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Men • Samba • Shoes

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Reviews for: Men Samba Shoes

645 reviews
Samba Shoes Cool and comfortable
November 16 2015

I can get cheap clothes but I never get cheap shoes because foot comfort is essential to a runner who has back pain like me. I love the look of these shoes, they are classic. But they also feel good on my feet after standing four hours in front of a classroom. So good all the way. Good surprise. ... read more

AD25, France, adopted Oregonian go to product
Samba Classic Shoes SAME PAIR SINCE 7TH GRADE!
November 14 2015

I got my Samba's for my 13th birthday back in like 2005 (i'm 23). Samba's are THE UTILITY SNEAKER! Everyday wear, pick-up games, lifting shoes whatever. Surprisingly one of my favorite shoes to commute via bicycle on because of the sole's ruggedness. These shoes have been with me through college, trips through the middle east, and i'm still wearing them today in the gym and around town. Dear Adidas, Thank you. P.S. If we could get some white colour on the gum sole, you'd make one happy boy. ... read more

TGuy, Los Angeles, CA go to product
Samba Shoes First pair too tight; second pair too loose, but comfortable
November 06 2015

I ordered my normal size 10-1/2 and they were too tight. I wore them several days and they did not loosen up. They eye so tough i could feel one of the dimples of the sole through the insole, which became all I could feel and caused shooting pain up my leg after two days wear. U sent them back and got an 11. They are way bigger than the 10-1/2 where my tour went all the way to the end. My toe ends at the beginning of the suede with an inch of room left. But, they are pretty comfortable and they look great with everything. I just wish they were a little looser for the proper size. All my other athletic shoes are 10-1/2, even other Adidas, and fit perfectly, but these were too small. Yes, they squeak. Haven't tried to fix it yet. One of the tongues folds up and hits my toes causing irritation. I think it is because the 11s are slightly too big. Hoping it well eventually break in. Wish they were all leather. The vinyl causes all of the problems: squeak, uncomfortable tongue, and too sweaty in bare feet. ... read more

Chuck1024, USA go to product
Samba Shoes Good, but!
September 03 2015

They are Samba's, enough said there. One complaint though, they tend to squeak. This is a very common complaint I have seen. Makes it very awkward when you are walking thru a quiet place, like a library or working office. ... read more

wayyer, Seattle, WA go to product
Samba Shoes hmmmm
August 30 2015

there s something very wrong with this pair. they re very hard and small . I know my size but this time my right foot has suffered greatly. the shoe is very hard inside and kinda small cuz it hurts my toe. I stop using it for good I just cant wear it like this. ... read more

jhgfkgykg, texas go to product
Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Best purchase ever
August 17 2015

These are legit the dopest shoes on the market. Not only are they super comfortable, but they look amazing in addition to the tiro 15 training pants. I couldn't be happier with them, and they fit perfectly. Great job Adidas! ... read more

therealmatthewallen, Los Angeles go to product
Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Great Everyday Shoes
July 29 2015

I love these shoes with a pair of decent khaki shorts and casual shirt. To me the guy that doesn't want to wear running shoes these are just right, and to guys that play or have played soccer you will understand what I am saying.. ... read more

Jeff 2020, Arizona go to product
Samba Classic Shoes A Shoe to last
July 22 2015

This shoe was worth every dollar and cent. For 60$, I got a shoe that was both stylish and versatile. Even after two months of constant use, my shoes still look virtually brand new, unlike my old shoes which yellowed and wore out after a while. My only complaint was that they were very, very tight when I first wore them, but they got better once I breaked them in enough. Another quality product from a renowned shoe manufacturer. ... read more

RunandDMC, Pensacola, Florida go to product
Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes working shoe
May 20 2015

I am using this shoe for work. i work forty hours a week on concrete and my feet feel fine all day long. i have been using this shoe exclusivity for over four years and bought the current two pair so i have backups. They will last me a couple of years. ... read more

old man, Fredonia NY go to product
Samba Shoes Samba fan
May 02 2015

Been wearing Sambas for many many years and my fav version was the K which had the softest kangaroo leather. My last pair finally fell apart and I was torn and bought the cheeper classics but they were never as nice as the K version. I took a chance and customized a pair of the Mi Sambas and I could not be happier. They fit as expected and the quality is way better than the regular Sambas or Samba classics. ... read more

mjstamos, USA go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Perfect with a very easy mod.
April 27 2015

Let me start by saying that this is my second pair of Sambas. The first pair was bought in 2002 and I used them for a variety of activities and sports including Tennis and outdoor basketball. That pair was stolen in 2013. Yes, someone stole a pair of 11 year old shoes because they are just that good. When I set out to find a replacement, I was disappointed to see that the updated version had a different insole that placed some awkward cushioning under the medial aspect of the foot. After numerous attempts at finding an alternative, I ended up buying a pair anyway. The good news is that the extra foam that was bothering me was very easy to remove. Was able to peel it off in less than 15 seconds and these babies feel just like my old Sambas. ... read more

Scimitar, Chicago, IL go to product
Samba Shoes Best trainers ever.
March 23 2015

What can I say best fitting, most comfortable and classic design. The more you wear these the better and more comfortable they get absolutely love them have pair in white for summer and pair in black for winter they never get old and the sole is hard wearing so they last. Design will always stand the test of time. ... read more

mark365, barnsley, uk go to product
Samba Classic Shoes This shoe is for big guys too!
February 26 2015

I'm a big guy. I have a size 14 W foot and I'm over 6 feet tall. I always wanted Sambas but didn't think that they would be wide enough. After talking with an Adidas online specialist and some of my soccer buddies I decided to try them out. I figured the return policy is good so why not. I am NOT going to need the return policy. They fit great right off the bat! Now after a few days, as the leather has broken in, I don't even feel the shoes on my feet. They are incredibly comfortable. I will never get another kind of sneaker. Sambas for life! ... read more

