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Men • Soccer • Firm Ground

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  • be the difference

    Soccer is changing. In the style and way it is played and in the type of players who grace the game.

ACE15.1 Prime FG/AG Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 275
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ACE15.1 Eskolaite FG/AG Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 230
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X15.4 Firm Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 50
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X15.4 Firm Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 50
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Gloro Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 110
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messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 169.99 $ 220
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X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 159.99 $ 220
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X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Men's Soccer
$ 159.99 $ 220
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Reviews for:Men Soccer Firm Ground

391 reviews
ACE15.1 Eskolaite FG/AG Cleats Perfect boots
October 07 2015

I am quite critical when it comes to football boots as they a are very important part of my life as I am studying sports at college so they get well and truly tested. I can say they are the best boots I:ve had for comfort durability and water resistance excellent. ... read more

morgan13, Essex UK go to product
ACE15.1 Prime FG/AG Cleats For the Creative Midfielder
October 06 2015

I own a pair of Primeknit 2.0s alongside these and the knit upper truly makes the difference in terms of keeping comfort while maintaining a feel for the ball and staying lightweight. The difference between these and the 2.0s is that while the 2.0s seemed closer to the adizero, these definitely seemed specifically designed for the central midfielder. The studs, fit, and texture all help in improving the touch on the ball and the "feel" behind passes or shots. Top level athlete impressed by another top flight boot by Adidas. ... read more

Zafar22, Toronto go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Pleasant surprise
September 28 2015

Very comfortable shoe with a reasonable weight so striking ball over distance is easy. The soft leather forefoot makes for a good first touch and helps with measuring weight when spraying passes from the centre of the field. Due to the wide fit and K-leather toe-box the shoe requires no break in time. ... read more

MidfieldG, Richmond Hill, ON go to product
Gloro Cleats Adidas Gloro - Top Drawer!!!
September 28 2015

I've been looking for a pair of Black and White Gloro for a little while now and checked the usual sites for boots. Found my size on the Adidas site, the process was really smooth, I was kept right up to date on the delivery and everything that was promised was fulfilled. The boots are top drawer, I've had a knee op and needed to get some boots that were going to be suitable for the 3G/ artificial as well as turf. I had to be specific as I'd torn my meniscus after an ACL recon previously, blades get stuck in the turf and caused problems. The Gloros are perfect. For anyone whose had knee problems in the past it's a boot that works for artificial, the stud means the boots don't get stuck in the ground so don't encourage twisting of the knee. Really really pleased with the product, the process was spot on. Scored in my first game as well, so far so good!! On size, I've got wide feet, I bought a size ten, so they feel quite narrow at the moment, but I know from having copas in the past they do open up, so I'm hoping they give a little. ... read more

AurelioSK, Reading, UK go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats One of the better boots released by Adidas
September 23 2015

Boots will require a bit of wearing in. I have wide feet(2E) and they molded to my feet after a few wears. Very light for a k leather boot. When choosing a size it is slightly smaller than normal. I normally wear US9 with a bit of room at the front. i bought US8.5 in the boot and its just right (might be tight for some) ... read more

denz82, Sydney NSW go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats apocalypticas zapatos
September 23 2015

These football shoes are possibly the best alongside the classic Adidas world cup boots! The comfort is unbelievable, they don't even require a breaking time! You put them on, you are ready to play and "cause chaos". I will certainly recommend those boots to all my football friends! ... read more

julsinho, Lima, Peru go to product
Gloro Cleats Great replacement for my old pred's!
September 22 2015

It was time to finally buy a new pair of boots & would of loved a new pair of pred's but with the new style of predator boot it was not to be! It had to be a pair of Gloro's! Only worn them once straight out of the box for 6 aside on 5G pitch. Very comfortable, good fit, the toe area is slightly bigger than my old pred's which is not a bad thing. I can easily wear 2 pairs of socks with these boots which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend the Gloro's to anyone looking for a new pair of boots, especially fans of pred's! ... read more

Woodie5, Manchester, UK go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Simply ACE
September 21 2015

There name sums these boots up in one word ACE! There the best boots I've ever worn the leather gives these boots a traditional feel to the ball but with all the lightweight qualities of a modern boot! ... read more

