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messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 169.99 $ 220
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X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 159.99 $ 220
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X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 159.99 $ 220
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Reviews for:Men Sport Cleats Shoes sale

135 reviews
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats apocalypticas zapatos
September 23 2015

These football shoes are possibly the best alongside the classic Adidas world cup boots! The comfort is unbelievable, they don't even require a breaking time! You put them on, you are ready to play and "cause chaos". I will certainly recommend those boots to all my football friends! ... read more

julsinho, Lima, Peru go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats X 15.1 Best ever
September 16 2015

Really great boot fits well in the foot and fits amazingly. Really confortable and light. Perfect for the modern striker and central attacking midfielders. You almost dont even feel them because of how comfortable the are. ... read more

Hyann, Puerto Rico go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Good Cleat
September 09 2015

i bought a pair hoping that they would be better than the F50 15.1 . They were much better the material was thin and much easier to break in, it was not a thick and overall better ball touches and not as tight on my toes even with there being no space in the front to slide my foot around. The only drawback is that the tech fit collar needs to be higher up the ankle you don't really feel it as much lower down. The new stud pattern is great making quick turns at high speed is easy along with being able to stop on a dime. This is an amazing cleat and needs to just have some more color options. ... read more

Tdollar9, United States go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Exactly what I wanted
September 03 2015

I was upgrading from some copas, so I decided to try these out. They fit a half size bigger than the copas - I have wider feet. The first day I used them my arch was sore. But the next few uses that was all done with. They're really comfortable and they fit really snug. They're nice and light and I can feel the ball really well with them. And the color is popping as well. Definitely the best boots I've ever bought and I'd buy them again in the future. ... read more

Schmidt_12, North Vancouver, canada go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great boot but...
August 23 2015

..I was disappointed to find after I paid an additional £10 to have my initials on the side of the boot. I half expected for them to be stitched into the boot but they seem to be just be small vinyl stickers and after 1 wear started to peel off. ... read more

HarleyRhys, Sheffield, UK go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats good and what I want from x16.1
August 20 2015

I love this boot from adidas by far the best boot from them realy comfortable. The Techfit collar is amazing,it moves with your ankle real smooth no break in times needed. What I would really like from the next ones is metal studs that can be removed I would love this aspect on the x16.1 I love metal studs and I would really love if you look into this and put removable metal studs on the 16.1 other then that great job adidas ... read more

krystian lopez, clovis, nm go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Poor Fitting Boots
August 18 2015

I was hesitant to purchase a pair of X15.1's right away based solely upon looks but decided to give in after trying on a pair of X15.2's on and loving the tech fit bootie. Prior to the 'revolution' I wore F50's and Predators in 9.5 which fit perfectly. In the X, a 9.5 felt great around the heel but was crushing the lateral side of the toe-box. I could not step without my big toe feeling like it was going to fall off my foot. With use this uncomfortableness never faded. Luckily the retailer I purchased from traded me my 9.5 for a 10. The 10 fit better in the interior toe area but left too much space at the end of the laces above the toes and slipped horrendously at the heel. I guess the X is not for me. ... read more

Kochhh, Denver, CO go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best feeling of the X's!
August 15 2015

X's really give you the time to think when you put them on, makes you feel you are a game changer, your gonna do great things on and off the field. When shoe fits really good and it's very comfortable. When you pass or even kick the ball it has the touch of magic. I have been playing like a game changer for 2 weeks now and it's been a amazing feeling ... read more

Steven10, Fairfax VA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Some of the best boots ever made
August 15 2015

I love these boots. I swear whenever I put them on, I feel like a better player. They are probably the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I love the "sock". It is the perfect length/height on my ankle. The touch and explosiveness I have with these boots is insane. I think the one problem I've had with these boots is the front has started to rip a bit (but that happens to all boots). I hope that I can get a new pair soon! ... read more

Mathas25, USA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Soccer Cleats of All Time
August 14 2015

The best of the best right now out there, unbeatable fit and comfort even tho my foot its little bit wide if i normally wear a 8 with this ones i went for a 8.5 and works perfectly fine like a glove, great features like X-Claw give a really good traction and grip in the field also that X-Cage provides an excellent support and last but not least of the X's the X-Skin will give you a better control on the touch maybe no like ACE but better that any other cleats out there and for me another great plus in this cleats its the FG/AG its awesome because i play sometimes on AG and it helps a lot. Thanks Adidas ... read more

Andres R., Columbus, OH go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Boots
August 14 2015

Ive been using these for a few months now and theyve been great. They are a sturdy boot that fits the foot nicely. Theyre not too light to the point where they feel flimsy but arent made with a ridiculous amount of material to feel heavy. They are comfortable and have a great touch. They havent really started to rip anywhere either and have proven to be more durable than some other cleats Ive used in the past. I would recomment these boots to just about any player looking for something light, comfortable, and durable. Buy true to size if you have a narrow foot. They do run pretty narrow but tend to form to your foot nicely. ... read more

Zeeke, Riverside, CA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Snug boot and great quality
August 14 2015

The cleat is a half size too small but fits wonderfully if you order up a size. It sits tight on your foot and seems balanced throughout. It's light enough and durable enough and I haven't run into any problems bigger than my personalized country flag is peeling. The touch on the ball is top class and I would recommend to any kind of player. ... read more

