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Men • Yellow • Running

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Ultra Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 180
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Solar Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 80
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Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 80
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Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 100
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Supernova Storm Jacket Men's Running
$ 75
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Supernova Tee Men's Running
$ 40
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Supernova Singlet Men's Running
$ 35
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Sequencials Anorak Men's Running
$ 60
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Kanoi Transparent Jacket Men's Running
$ 80
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City Energy Hoodie Men's Running
$ 70
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Sequencials Climalite Running Tee Men's Running
$ 25
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Response Tee Men's Running
$ 35
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Response 7-Inch Shorts Men's Running
$ 32
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Response 5-Inch Shorts Men's Running
$ 32
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Marvel Avengers Response Boost Techfit LTD Shoes Men's Running
$ 71.99 $ 120
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295 reviews
Ultra Boost Shoes Fast shoe, goed fit, excessive wear
February 15 2015

I did 3 runs with the Ultra boost so far. The first was a 12k in which I set a new personal best without even trying to run fast. The second was a 12k I ran at a pace of 5 minutes per k ( 8 minutes mile) and my heart reate was way lower than normal at that speed. Today i did a 26k run and the pace was good. The shoe fits well. After having run only 50k with these shoes, I find that the wear is excessive. Some of the nobs are already completely gone. Compared with the other boost shoes I've had the wear is excessive. That's the only issue I have with this shoe. If Adidas can fix the wear issue, they have a real winner here. For the price they cost, this will turn out to be an expensive shoe, because i don't see myself getting the same mileage out of these shoes. ... read more

Patrick67, Belgium go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Besting the best?
February 07 2015

A couple of things to mention, I love the Energy Boost, I love the Adios Boost. One of the things I love about Energy Boost is that first 200 meters when you set off and it feels like you are just floating compared to other shoes. When I saw the release of the Ultra Boost and the opportunity to place a pre-release order I knew I would buy them. Have run a couple of times in them now, 7mi and 8mi. Today was a 6'49" steady run. First thing was early pace surprised me, started up a big hill and Ultra Boosts made sub 7 uphill feel relatively easy. Boosts seem to suit my stride as in them it really flows and feels very smooth, U Boosts are no different in this respect. Have also found them better than Energy Boost at minimising soreness after the run. E Boosts were good in this respect but U Boost seems even better. The shoe feels totally neutral, even more so than the E Boost. Today was a light mist and ground slightly greasy, but grip of new Boosts was never really in question. As is mentioned in the PR materials, the upper is really special. It literally does fit like a glove. In E Boost I went a 1/2 size up to UK11, but in U Boost 10.5 fits me perfectly. Due mainly to the stretch of the Primeknit. I think the 1/2 size up would have been too big for me. In Adios Boost I also take 10.5, so if you have Adios Boost the same size in U Boost is fine. I guess looks are a personal preference, but my last E Boosts were Black with red inner, so for me the initial release of U Boost in Black with the blue heel cup would be my first choice in any case. They do look really nice! To summarise, I am really happy with the shoe so far, it feels fast, protects my legs even better than E Boost, fits like a glove, grips really well and looks better than the other 19 or so shoes in my collection! ... read more

theriddller, Stevenage, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Huge Flaw?
March 02 2015

I have done three runs in these shoes a five mile, seven mile then on Saturday nineteen miles - Shoes are really nicely cushioned. I went down by half a size from original adidas boost. I bought two pairs 10.5 and 11 and took them on and off so better than buying from a running shop to dither but these are better to be close fitting. Bit heavier and less speedy than previous models. I had a sore toe before the run due to a black nail but ran for 3 hours and it was fine. The uppers are great. Lovely cushioning great for my sore Achilles and no problems after 19 mile long run so fantastic for a marathon. But .... the outsole is worn after just 30 miles - the pimples are down to nothing - is the rubber too soft - I'm concerned they wont last 100 miles. I have attached photo which shows some of the slightly worn pimples and some have worn to be flat - is this a major flaw if so adidas will get a lot of returns ... read more

TimmyMac, Norwich England go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Didn't want to believe the hype but....
March 02 2015