GS08, Manchester, UK go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Close but not perfect.
September 20 2015

I've worn these shoes for close to a month. I love the touch of the new upper surface and the extra studs on the bottom of the soles. However the heel is very unconformable to me and leaves me with the most painful blisters on both of my ankles. The shoes were ever so slightly not long enough for my foot and I lost a half of toe nail on my right foot due to the fit. I had to send them back. I look forward to the next design. ... read more

t5styles333, Flagstaff AZ go to product
Gloro Cleats Gloooooooro!
September 17 2015

I rated these cleats a 5 star because of the overall superior comfort, support. The feel and touch on the ball is Glooorious. The K leather is up to par and the synthetic heal is a non-issue. I have a slightly wide foot for a size 9 so I ordered a 9.5 since I wear 2 sets of socks. Cons: The laces are good and strong but a bit short. I can only make a small tie and they came loose a few times. The insole is good but I can feel the studs underneath just a bit. No pressure points though. Seems like these cleats will last a while with some basic care. ... read more

DOXA FC, NYC go to product
Gloro Cleats Unreal!
September 17 2015

I seriously am lost for words I usually wear f50s (as a centre back) not really what is recommended but they used to feel comfortable and light without the bulk of other adidas brands like the new synthetic predators etc I used to wear 10.5 (UK) size for the f50 and then slowly found that the small extra space was annoying and making me scoop the ball when i needed to hit it long So i tried a pair of gloros in a size 10 that a friend had, they fit perfectly Went on to buy my own pair from (in black/red with personalisation for FREE!) Boots came in 5 working days Fit snug when I put them on, trained with them and for the first 5 mins they felt a little bit tight...but then as you get with Leather, they adjusted to the shape of my foot extremely quickly. It felt like i was wearing nothing at all on my feet, so soft and comfy, lightweight too relatively speaking for what they are and the amount of comfort they provide The ball feel is just absolutely unreal! Boots should always be like this! synthetic materials are ruining the touch of the ball on your foot, but these give you that love and feel for that first touch, BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to be out on the pitch again soon, they're that addictive! Thanks ADIDAS! ... read more

Nav2809, Rochester UK go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats X 15.1 Best ever
September 16 2015

Really great boot fits well in the foot and fits amazingly. Really confortable and light. Perfect for the modern striker and central attacking midfielders. You almost dont even feel them because of how comfortable the are. ... read more

Hyann, Puerto Rico go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Simply Amazing and Great!!
September 16 2015

I have the Miadidas version but fits just the same. When I first wore these, I thought I was putting on old predators again and I've been a Predator fan since I was a kid. The feeling is similar, but much improved. The touch and feel of the ball is great!! Had no problem breaking them in and wore them for an entire match with no rips or any of the sort. The sole is fantastic! You can definitely feel the difference between firm and artificial turf which is great! Above all an amazing cleat!! Great job Adidas!! ... read more

Maury1423, Virginia go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats good replacement for the predator
September 12 2015

I have always worn predators and was disheartened when adidas discontinued the range. I was reluctant to buy the ace at first but i am so glad that I did. They aces are a lot more lightweight than the predator but the control and feel of the boot is not compromised. I would highly recommend this boot and they fit true to size. An added bonus was the fantastic service provided by adidas as the boots were delivered quickly upon purchase. A great purchase for any footballer at any level. ... read more

Joe1884, Burton on Trent, UK go to product
ACE 15.3 Firm Ground Cleats Awesome purchase
September 10 2015

Wore the boot for the first time today and its extremely comfortable. The cushioning inside makes the difference on hard surfaces, sleek design, looks good. Had them personalized and it looks really good, overall a very good football boot. ... read more

Lee2780, Porthcawl, South Wales go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Solid boot for wide feet
September 10 2015

In a footballing market where us with wide feet are severely overlooked, the Ace 15.1 is very welcomed, with a nice fit, and a nice light touch on the ball. The reason for not getting a full 5 star, is the sole plate takes a while to losen as well as a lot of heel slippage at the start! Overall much better than the X 15.1! ... read more

HAZZER25 go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best shoe in the market
September 09 2015

