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Ultra Boost LTD Shoes Running
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adissage Slides Men's Training
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Voloomix Slides Men's Training
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adilette J Wall Slides Men's Training
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Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Men's Football
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62 reviews
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Boost in a Drose shoe? Yes please!!
October 28 2014

Ever since I tried on the boost energy running shoes, I couldn't wait until Adidas put them into the DRose line of shoes. I have been buying the Rose line since inception and have always loved how the hugged the foot and had exceptional traction but always needed a little more cushioning since I'm a bigger guard (and getting older). Simply put, the Rose 5 Boost is everything I ever wanted in a shoe. Please note that the sizing is different that previous Rose shoes bc the toe box is rounded off more than previous models. The Rose 1-4 all had a more pointy toe box so depending on your foot shape, youd have almost no wiggle room in the toe box. If you sized down half a size it would be too small . W the rose 5 you can size down half a size and still be able to move youer toes around a little. I went with my normal sz 11 and found the length to be perfect with some space to move my toes around. When I went down to a 10.5 I had less space in the toes overall and still some space to spare length wise. I highly recommend trying your normal size and half a size down so you can decide based on your preference. Cushioning is outstanding with full length boost. Somehow Adidas was able to keep that plush bouncy feel wout making the shoe feel unstable. Excellent responsiveness as well as a super smooth transition from heel to toe thanks to full length boost (not targeted like some companies ) Support: The round pads that protrude up the ankle are pretty stiff initially but as you play the warm up and flex just the right amount. The most impressive yet unspoken support structure runs along the sides of the shoe above the midsole. It really keeps my foot from sliding which really need when I cut hard. Traction: This wouldn't be a drose shoe without excellent traction and these do not disappoint. The rubber used is nice and soft and the grab the floor even on slightly dusty floors. Exactly what Id expect from a Drose shoe. I love this shoe and can't wait for more colorways to drop.!! ... read more

Gettingold, atx go to product
November 24 2014

MiAdidas rose5. Excellent shoes to play basketball in. Comfortable shoes ever. Performs great on the court. Traction is awesome. nothin bad to say about the shoes. ADvice tho if your feet are wide, you might want up to .5 your reg shoe size. BOOST tech "IS FOR REAL... CHANGES EVERYTHING" TRACTION COMFORT PERFORMANCE 110% ... read more

JdBuckets81, Vancouver BC go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Vertical increase
January 07 2015

These shoes felt just as comfortable as my D Rose 4s, and the sizing was spot on the same. These shoes, however, have changed my perception on basketball shoes. I do truly believe with the right shoes you can perform better now. With the D Rose 4s, I was about 2 inches from touching rim. I got my D Rose 5s for Christmas this year and was able to now touch rim, even almost getting my first knuckle over it. Never before have I worn shoes that actually attribute to performance, but these shoes go above and beyond by giving you stability, comfort, and the added benefit of a higher vertical leap. ... read more

DRR1, Washington, USA go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes AWESOME
November 18 2014

After playing in Crazylights, and loving them, for the last couple seasons I wasn't sure if I really wanted to switch shoes. I decided to try out the 5s and I am very impressed! At first I thought the boost was not going to make a difference in energy and play, but it changes everything. I feel very secure in the shoe and never slip. The traction is amazing. My only problem is the ankle supports. They sometimes dig into my ankle when driving and can cause pain. Other than that I am very happy with this shoe. ... read more

bi11ybob14, MICHIGAN go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Great shoes for point gaurds
January 19 2015

I recently purchased the d rose 5's in the red and blue and so far they are amazing. At first i was a little skeptical about the size because I am a 9 but they fit like 9.5's but not to worry after you play and break them in, they fit perfectly. Another note is that they are extremely comfortable with the white cushion on the heel and they are very very breathable. The traction is also amazing and my only concern is that they scuff pretty easily but then again i am a point gaurd -13 years old 8th grade, playing and wearing them everyday to practice/school/games etc. Overall they are a amazing shoe and are the best d rose yet. ... read more

Clutch Chloe, Sarasota, FL go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Make yoy fly
December 16 2014

Very good shoe. Much more comfortable than my old Nike's. They would make my feet hurt after a while, which affected my game. To all the non-beleivers out there, Boost actually works. It amazing. Would definitely buy the 6 when it comes out. ... read more

