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Men • Green • Running • Shoes

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Reviews for: Men Green Running Shoes

368 reviews
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Believe the hype
April 26 2016

This is my first pair of shoes from Adidas with the boost tech and will not be my last. The shoes are a tiny bit on the narrow side, but expected for runners. Extremely comfortable, well made, and very comfortable. You feel the boost with every stride. ... read more

BeeMan, Toronto go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes
April 24 2016

The adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime is carefully engineered with a Primeknit upper giving the shoe a more fluid feel and comfortable fit. Visibly, the molded eyestay gives the shoe a more dynamic fit that hugs your foot like a second skin. Natural fit, plus the EVA outsole, offers a smooth ride along with the comfortable Boost cushioning. Again, you can’t ever go wrong with Boost. ... read more

Slaz go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Fantastic Fit
April 24 2016

Only done a couple of short runs in these so far but they are a great fit. Could be a little more snug in the heel which some people prefer but I don't mind a little bit of movement. Feel great under foot and hold firm across the arch. ... read more

Cookie0278, Sydney, Australia go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Great buy
April 21 2016

I am very pleased with this product,I did choose the wrong colour but in spite of that I really do like them, I have found that because I have a problem with my knees, that these shoes have helped and make walking a lot easier. ... read more

Joseph79, Brisbane au go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Inital thoughts
April 20 2016

My ultraboosts arrived today and I went to try them on right away but they were not what I expected they felt a little to tight and the part where your foot enters the shoe seemed to be squeezing my ankle a little too much, who knows maybe they will loosen up but for now not as comfortable as everyone says. ... read more

VERA1, Jacksonville, NC go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Awesome
April 15 2016

Great design. Tested it out on a run; lightweight, shapes comfortably to your feet, good support for the knees, boost technology does not let down. Plus nice style, perfect to wear at any time. Overall, awesome pair of shoes! ... read more

DJ323 go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes These shoes are great
April 11 2016

I pronate so I usually purchase new balance to protect my knees when I run but with these shoes I have protection and comfort at r the same time , it feels like your running in space, wonderful product I will get some more but different colors to match my outfit for that day, adidas has always made better products than the competition hands down ... read more

Mickey mouse, California go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes One of my favorite running shoe
April 09 2016

First, good job Adidas!! Pure boost right now is one of my best purchase. Soft, comfortable like a sock. supportive and flexible, most important, perfect choice not just for running, but also for daily wearing. ... read more

go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes 2 Days of walking, They ripped
April 08 2016

I waited for an extended amount of time, longer than the shipping said it would take. So I was very excited for these shoes, the moment I got them I put them on. Loved how they felt and everything, but 2 days later I find a huge rip near the bottom of the laces. The quality of this shoe is the worst Ive every gotten honestly, no other shoe has really ripped like this for me. ... read more

Zsully go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Give them a try!
April 08 2016

got these for the looks alone - as they look great. easily one of the most comfiest trainers i own. got nothing but compliments from friends. great fit too considering i have slightly wide feet. not ran in them, so can't comment. ... read more

popjunkie, London, UK go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Great shoe-affordable price
April 08 2016

I just purchased these shoes 2 weeks ago. Comfortable wearing with sock-like type of shoe. And boost technology is greater than I expected, it's like lifting your feet and going around by this pair of shoes brings comfort to my feet. ... read more

Hoangloc, Vietnam go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best running shoe ever
April 07 2016

Boost is the best technology I ever seen on a shoe grate for long walks perfect for running and amazing for everyday use I highly recommend these shoes to anybody fits through the size and the boost is just amazing ... read more

Philadelphia pa go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Nice Shoes...
April 06 2016

Had these for a few weeks now and done a fair bit or running in them. They are very comfortable and do provide good shock absorbsion. Only slight niggle is the effort it takes to actually get them on as they are of the 'sock' type design and can't just be slipped into. Anyway, so far so good.... ... read more

Malc2001, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Color
April 02 2016

If you saw any of the original ultra boost, you would be surprised. You you'll be surprised because the old colors looked so appealing to the eye but these new colors are trash. Ex: surcharge the all white or all gray ... read more

Jack23096, Los Angeles,CA go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Extremely Uncomfortable Shoes
April 01 2016