First, this shoe is amazing. Im an ex-collegiate T&F athlete with a neutral gate and forefoot-midfoot runner. I'm approx 200lbs, and need a cushioned ride. I've been looking forever for a shoe with enough fore-mid foot cushioning for the heavier, neutral runner and I feel as though everything is focused on Heel cushioning these days but this is amazing for the mid-forefoot striker! Extremely cushioned and soft yet responsive, feels great on the foot, needed two days to break the shoe in, and no injuries since I've had them. You don't want to take these babies off, believe the hype. I almost missed out on a great shoe. ... read more

J-Jax, NJ go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Could be perfect.
June 22 2015

I love these shoes. I have Multiple pairs of Energy Boosts (1.0 & 2.0), and the Adios Boost. Next to the Adios, these are my favorite. My one complaint, mirrors at least one more review that I've read here, in that the outsole, on the Ultras, wears rather quickly. It's hard to complain about it really, because that is probably what contributes to the excellent grip that they have, it's just that for $180..... The Primeknit makes these feel amazing snug, while still allowing me to not feel too constricted. It's kind of hard to explain. Really great shoes. Give them a go if you're on the fence, just keep that outsole wear in mind. ... read more

CTP, Omaha, NE go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Much improved since Pure Boost
June 03 2015

When I bought the Pure Boost a year or so ago I was pretty disappointed. I wanted to like them, but they were just so narrow. Also. they were comfortable, but not very stable. I was rolling my ankles all day. Decided to give the Ultra Boost a shot hoping that ADIDAS would improve the shoe and they did! The widened the shoe so it is not so narrow, the Ultra Boost is much more stable then previous models. Also, with the addition of Prime Knit not only does it look better, but it's much more breathable. Only downfall is that the Boost material is impossible to clean. Once you get it dirty there is no cleaning it. Great shoe though....Buying another pair now! ... read more

JSJSJS, BOSTON, MA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Dissapointed
March 20 2015

Adidas missed a great opportunity with this shoe. Remember its $180. Woven upper and fit are great. Sockliner is cheap , poor quality for a $180 shoe. Midsole profile and road feel are flat. The added eva in other boost styles greatly improves the feel of the boost compound. Outsole wear is maybe the worst of any quality shoe Ive run in, visible abrasion and wear after one 5 mile run. Im not sure why they chose not to use the superior Continental rubber compound used in other models. Bottom line, Adidas cut corners , over priced an inferior product. ... read more

Runone, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Comfy shoe, poor sole design
March 10 2015

Received in the mail today after ordering from the adidas website. Just finished my first run, 4.5 miles. The shoes fit my foot better than the E Boost and I think I'll be a fan of the "tongeless" U Boost. Definitely a sock-like fit. During the run, my toes got really numb, I'm attributing part of that to the fact that they are fresh out of the box and I need to break them in a bit throughout the course of several runs. So, I'll have to report back after a week or so. After 4.5 miles, there is noticeable wear on the rubber-knobbed outer sole. Definitely a poor design. So, I agree with other reviews that the shoe is comfortable but if the sole wears out after a month or so, the price tag is way to my opinion. ... read more

KarlJarl, Des Moines, IA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Great running shoe that's hard to beat
February 14 2015

I've been a big fan of the boost line since it arrived on the market, and the Ultra Boost are no exception. At first when I tried them on I thought they were too small, but once you start running in them they contour to your foot. It does take some getting used too, but the break in time is very quick. They do run true to size. I did not have to order a larger size like I had too with the original Boost or Boost 2.0. I did find the Ultra Boost less clunky feeling. I'm a heel striker and the transition from heel strike through the gait cycle to toe off was super smooth. The fit is really nice. It is snug but allows more flex than the original Boost or Boost 2.0. I noticed a great improvement in the traction. The Boost return on these are incredible !!! As I became tired on a long run, the return energy really helped a lot and I found my self not having to struggle as much as I became more tired as my run went on. There is a definite improvement in the cushioning ! It is a softer ride like the Supernova Boost 7 and Response Boost, but it's not squishy or too firm. Seems like they nailed it just right !!! Are these the best running shoe ever ? That's up for you to decide, what I can say is that the Ultra Boost is going to be very difficult for the competition to beat ! I read in some other reviews that the heel was not comfortable... I did not encounter any discomfort at all. I will be using these for my regular trainers and for an up coming 3K run. The materials have a nice sturdy feel to them. I only have a few nit pick negatives.. The laces are thin in width. I wish they were wider like the Supernova Boost 7, how ever it did not hinder performance at all. Next is the steep price. It would have been nice if there was a more friendly price tag on the Ultra Boost or maybe include a free Boost T-shirt or carry bag. ... read more

