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    Soccer is changing. In the style and way it is played and in the type of players who grace the game.

Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Men's Soccer
$ 55
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Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Men's Soccer
$ 55
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Samba Classic Shoes Men's Soccer
$ 60
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Samba Classic Shoes Men's Soccer
$ 60
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Reviews for adidas Soccer

323 reviews
Samba Classic Shoes Set Fire to a Frozen Field
March 19 2012

I bought my Sambas about a year ago on clearance as a plan-b. I hated them at first. They felt too long, stiff, and difficult to maneuver in. I bought them to replace my aging vans as my recreational trainer, and things weren't looking good. But once I broke them in, they become an extremely natural and comfortable fit. I really began to wear them all the time! They might fit well with every other outfit I wear, but it wasn't until I wore them out while I ran through the icy streets and parks of Chicago in the early fall did I seriously begin to love my Sambas. When they finally came into their element, what they were originally designed for. Frozen fields. My college Ultimate Frisbee team practices year round, and that does mean we play in the winter, so my Classic Sambas initially replaced my current running shoes simply because they weren't mesh. It soon became evident however, that they outperformed my old running shoe in every way on the field. The gum outsole grip provided me with a confident grip, while still allowing me to maintain an even balance between sliding & stopping, a must for the skilled ultimate player. The "soccer fit" of the shoe provides comfort during long matches, and the leather protects my feet from the elements or other players sharp cleats, while still allowing me with enough flexibility for tricky landings if my feet meet the ground at odd angles. But seriously, my favorite thing about the Adidas Samba, is when you put it all together, no other shoe I've ever worn can out perform it in a dead sprint on cold grass. I'm not kidding. These shoes might be a bit heavy, but when I'm sprinting all out across the field to catch a long pass, dashing over mud and ice, dodging and weaving around defenders, and finally leaping off the Earth to make that all important catch in the end zone, no other shoe provides me with the fit, grip, and most importantly, the speed I need to make moves like that. Where other shoes might catch, slip, drag, or give to a frosty pitch, my Sambas never quit. The Adidas Samba is the best shoe for playing Ultimate on frozen fields. Period. ... read more

Chicago go to product
Samba Classic Shoes This is my ONLY sneaker
May 03 2013

I've been wearing Samba's for over 20 years... I buy a new pair about every 15 months cause I scuff them up and cant wear them to fancy places anymore... but never because they are worn out... I dont think they CAN wear out... the sole NEVER peels... the interior resists wear from my hyperactive toes... they never peel... come unstitched... (wish I could say the same for my Doc's) They ARE perfection. In this day and age when EVERYTHING is cheaper and crappier and lasts less and less... These shoes remain at the top of their game... I will NEVER wear another sneaker... ... read more

spurls, New Hampshire, USA go to product
Samba Classic Shoes SO COMFY!
April 29 2010

i LOVE these shoes, have had 2 pairs of them in the past 3 years and i wear them all the time. I have really bad arches and theyre a little too flat for me, but i throw in arch supports and everyone thinks theyre awesome, and theyre so much fun to play soccer in. only 2 cons are my socks always slip under my feet and if you wear them a lot, the backs wear out quickly and the plastic part that holds the shape rubs the back of your foot if you dont replace them quick enough. but i can wear these for a good year without having to replace them and i wear them all the time! ... read more

Kansas go to product
Samba Classic Shoes RIP Adventure Shoe
February 17 2015

These Sambas have seen me through adventures from the Appalachian mountains to the far side of the world. They have hiked passes on the Rwenzoris and walked the cobblestones of Sevilla. When the shoelaces literally disintegrated to dust in the heat of South Sudan, I replaced them with construction line, then later with tough outdoor lashing cord. They took a beating in Bangladesh and have walked the streets of Kolkata for a year. Now the journey of these fine shoes is finished. RIP Sambas. #AdventureShoe — in Calcutta, India. ... read more

K-Town, Chattanooga, TN go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Highly versatile
November 24 2014

Excellent shoes for those who need versatility from their shoes. I love the treads on the sambas. They provide excellent grip when outdoors, but are also flat, which suits my needs for the style of kung fu that I practice. The black colour matches with everything, and the rubber sole is dark, blending in easily. They look good with shorts & no socks in the summer. And they're good for winter, which important because I live in Canada. I hate boots because they're heavy and bulky. Plus, my other shoes get destroyed by the constant exposure to salt. These shoes have that half inch of rubber along the sole which makes a big difference. The insoles have a bump to provide some arch support, but I find them awkwardly placed. I may cut them out to create a more flat insole. ... read more

thp21, Toronto go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Awesome Classics
May 16 2011

As a runner and a soccer player I am extremely picky about my shoes. These shoes are both comfortable and stylish. I wear them as casual shoes and occasionally for indoor soccer. I know so many people who own Sambas and keep buying them, I am quickly becoming one of those people and I am by no means loyal to the Adidas brand. I buy shoes that look good, fit well, and are comfortable; end of story. These shoes are awesome. I hope these shoes will last more than a year like most shoes I buy. ... read more

