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Men • Samba • Originals • Lifestyle • Shoes

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Samba Shoes Men's Originals
$ 70
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Samba Shoes Men's Originals
$ 70
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Samba MC Shoes Men's Originals
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Samba MC Shoes Men's Originals
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307 reviews
Samba Shoes Adidas Sambas: Show of the Gods
August 08 2011

I have been a loyal Sambas wearer for the last 9 years or so. A single pair of shoes last me a year and a half, and then I keep hold of them so I can have them as work shoes for activities such as mowing the grass or hiking in the mud. These shoes last forever, can slip on and slip off, look great, are very comfortable, and have a pretty good tread. I do a lot of walking and hiking, and I wear my Sambas through it all. I even played Tennis in my Sambas all through high school, and they were fantastic for that as well. I would not recommend running in Sambas, however; purchase actual running shoes for that. But overall, there is truly no better everyday shoe out there. ... read more

Colorado go to product
Samba Shoes Improved fit and comfort
October 16 2010

These updated Sambas look and feel great. My old Sambas were a little narrow and the arch support did not fit quite right. The new Sambas I purchased online a couple of months ago fit perfectly. The Adi logo on the back of the heel and on the top on the tongue add a dash of style to an otherwise plain shoe. They are comfortable enough to wear everyday, but are durable enough to be worn for indoor soccer as well. I highly recommend the Sambas and would purchase them again. ... read more

Chelsea Fan, Bowling Green, OH go to product
Samba Shoes Intolerably squeaky, but great customer service
June 07 2012

These were my third pair, because pairs one and two were fantastic. Unfortunately, these squeaked so much, I stopped wearing them. Opponents could literally hear me before they saw me! The squeak comes from the tongue rubbing against the upper. I checked my older Sambas, and the upper has a felt-like layer around the lace holes that prevents the tongue from making direct contact with the leather of the upper (an easy enough fix I hope to see in future editions). Although I would not recommend the ones I bought, I will be back; Adidas' customer service was great, and sent me a return slip so I can send them back for a 100% refund. Can't ask for more that that! ... read more

Boltdude, Lake Oswego, OR go to product
Samba Shoes All purpose shoe
April 11 2012

What I like best about the Sambas by Adidas is the flexibility they afford me when deciding which clothes to wear them with.I can throw on a caual pair of cargo shorts or a light or dark colored pair of jeans or khakis and the Sambas are a perfect match no matter what.The Sambas have that dressy sneaker look that appear to be a blend between a sneaker and a casual shoe ideally made for long pants.These shoes are also excellent for long walks. Very few sneakers are design to be three shoes in one.I'm a size 15, which meant I had to use the custimization option which goes up to size 21.Tried a 14 and these shoes do run true to size.I bought the white with black stripes. ... read more

Tennisfanfan, orlando,fl go to product
Samba Shoes Rockin' Pair of Shoes
February 02 2012

I switched to Sambas because I was looking for shoe that looked sleeker than the Vans that I have been wearing for years. These shoes did not disappoint. From the moment I put them on, I felt transformed by how sharp these shoes look; they look amazing with ANY outfit (jeans, business casual, sports, etc.). They fit true to size in all respects and when they're all laced up, fit my feet like a glove. These are truly the best shoes that I have ever bought. I even like them so much, I'm not using them for tennis as I originally intended, and instead bought a completed different shoe instead so that these stay looking nice. In my opinion, don't hesitate, just buy. ... read more

TPPM, Bakersfield go to product
Samba Shoes I have a fix for squeakiness!!!!
January 02 2012

I bought these shoes and they were great. However, like many other reviewers here, I found them to be quite squeaky. I am here to provide you with several solutions that will solve your problems. The squeakiness comes from the tongue rubbing against the sides of the upper around the collar area. In order to reduce and eliminate the squeaking, we must treat this particular area of the shoe. Here are several methods that have worked for me: 1. Put some Scotch tape on the top of the tongue. The different texture of the tape means that it doesn't rub against the leather collar of the shoe, thus eliminating squeaking. 2. Rub some lotion onto the upper part of the tongue. Just take some hand lotion and rub it into the top surface of the tongue. This will moisturize the leather and reduce squeaking. 3. Rub some Vaseline into the tongue. (Same method as #2) 4. Apply a small amount of water to the tongue and wear the shoes immediately. Walk around in them to work the water into the rubber and leather of the tongue and this should solve your problem. I hoped this helped. I have been a loyal Samba owner forever and just wanted to let everyone know that there is a fix for squeakiness! ... read more

Fish Boy, Minneapolis, Minnesota go to product
Samba Shoes Super Sambas
June 11 2012

Hey Guyz (and Gals of course) I have always been an adidas fan (for many things but mostly quality and price), but only started wearing sambas like 2 years ago after a recommendation from a friend. The shoe is sooooo awesome. Handles quite well, gives an excellent touch for ball handling, and still offers great protection (not from cleats, but from those players who like to stomp you with their heels...accidentally of course!). Anyhow, back to the shoe...I love them so much, that I already have 2 pairs and buying the third. This time I am going for the white with red adidas stripes (always been a white shoe fan). oh...and they live for ever. ... read more

