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Men • Training • Boost

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Reviews for: Men Training Boost

14 reviews
Crazy Train Boost Shoes I bought 2 pair
February 01 2016

I was looking for a trainer that had a little more cushioning than Reebok Nanos and Inov-8's. I complete 3 conventional strength training sessions per week and finish them with metabolic conditioning workouts of about 20 minutes (WOD's). I wanted a shoe that would provide support during traditional heavy squats, deads, and presses and also be responsive enough during box jumps, burpees,etc. I also wear custom orthotics and these shoes accommodate them very well. I have used boost running shoes for long distance running and have been very happy with the cushioning. I haven run in these yet, but am sure they will accommodate my needs when I do. ... read more

Spartan13, Bristol, CT, USA go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Exellent Value and perfect for the gym
January 21 2016

I bought these trainer as an impulse purchase and i can safely say its one of the best purchases i've ever made. Normally i like to try my trainers on before i buy them to ensure the width and size are comfortable. They fit perfectly, really comfortable when on the treadmill or bike and provides plenty of support when going for those heavy lifts. A really good all round trainer for your gym purposes. ... read more

Hoddesdon go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes True to size, perfect for the gym
January 14 2016

I take mainly small group "powerbuilding" classes that usually mix rowing or other cardio, with powerlifting (back squats, deadlifts, bench press, depeding on the day.) I had been using Adidas rocket boost running sneakers for over a year, which are great for running, not so great for lifting. These crazy train boost have a nice flat, stable sole and mid-foot stabilizer with just enough cushion to keep them comfortable. I had tried other crossfit type sneakers from rbok and inov8 but found them too flat and had no cushioning. I would imagine these would be a hit with crossfitters, they are everything the Nano's want to be (or that I wanted them to be). I found these to run true to size, I usually were an 11 for running sneakers and 10 1/2 for Sambas, the 10 1/2 Crazy Train were a perfect fit with a narrow midfoot but roomy enough toe box for lifting. They are stiffer than running sneakers and you wouldn't want to run more that a couple of miles, tops, in these, but they are light and sturdy. Highly recommend these. ... read more

PeteJ, Astoria, NY go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes satisfied with first impression
December 19 2015

they feel very stabile, heel is quite high so its easy to squat. also good for rope jumping, i tested them with dobule unders and it was easier to jump with them than stabile 11 ( less cousion around the toes), also felt better than in boosts. they have a lot of grip for rope climbing, also shoe has a lot of grip. they are also quite light. they have good lateral stabilty , its quite hard to flip them, also foot stays in place. i wear trainers from 10 ( powerlift) to 11 ( energy boost), took 10.5 and they feel almost perfect . i have a quite wide foot. will buy them again ... read more

bivr, slovenia go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Not for me
November 30 2015

Shoes was stiffer and less responsive than I expected with Boost. I'll stick with original Nano's for a flat workout shoe.I wanted something a bit more flexible and cushioned - these did not do the trick. ... read more

ranked1 go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Believe the hype!
November 09 2015

These shoes are pure performance. They're ideal for short distance running (I now believe in Boost) and cross training. I've taken these shoes through tabata, metabolic and other high intensity cross training and the energy sling kept my foot planted, avoiding wasted energy in my movements. Bravo adidas, you brought the performance of a soccer cleat (Nitrocharge) to a cross trainer. ... read more

A2K4Life, Montreal go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes GREAT WORKOUT SHOES!!!
October 05 2015

I used to workout in the RG3 Boost trainers. Then I switched to these, and I have not regretted it. Great forefoot cushioning, for cardio workouts and jumps. Firmer heel for stability during deadlifts and squats. Great traction for pushing/pulling the sled too. I will purchase another pair very soon. Also. the insoles that originally came with the shoe are ok. I swapped them out for some insoles from my Rose 2's. Wow! That made a tremendous difference. More bouncy cushioning. ... read more

AShaikh, Texas go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Great shoes
September 04 2015

Finally a pair of shoes that fits perfectly to my training needs, In crossfit all the shoes from the other two major brands are super flat , but this ones has the perfect amount of flat but with an extraordinary cushion for when you have to run. ... read more

K Josh, Miami Fl go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Nice comfortable shoes
August 30 2015

Shoes came as per my expectation. Comfortable and nice looking. Although its not related to this particular shoe but generally I have observed Adidas inner soles quality has decreased quite a bit. They have become thinner and less durable since last few years. My one star less is only for the insoles and I hope Adidas will look into providing better insoles. ... read more

BPANDA, Herndon,VA go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Stylish trainers
August 26 2015

These are strikingly stylish shoes that would make your feet look good. They are well crafted with a robust feel. I bought two pairs for two of us. Whilst they look great, sizing is quite small - particularly in width. I had to return one of the two pairs as they were too tight. ... read more

LondonSam, London, UK go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Best Training Shoe, Hands Down...
July 30 2015

Needed a shoe for the Gym, Body Weight Exercises, Boxing, etc. Tried a number of Cross-Fit, Cross-training shoes and found these to provide the best fit, support and comfort of them all. Have only used these shoes for a couple of weeks, but they have not disappointed yet. ... read more

rhardrock, Cleveland, Ohio go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Amazing shoes
June 16 2015

Really good shoes for the gym, the boost foam at the front makes short burst cardio like skipping rope easy on the feet. Shoes are also a snug fit, haven't got any blisters on my foot on them. Only complaint is the laces are a little too short, couldn't lace through all the holes to tie my shoes ... read more

Enoch20, Adelaide,Australia go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Great Shoes
April 14 2015

I've been using running shoes with Boost foam in them for 2 years, and hoped that they would be just as good in this pair of shoes. I've used these shoes for about 2 weeks in cardio step and kickboxing exercises, and I hardly feel a thing. I'm glad to see they were worth the money. My only complaint is the very small number of color selections (Black/Blue or Yellow/Gray). ... read more

Chyorniykot, College Station, TX go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes good option for training
February 23 2015

I bought these shoes because I started with a personal trainer recently. For the first few sessions I was working out in running shoes, but they did provide the support that I needed. These provide excellent lateral support and are great for stability workouts. ... read more

Jase700, Arlington, VA go to product
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