BKidd, Lansing, MI go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Awesome Shoes!
November 12 2010

These shoes are awesome, for both soccer-related and casual wear. They are very comfortable, both on and off the field. And they go with almost anything when out on the town. They look great with jeans and a shirt. Plus, for me, these are way more comfortable than some of those "performance" shoes, and these come with a somewhat smaller price tag. Plus, considering that I wear these shoes everywhere, they last longer than other shoes I have worn. ... read more

jonf, Tucson, AZ go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Classic
November 20 2012

Does it get any more classic than Sambas? I love these shoes, and in all seriousness I wear them every day. They are the only shoe I have ever considered buying a second pair of. They last literally forever. A friend of mine bought his 6 years ago and, although they are a little dirty, they are in one piece. I LOVE THESE SHOES. ... read more

jhouser, Moorhead, MN, USA go to product
Samba Classic Shoes 3rd pair
September 11 2012

My grandson loves these shoes and always wants the same style.....this is his 3rd pair and he is a growing teenager so you will probably be hearing from us again in a few monhs.....when the shoes arrived and he put them on, he said, "they always look and feel so good......"another happy kid....... ... read more

ms nana, pekin il go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Great shoes... if they were wider.
April 22 2014

I've had my Sambas for about four months now and I have little to no qualms with them. I personally wear them almost all of the time, but the only thing that could have been done better (I think) is the width of the shoe. Wearing the shoe pushes the sides of your foot inward and is rather uncomfortable. I thought at first that they just needed to be broken in but four months later, they still smush my foot, making walking or running in them unbearable after a short while. Overall the shoes are really nice and they stand the abuse that a lot of other shoes cannot handle. Definitely recommend if you think that you can handle the width issue. Four stars easily, borderline five. ... read more

cport, Mansfield, TX, USA go to product
Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Amazing shoes!
July 08 2013

I've been wearing these shoes for many years. I prefer to wear them for everyday life but they are great to play in. If you decide to wear them to play in, make sure the shoes have been broken in before the first game because they feel really stiff around the ancle until they have been warn some. Also make sure they are not worn out because worn out leather provides no support for your ankles. When they are broken in these shoes feel so amazing. That being said, I usually do not wear these shoes for games because I prefer something a little more snug around my foot. If you are considering purchasing these you cannot go wrong. ... read more

Drumzilla999, Hershey, PA, USA go to product
Samba Classic Shoes perfection.
December 10 2011

Love the shoes, size is a little bigger than intended but even then fit so comfortably. I range from 8.5-9 womens, and went with a 7.5 in mens, so I'd probably drop down to 7, but still they're wonderful! ... read more

Marmar, Wheaton, IL go to product
Samba Classic Shoes 10 Years and counting I will only buy Samba
February 11 2013

Bought My original pair in 2003. I've worn 'em through every gym class, camping trip, hiking trip, Mountian Biking Trip all through high-school. Joined the Marines wore them to boot camp completed my initial strength test in them. Wore them to every PT session after that. 2008 I was deployed to Iraq I wore them when I was able to work out. Went for a run about a week prior to going home and got them muddy, a 7 days later while in Customs I was informed that I had to throw them away as I was smuggling soil... Killed me but I'd rather be home than arguing over a pair of shoes. Bought my Second pair in Jan 2012 when I returmed home I have worn them through "hades" and back. I will never buy I different type of shoe. As mentioned they need to be bought in the exact size and they will be tight! Break 'em in and they will be your favorite shoe, they fit like nothing else will! ... read more

Idaho, USA go to product
Samba Classic Shoes The PERFECT shoe for Soccer and Everyday
September 12 2011

I have owned pairs of these Adidas Samba indoor shoes for the last 15 years. They are the absolute best for indoor and outdoor play (when you don't absolutely need cleats) and for casual wear. I have lost track in the past of which pair were the oldest, as a I had several pairs at once. I have slightly fallen arches, and these actually HELP my feet as the arch support keeps my feet feeling perfect. My doctor even recommended that I continue with the same support! DOCTOR APPROVED!! I have even worn these scuba diving! My drysuit is a little big on me and the boots needed a little filler. I got my Sambas back on and got into the suit. Perfect! I can now say that they have traveled to 100+ feet below the surface of the ocean and returned unharmed! They look great with EVERYTHING you can wear and always have the classic and fresh look. Can't say enough good about them!! ... read more

AdidasManDL, Boston go to product
Samba Classic Shoes amazing shoes
January 29 2011

i have had these shoes for about 2 years and i love them. they are getting a bit worn by now. for example the souls beginning to come apart from the shoe and the suede is just about all worn off. im about to order me another pair to replace these. they have been so comfortable since the day i got them and have stayed that way. ... read more

trez go to product
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