Besso, Mississauga go to product
Samba Shoes Love love LOVE these shoes!
January 01 2013

I am a woman and this is my first pair of Original Sambas. I bought these because I needed a pair of stylish, warm in the winter, weekend flats. I'm usually a women's 9, and I bought these in a men's 8. These are now my go-to weekend shoes. They are comfortable, look great with jeans and as stylish as you can get in a pair of sneakers. They fit like a glove and hug my feet. I work in finance and during the week I have to wear heels, so these shoes are my weekend oasis. I have worn them hiking in Sedona and Christmas morning chasing down my brother's escaped dog. These are not my working out sneakers, but I can move fast and run in them if I need to. I'm back buying a pair for my 88-year-old grandmother, who tried on my shoes and loved them. They offer all the arch support and comfort of her doctor recommended shoes and are 1000 times cuter. ... read more

j-na, Philadelphia, PA, USA go to product
Samba Shoes Once in a lifetime product
December 29 2011

I've worn many shoes from many different companies over the years but one shoe has stood above the rest. There is nothing more worthy of being on my feet than the classic styling of the Samba sneaker. The classic black with white stripe color way looks good with nearly any outfit you throw at it and it helps that these shoes are very comfortable. Though perhaps not even great products are without their cons, and there is only one here. The shoe has a tendency to squeak, although its not very audible it is noticeable to the wearer. However, the squeak is easily trumped by the iconic design, and comfort. If you're in the market for a new sneaker go ahead and buy the Samba, for me it fit true to size. ... read more

Aced, Boardman, Ohio go to product
Samba Shoes Decent
October 15 2010

I really like the shoe as a whole. It has a great look that goes along with my style, but it had a few downsides for me. When I first received them I was happy as can be, but after wearing them for around 10 minutes or so I started to notice that my heels were feeling a searing pain. They were rubbing the backs of my ankles raw causing severe blistering and it didn't stop for about 3 weeks. Once they get broken in they feel fine and extremely comfortable. It's just that the break-in period takes too long. But once you are finished experiencing the break-in stage, they will probably be the best pair of shoes you've owned. ... read more

Meach, Hobart, IN go to product
Samba Shoes These shoes are LOUD
November 19 2011

These are good looking and generally nice shoes. However, to say they are "squeaky" is an incredible understatement. These shoes SCREAM with every single step. I wore them to work and one of my colleagues asked me if I could take them off becasue they were distracting her. I walked through a library and I thought someone was going to beat me up becasue everyone within 50 feet of me was giving me a death stare. Honestly, it's pretty comical how loud these shoes are. It became a running joke among my friends. It's like someone strapped some live cats to my feet and they are howling in pain every time I take a step. Luckily, I was able to solve this problem by putting some tape on the inside of the shoe where the tongue comes in contact with the rest of the shoe. ... read more

floop, Boston, MA go to product
Samba Shoes Best shoes I have ever purchased
August 18 2014

Bought my Sambas in 2009 and I have to say, these shoes are indestructible! They only show minimal wear and they look just as good as the day I bought them. These shoes go with anything and they work in all conditions. I've worn mine to work, worn them to music festivals, even whitewater rafting and they still look good and remain the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Can't go wrong with these. ... read more

RumFRESH, Mississauga go to product
Samba Shoes Not bad
September 25 2012

I bought these online because I couldn't find them in white locally. I should have tried on the black ones in the stores to size myself up beforehand. I usually about a 9. But because these shoes are so narrow, I learned I needed to size up. They were also quite short in length for a 9. The 9-1/2 fits perfecly. Especially after having put some shoes trees in them for a couple days. The squeek is real, but I've had other shoes with the same problem. Vaseline works brilliantly. Just wipe some on the left and right side of the tongues with your finger and problem gone. So if you're worried about these because of a squeek, don't. These aren't shoes you're going to run a marathon in. They're not uncomfortable but I can't see myself trying to run in them. I wear them just for the casual style with jeans or chords. After having said that, I think they're a little expensive for what they are. But the sole and how it attaches to the show is durable and it's better than a lot of other shoes out there. ... read more

Atoms, Illinois go to product
Samba Shoes The best casual shoes I've ever worn.
August 17 2012

Simply put, Adidas Sambas are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I own 8 pairs. I'm a waiter in a high profile restaurant and every waiter at work now wears them. They last twice longer than any shoe any of us have ever worn. I cannot recommend the enough. ... read more

Big Lou, Lexington, KY go to product
Samba Shoes A bit disappointed in the Samba
June 14 2011

I was really looking forward to getting a pair of these again. I haven't had any since I was a teen. I tried on a pair with the large tongue at a local sports store and found them to run about 1/2 size too small (I'm a 10-1/2 and I had to buy 11's). So I ordered some from the Adidas website with the smaller tongue. The shoes are good quality, but squeak whenever I step. They are also a lot narrower than I remembered from trying them on. one design element I really don't like is the high back part cutting into my ankle. I'd like to see them lower it a bit. Overall: AVERAGE. I wish they had the Rom model in my size. I would have gotten those instead. ... read more

Goblin, SLO, CA go to product
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