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Men • Black • Sport • Football

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Reviews for: Men Black Sport Football

128 reviews
adizero 5-Star 5.0 x Kevlar® Cleats Wow
January 14 2016

So the 5.0 is my favorite cleat so far I have ever. Its fit is perfect for my foot, and fits like a glove. The cushion is by far the best in the 5.0 than any other cleat in the adizero line. With a cushioned sock like the cushioned crew socks, you can survive long periods of time without your foot getting fatigue. Ventilation on the 5.0 is quite good, with the new tongue in the cleat the my feet can really truly breath. The traction is great. With the kevlar for extra strength, and different style studs to aid me in moving in different directions, pushing off, and sharp stoping. The quality and design are also very amazing. The quality of the materials and build of the cleat is amazing, my cleat kept clean and was very easy to wash even playing in mud and rough grass. My cleat also has no damage to the materials, I had no rips, the cleat did not stretch, and the frame and studs had no damage to them. The design was truly spectacular to me. Everything just popped and stood out on the cleat with the metallic hits. Overall I think the Adizero 5.0 gets a 5 out of 5 stars, the fit gets 4.8, the quality and design get a 5, the ventilation gets a 4.5, the traction gets a 5, and the cushion gets a 4.8. ... read more

Tre8, Chicago Il USA go to product
Crazyquick 2.0 Cleats My Thoughts
January 14 2016

I wore this cleat for a good time period in this football season. My thoughts are amazed for the most part. The cleats quality and design are good and kept clean, even on grass. Also I found very minor damage in the materials it self even playing a whole season with the cleat. The only reason I say the cleats fit is too wide or too small is because it fit me perfect like a glove. I say this because my foot is short and wide, and I think this cleat along with other Adidas cleats give me the best fit even over nike and underarmor. Also, with the tecfit upper and lace lock system I had a really nice fit with the cleat. The traction of this cleat I think is very good for astro turf and grass. With the quickframe and different studs to aid me in stoping, moving in multiply directions, and pushing off. My over all rate is a 4.5. Quality and design = 9 Fit = 9.5 Traction = 8.5 ... read more

Tre8, Chicago Il USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Adidas Knee Pads
December 28 2015

I bought this product right before my start of the year basketball tournament and arrived the day before. This is a great product for players like me who dive for the ball and play tough at the post. It wasn't heavy or restricting, but I do recommend going a size up so you don't have trouble pulling them up. Only thing that could've been better was the durability. When I dove once the padded part wasn't entirely on my knee so the floor caught the side of it and tore a small hole by the pad. Overall would recommend this to any physical player! ... read more

Swish30, California go to product
Compression Calf Sleeve Great purchase
November 25 2015

These calf sleeves cured my shin splints! My muscles have never recovered so fast. I use these during track and field, and nothing compares to how they look and function. There's ventilation is the front so heat can escape. Another great adidas product. ... read more

Helio42 go to product
Compression Calf Sleeve Pretty Great Compression Sleeves
November 23 2015

I bought two of these. They were my first compression calf sleeves. Personally, I think they could have been tighter. I got size S to make sure that they're extra snug. But I wear some crew socks pulled up over my calves under them for extra tightness. ... read more

APevtPV, Jonesboro, AR go to product
Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Cleats Ok Purchase
August 08 2015

First time you take the cleats out of the box they are kind of stiff. But once you break them in, they are really nice. The shoe runs way too narrow and makes my foot go numb. I switched out the insole for a skinnier one and that helped a little bit. Traction is perfect though. I just feel for the price, you should be getting more. ... read more

Chris53, Iowa, US go to product
Crazyquick 2.0 Cleats Good cleat for Football.
July 14 2015

I am a wide receiver and I had been looking for a good cleat to suit my needs and I found these. I played with them for a season and they were GREAT! The only thing I didn't like about them was that they were narrow a bit making them a little tight but that didn't take away from how great this cleat is. I would recommend this to anyone look for a good cleat that's easy to cut in and easy to run in. ... read more

FootballIsLife11, Texas, USA go to product
Crazyquick 2.0 High Cleats Overall good cleat
June 17 2015

