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Reviews for: Men Originals Shoes sale

20 reviews
Superstar Shoes Geometric glitter!
May 16 2016

I purchased the Red and Green version of these superstars and both pairs of shoes fit the exact same way so at least i can say their is some consistency to the size/fit. I am flat-footed which gives me a wider foot then most people and I think these shoes feel amazing, but that means if your a high arch or narrow foot person you will probably think these shoes are too roomy; as far as foot length from heel to toe it is spot on! so don't get a smaller size for a tighter fit unless your okay with sacrificing toe room, I just suggest tying your shoes tight or wearing thick socks... Now to the shoe design! for hat is clearly the combination of two pieces of material (geometric shapes upper layer and the under reflective layer) these shoes do not feel thick, bulky or heavy. the look itself is incredible when the light reflects off the shoes just right it looks amazing! technically all the shoes have a rainbow reflection but it seems each color shoe has a different hue of rainbow. For example the Green seem to reflect more so Blue/green spectrum while on the Red pair the full rainbow reflects fairly evenly but with an emphasis on orange and yellow... regardless of the spectrum these shoes do reflect and do look amazing for a simple geometric pattern and it was genius to add the cut-outs to give it depth and dimension. next let me say a couple other reviews stated that the XEON parts scuff easily and that the material seems old, faded and the color seems off... yes the XEON does scuff so not a great daily wear but this is easily fixed by spraying a reflective clear coat on it. you can search the web to easily find some.... Now let me address the color and quality comments by reminding everyone this shoe is SUEDE! not regular LEATHER. suede imprints differently and shows color differently then then hard leather. so in certain light I am sure the color might seem a bit off or faded but that's true about any shoe color and different lighting. So based off the material these are made with there is nothing wrong with the color or logo print of these shoes. lastly I gave these 4 out of 5 stars for one reason. the reflective part of the shoe is glued to the geometric part of the shoe and on my Red pair you cant tell at all, but on my green pair there are a few spots where you can see the glue squeezing out into little bubbles in the reflective cut-outs. normally this wouldn't be a big deal because you could take a exact-o knife and cut off the extra no problem, but this is a reflective material that will easily scratch so using any type of sharp/hard edge to clean it up only results in tiny scratches in the corner which are only obvious up close and when its reflecting. still nobody likes to have to clean glue off of their new shoes. over all i love these shoes and i will probably purchase the Black ones before the summer starts. ... read more

Prismatic Punk, Colorado, USA go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes Good running shoe
May 14 2016

A very comfortable shoe with a neoprene like feel to the upper layer. The sole is different and is very giving for running but beware if using them to drive as the cutout makes pedals a bit of a faff. ... read more

LondonPeter go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes 5/5 would recommend!!
May 12 2016

Been lusting these for a year or so now and finally purchased them on discount. Really happy with them and the fact that I yet managed to grab them! Comfy and stylish af but driving a car is a bit awkward with them.. Especially a manual gear one. The gap on the outsole fits just to the pedals so the touch is a bit odd.. Also the size is a bit loose, would recommend to go one or even one and a half sizes down your normal one.. Otherwise 5/5 buy!!! ... read more

Thenormalone, London, UK go to product
Handball Spezial Shoes Great show, need half a size up
May 05 2016

The shoes are great, really supportive arch and lovely quality suede. Will be ordering half a size larger as they're slightly too small in terms of length but the width is perfect. Would definitely recommend ... read more

Charlo72 go to product
Handball Spezial Shoes Good fit for a woman
May 04 2016

I'm a woman and I ordered these shoes because I wanted a classic looking style. I normally wear a women's 7.5 and I ordered these in a 6, which is perfect. The width is just a tiny bit wide for me, but that's mostly solved by lacing them a little bit tighter than they arrived. They're super comfortable for wearing all day, walking and and riding my bike. I love the arch support and the sturdy sole. I only wish Adidas offered more retro styles for women. ... read more

Carina27 go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes ****Sizing is the Key to C-O-M-F-O-R-T(COMFORT)!!!!
May 02 2016

This sizing review applies for for: AdidasTubular Runner/ Tubular Nova Suede/Tubular X(High Top Version), but not Adidas Tubular Radials I got a size 9.5(US Mens) in these, but keep in mind that I'm a size 10 in the OG Ultra Boost. Also I'm a size 10.5 in Air max, which gives you an idea of what to expect. With my fit in these I prefer more that 0.25" of room, but less than 0.5". ... read more

ColoradoSt8, Colorado Springs, CO go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes Good design, but not good quality
April 30 2016

I do not know if it‘s because my shoes are discounted goods. The shoe edge should be flat and smooth, while I can see the lots of wrinkles on the edge. My left shoe edge is flat and right one is not. I have no time to exchange for another pair and I still feel disappointed about the quality. Anyway, I still like its total design. ... read more

