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Men • Soccer • Firm Ground

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Reviews for: Men Soccer Firm Ground

432 reviews
Gloro Cleats Adidas Gloro
November 15 2015

Ordered two pairs of Gloro Boots both with personalisation. Boots delivered in rapid time. Quality is excellent. For me just as good as Copa Mundial Boot. Definitely recommend these boots. Very soft leather and super comfortable. If you're a Copa Mundial fan like me, these are every bit as good. Like slippers. ... read more

ScottyT, Erskine go to product
Gloro Cleats Good purchase
November 12 2015

Bought these boots a week ago and came in good time. Haven't tried them out yet on the pitch but look to be good, only thing I would say is that because they are leather they are likely to stretch after wearing them a few times so would get 1/2 size bigger next time. ... read more

Toby13 go to product
Gloro Cleats Great Boot for the Price
November 11 2015

Lovely quality boot for the price however if I was to buy this boot again I would definitely go 1/2 a size down because I like the snug fit feel, when you go for the size based on the adidas size table there is a slight but noticeable feeling that there is room for your foot to move around in the boot which I feel gives you less control when playing. Overall though I would definitely recommend this boot! ... read more

Alister go to product
Gloro Cleats Great Boots
November 10 2015

Having bought these online without trying them on based on the other reviews, I was very pleased with how comfortable the boots were. They are probably the most comfortable football boots I have worn in my 20 years of playing the game. The leather is very soft and helps with touch and close control. I would highly recommend these boots, they also look great when personalised. ... read more

SimonB, London go to product
Gloro Cleats Most Comfortable Boots
November 05 2015

Probably the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. Leather is very soft and fits around my foot perfectly. Fits similarly to the Copa Mundials but I feel like the base is much firmer and offers much more support ... read more

adamhenderson14, Hertfordshire, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great soccer cleats!
November 04 2015

This boot is great for wide footed players, and the upper material stretches a bit and hugs around your feet really well! The upper is a little thicker and harder than the natural leather, but this boot has a great feel for shooting! I think natural leather with a softer material offers slightly better feel for first touch and dribbling the ball. The soleplate is a great option for playing on artificial grass by having shorter and rounded studs for better rotation and turning on the ground without locking your foot in place which can be dangerous on your knees. I think this boot will be better if the upper is a little softer and thinner! The upper is still an improvement from previous Adidas cleats. Overall, this is an awesome boot by Adidas! ... read more

AaronB12 go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great boots
November 03 2015

I've always purchased and loved F50's. The X 15.1's are very comparable. They are more comfortable to wear - lock in the heel really well. The look great too. There's a really good feel on the ball and I like the stud pattern. Overall, very happy with these boots. Looking forward to more colours being released. ... read more

JPT14, Australia go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great pair of boots
November 02 2015

I bought last seasons Predators of Prodirect for a cut price deal as they were out of season. This was a mistake, they came up way too small. I am not entirely sure how Adidas measured their boots last season, but Im pretty sure it was incorrect. To be honest though, the mistakes of last season are no more, and after stumping up a bit of extra cash to replace the Predators, the new Ace 15.1 have been a delight. No time needed to wear them in or get your feet accustomed to them. Great fit straight from the box, to the pitch. They look pretty decent too. ... read more

Stotty, London go to product
Gloro Cleats Great Boots
October 29 2015

Let's keep this simple - the fit was perfect for me (size 7) and the boots are very comfortable. Worn them a few times now and seem to be wearing ok. Performance-wise they are light and offer a good touch with good grip. Love them so far. ... read more

Scotia, Glasgow go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Ace 15.1 Black/Solar Orange
October 27 2015

The boots come up slightly smaller than usual. I am a standard UK8.5 /adidas 9, but had to take a 9.5. That aside, the boots are the usual high quality finish and look. Really enjoy the feel and comfort of the fit. Highly recommend the boots. ... read more

J0eC00l, London, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Eskolaite FG/AG Cleats Felt great during game, but can barely walk now
October 27 2015

The cleats felt great during the game (on grass); however, after the game I could barely walk. The bottoms of my feet are so sore. Two days later my feet are still hurting. I'm not sure if it was the new stud formation, the studs being round (which I'm not use to) or just poor arch support. I never had any problem with my other adidas cleats: predators, adipures and 11pro's. . Not sure if I need more padding, if it just takes time getting use to the shorter round studs or if I should be looking for something with better support. ... read more

DZ04, Palos Verdes, CA go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Good Buy
October 26 2015

A nice wide boot which is comfort to wear from the box and does not need much break in time. A good feel with the ball and they are light but a quality feel to them. Would recommend the orange pair over the green as the back of the boot gets black marks from the AF ground or other boots making contact and once on the green the marks seem impossible to remove. ... read more

Knocky, Essex, UK go to product
messi 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Very comfy
October 22 2015

I sadly had to return them because they were too big in the size I ordered however the width was about right therefore I think they might be too narrow for me in a smaller size. On the plus side the boots are VERY comfy with no break in time at all, they also seemed to have a good touch on the ball although I didn't fully test them due to the size issue. ... read more

Danny20, Leicester, UK go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Really Good boots
October 20 2015

