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Men • Blue • Training • Apparel

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Reviews for: Men Blue Training Apparel

151 reviews
Ultimate Tee Just wrong
April 22 2016

I bought the same shirt, same model and size in black right after Christmas. Loved it. Thought I would buy a different color so I did. So disappointing. The shirt was way too big for a small, I mean big, like large big. The last one was the same size and it was perfect. I don't got it. ... read more

San diego go to product
Techfit Base Tee Great shirt but...
April 20 2016

Overall I like the shirt. Only wish it wouldn't ride up when I run. I have the base tights too and the shirt always rides up so I have to constantly pull it back down during a run. A thin strip of clear rubber around the bottom might solve the problem! ... read more

Runr4Evr, Washington, DC go to product
Ultimate Tee Bought these thinking they were the same as the old Ultimate Tee
April 20 2016

I was a fan - these WERE great workout T-shirts - 85% poly 15% cotton - now - as others have noted they are 100% poly - not as comfortable and not as good a fit. Too bad....should have bought more back in the day :( ... read more

Loupgarou, San Francisco go to product
Essentials Jacket Best Jacket Ever
April 19 2016

I got this jacket at a store a few months ago because I thought it would be the perfect jacket for running. In my opinion, I was right. This jacket is warmer than it looks. I have worn it with only a t-shirt underneath in 40 degrees and I was fine. It was raining really hard one day and I did not have an umbrella with me at school, and my friend asked me if it was waterproof. There was only one way to find out. It is definitely waterproof. I also have the Essentials Pants and they are sufficient rain pants. The first jacket I got was the red one. As I said I got it in the store so I saw it in person and tried it on in person. I am 5'4 (still growing) and this jacket size S fit perfectly except for a couple of inches in the sleeves. PLEASE NOTE that the red jacket is much darker than the website shows it. All in all this is a good jacket for running and you can use it as a rain jacket. I loved my first one so much that I wore it out and I ordered a black one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC JACKET ... read more

PeterRuns1600, NYC go to product
Techfit Base Tee Black TechFit
April 18 2016

highly recommended it to everyone. I purchased a XL but it kinda tight for me then i decided to going up to XXL and then the XXL is perfect fit, comfortable except for the back length of the shrit is slightly short so i dont know it suppose to be like that or what but whatever. ... read more

Salt Lake City go to product
Essentials Pants Great Running Pants
April 14 2016

These pants will keep you warm in the winter, late fall, and if it is cold enough early spring. When it is warm outside a lot of sweat gathers in the legs. My phone screen was wet when I finished my run. These pants are great for warming up before and in between events at track meets. I also have the jacket made out of this material and they work together as a rain shell and rain pants. Overall they are warm and I would highly recommend these to a person who needs running pants for the colder months. ... read more

PeterRuns1600, NYC go to product
Essentials Pants Wearing them as we speak!
April 11 2016

As always, Adidas delivers a great looking, comfortable product. I'm 6"2 240 lbs, so I found these a little tight on the thighs, and just a bit short, but that isn't unusual for XL and my dimensions. The quality and look of the product is outstanding as always, I'm very pleased with this product and would buy again! ... read more

irishcoffe64, New Brunswick go to product
Sport Essentials Shorts Comfortable and smart fit
April 11 2016

Very comfortable shorts , that keep you cool when working out , i found the material a little heavy for cardio , but for weight training it's perfect and great for colder days. Material is not too thick and length is just above knees. ... read more

bubb29, Cardiff go to product
Essentials Pants Not into skinny workout pants.
April 08 2016

Like everyone else, Adidas has jumped on the 'skinny' and trim bandwagon even with these great looking pants. What used to be comfortable and relaxing pants through a workout are now too tight and constricting. All set with these terrible pants. I gave them to my daughter. ... read more

Paul J., Boston, MA go to product
Techfit Base Tee Great tshirt, comfortable and supportive!
April 08 2016

A fantastic compression base layer that does exactly what it says on the tin by keeping you cool and dry throughout. I purchased as I already had the long sleeve version that I have used throughout the winter months and have been incredibly impressed with its performance throughout. ... read more

Runfatboyrun, London go to product
Essentials Pants Climalite Fabric
March 28 2016

After wearing 3 or 4 times I found these pants to be very uncomfortable. Climalite fabric causes a continuous layer of perspiration on the skin, even with casual wear and no physical exertion. This seems to be counter active to claims of wicking away moisture. ... read more

John 1234 go to product
March 27 2016

As other reviewers here have mentioned, this shirt is NOT the same as the 20% cotton/80% polyester blend as before. The blended shirt was perfect and I'd buy every color available if they still offered it. This shirt is 100% polyester and totally uncomfortable compared to before. Definitely would not recommend. Adidas, Please bring back the cotton/polyester blend!! ... read more

vd, Chicago, IL go to product
Ultimate Tee Not what they use to be.
March 15 2016

