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Reviews for: Men Training Accessories

223 reviews
Micoach Fit Smart Random Reset
April 26 2016

I have had my FitSmart for a couple years. I only recently started wearing it all the time. I decided to start tracking my activity. It will just reset it's time to 12:00, losing all my data. I can just be sitting there, walking, doesn't matter. If it decides, my info is gona and I have to sync again to get it to the correct time. Super frustrating when you're trying to track progress. Would recommend this to everyone if it didn't have this issue. Would like to know why this keeps happening and if it is happening to others. If I can't get it to correct, I'll have to switch brands. ... read more

Tils57, Illinois go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Great Watch That Does Everything
April 22 2016

Overall perfect sports essential watch. Tells the time, then with one button shows you your Steps, Distance, Calories burned and more. Calories burned calculates the active calories and passive calories as well, so there's no more guessing. Tracking a Gym workout or Run on the street/treadmill is super easy to do, it's accurate, and super user friendly with the miCoach Train & Run app, and it syncs quickly through bluetooth. The app also offers free training and running programs based on your goals, and has an in-ear coach that you can listen to. The Heart Rate monitor is perfect for training, and there is also a progress bar on the side of the display that shows you how close you are to hitting your goal. NOTE: The picture makes the watch look like a hard plastic type of material, however it is really silicone. Very soft against your skin. ... read more

JonnyChamp, Boston go to product
Traxion Premier Crew Socks Medium 1 Pair Not Specifically Meant for Soccer
April 19 2016

The socks look great. The feel durable and comfortable. However, they were advertised as training socks on, and they turned out to be soccer socks. This isn't a huge issue as the socks are great. It's just for those who are nit-picky. Otherwise, these are fantastic socks, and look great on feet. ... read more

AJ223, Michigan go to product
Climacool 2.0 Quarter Socks 2 Pairs Med Best. socks. ever.
April 14 2016

I was searching on the site to find more pairs of the sock I'm currently wearing. I can't find the black pair, but I'm certain these are the exact same sock I came here to find but in white. For anyone who wants white socks, these will NOT disappoint. Sadly I'm a bit disappointed that I can't find the black version on the website to replace this tattered 4 year old pair I'm wearing :( ... read more

Here for black socks, Maryland go to product
Defender 2 Duffel Bag Medium Good, but could use additional zippers on each end.
April 08 2016

Good size bag for daily trips to the gym. Like the inside pouch for storing small items. The only thing I wish the bag had is two zippers on each end compartment instead of one, so you could zip up from the bottom on both sides to meet at the top. A few small pouches in one end compartment would also be nice to store toiletries. Used for about a month. Quality appears good. ... read more

Dbaa go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Great Product needs to be more durable
March 31 2016

I love this watch and I have not stopped using it since had it, but unfortunately after just 4 months the strap has snapped and I can no longer use it, trying to find out if it is covered under warranty or if this can be replaced. ... read more

DrJones1980, London go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Fit Smart not smart enough for weight training
March 24 2016

The quality and style of the product is great. I would really rate the product if I wanted it purely for monitoring HR whilst running, but I bought it for HR monitoring whilst performing strength training. I wanted it for the visual HR zone cues which I think is a fantastic feature. Unfortunately it gave wildly inaccurate readings whilst lifting weights, rendering it unusable for my needs - 55 bpm v 154 bpm from the chest band that I was comparing it with. I have returned the item and I am currently awaiting a refund. If they could sort out the the inaccuracies of the device whilst weight training then I would highly recommend the product and would definitely re-purchase. For now it is back to wearing the chest band! ... read more

Weightless, UK go to product
Micoach Fit Smart nice
March 15 2016

I recently bought this product and it looks really good and is very comfortable. I am still discovering all the functions and things it can do after syncing it to the app. The only thing I am stuck on is I cant seem to work out how to get it to reset the features to 0 every morning? e.g. calories, distance etc. I know a lot of other apps do this automatically but at the moment mine is just adding up everyday. Can anyone help? ... read more

KAG14 go to product
Micoach Fit Smart works if you're in a wheelchair but not sure how well.
February 23 2016

I bought a FitSmart watch with the intention of working out but shortly after ended up in a wheelchair due to a bad fall. I was wondering if the FitSmart would work the same if someone was confined to a wheelchair. So far Ive had the watch for a year and it hasn't shown any signs of deterioration. I like the display features and how it is low profile. It would be nice if there was mode for people who are in wheelchairs or even some sort of step converter to help. ... read more

concrete balloon go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Great partner to MiAdidas app
February 10 2016

I have used the miadidas app for a while and with the fit smart, my fitness has improved. I like that I can use the watch with or without the phone. I can at a glance see my heart rate with the colours on the side, and pace, stride etc. I can start and stop my runs and exercise with the watch by itself. I can set up a training plan on the app and use it with the watch. It also has a daily step counter. gives accurate daily calorie expenditure. so much more, you just have to use to find out. Well worth the $$ imho. My favorite fitness toy! ... read more

Nic700, peterborough ontario go to product
Team Wheel Bag Best bag ever
February 08 2016