I've been playing soccer for over 20 years and I had worn several shoes in the past, and this are probably the best shoes I have ever worn, They fit true to size. Although they are comfortable out of the box, I recommend to break them in before you take them into a serious game. The shoes fit snug and comfortable, they feel very responsive, solid, stable and protective, the touch on the ball is amazing, perfect for controling, dribbling, passing and shooting, the outsole is incredible, provides an excellent traction in FG and AG and a decent traction in HG and SG. The only thing that I didn't like about the shoes were the insoles, they are thin so dont provide good cushioning and they are slippery on your socks. No matter what position you play or what is your style of playing, these well rounded shoes will make you feel confident during 90 min. Adidas Ace Leather are the way to go. ... read more

Ozildane10, Oklahoma City, OK go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Good Cleat
September 09 2015

i bought a pair hoping that they would be better than the F50 15.1 . They were much better the material was thin and much easier to break in, it was not a thick and overall better ball touches and not as tight on my toes even with there being no space in the front to slide my foot around. The only drawback is that the tech fit collar needs to be higher up the ankle you don't really feel it as much lower down. The new stud pattern is great making quick turns at high speed is easy along with being able to stop on a dime. This is an amazing cleat and needs to just have some more color options. ... read more

Tdollar9, United States go to product
Gloro Cleats Adidas Gloro Boots
September 08 2015

I have always been a big fan of the old school classic look and for that reason adidas copa mundial were always my first choice football boot. However, I found the material stretched and the boot itself became lose on my foot in wet weather, also, the white tongue would fade easily. However, the new adidas Gloro uses an easy to clean synthetic tongue and the leather retains the same fit regardless of the weather. Overall, these boots cannot be beat on style, comfort and performance. 5 stars from me! ... read more

Seanyeile, Ireland go to product
X15.4 Firm Ground Cleats Impressive
September 07 2015

I love it, it's light weight, and makes me move faster. I love everything about it, But the tongue tend to shift whilst I'm playing and I have to adjust it which distracts a little bit, and annoys me sometimes, other than that, I love them. ... read more

Ebendinho, Ghana but lives in the United States go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Exactly what I wanted
September 03 2015

I was upgrading from some copas, so I decided to try these out. They fit a half size bigger than the copas - I have wider feet. The first day I used them my arch was sore. But the next few uses that was all done with. They're really comfortable and they fit really snug. They're nice and light and I can feel the ball really well with them. And the color is popping as well. Definitely the best boots I've ever bought and I'd buy them again in the future. ... read more

Schmidt_12, North Vancouver, canada go to product
ACE15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Greatest Cleat Ever
September 02 2015

I've had this Cleat for just over a month and love them. I little more expensive than I would like but I would make the purchase again and again... The amount of control and spin you can put on the ball is revolutionary. Adidas only has one problem now and that is they have to try and top this Cleat with something new!!!! ... read more

Brandon12, Goffstown NH go to product
Gloro Cleats Quality
August 31 2015

I got these boots after reading the reviews and they did not disappoint, i bought the white ones and then went on to buy a pair of the black ones. These boots are really comfortable from first wear. I usually wear size 9 but went for a 8.5 in these as the K-leather toe area will stretch after wearing so keep this in mind. ... read more

JG09, Haverfordwest, Wales go to product
ACE 15.3 Firm Ground Cleats The shoe
August 28 2015

this boot is very good but it is a bit too narrow and it takes a bit of time to get use to but after u get use to it it is fantastic u really get to move around more and be more free and play ur football 5 out 5 raitings for this shoe if u make it a bit wider but for now 4 ... read more

pingking, Amsterdam,venzinpolder go to product
Gloro Cleats Excellent classic football boots
August 27 2015

Since the famous Predators, the Mania, (I call them Beckham's Preds) there hasn't been a pair of football boots like them since. The new predators just don't have the same feel, look or even the elastic tongue anymore! I started to give up hope thinking they wouldn't bring another boot out like them, until now! I saw the Adidas Gloro advertised and I instantly loved the look of them, I bought the classic black, white and red pair and it's the best purchase I have made in a long time! They are very comfortable, fitted nicely, light and they look awesome! ... read more

Bdot23, Londonn go to product
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