The sole of shoe is great but when it comes to any other are the shoes fail dramatically. The shoes are extremely uncomfortable, u cant do the one thing in them for which they are made "Running". As soon as you start to run the sides of the shoes tightens the grip with each step making it an extremely uncomfortable experience. ... read more

India go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes The most comfortable shoes I own
April 01 2016

I brought these trainers wanting the comfort of the Ultra Boosts but didn't want to pay as much. Overall very happy with my purchase. I spent a weekend on holiday walking around in these trainers and they were really comfortable and made walking a lot less tiring on my feet. The construction of the shoes is solid and the reflective stripes are a nice touch. I would recommend these trainers to anyone looking for Adidas trainers with pureboost technology. ... read more

JonHM, London go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Best Running Shoe Ever!
March 26 2016

The Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes are one of the best purchases I have made! These lightweight and highly comfortable shoes are a pleasure to run in. The boost™ technology really gives you a boost, and it feels like you are running way faster. These shoes fit true to size, but if you feel worried, order a half size up. If you are looking into the Ultra Boosts, these are a much better choice. The EVA outsole stretches to accommodate the stretching of your foot, and won't rub away, unlike the outsole of the Ultra Boosts. The Primeknit upper is very stretchy, but doesn't compress your foot. I cannot stress how comfortable these are. My knees had been killing me, but ever since I started wearing these shoes, my knees are almost as good as new. These shoes are worth everything I paid for...and I HIGHLY advise the purchase of these shoes. ... read more

JMoneySwagCash, Wisconsin, United States go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Extremely comfortable
March 26 2016

To me, these are even more comfortable than my ultra boosts (and I did't think that was possible). Great for running and the gym. Also, they look even better on feet than they do in the pictures. The boost tech. just gets better and better ... read more

Don O'C, Louisiana go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Dissatisfied
March 24 2016

I was excited to see the new trainers for sale as the aesthetic and fit are great. They are light, comfortable and overall a nice design. What I personally believe lets them down is the build quality. There is an irritating piece of nylon thread (or something similar) that must be used in the construction that sticks out of the padding into the back of the heel causing discomfort. For the cost, I would have expected perfection as have always been pleased with Adidas as my choice of trainers for running and the gym. ... read more

Newpost, UK go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Pure boost are awesome!
March 24 2016

Love these shoes. So comfy and a great fit. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a fashionable pair of comfy sneakers. I'm sure that they are great for running too, but I bought them for the great style. ... read more

Jb80, Bristol go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Not worth the money
March 24 2016

They are light and and first. The boost the material looses it "spring" quickly and its feel becomes a bit stale. the sole does not last very long. after a month of use the soles where already worn to the boost material. wish they were designed with a tongue instead to be able to control how the knit material presses against the top of your foot. ... read more

Carlos_G, Berkeley california go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes Great Shoe , Comfortable
March 24 2016

It's really comfortable and comes with boost sole. It may not be as power as the Ultra Boost but it's definitely very comfort to wear . In fact , I think it's somehow more comfortable than Ultra Boost because it's not so structural but definitely the power of Ultra Boost is better ... read more

Melbourne, Vic go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes New favorite shoe !!!
March 23 2016

I had recently purchased two pair of Ultra Boost which had become my favorite shoe until Adidas released the Pure Boost ZG Prime. I couldn't wait to get a pair and I am so glad I took the chance and purchased them from Adidas online!! I got the black with white and red and LOVE them.. I would absolutely recommend these shoes. ... read more

Dadinspfld, Central Illinois, USA go to product
Pure Boost ZG Prime Shoes What I needed
March 20 2016

I pretty much always run in running flats but the impact was starting to take a toll on my feet and ankles. These trainers are getting a bit of getting used to in comparison but are certainly solving the issue. ... read more

Dominic0410 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Please multiple widths
March 18 2016

This shoe is one of the most comfortable as well as good looking runners ever. Unbeatable comfort and nice silhouette. The only MAJOR issue with this show is width. Unless you have super narrow feet this shoe will not fit well.... PLEASE ADD DIFFERENT WIDTH OPTIONS FOR WIDER FEET Adidas. ... read more

Kicksonfire, Los Angeles go to product
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