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Men • Blue • Sport • Basketball

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Reviews for: Men Blue Sport Basketball

90 reviews
D Rose 773 4 Shoes Best shoes
April 04 2016

These shoes are really good. I feel like the left one is more comfortable than the right one though. It really fits my feets allthough I have small feets. Not that that heavy and good looking. You should really go get yourself a pair. ... read more

P.Destroyer, Stockholm, Sweden go to product
J Wall 2.0 Shoes J Wall 2 Shoes
March 28 2016

I always have to break in my basketball shoes and, so far, I've only worn these once. I didn't feel any instant comfort but I may just need to wear them a few times. On the right shoe, I felt a bit more pressure on the front of my ankle where the highest lace is tied. I checked the inside of the tongue and there was nothing out of the ordinary there. My left shoe was fine so I'm not sure what the issue was with the right shoe. Again, maybe I just have to break them in. I do love the grip of the outsole though. I was slipping at all and I was able to pivot and quickly stop and go without any issues. ... read more

Xavier28, Montreal, Quebec go to product
J Wall 2.0 Shoes Get em
March 18 2016

Catch everyone's eye when I wear them on court, switched out for thicker insole for a little more cushion, this also solved a little of the dead space problem I was having above he toes. Make sure you keep wiping the outsold and you're good. Got mine for 70 something and I'd definitely recommend, but if they're over 100, go with the d lillards or crazy light. ... read more

J777, Kitchener go to product
3-Stripes Pants Style has apparently changed
February 26 2016

I bought three more pairs based on a pair I had purchased about a year ago. I loved the fit and feel of the pants. When I compared my pants to the current styles on the adidas website, these were the only ones that matched the fabric type and look. However, the new pants are cut much more baggy. I am not at all satisfied with the new cut. ... read more

T77, California, US go to product
D Rose 773 4 Shoes Worst basketball shoe ever
January 11 2016

These shoes are great for kicking around in the snow or hiking up a mountain. They are not good basketball shoes, you get absolutely no grip, they are extremely heavy. They are not made for an athletic above the rim type of player. These are the worst basketball shoes I have had to wear. The only reason I purchased these shoes is because it was my team's team shoe. ... read more

AustinW, Kansas, USA go to product
3-Stripes Pants I love these sweats!
January 10 2016

I love these pants. They are so comfortable and just easy to wear. I have bought many of them from local stores through the years. Also like the way they look: the stripes and the wide leg opening at the bottom. They look classy. Love the flexibility and comfort of the waist with the drawstring. These are great pants to wear for casual everyday attire. I hope they will continue to be made. ... read more

VenturaBC, Ventura, CA go to product
J Wall 2.0 Shoes Not good enough for this price
November 16 2015

I have to say the craft of my pair of shoes is not good. It's obvious that there are some differences between my right one and left one which focus on the forefoot part. If I have to pay in this price I prefer the teamshoes like Crazyquick 3. ... read more

Kin3 go to product
D Rose 773 4 Shoes Great looking
November 15 2015

I've owned this shoe going on 4 months right now. Not my daily driver for a shoe. So I currently own boost, bounce, and adiprene. This being my first bounce I have to say I think bounce is actually not quite as good comfort wise adiprene[miles away from boost]. That's not to say its uncomfortable it's just not better in this particular application. Main gripe with this shoe is it doesn't breathe that well[very warm inside]. That said I like them and if you watch the NBA you'll see alot of players wearing this shoe so I assume if the pros like them they're pretty good. ... read more

bigcjm, Texas go to product
3-Stripes Pants Excellent pair of athletic pants
November 13 2015

The Adidas 3 stripe pants are the best pair of athletic pants I have come across. I'm 6'6 with a 36" waist / 36" inseam and the XL Tall fits perfect. It's difficult to find a pair of XL warm-up pants off the rack that extend past my high ankle. These cover my ankle and top part of the shoe but aren't so long that they drag on the ground. The material is good quality and the elastic waist is firm but not too tight. There is plently of room in the crotch and leg area so they don't ride up or pinch when you sit down. I highly recommend these pants and plan to get a few more. ... read more

Dan0506, Pittsburgh, PA go to product
3-Stripes Pants Great pant but a little short
October 30 2015

Great pant. I'm About 180 lbs, 6'1" and the M pant fits reasonably well, except they are a little short. Could use another 1-2 inches to be perfect. After washing and drying a few cycles, they are now definitely too short to wear outside (indoor only). Looking for these same pants but can't find them anywhere in a large. ... read more

Tomasio go to product
October 17 2015

I've been an Adidas user for a very long time. These classic pants have never been in my size until now. I am a 7 foot tall male. Yes, 7 feet. And the Tall length fits like a dream. Literally perfect. Not floodwaters. I hope Adidas makes these extended lengths in more colors. I'd love blue with red stripes. Thanks for finally accommodating the tall people! ... read more

Remy88, United States go to product
3-Stripes Pants great pants for teaching PE classes
August 27 2015

Teaching inside or outside is very comfortable with these p[ants, They move with you and the elastic waist allows for full movement in all directions and the full legs do not bind or restrict motion. I liked my first pair so well i bought this pair as a second set. ... read more