Michael V, Bronx, New York go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best running shoe on the planet!
February 07 2015

I pre ordered these shoes and when they arrived I wasn't disappointed! Perfect fit , true to size and the most comfy trainers I've ever bought! Really light on your feet and they mould to your foot really quickly! If your a keen runner or even just someone who likes good quality trainers for any exercise then these are the trainers for you! Can't recommend enough! I Only ever buy adidas and that won't be changing any time soon! ... read more

LB1395, North East .UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Nice, but not worth it
March 05 2015

Purchased the shoes during the general release and did a 6 mi and 20 mi city run in them at an ~8min/mi pace. I can't lie, they are comfy and felt nice, but after my run I noticed EXCESSIVE wear on the soles in comparison to a pair of the Glide Boosts. The pavement shredded the black treads. For a product at this premium price point, I would hope they last long enough to train and RUN THE ACTUAL RACE YOU'RE TRAINING FOR. At this rate, the soles will be bald in a month. ... read more

JP_Ultra, San Francisco go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Quality running show
May 30 2015

When the original Energy Boost came out around 2 years ago I purchased a pair and they have lasted me since. They have been a quality pair of running shoes, truly transforming my perception of what a true running show should feel like. I have recently purchased the new Ultra Boost shoes in black and they exceed the performance and comfort of the old Energy boost. The comfort which they provide while running is excellent and the new Primeknit technology provide a snug feeling around the foot and is quite refreshing in the sense of feeling a different material compared to other running shoes. In addition, the design is really nice when seeing them in the flesh. However, I do feel the images of the shoe on the adidas website are misleading a little bit. I was quite surprised when I first saw them in the flesh as the plastic around the entire shoe is not attached to the fabric unlike the previous Energy Boost but attached to top layer of the boost material (if that makes sense?). There are two small gaps between the Primeknit and the plastic strips on each side of the foot. One presumes this design is to accompany the different widths of peoples feet. None the less, a suitable and refreshing design. Overall, I do feel theses shoes are worth the price to pay if you enjoy running and exercise in general as they are comfortable, practical and stylish. ... read more

Robinson24, Manchester go to product
Sequencials Climalite Running Tee Buy Small for slim-fit, buy Medium for regular-fit
May 09 2015

I'am 5 45, 160lbs. I usually wear slim-fit medium shirts and pants from both adidas performance, and originals. If you want a slim-fit/muscle-fit, buy a small size, which is what I did and still comfortable. But if you want some more room and does not care about the shape of your body, but a medium. ... read more

namyang217, United States go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Another great addition to the Boost range
February 07 2015

I was lucky enough to get a pair of these on the pre-launch and they are a great shoe. The new Primeknit upper is a joy on the foot and ultra comfortable, especially with the addition of an integrated tongue giving a truely seamless upper. The only caution I give is that they are quite a bulky and heavy shoe at over 300g in a mens size 9 (UK). Because of this I'll only use mine for longer runs and 1/2 marathons, sticking to my Boston Boost for faster stuff. Overall and fantastic shoe and I really hope adidas introduce the Primeknit upper to their racier range. ... read more

DanA78, Wiltshire, UK go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Great Shoe, Don't Second Think Your Purchase!
April 05 2015

I have ordered many shoes off Adidas online over the last couple years, and again, the shoe did not disappoint. These shoes are exactly as they are named, fresh. I have received many comments on these shoes, great style and can be used for running, walking, or just daily wear. The shoes make a statement when you walk into a room. The only worry I have is that the shoe may get a hole above my right big toe because my toe turns up and has cut through mesh shoes before. Other than that, great shoe with great breathability, if you think you like them online, you will love them when they show up on your doorstep. -AT ... read more

Lex T, Belleville, IL go to product
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