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Men • Superstar • Sport

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PushaT is an Original Superstar
Superstar 3G Slides Men's Training
$ 35
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Superstar 3G Slides Men's Training
$ 35
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Reviews for adidas Superstar

167 reviews
Superstar 3G Slides Nice sandals to walk in
October 09 2012

I tried on their older slides at my friends house its the reason i decided to buy these but the older ones were a lot more spongy and comfortable they seamed to have more of the fit foam. But these are still very comfortable, bought these for a trip im taking and will come in handy when walking through the big resort. I use them at home when cooking, when doing a lot of standing, your feet don't get as tired as they would bare foot, you can stand comfortably for hours and this is the reason i bought them so i would defiantly vouch for these slippers, but I hope they go back to their old cushioning standard. ... read more

KMLZBMR, MIssissauga go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Still The Best
May 07 2012

I was given a pair of the Superstars, as a gift, about 5 years ago. These have became my every day "relaxing shoes". Upon returning from a day's work wearing leather business shoes, nothing feels better, then when I slip on my Adidas Superstars! I know they can be worn anywhere but I like to keep them especially clean for wearing around the house. Well, after years of pleasure (and still just as comfortable), I asked for a new pair for my birthday. I'm wearing them right now, as I write this review. And let me tell you, they're just as slamming comfortable as my first pair,which I now wear outside! Thank you Adidas, for maintaining the same model/style and quality in your sandal. ... read more

Cocomo, Washington, DC go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Favorite pair of Sandals
April 19 2012

I love these sandals so much. The memory foam makes these sandals the most comfortable pair I have ever worn, besides the first pair of Adidas Superstar 3G Slides I bought 6 years ago and wore until the foam was completely flat. These sandals never loose their comfort; I will always have a pair as long as they are in production! ... read more

Lemonjello, Columbus, OH go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Disappointed
March 13 2013

After having worn the previous 2G Slides for a couple of years, these 3G Slides are a big disappointment. The 3Gs do not provide as good a cushion for the feet as the 2Gs did, and the outer soles are so poorly designed that they make a loud clomping sound when walking on a wood floor. Adidas, please bring back the 2G Slides! ... read more

Bodocker, Dallas, TX, USA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Good but could be better
September 12 2011

The sandals are very comfortable with the exception of the placement of the seams throughout the foam insole. It becomes quite annoying to have them there. The only other gripe is the fact that they must've been designed for someone with really narrow feet. A little more adjust-ability in the Velcro would be appreciated! ... read more

Joe_Somebody, Edgerton, WI go to product
Superstar 3G Slides 2 in 1
June 11 2015

I purchased the same pair last year. Ever since, I have worn them every day as slippers or indoor sandals. In fact, when I tried wearing my shearling slippers, I found these slides more comfortable! These are very cushioned, feel great, and are healthy for your feet. The only con is the fabric material that may shred and create holes on that beautiful cushion. i.e. my reason for buying another pair. ... read more

CallMeAndy, Sherbrooke, QC go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Coolest Slides So Far
February 02 2014

I got the white slides with black stripes and I tell you, they are the most classiest slides that I have seen. Not only do they look fashionable, but they feel very comfortable thanks to the FITFOAM. I wouldn't mind standing in them all day. They also keep my feet cooler and drier, whereas my sneakers would be too hot and tiring to wear over long periods of time. Not to mention the ability to slip on and off with ease. Perfect Fit. ... read more

Austin, TX, USA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Very good quality
December 27 2012

Overall very happy with these sandals. I purchased these for my father for christmas and he love's them. They are very comfortable as the midsole of the shoe is made to be. However as soon as you put weight onto it it literally smashes down to about 1/8". I tried these on when I had to go outside and I had to walk on a wet sidewalk. During the walk I never encountered any slippage whatsoever. Keep in mind I weigh 205lbs and Im 6'0. So far so good, but we shall see how long these will last. ... read more

Average Joe, Bay Area, CA, USA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Second Pair
August 20 2012

I had the gel version of these previously and loved them so much. I have Mortons Foot and hard services are difficult to tolerate for me. These are good but not as good as the gel ones I had from a few years ago. This is why I gave it a 4 start rather than 5 stars. ... read more

World Biker, USA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Annoying re-design
August 31 2014

I owned a pair of first generation superstar slides that i loved because they were so comfortable. When i ordered my new pair and wore them around it became evident they redesigned indentations down the middle of my new slides soles which causes me discomfort. ... read more

bent creek brandon, Gatlinburg, TN, USA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Vacation with great slippers
July 29 2013

Hi, i just purchased a pair of these slippers they are extrememly comfortable and i can wear them all day. However im going on vacation soon and im not sure if i should wear these because my feet are going to be wet alot and im not sure if it will damage the foam or make the foam smell and then i can throw the slippers out . Please help me! ... read more

fatalbert1313 go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Ridicously comfortable!!
July 15 2012

I broke my foot about a year ago and am still plagued by the pain, especially when I wear flip-flops. My pain is completely gone when I wear these!!! I assume it is this "FITFOAM® footbed"? Well, whatever it is, these slides are like pillows on your feet. AMAZING! Gonna get a backup pair. ... read more

bdub, Los Angeles, CA go to product
Superstar 3G Slides good product
June 06 2012

Totally comfortable and soooo soft to walk in! Great quality. However- the reason I only rated it good is because this was the only slide that was navy blue! I had to order a men's slide for the color. The band is too wide for a womans foot so it rubs on my toe and I can only wear it for a short time. Everybody in America owns a pair of BLUEjeans- how about some navy blue products for us to wear with them!!!! ... read more

sportzgirlzmom go to product
Superstar 3G Slides Very beautiful Sandals
August 29 2012

I bought these sandals as a birthday gift for my husband. He says they are very comfortable and I think they are very stylish. The reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because I paid extra for 2 days shipping but actually took 3 days to receive them. ... read more

Danelcy go to product
Superstar 3G Slides You can't beatta adida!
August 11 2012

I bought my first pair of adida slides five years ago and they are still good to go. Now I have one pair to go and another for show. I will wear adida slides from now until I sprout wings and maybe for eturnity if they make them there. I am old and adida slides are the most durable slip-ons I have ever owned. I just bought a new pair and the old pair are still just as good as they were when I bought them. Thanks adida ... read more

princeparagon, Los Angeles, California go to product
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