They are extremely good boots, not only does the whole boot look extremely good, but they also are great in performance. The techfit collar provides good support for your ankle and makes the boot very comfortable. They still remain lightweight de spicy this extra support so if your looking for a lightweight boot this could be for you. The only downside is that the boot may be slightly narrow for those with wider feet. ... read more

Joseph41, London, UK go to product
Gloro Cleats Good, but maybe not for rugby players
October 18 2015

An incredibly comfy boot, but the width is far too narrow. I am using an 11, but a 10 .5 should be big enough if the boots were wider. I am still in 2 minds whether I should keep them. It is so good to be able to get a boot, that does not look like it has been attacked by a graffiti artist, but the narrowness of the boot, my consign the boots for the return label. ... read more

JoCPL, Pilton, UK go to product
ACE 15.3 Firm Ground Cleats Amazing footwear
October 15 2015

Tried these on for the first time in a club match 90 mins without any discomfort whatsoever! No blisters or sore feet at all, always loved and only owned adidas football but this is one of the best I've had, very good in assisting performance in different conditions aswell, would fully recommend this boot and brilliantly quick delivery service ... read more

Malik23, Chelmsford, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Eskolaite FG/AG Cleats Perfect boots
October 07 2015

I am quite critical when it comes to football boots as they a are very important part of my life as I am studying sports at college so they get well and truly tested. I can say they are the best boots I:ve had for comfort durability and water resistance excellent. ... read more

morgan13, Essex UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Prime FG/AG Cleats For the Creative Midfielder
October 06 2015

I own a pair of Primeknit 2.0s alongside these and the knit upper truly makes the difference in terms of keeping comfort while maintaining a feel for the ball and staying lightweight. The difference between these and the 2.0s is that while the 2.0s seemed closer to the adizero, these definitely seemed specifically designed for the central midfielder. The studs, fit, and texture all help in improving the touch on the ball and the "feel" behind passes or shots. Top level athlete impressed by another top flight boot by Adidas. ... read more

Zafar22, Toronto go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Pleasant surprise
September 28 2015

Very comfortable shoe with a reasonable weight so striking ball over distance is easy. The soft leather forefoot makes for a good first touch and helps with measuring weight when spraying passes from the centre of the field. Due to the wide fit and K-leather toe-box the shoe requires no break in time. ... read more

MidfieldG, Richmond Hill, ON go to product
Gloro Cleats Adidas Gloro - Top Drawer!!!
September 28 2015

I've been looking for a pair of Black and White Gloro for a little while now and checked the usual sites for boots. Found my size on the Adidas site, the process was really smooth, I was kept right up to date on the delivery and everything that was promised was fulfilled. The boots are top drawer, I've had a knee op and needed to get some boots that were going to be suitable for the 3G/ artificial as well as turf. I had to be specific as I'd torn my meniscus after an ACL recon previously, blades get stuck in the turf and caused problems. The Gloros are perfect. For anyone whose had knee problems in the past it's a boot that works for artificial, the stud means the boots don't get stuck in the ground so don't encourage twisting of the knee. Really really pleased with the product, the process was spot on. Scored in my first game as well, so far so good!! On size, I've got wide feet, I bought a size ten, so they feel quite narrow at the moment, but I know from having copas in the past they do open up, so I'm hoping they give a little. ... read more

AurelioSK, Reading, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats One of the better boots released by Adidas
September 23 2015

Boots will require a bit of wearing in. I have wide feet(2E) and they molded to my feet after a few wears. Very light for a k leather boot. When choosing a size it is slightly smaller than normal. I normally wear US9 with a bit of room at the front. i bought US8.5 in the boot and its just right (might be tight for some) ... read more

denz82, Sydney NSW go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats apocalypticas zapatos
September 23 2015

These football shoes are possibly the best alongside the classic Adidas world cup boots! The comfort is unbelievable, they don't even require a breaking time! You put them on, you are ready to play and "cause chaos". I will certainly recommend those boots to all my football friends! ... read more

julsinho, Lima, Peru go to product
Gloro Cleats Great replacement for my old pred's!
September 22 2015

It was time to finally buy a new pair of boots & would of loved a new pair of pred's but with the new style of predator boot it was not to be! It had to be a pair of Gloro's! Only worn them once straight out of the box for 6 aside on 5G pitch. Very comfortable, good fit, the toe area is slightly bigger than my old pred's which is not a bad thing. I can easily wear 2 pairs of socks with these boots which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend the Gloro's to anyone looking for a new pair of boots, especially fans of pred's! ... read more

Woodie5, Manchester, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Simply ACE
September 21 2015

There name sums these boots up in one word ACE! There the best boots I've ever worn the leather gives these boots a traditional feel to the ball but with all the lightweight qualities of a modern boot! ... read more

GS08, Manchester, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Close but not perfect.
September 20 2015

I've worn these shoes for close to a month. I love the touch of the new upper surface and the extra studs on the bottom of the soles. However the heel is very unconformable to me and leaves me with the most painful blisters on both of my ankles. The shoes were ever so slightly not long enough for my foot and I lost a half of toe nail on my right foot due to the fit. I had to send them back. I look forward to the next design. ... read more

t5styles333, Flagstaff AZ go to product
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