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Men • Red • Weightlifting • Shoes

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Reviews for: Men Red Weightlifting Shoes

4 reviews
Powerlift.3 Shoes
Powerlift.3 Shoes
July 15 2016
Great shoes for squats and similar movements

I have been looking for a new pair of shoes made specifically for squatting. I have been using flat solved shoes for years and wanted to try the raised heels for high bar and front squats. The Powerlift 3 shoes fit the bill for my needs. I like the slight heel raise and how it affects my squat performance. The shoes are well made and fit well but seem to be a bit narrow in the toes. (I wear size 12d and ordered 12d). I have only used them for one front squat training session thus far, so time will tell as far as shoe longevity is concerned. Still, at this point I am very pleased with the Powerlift 3 shoes. I will likely only use these shoes for high bar squats, front squats and similar exercises. ... read more

Leistung 16 Shoes
Leistung 16 Shoes
July 10 2016
Better than expected

I'm not a fan of the aesthetics of the shoe with the triaxle design that looks like the Star of David, or how the BOA system looks. However the BOA is functionally great being able to dial in tightness and fit, as well as being comfortable. The pitch of the heal is bigger than the adipower, so for those with mobility issues it does help. The style grew on me which to me was the only downside, but the performance and comfort overall are great. The BOA lacing system also has a lifetime guarantee from BOA Tech. ... read more

Leistung 16 Shoes
Leistung 16 Shoes
July 08 2016
Good shoe, but a bit larger than expected

So it's been almost a year I've been doing weightlifting, and since there was a nice 40% off Canada day Sale ($135+tax), I decided to treat myself. Coming from the Adidas Adipower, I didn't know exactly what to expect from a different lacing system AND a bigger heel height. One week in, I've had a good feel of the shoe, but I don't know if it can break in more. So the BOA system is very convenient to put on, and in terms of tightness, it's at least equal to the traditional laces and strap. All in all, it's an upgrade in my opinion. Then there's the heel height. This will vary between people because of their body mechanics, but my lifts definitely saw an improvement, with my squat greatly improving and my pulls staying the same (some people get pulled forward). The one issue I've had here (my hypothesis) was that since the heel height is bigger, the horizontal length of my foot is shorter, but the shoe stays the same size. So if you wear say a 9.5 Adipower, get a 9 of this one. It also explains why the shoe isn't as comfortable, because I have to tighten the shoe too much. All in all, it's a good pair of shoes, but I would never pay the absurd price some sites sell these for. ... read more

Powerlift.3 Shoes
Powerlift.3 Shoes
June 19 2016
Brilliant product, poor delivery time, took 8 business days instead of 3-5.

Product was very high quality and exactly what I was expecting in terms of looks and comfort. Very effective weightlifting shoes and I recommend for any first time or regular Olympic weight lifters or crossfitter. ... read more

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