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Men • GSG • Training

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Reviews for: Men GSG Training

20 reviews
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Awesome Buy
January 14 2016

My boots just got in.I ordered a size nine and they fit just perfect so order half size bigger I recommend. Also I was scared that the color was going to be off due to other reviews I read. I was expecting mustard color and theyre a hemp color beige. They're freaking awesome ! getting another pair asap ... read more

Kevin4 go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Perfect, but the color was not desert tan
September 11 2015

Okay, so when I read all the reviews about how it was more yellow then tan I was a bit sceptical. I have been buying stuff from adidas for years and finally decided to buy these for hiking. Let me tell you that THEY ARE THE BEST FEELING THINGS I HAVE EVER PUT ON MY FEET!!! They are SSSOOOOO comfortable and fit my feet EXACTLY!!!! I never thought that I would ever find anything like these. They feel great! They are also suprisingly light weight too! I normally wore the Kanadia TR series for my daily and hiking shoe and these gsg9.3s feel almost the same weight. Now onto the color as I know people want to hear about that. If you look at the picture of the shoes, they do actually look a bit yellowish anywhere but the middle spot were the adidas 3 lines trademark logo thingy is. That part is actually the only part that is actually desert tan. In person the yellowish part does look a bit more yellow but not highlighter yellow like some other person wrote. I found that if you go to Micheals the craft store they have fabric spray paint dyes. I found a desert tan and to my suprise, it actaully made it look like a desert tan then a what I was imagining it would. I thought it would come out dark but no, it came out perfect! Afterwards I did spray a water repellant on them just incase as I did not want the dye to either fade out or come out when I walked throught streams, which is part of the reason I got the water repellent in the first place. I have a friend that just used brown shoe polish and it turned out better then the yellowish but darker than a desert tan. It wasn't that bad looking either. I let him use some of my water repellent spray and both of our color fixers have been staying in place for about 3 months now. In summery, I love the things as they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn before, but I do wish they were actually a desert tan. I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! ... read more

mrgw98, Tennessee, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Great boot
September 03 2015

Nice boot, but runs small. I wear a size 12 normally, but had to exchange the boots for size 13. Now they fit perfect. Just not sure why Adidas runs so small. Anyway, once you get the correct size, they fit really nice. ... read more

the real pacman, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Best Boots Ever
August 17 2015

After reading the reviews, I bought these boots for a 2 reasons. First, almost all the reviews stated the boots were comfortable. These boots are super comfortable, whether I am on the street or in the office. The boots feel like I am wearing regular Adidas sneakers, which by the way are my favorite and the only sneakers that I buy. The second reason I bought them was they were purported to be yellow in color and I love to be different and push the envelope. I was hoping that they would be yellow, so I would look the contrarian, I actually am. Well the boots came in desert tan, so I was a little surprised but totally happy. If you are looking for boots that work well both on and off duty, these are yours! I would recommend these to any and all! ... read more

Bootsy, New York State go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Most lightweight and flexible boots for me!
May 19 2014

As an outdoor military simulation sport enthusiast i really looking for durable but also flexible and lightweight boots that is comfort for in ankle, adidas gsg 9.3 desert match this requirement well, its just the color a bit yellowish, but after some games on dirt and mud it got tan! i just love this boot and excite as excited as i first time opened the box. ... read more

loudtango, Jakarta go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Top-notch boot
April 24 2014

I don't know the best way to describe these--but they really are something special. They feel like extra-high-top basketball shoes in terms of comfort and fit, but are unlike any type of basketball shoes I've ever worn. They look and perform like high-end tactical boots, but fit and wear unlike any boots I owned during 9 years in an Active Duty US Army rapid-deployment unit. I usually take a size 13D, but I had to order these boots in a 14 so that they would fit in terms of both length and width. I have horrible high arches, but the arch support in these boots makes any/all pain/fatigue fade promptly away. Probably the most pleasing and comfortable footwear I own. Once the laces are tied my feet are snugly and securely fastened into a pleasing and hard-wear footpiece. I am now a civilian so the color doesn't matter to me--but I will say that these are not brown or sand-colored like current US Army issue. They actually more resemble the paint that the German AfrikaKorps used on its vehicles in WWII--maybe because Adidas is a German company? And they make these boots for their GSG-9 counterterrorism unit . . . whose uniform color schemes are much different than those of the US? I receive compliments daily with these . . . with most people incredulous that Adidas would make a tactical boot at all. I am extremely pleased . . . and I think you will be as well. ... read more