Im a speed based wide receiver and these cleats aren't ideal for the position. I used to have the 5-star 3.0 and they were more ideal for the position, these cleats are a lot heavier compared to them (obviously) although they offer a lot of traction, stability, comfort and ankle support. Off the start of my routes I felt slower and my beginning cuts were slow and acceleration was decreased but that was expected. Although once I reached top speed the traction kicks in and i could make my top speed cuts and changes in direction A LOT easier. Unless you need to reach a high speed really fast, these cleats are ideal for lineman, and other power positions based on your style. But the traction is great I didn't slip at all compared to the star 3.0s, although i haven't tried the 4.0s yet. Definitely one of the most comfortable cleats ive ever worn before during and after playing. They felt very blocky and slowing me down but like i said, unless you are used to light cleat i cant imagine much of a difference. The ankle support is majestic. I don't see any problems in durability except for creasing, but that's okay. Pros: Traction ankle support comfort Top speed cuts Cons: weight minor size issues (but i have small feet) acceleration from start blockiness Ideal position: 1- Lineman 2-maybe linebacker ... read more

SFuba, Royersford, PA go to product
Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Cleats LOVE these cleats.
April 30 2015

Feel as light as the Adizero but with more toe protection, and the mid-top design with the neoprene sock allows a player to play without being spat, eliminating any extra tape weight. Great traction on grass and turf. Better than the RG3's played in last year. ... read more

35 go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Great Knee Pads
March 30 2015

These knee pads stay in place even after playing 3 straight games in a hot gym no tugging and repositioning after every trip down the court. Worn other brands that do not match up with these, only wish they came in Navy! ... read more

K-Mack, Midland, TX go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Typical knee pad
February 23 2015

The texture and fit are nice just to bully, I will say o was looking to use them for socccer, ha. But they would be nice if I played volleyball, but as for basketball would ask for a little shape, and sleeker design ... read more

Quoxxx, Texas go to product
Compression Arm Sleeve best of the best
February 21 2015

I use this arm sleeve for all the sports I play... and this product is awesome! Ive had it for a while now and its still in awesome condition. It fits right on your arm and sometimes you dont even feel its there. I wear this product because its the best arm sleeve I have ever worn. Adidas, I love what you've done with this product. ... read more

A-Rod, Tx, USA go to product
December 18 2014

If you plan on buying these then I advise you to order a size up then what you initially think, and also order another one two sizes up (return shipping is free). The sizes are all over the place. I am about a 15" (5'11, 176lb) calf but the large was very tight. Then I ordered a XL and it's still pretty tight. Would've loved to try out the XXL but I need these for a game pretty soon and don't think I'll receive the other pair in time. Other than the grip on the sizing it seems to offer a good amount of protection and the pads flex to your movements. ... read more

Joe8845, Georgia, USA go to product
Compression Calf Sleeve Pretty good support
September 09 2014

I own a pair of these sleeves as well as the Power calf sleeve...these seem a little more breathable but not as firm a fit as the power sleeve. I like them both for support and reduces leg muscle fatigue. ... read more

S-Ahmad, Chi to STL and back again...midwest rep go to product
Compression Arm Sleeve I like them
September 09 2014

The sleeves are very breathable, and easy to wear. Supports your biceps and elbows during your games. I can say that I did feel arm stability while shooting. Doesn't necessarily improve your jumpshot, but not much fatigue factor during the course of your workout. ... read more

S-Ahmad, Chi to STL and back again...midwest rep go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Nice product -hard to find
September 07 2014

My 14yo player has wanted these for awhile. They are hard to find - happy to find the Adidas direct store. He likes them a lot, the size small fits a 100lb kid well. Did not realize only 1 came in the package when ordered from our reg online sports store. Then they out of stock there again. Adidas store had the other one we needed at the same price. Happy with them so far. ... read more

AC Basketball mom, Denver, CO, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Worth the money
September 07 2014

I have torn my meniscus in both knees and after wearing these pads they feel great. I wear these over other knee pads and they give me great support. I'm not recommending wearing these pads alone if you have knee problems but they do feel comfortable. They run small. I'm usually an xl but these I had to get 2xl. ... read more