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ZX Flux Weave Shoes New shoes
April 23 2016

I recently purchased a pair of these as I liked the pattern. They are really comfortable and stylish, light yet sturdy enough for walking all day long. They are vegan friendly too, so thumbs up all round! ... read more

Pat68, Ireland go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes Tubular runner!!! LOve
April 17 2016

I really like my shoes. But there is one recommend for those who wants to buy a pair of Tubular shoes is you should choose the size that is smaller than your real size. Other thing is completely OK. Let's buy one and see what u will receive :))) ... read more

MintNguyen, Finland go to product
Superstar Shoes Bad condition when opened
April 16 2016

i thought they looked amazing till i looked at them up close the Adidas sign on the lip was faded out like what leather looks like when it is used up an other little things so i would not spend 120 on these shoes trust me! plus they kinda looks orange ...... ... read more

Norfolk,VA go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Nice shoes
April 01 2016

I don't usually go for shoes this bright, but I won a drawing for my choice of shoes up to $100 so I got them. I got them mainly for working out and so far so good. They were a bit more narrow than expected but I think after breaking them in they'll be fine. Still very comfortable. The glow in the dark is great! ... read more

amuai99, Richland, WA go to product
Superstar Shoes I am a girl and I bought this guy shoe. Should say unisex
March 25 2016

I must say to person to owns a lot of shoes this one is my favorite ever. Great style and super comfortable. I have been suffering from plantar fascitis for while and this shoes is so comfortable don't make my pain worse. I love so much I got the silver one also. ... read more

Always in style, Nyc go to product
ZX Flux Weave Shoes Bad (f)luck(x)
March 17 2016

Bought these as a substitute for the Pure Boost ZG Prime when those weren't available. They became available,so these weren't needed. Undeniably cool trainer though! Zx Flux are one of the best. New classics. ... read more

Dee77, Scotland go to product
Rod Laver Shoes New design, diminished quality
March 12 2016

A single shoe from the new design weighs about 6 ounces more than the original design (19 ounces versus 13 ounces). These shoes are no longer good for everyday use. For those who know and love the original design: put these on a mantel. I have been a faithful owner of the Rod Laver shoe for 15 years and I was awestruck by the weight of the new design, right out of the box. They are very clunky. I gave this design a try in spite of its weight, but it fails. "New gum outsole for improved traction and grip"? Not so. The outsoles have worn down quickly and I am feeling worn from toting an extra 12 ounces of shoe around. I implore Adidas on behalf of sport and active use, to restore the design to its reasonable proportions. Please, and thank you. ... read more

go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes Happy with shoe for general wear not for training in
March 11 2016

I have a lot of sneakers for different training reasons and to wear in general - to actually train in them I rate them average and not ideal for running as there is not that much support around the foot it doesn't hug your foot I even rolled my ankle the first time because of the height of the shoe - to wear them all day and standing up all day I'd recommend them ... read more

Bellalynda, Sydney go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Comfortable and has a unique style
March 03 2016

The strips on the shoes are reflective and the rest of the shoes are glow in the dark. These shoes are really comfortable and the color is an eye catcher. Just a heads up, the attached picture has been brightened up a little by my camera. It does get bright but just not as bright as the picture makes it seem. ... read more

rpagala, Pahoa, HI go to product
Handball Spezial Shoes Best trainers ever!
March 03 2016

These trainers are awesome! This is my second pair and they have lasted me well. They are extremely comfortable and durable, easy to clean and most importantly I can wear them with anything. I really like the classic design. I highly recommend them! ... read more

Mariamg, UK go to product
Handball Spezial Shoes Great shoe slightly narrow
February 29 2016

I have stupidly large feet and struggle to get nice looking shoes. The design of these is spot on. They are simple and comftable, the only down side is they are on the narrow side but that's fine as they hug my feet better. Great shoe only a 4 because of the narrowness. They make a nice basketball style squeek on polished floors too, extra points ... read more

Uk go to product
Tubular Runner Shoes A steal at $65
February 20 2016

I had to get a full size down. Normally a size 13 but had to go for a 12 instead. Material on the upper fits nice, pretty comfy but nothing compared to the boost technology. I'm going to keep them but I wouldn't pay full retail for them. ... read more

Baylz go to product
Handball Spezial Shoes Stylish old school
February 18 2016

Just ordered them.My brother got them in 91. I loved them then i love them now. Ot brings memories back. I also got the blue ones. They are stylish old school,easy to wear with casual clothes.Be carefull washing them.Do not use the washing machine cause they are suede and the colour will torn out. Check photo. Overall you must have them if you love adidas original. ... read more

skatman, greece go to product
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