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Men • Weightlifting

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Reviews for: Men Weightlifting

647 reviews
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Good product
November 23 2015

Ordered my shoes online on a Wednesday, received them on the Friday - awesome. I've had these for 2 months now, good stable shoe for the heavy lifts. Never used this type of shoe before and there is a noticeable difference when trying the major lifts. Get these, you won't regret it. ... read more

Trebor75, YYZ go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes First weightlifting shoe
November 20 2015

I bought these to help with my squats, and after a handful of times using these, not only do I think they've helped my form (mainly due to ankle flexibility) I've managed to up the weight I've been squatting. ... read more

Brannen6, Portsmouth, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great Investment
November 17 2015

I would highly recommend these lifting shoes 110% - Since my purchase, my squats have being more sturdy. I can squat with better form and heavier weight. I would highly recommend these to anyone who is in to weightlifting as they help with your performance. This has been one great investment. ... read more

Spacelifter, London, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Unfortunately had to return
November 17 2015

The feeling on one feet was great while on the other the heel was not tight enough, and the shoe was sliding when I tried to clean and jerk. Tried to change which leg will go forward but that didn't help, the second shoe felt loose in the heel. I do recommend the shoe as it felt very good on the other leg. I ended up keeping the drehkraft, even though I didn't like it at first. ... read more

Simon73 go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Changed my game!
November 08 2015

Like playing soccer on wet grass then discovering there is a thing called cleats. WOW! If you have a bodybuilding powerlifting heart. Please get these. Don't think about it! They can be a bit out of many pls price range but if you skip some chipotle with guac a couple times and cook some more meals, have water instead of that $15 mixed drink you'll make it up in no time. They felt a bit stiff the first two weeks. Then they softened up like your favorite baseball glove. Now these puppies and me are a team! Hahaha I love them. I feel like I'm anchored to the ground. One tip is to make sure your knee alignment is on point when going down because they are not as easy to move with weight on the bar. So you'll just have to practice your lift off. Not so bad right. I mean who doesn't love perfecting their lift. Lol ... read more

Fitnessbby, Los Angeles go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes great all round weightlifting shoe
November 05 2015

After lots of research on various brands of weightlifting shoes, flat shoes, cross trainers etc. to try find a shoe I could squat, deadlift and overhead press in I opted for the adidas powerlift 2.0. I like the heel height which is great for squats but not too high for deadlifts. These shoes lock you in and keep you anchored, and it's easier to notice when your form is off. I was also able to add 10kg to the bar for squats in my first workout in these - might just be psychological but I don't think it is. After two weeks of use I'm really happy with my choice, this is a great shoe for body builders and powerlifters and deals well with all the big compound movements. I've had loads of guys in the gym ask me about these shoes and whether they really help - yes they do. I ordered my regular trainer size and they fit tight(ish) as they should and perfect for me. ... read more

Vince73, Norwich, UK go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Highly Recommend
November 05 2015

Tried them out today for the first time. They allowed me to go much deeper in my squat and they felt extremely stable. It feels like you're connected to the floor. The fit is on point: I followed what most people said and went half a size smaller and ordered a 9 (normally wear 9.5-10 in everything else) and these fit perfect. Used them for overhead press as well and definitely felt more stable and balanced. Highly recommend these. ... read more

Chris108374, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Put in Work
November 03 2015

I upgraded to the adiPower Weightlifting Shoes after USAW cert.. I lift 4 to 5 days a week and they are truly amazing. If you're serious about lifting then make your feet happy. Your ankles,knees, and hips will thank you. ... read more

IKNOWDEE, Clarksville TN go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Early days, but a solid purchase so far!
October 28 2015

My second pair of weightlifting shoe, originally wore Adidas Power Perfect 2. In comparison the Adipower shoe is far superior overall in my opinion. My only issue is the shoe does become narrow towards the front and during workouts my feet expand due to sweat/heat it does become uncomfortable/irritating, but this is bearable for me. I do see this easing the more they are used. I purchased mine in the colour weight size 8 (black looks cooler), I train in the Adipower shoes whilst weightlifting 2-3 days per week for around 1hr-30min max. So far so good, lets see how long they last! ... read more

JayLondon, London go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Powerlift 2 review
October 27 2015

I am a competitive powerlifter & bought these for bench pressing primarily. They are excellent for this purpose and also for front squats. They are light, comfortable and supportive. Absolute bargain. Great service from Adidas too. ... read more

Psycho1, Lancaster go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Improved lift results
October 26 2015

By far the best powerlifting shoes I have seen. I am a novice weight lifter, lifting for 1 year. My deadlifts and squats have improved. I can genuinely recommend these lifting shoes. The shoes are comfortable and provide great surface area contact -essential for lifting performance. Stability and quality of lift have improved. I would recommend these to anyone serious about weight-lifting. Note. I usually wear 9.5 UK size however the shoe come up extremely small therefore the size that fits is 11.5/12. Note they are not available instore to try, therefore recommend order two sizes and paying and picking up in store. ... read more

ZAKIRR, London, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes excellent
October 26 2015

