours, which are all taught standing (it's a drawing class); I have sensitive feet -- no actual problems, per se, but my feet get tired and bruised easily; I'm a bit vain -- I like to have stylish shoes. These shoes are great for me. They're comfortable and stylish, they feel like they mesh with my style, and my feet have yet to hurt in them. They provide good support without being outright orthopedic, and they look really really cool. My only complaints would be that the inside insert pills on the ball of the foot, so if you wear these with tights rather than socks, they feel weird, and that in the summer, they're probably not a good choice because they're black and will swelter. However, I've found these shoes, in addition to everything else, keep clean (even the white sidewall), are good in rain, and can be laced in different ways for different weather. Super great purchase, would buy again! ... read more

Embym, Cambridge MA go to product
Raleigh Mid Shoes Great shoes
October 10 2015

They are really comfy and they are really gorgeous shoes. Although I'm afraid of scratching them and getting them dirty I'm always careful with them but overall, not too big not too small, they fit great. ... read more

Emilyyz01, Texas go to product
Raleigh Mid Shoes Shoes for my 16yr old son
September 13 2015

Not what he usually picks out to wear, but they don't make adidas round house style (colors) any longer (his Pick) but he liked these so far...he says they are more comfortable than the round house. They are very easy to keep clean...just wipe them off with a dry cloth. ... read more

rxangel, Salem Va go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes AMAZING!
September 05 2015

I fell in love with these at the store and decided to purchase them. When I got home I literally picked out an outfit and started wearing them RIGHT AWAY. They are so comfortable and I absolutely love the style. Extremely happy with my purchase! ... read more

jenn_d0ll, Long Island, NY go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes Amazing shoes
September 02 2015

I own a lot of shoes and never thought my favourite ones would be these Adidas shoes my boyfriend found me, but my God do I love them. They are the comfiest and they are SO stylish and gorgeous. I actually tripped today walking to work and scuffed my shoe and was absolutely devastated- I thought I had broken them. That's why I'm ordering a second pair.... ... read more

London13, London go to product
Raleigh Mid Shoes Most Comfortable Mid Tops!
August 24 2015

These are some of the most comfortable sneakers I have. Squishy sole but good support and super clean look. I've only had these for 2 days and already have gotten about 50 compliments on how fresh they are! ... read more

APRX, San Francisco go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes Pleasantly surprised !!!!
August 07 2015

My first adidas shoes they look really good and best of all my feet dont hurt dancing in them they are perfect for fitness dance class match with everything i have flat feet and they cushioned i was really surprised loved these shoes ... read more

saraypty, San Diego, CA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Mid Shoes Oh, man
August 04 2015

This shoe is so comfy. I teach zumba three times a week in them and I feel so fly. I got them at Nordstrom Rack for $40 and if I hadn't gotten them there, I would've happily paid full price for them. I love love love them ... read more

racken145 go to product
Raleigh Mid Shoes Great idea
July 30 2015

When I was in the 7th and 8th grade i had a pair of bbneo's and they lasted me all the way till they got to small. So this year i got a pair of raleigh mids. They are great they are just like my BBneos but much more comfortable with the new comfort insole. Its a great pair of shoes overall. I bouth a 1/2 size higher than i needed They are a little narrow but overall it just keeps them on your feet when you play sports or anything else. They even beat my jordan 3's And my jordan superfly 2's. great shoes. ... read more

miniroyal12, Arizona, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Not your average athletic shoe
July 28 2015

These shoes are amazing! They are so light weight and soft it feels like a glove on your foot! I'm getting my 2nd pair and these shoes are attractive and yet so simple with out a lot of "flash". More than once people have liked my neo's I would like to see them in red or maybe royal blue ... read more

Joran D., Minneapolis mn go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes pretty good
July 13 2015

I long boarded in these shoes for a couple of months, and I was pretty happy with them, the tops were very strong, still no rips, the laces only had to be re tied once, but the insoles fell apart, and bottoms did wear out quickly, on my push foot there is holes on the toes, and heel ... read more

Steze nation, Washington, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Great shoes
February 06 2015

I've had these shoes for about a year now, and they are one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever bought. They fit perfect and are very comfortable. I wear them all day most days of the week around school and home and work. The bottom white part has faded which is expected with how much I've worn them but other than that they still clean up very nice, and there aren't any rips or broken seams or anything on them. ... read more