Peat, Long Island NY go to product
Samba Classic Shoes RIP Adventure Shoe
February 17 2015

These Sambas have seen me through adventures from the Appalachian mountains to the far side of the world. They have hiked passes on the Rwenzoris and walked the cobblestones of Sevilla. When the shoelaces literally disintegrated to dust in the heat of South Sudan, I replaced them with construction line, then later with tough outdoor lashing cord. They took a beating in Bangladesh and have walked the streets of Kolkata for a year. Now the journey of these fine shoes is finished. RIP Sambas. #AdventureShoe — in Calcutta, India. ... read more

K-Town, Chattanooga, TN go to product
Samba Shoes comfortable for all day wearing
January 23 2015

took two goes but eventually ended up with the right size in the Samba. I wear them when I can, on the road, beach, grass confidently go everywhere. great grip even on wet surface. Tread doesn't pick up grit, Feet don't get tired. Really pleased ... read more

Bri2, Australia go to product
Samba Shoes I Love These Shoes
January 05 2015

I Always Wanted These Shoes And I Got Them. And Always Wanted A Shoe That Had A Lot Of Traction On Them Cause I Am A Goalkeeper And Previous Shoes I Wore Kept Sliping Of The Ground When I Try To Dive For The Ball And It, s Annoying. Really Love Them, These Shoes Really Give The Reflexes And The Agility To Block A Shot Cause Of It, s Amazing Traction, Also Very Comfortable And And Stays Firm On Any Surface, Except On Wet Pavement Lol, But Overall, These Shoes Are Awsome. ... read more

J.Bravo, Seabrook, Maryland go to product
Samba Shoes Comfort, Style and Shine all in this one!!
December 19 2014

I do not reside in USA, I am from Bangladesh. See this pair here I was so badly mesmerised that I just had to get one! When my sister toured USA, I made sure she gets me one. The day I 1st unwrapped it, I was awed by their 1st look!! Simply love it! My sister has visited USA again, this time going to get ZX Flux Red :D You keep making such awe-inspiring designs, Adidas and I'll forever be loyal to your product :D ... read more

Shantonu Shahjalal, Dhaka, Bangladesh go to product
Samba Classic Shoes Highly versatile
November 24 2014

Excellent shoes for those who need versatility from their shoes. I love the treads on the sambas. They provide excellent grip when outdoors, but are also flat, which suits my needs for the style of kung fu that I practice. The black colour matches with everything, and the rubber sole is dark, blending in easily. They look good with shorts & no socks in the summer. And they're good for winter, which important because I live in Canada. I hate boots because they're heavy and bulky. Plus, my other shoes get destroyed by the constant exposure to salt. These shoes have that half inch of rubber along the sole which makes a big difference. The insoles have a bump to provide some arch support, but I find them awkwardly placed. I may cut them out to create a more flat insole. ... read more

thp21, Toronto go to product
Samba Shoes AMAZING
November 19 2014

I board, play soccer, and do normal day things with this shoe. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I have had four pairs now and I'm still getting new ones. These will last for a long time, I have had each one of my pairs for at least one year! I would totally recommend these to anyone and everyone! ... read more

FC_Wette go to product
September 30 2014

Bought these on the weekend and by Tuesday they were at my doorstep! I picked the 4-7 day free ship and they got there within 24hours! SUPER IMPRESSED! I guess if you pay for 2day shipping it will show up yesterday. Shoes fit great and take me back to when I was playing soccer back in high school, I love this design better than the big tongue version for just kicking around and the occasional indoor soccer match. Classics never die. ... read more

AB, WNC go to product
Samba Shoes Will buy them again when they wear out
September 13 2014

I want the exact ones in black with the blue tongue but they only sell them in us! Lucky people there! But yeah, these are fantastic, but I'm gonna need some black shoes once autumn winter kicks in. Fit perfectly, knew I was size 10, all good. ... read more

neily7, Scotland uk go to product
Samba Shoes Love the purchase
August 29 2014

I've bern looking for a good comfortable indoor soccer shoes. And now i finally have it. I will recommend this shoe and shopping at adidas store to everyone. I was shocked that my purchase was deliver so early to my house and i'm going to keep shopping at adidas store. ... read more

Jay4real2324, St. Louis, MO, USA go to product
Samba Shoes So awesome and I'm a girl!
August 19 2014

I am a 6.5 in girl shoes but I ordered a size 4.5 so these shoes and they fit me just right! I am so in love with them and they're so comfortable as well as stylish! They are a but stiff and squeaky at first but when you break them in they are PERFECT! ... read more

Gabriella Rice, Texas go to product
Samba Shoes Best shoes I have ever purchased
August 18 2014

Bought my Sambas in 2009 and I have to say, these shoes are indestructible! They only show minimal wear and they look just as good as the day I bought them. These shoes go with anything and they work in all conditions. I've worn mine to work, worn them to music festivals, even whitewater rafting and they still look good and remain the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Can't go wrong with these. ... read more

RumFRESH, Mississauga go to product
Samba Millennium Leather IN Shoes Addidas
August 04 2014

What more can I say. I recently had to retire my Americano's. I've had those for nearly 4 years. I chose to replace them with the Sambas since they don't make Americano's anymore. It's exactly what I expect from Addidas. Once these babies break in it'll be even more comfier. I have flat/ wide feet and these are just perfect for them. The Suede hold up pretty well in the rain. I recommend these for everyday daily wear. ... read more

SquidKid425, Seattle go to product
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