JDJO, AZ go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Perfect
March 19 2014

I had trouble finding a military style boot for mil-sim paintball that did not hurt my feet because I am flat footed. I always wear Adidas as a trainer so when I saw these boots I knew I found my solution. These boots feel almost like my running shoes. The only thing that would make them better is if they were taller. ... read more

Gemini02, The Colony, Texas go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Great Product
March 11 2014

Many years ago several members of an Army unit I served with ordered Adidas boots worn by the German special police (GSG-9). Those boots proved both durable and comfortable in the field and garrison, proving to be a great investment. The Adidas GSG-9.3 Desert Boot is proving to be just as durable and comfortable as those original boots. Great product! ... read more

HeloPilot, Atlanta, GA, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots GSG-9.3
January 29 2014

These boots fit true to size.A little wider than the 9.2 boots.Bought these because they were marked down to 70.00. Well worth that.When they arrived I tried them on and ordered another pair,except they had gone up to 98.00.Still below the 140.00 reg price.They did send me a 20% off e-mail.GREAT boots for the price. ... read more

CommanderCruiser, New Jersey, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Great boots !
January 28 2014

I purchased these boots to use around the house when gardening or doing other chores. They fit like a glove and are as comfortable as sneakers. I can't tell that I'm wearing boots at all. They are light and a pleasure to wear. The only improvement I would make would be to increase the the size of the tab in the back to make it easier to put the boot on or add a loop to make grabbing it easier. Regardless, I love these boots. ... read more

J.C. - del, Frederica, DE go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Finally, a narrow boot
January 19 2014

I searched and searched for a boot that would fit like a glove, but had more material than Nike. Nike lasted well, but I had to keep retying them all day long. Eventually, my feet started to ache again. Tried Danner and 5.11 with immediate disappointment because of the $ and too wide after a couple of days of wearing. These have been great, but like other users the loop on on boot just tore from the tension from laces. I work on a ranch in rocky country. The grip and feel is what I remember shoes used to fit like. They look good too once you get a little dirt on them. Put mink oil on them to bring the color down and in a couple of days they look normal. Not like a highlighter. My back hasn't been hurting or my feet like they used too everyday. The narrow fit has helped me keep my natural walk and posture rather than an average fit. Wish they had a pair for winter in this color too. Best boot so far after 6 months of trying everything that just doesn't meet my footbed. Thanks, Adidas. You've helped keep me going and not hurting! ... read more

00 00 go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Good all around boot
January 16 2014

I bought these wanting a boot to wear when I hike, hunt, and fly model airplanes. They didn't need to be for real cold weather but I wanted support and comfort. A side zipper would have been nice but even without they are really a good value. Unfortunately they didn't have wide sizes and are snug. Maybe I should have got a half size bigger. I think once I get a few miles in them they will be good but right now they are snug. I like the sand color and don't consider them yellowish at all. ... read more

EvanD, Charlotte go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Kept me on the job
October 13 2013

Due to changing fortunes, I went from a desk job to cable installation job involving constant walking and climbing ladders. After the first day, my cheap boots had worn blisters on both heels. The Adidas GSG desert boots had been on my wish list since reading about them in Seal Team Six by Howard Wasdin. As others have said, they fit like tennis shoes. Soft where needed, durable where needed, these turned out to be great boots for a light industrial work environment. Most important, these boots allowed my blisters to heal and me to keep my job. Also like others have noted, the color has a distinct yellow cast to the leather suede material. Did not matter for my use, but definitely not desert tan. After months of walking on concrete and textured ladder steps, the sole "cleats" don't show any wear. Great work boot if you don't need steel toes. ... read more