The 85% polyester and 15% cotton was better thanow the 100% polyester. The new shirts are not the same. They fit completely different. I go to put on a small and it's too small, go to put on a medium it's too big. I have a smalls in the older shirts and they were perfect. Need to change it back to the blend of fabrics. They do not have the same feel and just suck really. ... read more

AOA go to product
Ultimate Tee Product change, I'm not coming back
March 12 2016

This used to be the BEST workout T. When other companies were busy making plastic bags, Adidas had an 85% poly/15% cotton blend workout tee. It was soft, light, and felt like a normal t shirt. Excellent moisture wicking, supremely comfortable. I bought 5 at once. As I go to replace them with more of the same, I notice that these are no longer the t shirts I used to buy. These are terrible. They feel like a shower curtain lining. I returned them immediately and will not come back to Adidas for workout shirts until they come back with the cotton/poly blend. ... read more

Makr go to product
Ultimate Tee Used to be good but no more
March 02 2016

I loved this shirt in the past but just got a new one and its itchy and not nearly as comfortable. I think its since its all polyester now with no cotton but who knows. Hope they decide to change it back in future but doubt it. ... read more

Fremen go to product
Techfit Base Tee Techfit Base Tee Short Sleeve
February 28 2016

I bought the techfit base tee in size small color black. The size small fits true to size. The sleeve length runs slightly past my elbow. The fabric is light weight and offers compression. I washed this shirt several times and the color did not fade. I recommend hang drying. Overall, this shirt is well made with exceptional fabric and designed to offer a performance and flattering fit. ... read more

Ferminator, Toms River, New Jersey go to product
Sport Essentials Shorts Another a good purchase
February 10 2016

Finally I have it, I cannot for summer to show off this lovely short. pleased to buy the top as well. P.S: Just want to remind Adidas Company that my old username DiddyLove was changed to my new username DiddyLuv, therefore I am the same person with a new username Thank You ... read more

DiddyLuv go to product
Ultimate Tee Unwearable...
February 08 2016

I have been buying these shirts for years and used to love them, but now that Adidas has removed the cotton and changed the fit, they are unwearable. Tight, itchy and uncomfortable. Not a good move, Adidas. ... read more

rwatson, New York City go to product
Ultimate Tee Great workout T!
February 08 2016

I usually wear dry fit t's from other brands but they stink. I love this shirt because it absorbs sweat yet leaving you dry and smelling good. It does show the sweat but it dry fast. I have every color except the yellow. ... read more

Albie415, Sf ca. go to product
Sport Essentials Shorts Ideal for circuit training.
February 05 2016

As my circuits involve both exercise and running, running shorts tend to be too short for the exercises and normal gym attire too long for the running. These shorts have such soft fabric that you can switch from running to sit ups, press ups to burpees and stay comfortable. At 5'10" and 12st, medium is an ideal fit and the shorts are so well tailored you could easily wear the. Casually as well. ... read more

Sherpa97, West Midlands go to product
Techfit Base Tee BUYER BEWARE -- Heather Grey is NEON YELLOW
January 29 2016

The heather, grey-ish color pictured is not this color at all - it is lime green as the small, greyed out description says. And dear customer service, just own the fact this is a mistake rather than saying the website photo may be slightly different than what arrives. Thank you. ... read more

BNACK go to product
Essentials Jacket Great light-weight windbreaker
January 21 2016

The black-white contrast is great looking and the jacket is lightweight. It'll stop wind, but not necessarily maintain warmth (as expected) so layer if need be. My only concern is the woven material is very flimsy; if a tear would happen, I fear the jacket may and will fall apart quickly. ... read more

DJ11 go to product
Sport Essentials Shorts Comfy hard working shorts
January 18 2016

Great shorts that fit nicely and are really comfy to wear in the gym. Don't get over hot and wick really well. They are a really soft fabric that feels nice next to the skin. I have two pairs of these shorts and would recommend them. ... read more

joninetee, Norfolk go to product
Ultimate Tee Versatile
January 17 2016

This is a great tee for both gym and casual occasions. I'm 6' 175 lbs and frequents the gym 3-4 times a week. It recommends machine wash warm. I'm not sure if it's the material it's made of but it's got a weird scent after a wash. Fits great and would recommend to friends! ... read more

208Pirate, Vancouver go to product
Sport Essentials Shorts Great pair of gym shorts
December 11 2015

Best thing about these shorts is that the pockets are more to the front of the shorts rather then to the side; which means you don't end up with a pair of pocket wings when working out on the treadmill or cross trainer. Very comfortable and good at absorbing sweat too. The material isn't too thick so they don't look bulky. Very pleased with my purchase. ... read more

Const31, Southport go to product
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