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Men • White • Sport • Running • Shoes

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Reviews for: Men White Sport Running Shoes

22 reviews
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Significant improvements make this a new favorite
January 01 2016

A year ago I purchased rocket boost shoes for winter, and as my review then reflected i was dissapointed in some of the design features and choices, this year adidas has made significant improvements to the quality and balance and materials of this winter runner shoe. I love it. Water resistant, warm, good balance of boost material and improved upper, comfort and texture are comfortable and rugged for the season. Great. ... read more

Adi-addict2, New York, NY go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Finally!
November 07 2015

I have bad feet, and it's hard to find any shoes I can walk around in, without my feet aching at night. I've always gone with Nike air max, which has a firmer feel.they work fine at first,but the air souls seem to break down rather quickly. These shoes are incredibly comfortable. By far the softest ride I've ever seen.They fit me perfectly,unlike the ultra boost, that are just a little too tight. I can walk around all day, with no problems later. I'm going to order another pair in white. ... read more

Rusty nail, Utah go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Amazing Shoe!!
October 30 2015

I'm a college student and athlete and I'm always on my feet. Whether it's walking to class, working out in the gym, or going for a run, these shoes are great. I especially love running in them, It just feels incredible. They shipped really quick, which I love! I wear size 12 in other brands and 12 fit really well for me with these, so stay true to size. If you're thinking about buying them, do it! These shoes are well worth it in my opinion. The material of the shoe is very high quality and I don't think you'll be disappointed. They are durable and dirt doesn't really show on the shoe too much. I got the all black version and they look great with anything. Over all, Adidas did something amazing when they made these. ... read more

Davis133, North Carolina, US go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Adidas Solar Boost
October 28 2015

I picked these shoes up for just $55.99. This was a steal consider they were a $100. These shoes are great for running and they simply feel great. This is the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I use these shoes for track and they are great for that. So all in all I recommend this shoe very much and you won't regret buying them ... read more

Karan827, Atlanta,GA go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Solved my achilles issues
October 26 2015

Fantastic shoe which solved long lasting achilles tendinitis issues. Perfect if you are looking for a soft and non-structured shoe to use on grass or paths. Water resistance is satisfactory and I have had no issue with water ingress. ... read more

7ctmpa, London go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Love My Solar Boosts!!!
October 15 2015

I purchased these shoes for running. I just finished the C25K and needed a good looking, light shoe to make it easier to move on to the 10K app and this shoe is it!! I purchased the all black pair and absolutely love them, super lightweight and look good even when I'm not running. Buy them, you will not regret it. ... read more

Stasi15, Florida go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes It's like I never had a sports shoe before
October 10 2015

I am not an athletic person, I do try to keep fit. These are my first Boost series shoes and I am never going back to anything else. The fit is fantastic, the grip on the road perfect, the feedback you get on your sole is surprising. ... read more

HarryFree, Greece go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Amazing product
October 07 2015

Really in love with the design and color scheme. These are really comfortable and have a certain mystique because it looks great for casual or for running purposes. I am starting to dig the boost technology. Hire me Adidas? Would love to work at adidas ... read more

RioWorld, Corning, CA go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great Product
September 30 2015

I think these are great running trainers for winter, or even just to move around. The sole is incredibly soft and you feel like you are walking on wool. I have worn them in this relatively warm weather and it might keep you feet a bit too warm but for winter time they are perfect. ... read more

Skerdi88 go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes i got boost
August 22 2015

these are my second pair of boosts. i had to return the previous pair (terrex boost) as they were just too tight for me. i read other reviews that mentioned this, so when i ordered these, i specified a 0.5 size bigger than i normally would. as it turns out, these are actually a perfect fit. the inside has the softest inner lining, making these trainers quite comfortable when lounging around. the space age silver exterior is a little more adventurous than any other trainers i've bought in a while but now i'm quite used to them. a dark charcoal colour-way would be quite nice. i was curious to see how the boost would feel in a run. the cushioning is great, it really does flex and rebound, but the sound of the shoe hitting the tarmac mid-strike is a little louder than I had hoped. running on the fore-foot is quite fun. you really do feel the speed in an instant. I will try out some terrex boost with that big lugged grippy sole next. ... read more

nirm, sussex go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Perfect fit. Almost the Perfect design. Horrible Midsole design
August 18 2015

Needs to have either all white or all black midsole. They could at least make middle black and the rest white. but only back white and front black is ridiculous. Had to take them back just because of that.. another perfect shoe ruined by one small detail. ... read more

