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Men • Gazelle • Lifestyle

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Gazelle OG Shoes Men's Originals
$ 95
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Gazelle OG Shoes Men's Originals
$ 85
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Gazelle Indoor Shoes Men's Originals
$ 71.99 $ 90
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115 reviews
Gazelle OG Shoes Maybe A Little Bigger!
May 16 2013

I'm usually a UK 9 but ordered a UK 9.5 for these and they're perfect! So maybe try go up 1/2 a size or a full size up. Other than that shoes are amazing. Material is perfect. Very Comfortable shoes. Delivery was very fast for standard delivery. Find it much easier and cheaper to order from here then go to a local shop even though it would be faster. ... read more

kinsellajordan, Dublin, IE go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes The best trainers out?
January 03 2014

These have to be the nicest looking pair of trainers out there in my opinion. Adidas' attention to simple, sleek timeless classic designs with no over the top details, is a winner for me. It's products like this that set Adidas above Nike as a premium sportswear brand but with one eye firmly on fashion. ... read more

JDMUFC99, Belfast go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes You'll probably need to go up a size.
January 14 2012

I really wanted to give my Adidas Gazelles a high rating, I really did, but something odd has happened with Adidas over the past few years. Every pair of shoes that I own are 45s (10 1/2)...every pair, which includes a pair of Gazelles bought 4 or 5 years ago (made in China) that fit perfectly. Unquestionably, 45 is my shoe size. However, recent purchases from Adidas have been painfully small….literally. I bought a pair of Gazelles a couple of years ago (made in Vietnam), but after I squeezed my feet in to them, I realised that they were far too small and I slung them in to the darkest corner at the back of the wardrobe. I was hoping that this was an anomaly, but my latest attempt at buying a pair of Gazelles from the online store found that these were also too small and had to be returned...45s, it seems, are no longer 45s in Adidas World. I love Adidas Gazelles, but it's a waste of time buying them from the Adidas online store. Better to visit one of their retail stores and try a pair a size or two up. ... read more

MikeyG, London, UK go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Sleak & Slim for the WIN!
March 01 2012

Now although I made this purchase because all the other blue shoes on were out of size 10, this pair was none the less exactly what I needed. The gripes are toe is a bit narrow, the laces are a bit thin, and the cushioning inside could be a little thicker. Though over all these shoes are worth it. Maybe not worth $80, no offense, that is a bit pricey for something that probably isn't much different than most of the $60 shoes on here. I'm happy with them, and will be keeping them fresh for every bboy & Hip Hop jam to come. ... read more

DJ RX Seventy Eight, Detroit, Michigan go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Extremely comfy but small sizing
January 07 2013

I am normally a size 12 in most shoes but with these I have had to get a 13.5. I am just grateful that they do a 13.5 in them. They are extremely comfortable and look great too. I would definitely recommend these to anybody. ... read more

FreakFeet22, Yorkshire go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Really good shoe
January 24 2012

Really good lookin shoe from the colour and comfort I would def buy another pair.the fit is excellent purchase was really easy and delivery was fas well done Adidas great product would def recommend to a friend!!!!!!!' ... read more

Madhatter, Bushmills norther Ireland go to product
Gazelle Indoor Shoes OH G!
August 29 2011

you can't beat the style and comfort of the gazelle,,,unless you butter it up with luxurious green suede and slap on a sticky clear gum sole!! these are amazing og releases! the suede is top top quality, no break in needed with these! soft fuzzy insole provides plenty of support and comfort with or w/o socks. an extra set of laces provided allows for a quick lace swap, the greens look better, imo. get the green, get the black, but get one or both..these are still pre-order in EU shops, and most don't even get the green, they have a blue suede model, which is equally nice, but not released stateside yet. highly recommend these for og collectors! ... read more

prescott AZ go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Go up 0.5 with Adidas
June 20 2014

I'm a size 10 normally but find I have to get a 10.5 with Adidas ? Don't know if they've changed there policy as I've allways worn Adidas and been a 10 before ! I prefer these to the spezial I've also recently bought as I think there more old school they take me back to being a high school kid back in the 80s just a shame Adidas don't do an Ivan lendle tennis polo shirt that everyone wore back in the day ... read more

GLENGHISCAN, Yorkshire England go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Gazelle Blue size 13.5 (adult)
February 04 2015

Bought these for my son. As he has big feet it's hard to get fashionable trainers in a big size. It's great Adidas make these in a size 13.5 (adult) although more colours in a 13.5 would be great. I wear Gazelles myself, have done for many years. I find Gazelles to be small for their size and would go a half size/size up if you have big feet. Gazelles are like slippers, so comfortable you can wear them all day and not have sore feet. I would recommend these shoes. ... read more

Niknax, Scotland go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Awesome shoes
April 22 2014

First of all, size. I saw some reviews below that it comes out small and that you should order a size up or so.. But I am regular 8, and ordered an 8. It fits perfectly fine. Maybe because the width of my feet aren't very wide but I didn't think it came out small. And the shoe itself is actually surprisingly comfortable and looks good on mostly any pants. Love the vivid colour and the suede. ... read more

Gazellelover go to product
Gazelle Indoor Shoes can't go wrong w/ this one. but....
December 30 2011

i've been a sneakers freak all my life, wearing pairs from all the top brands: adidas, puma, nike, converse,asics.etc.... i'm not saying i'm a guru of sorts but i know i can be a very good critic or at least, an honest is my take on this pair.::: wear this to any sneaker-friendly event & you'll surely get compliments that you'll get tired hearing them. ...from the cool, vintage look to the added transparent gum outsole & then, that deep,rich shade of green. ,,man, it's all there.. this pair , though, needs to be worn 4 to 5 times , maybe more for others, before it becomes comfortable on the feet. adidas needs to soften the edges on this one in order to give the wearer that heavenly feeliing one gets from a perfectly crafted pair w/c i' do get from some of my other adidas sneakers...i rate it 4.75 for looks & 3.75 to 4.25 for comfort.(w/c may go higher w/ time) but this is a definite miust-have for all you og's out there. can't go wrong on this one.. thanks. ... read more

go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes Good For Freestyle
July 27 2015

Honestly the shoe is very flexible, comfortable and makes good use for football freestyle. The only negative thing with this shoe is it can get dirty real quickly. The sole is very nice, and siding of the shoe gives good grip for clippers, and slaps. Buy this shoe! ... read more

JustinFS go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes old skool
May 29 2015

The most beautifully designed shoe ever made (maybe a tie with the shelltoes). I remember back in the day when adidas discontinued gazelles in Canada and they were hard to find. I would buy them for $19.99, dug out of a bin at a discounter. Now I have to pay $100 more... not fair really. ... read more

AndymanToronto, Toronto go to product
Gazelle Indoor Shoes Better than expected
January 25 2015

I love these. I've got several pairs of adidas but these are one of my favourites. I always go half size up on adidas trainers but these are a generous fit and could have probably been ok with my usual size. They are wider fitting than my Gazelle OG which are more narrow. Would definitely buy again. ... read more

Daz14, Derbyshire go to product
Gazelle OG Shoes So beautiful. ;_;
December 09 2013

These have to be the best looking pair of shoes. The slim figure and suede body is beautiful to look at; was originally going to buy a pair in black, but personally the blue looks tons better. The fit is just right too; surprising given my abnormally wide feet, lol. Definitely recommend for someone wanting a pair of slim, good-looking shoes (that are actually comfortable) for running, everyday wear and the like. ... read more

monty554, Leeds, UK go to product
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