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Men • Originals • Superstar • sale

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Reviews for: Men Originals Superstar sale

4 reviews
Superstar Shoes
Superstar Shoes
July 06 2016
He loves them and I love them on him...

I bought my boyfriend two pairs of these shoes in red and green and when he saw them in yellow he had to have them. So... Suffice it to say, he loves them and wears them almost every day, and when he's not wearing these he's wearing his other stylish and comfortable adidas shoes I got for him. ... read more

Superstar 80s Primeknit Shoes
Superstar 80s Primeknit Shoes
July 04 2016
Stay True-To-Size: Amazing Twist on a Classic!

I usually wear a 10 but went with a 9.5 because that's all that was left and I figured the primeknit is stretchy enough but these shoes are too narrow to size down. Go true to size. The insole is nice on this shoe but the sole is like classic Superstars and pretty firm. If I got these in a 10 though I'd be very happy. Ended up returning them sadly. Quality is incredible however; 3M on the stripes, PK is super soft and it's an awesome twist on a timeless classic. ... read more

Superstar Shoes
Superstar Shoes
May 16 2016
Geometric glitter!

I purchased the Red and Green version of these superstars and both pairs of shoes fit the exact same way so at least i can say their is some consistency to the size/fit. I am flat-footed which gives me a wider foot then most people and I think these shoes feel amazing, but that means if your a high arch or narrow foot person you will probably think these shoes are too roomy; as far as foot length from heel to toe it is spot on! so don't get a smaller size for a tighter fit unless your okay with sacrificing toe room, I just suggest tying your shoes tight or wearing thick socks... Now to the shoe design! for hat is clearly the combination of two pieces of material (geometric shapes upper layer and the under reflective layer) these shoes do not feel thick, bulky or heavy. the look itself is incredible when the light reflects off the shoes just right it looks amazing! technically all the shoes have a rainbow reflection but it seems each color shoe has a different hue of rainbow. For example the Green seem to reflect more so Blue/green spectrum while on the Red pair the full rainbow reflects fairly evenly but with an emphasis on orange and yellow... regardless of the spectrum these shoes do reflect and do look amazing for a simple geometric pattern and it was genius to add the cut-outs to give it depth and dimension. next let me say a couple other reviews stated that the XEON parts scuff easily and that the material seems old, faded and the color seems off... yes the XEON does scuff so not a great daily wear but this is easily fixed by spraying a reflective clear coat on it. you can search the web to easily find some.... Now let me address the color and quality comments by reminding everyone this shoe is SUEDE! not regular LEATHER. suede imprints differently and shows color differently then then hard leather. so in certain light I am sure the color might seem a bit off or faded but that's true about any shoe color and different lighting. So based off the material these are made with there is nothing wrong with the color or logo print of these shoes. lastly I gave these 4 out of 5 stars for one reason. the reflective part of the shoe is glued to the geometric part of the shoe and on my Red pair you cant tell at all, but on my green pair there are a few spots where you can see the glue squeezing out into little bubbles in the reflective cut-outs. normally this wouldn't be a big deal because you could take a exact-o knife and cut off the extra no problem, but this is a reflective material that will easily scratch so using any type of sharp/hard edge to clean it up only results in tiny scratches in the corner which are only obvious up close and when its reflecting. still nobody likes to have to clean glue off of their new shoes. over all i love these shoes and i will probably purchase the Black ones before the summer starts. ... read more

Prismatic Punk, Colorado, USA
Superstar Shoes
Superstar Shoes
April 16 2016
Bad condition when opened

i thought they looked amazing till i looked at them up close the Adidas sign on the lip was faded out like what leather looks like when it is used up an other little things so i would not spend 120 on these shoes trust me! plus they kinda looks orange ...... ... read more

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