I travel a lot and I've had plenty of duffle bags but this one is by far the best bag ever. If you the kind of person to keep shoes in the boxes like me, you can fit six shoe boxes in this bag and still have some room for cloths. This bag is the bomb! ... read more

DW24 go to product
Micoach Smart Ball Revolutionary
February 01 2016

I love this ball because of the real time feedback, and the spot on aesthetic this is a 5 star ball and higher quality than a standard match approved ball. The only problem I going is that it is all white so after playing with it it get a little dirty. Yet the ball clean very easy, except some grass stains and dirt between the patches remain. ... read more

Messi10110 go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Device is great!
January 17 2016

But when you start using micoach, it's the worse. I don't understand how such a reputable company make such a bad coaching program. If you curious what I'm talking about. Make a micoach account ans try to simply reset your password. From there watch your frustration grow as this amazingly bad software take down everything else. ... read more

Jamesss604 go to product
Micoach Smart Ball Disappointed in product
January 11 2016

Ordered ball for grandson's Christmas, would not inflate or charge. Returned and ordered second ball. Left second ball on charger 24 hours and only showed charge of 1%...Great idea, but poor technology. Cannot recommend. ... read more

Broncho, Virginia, US go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Great watch but...
January 06 2016

I really like this watch... It has nice design and a good functionality. BUT.. This watch has given me a rash after 10 days. I don't have any allergies accept for this watch. I would love to recommend it to everybody, but I can't because of the rash :( ... read more

Rhn82, DK go to product
Micoach Fit Smart I can't turn it off!
January 01 2016

Nearly sent the product back as it was complicated to set up. However I stuck with it and it now seems easy to use. I recently updated the app on my phone and now I can't turn the watch off!!! I've tried pressing the central button down, holding it down, I've tried pressing all the other buttons but nothing works. Now I have to remember to keep the watch charged up at al times. So not impressed with that aspect of the watch ... read more

Netty15, Wiltshire, UK go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Does the job!
December 31 2015

I bought this to measure heart rate after a long lay off due to illness (to make sure I didn't overdo it!)I found chest strap models uncomfy so this seemed ideal. Overall measures heart as accurately as any chest or other device. Occassional drop out when rate hitting higher beats but settles down again if wrist held stationary for a few secs. Comfortable enough to wear all the time but I use it just for workouts. Now getting to grips with the app to maximise other functions. ... read more

Taxman1, Durham go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Adidas Knee Pads
December 28 2015

I bought this product right before my start of the year basketball tournament and arrived the day before. This is a great product for players like me who dive for the ball and play tough at the post. It wasn't heavy or restricting, but I do recommend going a size up so you don't have trouble pulling them up. Only thing that could've been better was the durability. When I dove once the padded part wasn't entirely on my knee so the floor caught the side of it and tore a small hole by the pad. Overall would recommend this to any physical player! ... read more

Swish30, California go to product
Micoach Smart Ball Micoach Smart Ball
December 21 2015

Purchase this item for a Christmas present. Great service and took advantage of 15% discount. My 12year old Grandson is a talented football player and feel this ball will be well used and enhance his skills. ... read more

Cameraldo, Edinburgh go to product
Micoach Smart Ball first impressions not good
December 11 2015

First time I have purchased direct from Adidas. Have to say very disappointed. . Box damaged. Item marked .security seals all removed and damaged , even the paper work was loose and screwed up like a piece of waste paper. Shocked and disappointed, but it's going to be kicked around a football pitch once opened so have not returned item.i was expecting a lot better. Jon ... read more

Plymouth uk go to product
Compression Calf Sleeve Great purchase
November 25 2015

These calf sleeves cured my shin splints! My muscles have never recovered so fast. I use these during track and field, and nothing compares to how they look and function. There's ventilation is the front so heat can escape. Another great adidas product. ... read more

Helio42 go to product
Compression Calf Sleeve Pretty Great Compression Sleeves
November 23 2015

I bought two of these. They were my first compression calf sleeves. Personally, I think they could have been tighter. I got size S to make sure that they're extra snug. But I wear some crew socks pulled up over my calves under them for extra tightness. ... read more

APevtPV, Jonesboro, AR go to product
Micoach Smart Ball App is only compatible w/newer devices
November 20 2015

App only works w/newer devices. My IPhone 4 and IPad 2 are too old, even with up-to-date software. (Bluetooth) So, unless you're prepared to send your child outside with your newer, expensive devices, don't get this! I'm not letting my son play soccer w/my new IPad or phone, so back to the store for this one. ... read more

Mark33, Philadelphia, PA go to product
Micoach Fit Smart Bad sensors?
November 04 2015

I've had my watch for about 3 months. At first it worked great and for every workout. Now it has trouble finding my heart rate and mid-workout it will drop my heart rate down lower than 100. I don't know who to call or who to contact to get it fixed. It was working great and want to continue to use it if it works. HELP! ... read more

K.Kunstek, Milwaukee, WI go to product
Micoach Smart Ball Incompatible with most devices
October 03 2015

Really disappointed despite having numerous I pads / I phone's / Android tablet can get anything to link with it if you have not got the later tablets look at the app before you buy the ball. Have brought a,New,Android tablet but it does not link via Bluetooth , son birthday present so not impressed at all . ... read more

Akifemwaiii, Essex go to product
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