Fenry, Southwest Iowa, US go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Ok Shoe, Low Quality Addidas
December 11 2014

This would be my fourth pair of Adidas high tops that I've owned recently and frankly it just feels cheap compared to the others ( Notably the "Neo Hoops Premiums) which are about the same price. The materials used are falling apart after only one days wear, the sizing is very narrow around your feet and the color is a much lighter grey than the pictures depict. All in all it's an ok shoe but nowhere near the quality of Adidas other Neo shoes. ... read more

G Mitch, Los Angeles, CA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Son Loves these shoes.
August 26 2014

In the fifth grade and he likes the hightop style. He first saw them in blue... and wanted those, until he saw they came in black. He wants me to say not to recommend them to others because he "doesn't want to share his shoes". They really look good though, and now he is at that age where I can't get him to accept just any shoe that happens to be in the department stores and on sale. I would recommend them if your child is starting to trade up. They are not as expensive as other shoes out there. Do buy them a 1/2 size up. ... read more

The Wizard of Paz, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Fun!
August 25 2014

Great quality; fun shoes. I got compliments the first time I wore them. Note, they seem to run a half size small. While I'll likely break them in a little more, I probably could have used the next half size larger. ... read more

Kastchei, New York, NY, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes BBNEO Raleigh Shoes
July 10 2014

I ordered this shoe for my grandson and he just loves them. I like the comfort that he finds in them having upper fatty feet. I also like the colors and would love to see more bright colors in this style such as orange, yellow. I would wear them myself and do often wear the boys addidas. Thanks for my order. ... read more

AnnP, Portland, OR, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Nice Looking Shoe
May 23 2014

I bought these looking to replace my ragged black Adidas low tops I had. I have gotten SO many compliments on these shoes. People certainly notice when I am wearing these. They look awesome, I have been very happy with the look of them. They aren't very comfortable honestly but they look sharp. I certainly wouldn't wear these if I knew I'd be walking a lot or far distances. They are flat as a pancake inside, not much arch support. ... read more

go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Very happy with my purchase...
May 10 2014

This was the first time I was buying shoes online. I was worried they would not fit or look like the picture, but I was very satisfied with the product. And may I add that I am very hard to please, I always have something to complain about... ... read more

i9988, NYC go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Just chill for a moment
April 11 2014

I love my BBNeo' see I'm not runnin around, dancin, skate boardin, but what I do when I have them on is wear them like a champ !!! Comfort, lovin the soles, wish I could get a dark blue pair. Look I would recommend them if you're just relaxing while you wear them. There's nothing wrong with having a pair thats just comfortable, instead of a pair thats hard. Yes I would get another pair of these, and in fact I stay stalkin the web sight just so I can build up my wish list, then I will have all my fav's......... Peace out... ... read more

GValentine, Somerdale, NJ go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Nice looking shoe, but may not be for you.
February 01 2014

This is a really cool looking shoe. The insoles are comfortable and well cushioned. It's almost like a memory foam sort of comfort. The high top is soft around the ankles. However, they could be a little bit wider. They feel tight around the metatarsal bones (bones in the middle of your foot) and at the edge of your toes. Even sitting down and not doing anyhing I can feel the pressure. I don't see myself walking around too much in these shoes for that reason. Please keep in mind I don't even have the shoes tied. The laces are loose when I walk around in the them; so I hate to think how it will feel when they are tied. If you have slightly wide feet this isn't a shoe for you. ... read more

Batmobile93, Garden Grove, CA, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes Great Purchase!!!
January 02 2014

They were for my 13 yr old son, & he is so hard on shoes! But he continues to tell me how comfortable they Are. If he's happy, I'm happy cause with a size 13 for a 13 yr old, not much he doesn't complain about when it comes to shoes. :) ... read more

FreshForKicks, Charlotte, NC, USA go to product
BBNEO Raleigh Shoes comfortable but a little uncomfortable
May 16 2013

These shoes are so great looking had to get them and for the price it's worth it. the insides are well cushioned as well as around the ankles. although it is a bit too narrow- crushes one or two of my toes, it could just be my feet but I wish it was wider ... read more

mercurybk, New York, NY, USA go to product
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