Comeback, Los Angeles go to product
Graphic Knee Pad A must buy if you play basketball!
August 30 2014

I ordered two Large Black adidas Techfit adiPower Padded Leg Sleeves and I'll be ordering more. Since I needed a padded knee sleeve for both my knees, these do more than a good job. I torn the ACL in my right knee 10 years ago and these Padded Leg Sleeves give me the compression support, as well as, the protection from the padding to play basketball everyday. After playing with these padded knee sleeves for hours the pain in both knees has been reduced by at least 80% in the hours after taking them off. On top of these good qualities, the Graphic Knee Pads are an officially licensed product of the NBA and worn by Derrick Rose and many other NBA players around the league. The fit is great, with minimal sliding down your thigh and calf. Just make sure you wash them on delicate cycle in the washer and hang dry after so they last. 5-stars across the board and a must buy for anyone that plays basketball and other sports as well. ... read more

pbradshaw1369, Newcastle, OK, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad What I Wanted
August 23 2014

Great knee pads for basketball. They fit tight and just right. I went with a large just to be sure my calf is about 13 3/4 inches. Im 5'9 and they fit good. I just wished they were solid black but thats besides the performance. ... read more

David R, Bridgeton, NJ, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Knee sleeve
June 12 2014

This is a great knee pad. Great for basketball and athletic activities. Its very durable and comfortable. I bought these because my McDavid knee sleeves had holes and didn't look good :(( These are great and the real deal! so happy i bought these. I am a point guard for aau and travel so I have a lot of pressure in my knees so these helped a lot :) Great buy folks ... read more

heyyyy, Oakton, VA, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad VERY Durable
May 29 2014

DURABILITY & PERFORMANCE: My son has wore these to practice and games for a few months now and even took a very hard fall once and these have held up to the wear and tear. They haven't ripped and the foam hasn't come loose. PROTECTION: Overall they provide good protection, but for those very rare but very hard falls onto a hard surface it won't provide 100% protection. Despite wearing these knee pads, my son still got a big bump on his knee after that very hard fall. Thank goodness he was wearing knee pads or he would've had much more damage. FIT: We went according to the size chart and the fit was accurate. COMFORT: My son says these are very comfortable and do not restrict his movement. The fabric is very light weight but durable. In summary, this is by far the most durable and comfortable knee pad my son has tried. I would highly recommend these knee pads and plan on purchasing 2 more pairs for my daughter. ... read more

peshcale, South Dakota, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad
February 26 2014

As someone who has had reconstructive knee surgery, I am looking for anything that offers support and protection without being cumbersome. While these are not a substitute for my brace, they provide a high level of support, protection and compression. When used in conjunction with my brace, I feel totally protected. If you have had knee problems or are just looking for lightweight padding and support, I highly recommend this sleeve! ... read more

SneakerShopTalk, TN go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Comfort and great fit!
February 13 2014

The Adidas Graphic Kneepad fits great, gives plenty of support and protection and you don't feel sweaty. I purchased a medium for my son to use for his basketball games and it is perfect. No more bruised up knees. I'm very happy with the purchase. I do wish it would be packaged as a pair instead of only one. But the product is definitely top of the line. ... read more

Bronx, NY, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad ~(,)~ Knees
January 30 2014

Purchased item on sale...whoohoo!!! Good Material. The knee part is flexible and protected. Used it for volleyball, I dove on them a few times. Material might be on the "too flexible" side doesn't take the beating of that sport started to tear on the inside, the foam part, a bit. Also dyed the material using iDye Poly. It's not recommended to dye/boil spandex blends. But it held up pretty well with minor damage. Looks better now. Adidas you need more color options. ... read more

adiRisingStar_*\o/*, Pasadena, TX, USA go to product
Graphic Knee Pad Really Wise Purchase
January 28 2014

I really am grateful for the knee pad. I play basketball and I was constantly hurting my knees either fron fall or I sprained it. The graphic knee pad helps me whenever I play because of the padding and the compression. ... read more

Joven, Paramount, CA, USA go to product
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