NBA Hopeful go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes One of the Best Basketball shoes i have ever worn
March 18 2015

This shoe is definitely the most comfortable shoe I have in my shoe collection. In my collection, I have the Kobe Venomenon, the KD 6, KD 7, the Lebron 12, and the Kobe 9. I have never purchased a Adidas model basketball shoe, because of the reviews of the past Rose collection. This shoe is a must get, its more comfortable than any other Nike shoe I have hooped in. The boost is just 1/3 of the shoe, you will feel completely locked in with the ankle support and the traction is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend this shoe over a lot of other shoes. ... read more

Alex Y, United States go to product
Ultra Boost LTD Shoes Perfect in every way
May 27 2015

Huge fan of boost and the knit upper combo. The upper fits like a glove with good breath-ability. Can't say enough about the cushioning, love boost for running and just walking around - all day comfort. Also huge props for the pre-order system. Got my pair ahead of the official release date. Wish more releases were handled this way. Time to rock these 24/7. ... read more

roldyrolds, Seattle, WA go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Great
January 06 2015

Best d roses/ basketball shoe I have ever played in. Very light weight. I am able to cut a lot more quicker. Traction is amazing. I wear the Adidas ankle braces, like derrick rose wears in game for my bad ankles. The shoe is so amazing, totally worth it ... read more

Bulls_fan go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes rose
March 06 2015

Not bad, for a basketball shoe. Feels a little like the 4s..... Could definitely be better. I would recommend lacing the shoes all the way up and walking/jumping around in them in the crib for a little bit before going to the courts. Fits true to size. ... read more

the coolness, Bronx go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Great for the knees!
January 29 2015

Bought the red colour way as soon as they were available on Adidas.com and have to say they are supremely comfortable. They boost foam gives you great cushioning, while retaining court feel and the fact that the bottom of the shoe is decoupled helps to make heel to to transitions smooth. ... read more

Bulls2015NBAchampions, UK go to product
Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Best low cleat I have ever had on my feet
July 20 2015

I was a little nervous about first getting these because they looked like they had no support at all. This was totally not a problem at all. These really Hugged your feet and gave you all the support you could ever want from a low cleat. The traction was as well amazing. Same w the lockdown and barefoot like shoes shoe weight. The only and I mean only problem w these is the insole. The insole gave me foot pain and didn't perform the way it should. That's the only reason these got 4 stars instead of 5. But it's an easy fix, just slip a new insole in and your good to go. I put in an under armour micro g insole and that did the job. Just about any other insole would work. Other than that, this has been one of my favorite cleats to do anything in. Weather it's offense or defense, these get the job done and more. These turn heads and perform great. Recommend them to any skill player, exspeicaly DB's and receivers. ... read more

Monstr, Houston,TX go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Good Buy
April 10 2015

I bought these because I needed some shoes to play ball in and I like drose. Now going into it I never ever believed any of that "oh it makes you jump higher" hype but honestly, I can get rim easier with these shoes on. I'm 5'8 btw, and I can get rim easy with these on and they are comfortable, my feet don't hurt afterward and its got good ankle support too. Great buy actually not just good. K ... read more

JakeA, Illinios go to product
D Rose 5 Boost Shoes Adidas most comfortable Basketball shoe to date
February 19 2015

This is by far adidas most comfy basketball shoe to date in my opinion, The Boost in the heel area is excellent and while the forefoot boost isn't as plush as I'd like its is still comfy and offers excellent court feel. Depending on the D Rose 5 model you choose, the different uppers do offer different performance qualities, this pair for example is narrower than some other pairs, but it aids great lock down and fit. Traction while looking unconventional is also good and has worked well on different court conditions. I think this shoe is excellent and I'm excited for the D Rose 6! ... read more

PlayersKICKS, UK go to product
Ultra Boost LTD Shoes Most comfortable shoe out there
June 19 2015

At first the shoe felt a little to tight or narrow (I have wide feet) but if you give it a week of using this shoe, you'll break it in. The shoe will feel way better than it was when first put on after a week of use. Plenty of compliments from wearing this shoe. I also got my friend into these shoes by letting him wear. I wasn't a believer until tried myself. Just have for a runner or just casual and style. ... read more

Jellom, Hawaii go to product
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