Networkguyinphx, Goodyear, AZ, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Best pair of combat boots I have ever owned
August 03 2013

I have waited a long time for the Adidas GSG9 to come in a Desert Version. I owned a pair of Adidas GSG 9.2 in Black and wore them out. Now I only wear a the Adidas GSG 9.3 at work after I made them darker. Only complain is the boots are more yellow than tan in color. This should be the standard for all future combat boots. Check them out in action on a MFF HALO jump from 12,500' AGL. ... read more

3 x War Vet, Miami, FL, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots GSG 9 Boots
June 09 2013

Great boot,fits true to size and are light/ flexible. Also has some ridgidity to them which is great. The only thing that was not to appealing was how yellow they are but wearing them a few times got rid of that. ... read more

Mbolan44, Nashville, TN, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Awesome Boots
February 03 2013

Tried many, many different boots in my 15 year career, this is by far the best. Fit, weight, overall comfort is just....awesome. feels like i am wearing tennis shoes, even after a 16 hour day. Would love to see a darker tan though, the color is to yellow, also wouldnt mind moving away fom the suede (scuffs easy). Also experianced a slight tear in the fabric, but I put em through a lot. Still the best boot of any I have ever worn!! ... read more

QWE, Kentucky go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Best footwear ive owned!!
January 25 2013

I work outdoors, indoors, on ladders, on roofs, in mud, dirt, water, heat, cold, etc. I injured my left ankle in an auto accident when I was 19. Now my ankle has arthritus but I cant slow down. I NEED a shoe/boot that is lightweight, supportive on the ankle and sport shoe like. This boot does it all. I have been an Adidas fan all my life so when looking for a new purchase I always start at Adidas. I like the quality,durability, style and comfort. I have been wearing these boots everyday since I ordered them in June 2012. They are a big part of what I do. Like a much needed tool. There is no breakdown in any stitching or anything coming apart. The only wear I see is off the bottom, which is great traction when I need to depend on it the most. I will order another pair if these ones ever wear out. I would like a medium brown pair with highlighted stripes. I gotta show off the stripes. I also have a pair of Muhamid Ali, blonde, suede, Adidas boots that I love. ... read more

Joe of all trades, Colorado Springs, CO go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Most comfortable boots I've ever worn....
August 25 2012

I bought these to take out to Burning Man this year and I have to say. I'm an avid NON-boot wearer, but wanted boots due to the dusty, desert conditions out there. I always goto Adidas first for any shoe purchase, and found these boots here. After reading the other reviews I decided to go with them. Let me say best thing I could've done. From the moment I got these boots in and put them on, my feet were in heaven. They fit perfectly, are very soft and cushioned, and feel like they need 0 break-in time. I'm already planning to order the black version on the boots as well! They definitely have me converting over into enjoying wearing boots a LOT! I haven't worn any shoes since getting these in over a week ago. ... read more

Lake Tahoe, CA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Finally, now bring in the rest
February 03 2012

I was glad to receive my new Adidas GSG 9.3 low boots the other day. I too had seen these available in the European market and had inquired with US customer service about their availability in the US market. I am desperately wanting to get the GSG 9.4, black low boots. I wish the US site would offer the same thing as the either the UK of German sites. As far as fit and finish these are much truer to size than the original GSG 9's, of which I had several pair, to include both the black and the desert versions. These new boots are not as narrow as the older boots, but seem a little stiff out of the box. Two days of tromping about have properly broken them in. The laces on this version are also properly sized, and are not too long. All in all I am pleased with the purchase and will probably purchase a few extra pair to set aside as future replacements. ... read more

Paulie O, Atlanta, GA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Awesome boot
January 17 2012

I owned the gsg9 v1 in black and desert wore them in uniform deployed and home awesome boots....i really hope they sell these in the "high" boot next i have seen them in the European markets hopefully they show up here ... read more

fuzzy head, Ft. Campbell, KY go to product
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