Gcolorblind, High Point, NC go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Awesome Cleats!
August 14 2015

These cleats are great. They are not too flashy from a distance but when you look close at the details they are pretty cool. Width of the cleats are true to size but I wish they were a little shorter. I have not broken them in yet but so far they look and feel outstanding. ... read more

vitale_v55, United States, originally from Ukraine go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Being the Difference
August 14 2015

These cleats are class. The purchaser realizes this when the box with three stripes are opened. These cleats have a great feel and incredible comfort. Once broken in the cleats feel like you're bearfoot. The x-skin provides great grip on the ball, surprisingly in all conditions. I play at a wingback position, and have enjoyed using these cleats for defending and attacking. While defending, these cleats allow the player to take instinctual turns and changes of directions, keeping the attacker in a tackles-reach. ... read more

Wingback8, Anchorage, Ak go to product
messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats My first ever purchase from Adidas
August 14 2015

These boots are fantastic! They have an amazing touch on the ball and great feel when kicking. They are also very comfortable. I've been playing better with these cleats for some reason. I love these! ... read more

Jivan98, Oregon, US go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats BEST BOOT OUT THERE
August 14 2015

The Adidas X is by far the best boot that I have ever owned. After owning a pair of Hypervenom Phantoms and Mercurial Vapors I wanted to try these out. As soon as I put them on the upper molded to my foot and I could really feel the lockdown of the X-Cage and the sock. The biggest surprise to me is that the upper was extremely soft, it gives a bit of cushion unlike the F-50. My favorite part about this boot is that it is an FG/AG boot. SO far playing on turf and grass there has been virtually no wear and tear on the soleplate or the glue. Congrats Adidas for creating the boot of the year. ... read more

CMonaco7, Dallas, TX go to product
messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Perfect For Narrower Feet
August 14 2015

These cleats are genuinely amazing! They have a lot of padding which makes them insanely comfortable. If you have wider feet they may not fit as well as they would for someone like myself with narrow feet. They are the best cleats i have owned by far. The traction from the pegs is great, and i found that they gripped even the hardest of firm ground surfaces. Even with the padfing on all sides the ball feel does not suffer. The padding also protects your feet from other players' pegs, they are great for any defensive player. If you have narrow feet and are looking for a comfortable boot look no further. ... read more

Zachattack118, Belgrade, MT go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Boot, Must Have
August 14 2015

The boot is lightweight, great for first touch and good control. Definitely a great aid with speed and agility. Can feel definite improvements in speed. I would recommend getting 1/2 size higher for fitting because it can feel tight with football socks on. Very comfortable insole. ... read more

Thomasph99, Leeds go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats what's that cleat called superfly?
August 10 2015

These cleats are the best cleats i have ever worn. The x cage does locks your foot in nicely but doesn't restrict movement in the mid foot. The NSG grip is incredible. The tech fit collar is absolutely perfect, although there is heel slippage. The stud pattern is good but i wouldn't use it on artificial grass. The design is a preference, but if you judge a pair of cleats just on the design i can't help you. Overall it is a really comfortable cleat that preforms well. ... read more

theasianfairy go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best I've ever used!
August 05 2015

When I first put on the shoes I noticed there was a little heel slippage. As I played in them once or twice it was gone. They are extremely comfortable. They've heled my game so much. These are definitely one of the,if not best cleats on the market! ... read more

IL go to product
messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Football Boots Produced
August 02 2015

i Recently purchased these new Messi 15.1 football boots. They are extremely comfortable which is hard to find with a lot of football boots. They give you an extra edge with pace and great control. The first time i wore them they were pretty tight which is understandable from needing to be worn in but after 10 minutes on the field i could feel the difference in these compared to my old boots. If your looking for a pair of boots that are comfortable, different & give you an extra edge then these are the boots for you. ... read more

DeRossi, Leicester go to product
messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Not worth the money
July 31 2015

The cleats are not very durable i had them for a week and already the stiching is coming off the cleats are also soo narow from the front that even if you get the right shoe size you will still have room in the front unless you have realy long big toes overall would not recommend ... read more

Gka go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats PERFECT.
July 31 2015

I'd like to start by saying..... These are definitely different to any other adidas boot iv ever owned.. And iv had them all trust me.. But these are up there with the best from the preds to the pros too the f50. They fit like a sock instant comfort no blisters I'd recommend you don't go a size down or up.. Just get your size they will fit perfect.. In terms of passing, control and striking the ball.. it feels immaculate... There's no such thing as a boot making you play better? But something happened when I put these on and if you love adidas boots I strongly suggest you try these! ... read more

Bradwafc15, London go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great pair of boots
July 30 2015

The boots are very good although I would recommend getting a half size smaller I am a UK10 and they are a little snug. However the boots feel very light and and the sole plate is excellent. I love these boots. ... read more

JoshL21, London go to product
messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats light on the feet and nice on the eye
July 30 2015

Unfortunately it was to small so had to return, however the quality and the fabric is amazing and light on the feet my son was really happy, however, compared with the other football trainers on the market these come out smaller bearing this in mind you have to order a size bigger. ... read more

Shasel, london go to product
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