Czad go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Very Comfortable Shoe
August 16 2015

I found the all black pair today while shopping for running shoes, though they won't be used for that. Maybe it's because I'm on my feet all day at work (10hrs/6 days week in safety boots) that I like these so much. When I tried them on in store I felt like I was in heaven. While the Pure Boost's are good, I don't exactly like the mushy feel in the forefoot which is why I passed on them. These fill that void for me since I tend to put lots of force on my heels and want some add'l structure towards the front. Good all around shoe for lounging on my days off! ... read more

Edgehead, Albuquerque, NM go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Boost rules
April 18 2015

True to form with the rest of the Boost series, the Rocket Boost delivers on all counts. The energy return, knit upper and all weather sole make this an ideal shoe for transitional weather conditions. Highly recommend. ... read more

Rais5000 go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes As the description says
March 23 2015

This product does exactly what the description says. When you walk it actually feels like you have "boost" in every step. The shoes a re extremely light weight. Planning to buy a second pair for use at home. ... read more

disabledadidias, ajax, ontario, canada go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Perfect for running in wintery CT
February 22 2015

For the last couple of weeks I've been running on a daily basis, 4 to 8 miles a day, in freezing temperatures down to 20 degrees (with feels like temperatures in the single digits), in inches of snow. These shoes kept my feet warm, provided great support and good grip. ... read more

GJvdB, Connecticut go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great pair of shoes
January 29 2015

Picked these up for the winter, great pair of shoes, very comfortable and warm. Note that these shoes are not 100% water proof, more so 85-90%. Picked these up in November and they've gotten me this far (Ottawa winter). As someone else said, the bottom does get dirty easily so watch out for that. I'm not sure if I would recommend these shoes for serious training because that's not what I've been using them for. Great casual day-to-day winter shoes. ... read more

dvan, Ottawa go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes warm without form
January 24 2015

the climate heat is warm enough for cold winter, but the exterior is some kind of rubber akin to fish skin or thin whale blubber? They are not ventilated which is fine by me but there is a painted on vent like structure for some unknown reason. The biggest problem for me was the boost material is just too squishy, like walking on the backs of snow lizards? It's too bad, boost is great tech, but too much of a good thing makes it difficult to move with confidence. I guess in winter I need a more structured shoe. ... read more

Adi-addict, new York, NY go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great shoes
January 09 2015

Fantastic shoes, lightweight and comfortable, the Boost technology gives perfect cushioning for running and General day to day walking about. This winter version of the Pure Boost shoes keeps your feet warm and dry ... read more

Holein8, Scotland go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes These shoes were so clutch!
January 04 2015

Picked these up right before a winter vacation in Paris. Temps were cold - usually in the 30's and sometimes in 40's. We walked around 3-5 miles per day and spent a lot of time outdoors waiting in lines. These shoes were perfectly warm, even just wearing thin running type socks. Boost was fantastic, cushioning lasts all day. I've had plantar fasciitis in both feet in the past, but I didn't even need my ortho inserts. That's a minor miracle to me! Didn't get to test how waterproof they. were. ... read more

roldyrolds, Seattle, USA go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Awesome winter sneaker
December 23 2014

Just picked these up. They have the softness of the Pure Boost shoes but are built for winter weather. The bottoms have a more aggressive tread instead of the flat rubber found of the Pure Boost and the uppers has a water resistant/heat retaining finish. The inside has faux fure and feels like a slipper. Overall not a gym or summer shoe but for out door walks or runs in the winter these shoes are great. I recommend spraying stain resistant water proof spray on the boost material since the white foams gets dirty quickly. They run true to size unlike the ClimaChill ... read more

jrasero, NYC go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great for cold season
December 01 2014

I own the climachill rocket boost, and used them for summer time, they did their job. Since it's getting cold outside and wet, (I live in the NW), I needed shoes not only comfortable but isolated. These do the job, as mentioned, just like the climachill but for winter season. Hence the climaheat name. ... read more

Jo Von E, PDX go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Most comfortable shoe I have, hands down
November 12 2014

These do the job. Keep my feet warm at all times. Faux fur on the inside, plus the durable and soft boost. Nothing like it. Although lacking on breathability, the goal is to keep your feet warm. My feet are a bit sweaty after wearing them all day. Breathability would not be on the priority list for keeping your feet warm. I love these shoes, I have them in black and they fit true to size. The boost feels very cushiony like pure boosts, and for some reason a lot more comfortable than the climachill rocket boosts. I will be buying the silver pair as well. ... read more

nickfs442, Iowa, USA go to product
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