Purchased these powerlift 2.0 shoes as they come highly recommended. have used now on a couple of occasions and they provide a sturdy base for you to squat from, comfortable, and fit just right . I usually go for a 9.5 for a snug fit in trainers as this shoe has a narrow front you may need to size up by .5 of a size. ordered online. needed to exchange to size up adidas gave me the same discount as originally given despite that expiring during that period they honoured the original discount. as always excellent customer service from adidas. In the colour ( black\yellow) purchased they were cheaper than the others added to that the discount received a real bargain. ... read more

am76, Birmingham go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great Value
October 22 2015

I purchased these for my 12 year old son who has been after a pair for a while. He found them very comfortable and great for weightlifting. The price is very reasonable compared to others on the market. ... read more

motheroftwo, North Wales go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shoe for great price.
October 18 2015

I caught these shoes on a sale, and love them. Quality construction and provide a great stable platform for lifting weights. Appear to be durable construction also, and I find this is typical of Adidas shoes. ... read more

GRS59, Edmonton go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Up your lift game
October 17 2015

Whether lifting is a hobbie, or your true passion, why not provide yourself with the tools to succeed. Since adding the "powerlifts" to my gym bag I've been able to lift heavier, and with better form. Great for back/ front squats, deadlifts (my main lifts) and all the Olympic lifts as well. I've also convinced two other friends to try them, and they've had positive result as well. I'll be continuing to recommend these to anyone that's looking to up they're lift game. LIFT ON!!! ... read more

M Thomas, Portland, OR go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Awesome shoes!
October 17 2015

Was having knee pain from squatting. After buying these knee pain completely gone. I wear a women's size 9 normally and a size 7.5 was perfect for me. Will buy another pair when these wear out for sure. Great for squat and deadlift. ... read more

Ashley79, Newbern, TN go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Size review - the european size conversion runs small
October 13 2015

I am female and I usually wear size 38. I ordered 38 2/3 which was more like a 37,5. So I sent it back and re-ordered 39 1/3 which fits like a 38. I had the exact same problem when I ordered Adidas Superstar. Keep that in mind if you usually buy shoes with european size. Measure your foot and compare with the size guide rather than follow the european sizing! Awesome shoe in every aspect, stability is top notch! ... read more

Chris007 go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Good Purchase
October 11 2015

It has been a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying these shoes. I feel much more stable while doing squats,dead lifts,etc. I would definitely recommend these shoes for someone looking to upgrade from regular trainers ... read more

name001 go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great value and does the job!
October 08 2015

A great value for the price and they do the job as described. If you are looking for an affordable squatting shoe, this would be it. My shoe size is a 9.5 US and the 9.5 in these had the correct length but it was a bit loose on the width. If I were to choose again, size 9 would be ideal in these. In the mean time, I will be tightening the laces and I won't be jumping in them. I also have the adiPowers and I prefer these but purely for aesthetic reasons. With the adiPowers, the 9.5 fit perfectly for me. ... read more

Dre83, Edmonton go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great Lifting Shoe
September 28 2015

My training has focused on the Big Lifts (Deadlift, Squats) and hope to eventually get into Olympic exercises once skill and strength allow! Picked up these shoes as part of the arsenal and couldn't be happier. During all squat variations (front, split, back) my feet are planted like granite and my confidence and work rate have skyrocketed. Highly recommend for anyone looking to up their Big Lifts! ... read more

darkknight77, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes A must buy for power lifting
September 26 2015

I was sceptical at first about buying these expensive shows, however these are very well made and hopefully will last a lifetime. Fits perfectly, my feet are wide at the top but it still fits fine with no discomfort. Made a huge difference in terms of flexibility and allowing me to lift without bending back. Holds the ground solid which allows you to lift more weight. Well worth the investment. ... read more

ehadz, Oxford UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Excellent lifting shoes
September 11 2015

I bought these shoes for leg workouts and they did not disappoint. Well made and a great fit. They help provide a stable base for squats and other leg exercises. Try them for yourself and you will not regret your purchase. ... read more

JohnnyB17, Arvada, CO go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great buy
September 09 2015

Just like all the other reviews these are a solid pair of shoes, I hover between size 8 and 8.5 so I got 8 and they were slightly too small, but it definitely helped my squat regardless, they're well made, etc... ... read more

dapatcho go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great Weightlifting Shoe
August 30 2015

I was advised to order a half size down to get a really snug but comfortable fit. They fit very well. The stability in these shoes is amazing. Hit a new PR on my squats the first leg day that I used these shoes. They look awesome. I really like the velcro strap for metatarsal support. The raised heel makes deadlifting in them a little awkward. Still doable though. ... read more

SnowBasic, Taber, AB go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes First pair lifting shoes
August 28 2015

I have been looking at buying a pair of lifting shoes for quite awhile. These were on sale so I pulled the trigger. After lifting in Five Fingers, these will take getting use to because of the slight heel lift. Have put them through a few workouts and can say I should have purchased these sooner. Made a big difference in the feel on squats and deadlifts. Sizing was just a little big, but a better sock will help that. Overall very satisfied ... read more

ksmall1998, Indiana go to product
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