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Men • Own Your Game • Sport • Basketball

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Reviews for: Men Own Your Game Sport Basketball

4 reviews
All-Court Basketball
All-Court Basketball
December 25 2015
All-Court Basketball

The Prison Fellowship Angel Tree ministry recipient was excited to receive a high-quality basketball for Christmas from his incarcerated parent. Thank you for selling a high quality product. It made an 11 year old boy smile and think happy thoughts about his Dad. ... read more

devoted Christ follower
All-Court Basketball
All-Court Basketball
July 26 2015
Great All Around Ball

I bought 2 for my boys. Good quality construction, nice amount of bounce - not too much or too little - nice feel when shooting. Have used mostly outdoors, but the one time we were indoors, it felt just as good. ... read more

KSchrm13, Bethesda, MD
All-Court Basketball
All-Court Basketball
June 21 2015
great for outdoor but not for indoor

the ball feels heavy compared to other indoor basketball. It bounces alright on pavement but not on indoor wooden floor. However, the weight of the ball makes it easier to shoot the ball accurately into the hoop. ... read more

Latios, Waltham Abbey, UK
All-Court Basketball
All-Court Basketball
May 23 2014
Great performance average durability

The basketball has a great synthetic leather with a nice grip, great performance on both indoor and outdoor court. Unfortunately, the quality of the glue on the leather is poor, and aftet 5 hours of wear the edge pf the panel started to go off. Other than that its a good quality performance basketball ... read more

Shaun, Newcastle, UK
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