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Men • Sport • Formotion • Apparel

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Reviews for: Men Sport Formotion Apparel

7 reviews
Supernova Tee
Supernova Tee
July 06 2016
Highly recommended, light, good fit, breathes very well.

This is a great shirt to run in, light, fits well, breathes incredibly well, I have been running on 80-85 degree weather and hav done 5-8 miles on it and it adapts very well as the running and sweating increases. After the workout it's cool and helps me cool off. Highly recommended. ... read more

adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
April 06 2016
Love it! But you have to consider the fit you want

As some have pointed it is tight fitting. At least one other reviewer pointed out that he could have gone up 2 sizes. That's actually a good thing. I ordered both medium and large. My normal size is medium but I went with the large. Not because the shoulders fit better, there really isn't a lot of difference in that respect. But there is noticeable difference in the chest stomach and waist. Both the medium and large fit fine, but I wanted to a straighter look through the torso, so that's why the large. Initially, I was perplexed at how similar the shoulders fit. Some of that is due to stretch, some due to design, but either case, I like the fit option choices it affords the buyer. Feels and looks great too! I use it for both running and the gym. ... read more

adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
February 09 2016
Great purchase, can I have another?

This PrimeKnit shirt is pretty dang great. It gives a tight fit around the arms and through the lower torso, which, being a slimmer male, has been a problem. Also, smell doesn't stick to it! It's such a good material that it can be washed just with water for a quick fix or by hand to get the smell completely out. ... read more

Loevans, Tecumseh, Michigan
Supernova Tee
Supernova Tee
July 27 2015
Not quite what I expected.

I thought I would really like this shirt. The color and pattern is excellent. The problem is with the neck. It's too loose. I was hoping for a tighter fit on the neck and the arms, like sports polo shirts fit. Maybe version 2 will be better. ... read more

tcdriver, Indianapolis, IN
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
February 18 2015
Great shirt, no stink!

Fantastic shirt for running or just wearing around. Design is nice, fit is perfect. Some reviewers have stated long length...I have an average torso and the shirt covers the top half of my butt if fully stretched, which is fine for me. The best thing about the wool blend: no workout stench! I've worn this shirt on 4 runs without yet washing, and no real need to. No smell at all. I bought 2 of these at a 50% discount. Full price is a bit steep, I would go Icebreaker 100% merino wool if paying full price. ... read more

PDXRunner, Portland, OR USA
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
August 11 2014
Perfect Shirt

I had been trying to get into this shirt for a while. When I finally did I was blown away. The Primeknit technology is incredibly comfortable and provides excellent ventilation and movement. The tee is fitted, but never feels too tight. The look is flawless and really does look like a shirt from the future. Considering this shirt? Get it, you will be very impressed. ... read more

green15tt, Austin, TX, USA
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
adistar Wool Primeknit Tee
February 13 2014
Quality Control!, CALL Quality Control!

I was super excited to see a Primeknit product finally released for sale here in the U.S. and had to buy this shirt (would of preferred the shoes being released here instead of this). SO, it arrives, I put it on... feels good, looks good, fits... ugh fits down to the middle of my thigh?! Thanks for the extra material, but since this is a Primeknit t-shirt I can't hem it. Seriously, who ever cut these during production should be better trained on what lengths shirts should be cut by according to a standard sizing. This cost the company money to have this extra un-wanted, un-needed shirt length. Fortunately, (and because I do not want to wait on getting my money back# the shirt is a euro fit and stays around the waist, with a bunched up look : / . Did you read all that? Other than the major design flaw with the length, overall the shirt is nice #quality material for sure# and a step up for those looking for a COMFORTABLE running/ work-out/ cross fit t-shirt. As for how many washes it lasts through #I'm gonna always hand wash it, and hang dry it) the quality is either there or not. This looks like it's going to be a limited release for the states. Fits true to size in the chest and shoulders, with a nice tapering around the torso. Just remember, unless this shirts a fluke, it's got more length than it needs. ... read more

HireMe&MakeMoneyOnDesigns, Roanoke,VA USA
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