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Men • Grey • Originals • Lifestyle • Shoes

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Los Angeles Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Superstar Festival Pack Shoes Men's Originals
$ 80
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Superstar Festival Pack Shoes Men's Originals
$ 80
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Superstar Graphic Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Campus 2.0 Shoes Men's Originals
$ 70
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ZX 8000 Blue Boost Shoes Men's Originals
$ 140
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ZX Flux Shoes Men's Originals
$ 90
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Wings Floral Shoes Originals
$ 220
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Equipment Running Support 93 Shoes Men's Originals
$ 130
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Spezial Shoes Men's Originals
$ 75
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Samba MC Shoes Men's Originals
$ 70
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SL Loop CT Shoes Men's Originals
$ 95
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adidas SL Loop Runner Shoes Men's Originals
$ 75
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Blue Boost Shoes Originals
$ 150
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SL Loop Racer Shoes Men's Originals
$ 51.99 $ 75
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ZX 8000 Boost Shoes Men's Originals
$ 83.99 $ 140
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ZX Flux Shoes Men's Originals
$ 84.99 $ 95
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Rod Laver Shoes Men's Originals
$ 45.99 $ 65
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739 reviews
ZX Flux Shoes New favourite sneaker
December 26 2014

This shoe is amazing! Looks great with a casual outfit and rolled up jeans or for when I'm going for a jog. They are super comfy and they came with additional red laces so I could change the laces from black to red! Overall, great purchase, however it was a little big, I'm a size 8 in all my sneakers but when they got delivered and I tried them they were a bit big but nothing that a few tighter laces can't fix, but I do recommend go half a size down. ... read more

Mirvat, Sydney, Australia go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Coolest Shoe Around
August 11 2014

I have two pairs of Fluxes. They are amazing shoes. Not only do they fit perfectly and feel wonderful, but they are also one of the cleanest shoes available. They are stylish enough, and versatile enough, to wear in any situation and I always receive compliments. Buy these shoes, you will definitely not regret it. ... read more

green15tt, Austin, TX, USA go to product
Rod Laver Shoes Disappointment
April 24 2014

Since they first came out in the 70s, I've owned about 12 dozen pairs of Rod Laver tennis shoes. I was excited to see them come back recently, but I'm not happy with the new model so far (rec'd a couple days ago). There's a flaw in the white stitching above the toe that I'll probably notice every time I put them on, and the shoes weigh considerably more than the old ones (I checked because I still have the old ones). I would return the new ones, but I destroyed the shipping box and I don't want to bother w/ repackaging them. If I bought them locally, I'd return them, but so be it. C'est la guerre living life online. ... read more

Tomcat, Corvallis, OR, USA go to product
Campus 2.0 Shoes SO GLAD THEY'RE BACK!
January 05 2015

These are my favorite shoes of all-time and I'm so glad they're back! It's been really difficult to find them in my size over the past couple of years (though I've managed to get lucky with random websites a couple of times). They're durable, comfortable, and versatile, and I think they look good too. My one recommendation would be to offer these in more colors! Ideally navy and dark gray, in addition to black and light gray. I'd really like a navy pair and hope to see them on here soon! ... read more

Campus2.0Fan go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Quality Purchase
April 24 2014

I love the style and the way in which the shoes stand out in a crowd. They are very comfortable and the images on the website come true to the eye when received in real life. I would recommend this product to anyone as the they are true to size and offer great freshness in the feet. However, the only down side of these shoes is the when they get wet but they do try quickly. ... read more

Robinson24, Manchester go to product
ZX Flux Shoes sharp, high performing shoe
May 26 2014

Now a happy owner of ZX Flux shoes, light and comfy. You'll need to figure the sizing however as I'm wearing a size greater than normal. Fit is excellent, and, as usual very supporting whether walking the high street or running a few kilometres. Breathable upper fabric maintains a good temp and allows moisture to escape easily. Another set of contrasting laces was a nice unexpected touch. Price is a expected for this section the market. ... read more

geeze, South Wales go to product
ZX Flux Shoes excellent shoe but takes a bit of getting used to
May 05 2015

I bought these shoes as a general purpose trainer for informal occasions. The look and feel is spot on for this. When I first put them on I thought that the arch support on the left shoe was a bit prominent. I then went on as walk around a park and after about 5 or 6k they are now really comfortable. So if you feel the same then try a long-ish walk in them and then see how they are you probably won't be disappointed. Ps I am not saying they are suitable for going up a mountain in. But walking round a park with mainly tarmaced paths they are fine!! ... read more

engineerandy, north east england go to product
ZX 8000 Boost Shoes Runs slightly large, but an awesome shoe overall.
April 08 2015