PE, Norman OK go to product
3-Stripes Pants Great comfortable pants!
August 03 2015

Love these pants! They are comfortable and wash well. The problem is that I am tall and thin and it is hard to find pants that are long enough and don't fall down. These in a size large tall are close to perfect but rarely available. Got a few pairs a couple years ago and was not able to get them again until now. ... read more

Bball Guy, New York go to product
3-Stripes Pants Great Product/Appreciate longer sizes
March 03 2015

I have always enjoyed these pants and considered them to be quality made. The problem is that I oftentimes had a hard time finding them in my size. I am 6'7" and most sports brands don't offer longer length products. When I found this product available at longer lengths I ended up ordering 8 pairs. I have several in the same color, just to make sure I have pants that fit. I hope that Adidas continues to make this style of pant and offers it in additional color combinations. I wear an XLT and if more color options are available I will certainly be ordering some more. ... read more

Josh M, Southern New Jersey go to product
3-Stripes Pants Nice Pants - good for cold days
February 23 2015

Bought for my husband. 6'4" and 240 pounds wears size 40 pants (he likes them a little big) Bought the XLT. Good fit in the waist - just the right amount of snugness not to fall down. Maybe a 1' too long for his height, but I'll dry them and will probably be just right. ... read more

HUGS!, GSO, NC go to product
3-Stripes Pants Anywhere you want to go pants
July 03 2014

I love my new Adidas pants. They never wear out. They are a little. To warm to exercise in during the summer. Adidas use to make the 3 stripe pant in a polyester , but it did not have the lining. I still have 1 pair and wish Adidas would bring back that style. ... read more

Cutejudy60 go to product
3-Stripes Pants Very satisfied
March 28 2014

I bought this same pair of pants from Dick's Sporting Goods in dark navy/white. I wear these to the fitness center and out and about on days when I'm not wearing jeans and boots. Also they stay in place pretty well when I'm doing elliptical workout and stair stepping workout. These are well worth buying. ... read more

Cowboy Ethan, West Virginia, USA go to product
3-Stripes Pants Made for elephants
March 17 2014

I have purchased 3-Stripe pants before and loved them. I purchased these in my normal medium size and my wife immediately went into convulsions when she saw me. The legs are so wide, it looks like MC Hammer is now working for Addidas. Length is fine to slightly short but I could easliy fit 2 of my normal legs in each pant. If you are 5'8" and over 400lbs, these are perfect. ... read more

Docf15 go to product
3-Stripes Pants Every pant is sooooooo long
February 22 2014

I'm dissapoint that at 5'8" 150 I tried on nearly every type of pant Adidas makes, soccer, basketball, casual, nylon, polyester, clima cool, fleece. Long story short, They seem to be made for guys who are 6'2" 120lbs, the inseam in most smells are at least 31.5-32 which is insane. And you can't tailed most because they have zippers on them, I ended up buying a couple women's pairs which have good lengths. ... read more

Njcharlie, Cliffside park go to product
3-Stripes Pants Just what I ordered!
January 24 2014

I had been looking all over the internet trying to find the same Addidas pants that I love - they are so comfortable and durable. I finally found them on the Addidas website and ordered them immediately. Easy peasy! They arrived in a timely fashion and I am wearing them right now! ... read more

Kipp, Redmond, WA go to product
3-Stripes Pants The most comfortable Adidas pants I bought
December 04 2013

I've owned these pants for about 5 years- used them for lounging around the house or for exercising and I have found these to be extremely well made; washed them many times and they still look brand new, I highly recommend them just for the comfort part. ... read more

Amer S., NJ go to product
3-Stripes Pants 3-Stripes Pants
October 12 2013

The 3-Stripe Pants are both comfortable and functional. They fit perfectly and allow me the freedom of movement that guy's like me with large thighs needs. And I love the waistband. They fit just snug enough so they don't slide down when you're moving. I hate constantly pulling pants up when I'm working. These pants stay put. They do stretch a lot so I would recommend buying a size smaller than you normally would wear. I usually take an extra large but I went just large and they fit perfectly. ... read more

Jaden9, Watertown Ma. go to product
3-Stripes Pants great pant
April 18 2013

I was a little worried about the fit as some of the reviews said that these come with plenty of material, but they ended up being a great fit following the recommended size from the sizing chart. Seems to be fine in the washer/dryer so far. Has nice, deep pockets and of course they are comfortable. ... read more

jh1337, Lawrence, KS, USA go to product
3-Stripes Pants Adidas 3-Stripes Pants
April 28 2012

I really like these. They are stylish, comfortable, durable and well made as are most Adidas products. I stretch out in the morning before I walk the dog. I throw these on with a baseball cap and out the door I go. I'm a bit on the thiock side at 6ft 230lbs. They are generously sized and still leave me room to move freely without binding. ... read more

liketobcomfy, Lake Forest CA go to product
3-Stripes Pants Great all around pants
January 10 2012

This is the second pair of these pants that I have bought and they are great for just about anything!! I work out in them, wear them out and also lounge around in them. They are comfortable and wear well. They also do well in the laundry. I would recommend these pants for any one. ... read more

Western Kentucky go to product
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