I usually wear 11s and ordered these in that size. There's some room in the toe buy they still fit well. Other than that, the shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Very good looking too. ... read more

wasdf, New York go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Great shoes!
February 18 2015

So i went to Adidas Originals yesterday with my friend and decided to purchase the black zx flux in a size 6. I normally go half a size up due to comfort. However there being none, i tried the size 7. Slides of my foot. Stuck with size 6 but overall it is very stylish, comfortable and a shoe that can be worn with anything. Adidas, please make half sizes, this is the only reason why i wrote 4/5, because it does feel tight, but something i can bear for a little while. I hope they stretch just like a guy said. I know these are unisex, but people like me with feet that have half sizes will suffer, plus if this was to happen i would buy all of them!!! ... read more

Annicha, Australia go to product
Campus 2.0 Shoes Adidas campus NEEDS to comeback in all its majesty
January 23 2015

Campus has to be my favorite adidas shoes and as a lot of people may found out, they're pretty difficult to find, I heard they're deadstock, it's a shame...until now, it's so great that adidas decided to re-release them again. Navy blue color is almost impossible to find now, I really really hope adidas consider to release them. For the last couple of years I was able to find the black, gray and blue ones in my size. ... read more

pogo_CL, Chile go to product
adidas SL Loop Runner Shoes Great
September 09 2014

I love these shoes. These shoes are very comfortable and they offer great support for walking around and even running, the one disappointing thing is that with most running shoes they offer a sort of bounce when running that these shoes don't but by not doing it build up your leg strength so there's a positive and negative side. Definitely recommend, worth the price, look great, will wear for a while. I ordered a size up because I have a tad wider feet. ... read more

reversewhatslost, St. Augustine, FL, USA go to product
adidas SL Loop Runner Shoes
August 07 2014

I'm in utter shock what's going on here. Here I am, an Adidas fan of the prior bounce and new boost lineup, finding it hard to believe that the runner is the best pair I've worn so far. I've invested +$100 in the boost technology one year ago and wore it devotionally; I thought it was the god of all running shoes, but dang did it come at a cost. But then I stumbled upon these, thinking that id wear it for casual wear and style. One day I forgot my boosts at home, so I decided to test these out at the gym. It did me wonders. Comfortable, great absorption at the heel, amazing. Man, did I put other runners to shame when I silently ran past them while they stomp the track. So here I am, again, questioning how these $75 dollar shoes managed to surpass my expectations and match up to the legendary boost technology. Few trivial concerns: annoying crease line at the back of the shoe, every time I sit down and sprawl out my legs I feel the crease line nudging my heel; I'm used to Adidas' usual tight fit but this one runs a little bigger; can feel it slip a little off when I did calf raises, perhaps because it ran a little bigger and the mouth of the shoe has a stretch-like material. ... read more

Assdfgghjjk go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Stylish everyday shoe
April 13 2014

Had my eyes on the zx flux since seeing a Facebook post of a 3-pack in black in the UK earlier this year, excited that they are finally available in the US. I love the simple, subtle yet stylish look. The new navy has a great deep blue color. Great fit and comfort. Planning to wear these primarily for casual outings paired with jeans and a t-shirt, and occasionally while working out. ... read more

Dredog43, Missouri, USA go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Got 'em
April 25 2015

I actually bought these shoes for work..I walk around all day and wanted something comfortable and that looked good. Keep in mind I'm a big dude and won't be running in these shoes. But they are very comfortable, I'm always worried that any shoe will end up feeling to narrow after wearing them for 8 hours,but these didnt! I was actually talking to a friend about them saying I might just buy another pair to wear outside of work. Also, you can feel all the support in these shoes. Very happy ... read more

Swindow, Brodgeton ,nj go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Nice trainers but I feel a little bit cheated...
May 23 2014

I bought a pair of red ZX Flux's and they look nice, but the only issue I have is that they appear a lot more orange than red. I can't help but feel a little bit cheated because I really wanted the red pair, so it would be ideal if your team can re-upload some new pictures which actually show how the trainers will appear in real life. I'd still recommend the trainers, but it would depend on the colour of the shoe. ... read more

TMM1511, London, UK go to product
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