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Men • Blue • Soccer • Pants • Apparel

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  • be the difference

    Soccer is changing. In the style and way it is played and in the type of players who grace the game.

Tiro 15 Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 39.99
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Tiro 15 Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 39.99
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Tiro 15 Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 39.99
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Condivo 14 Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 39.99
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Superstar Track Pants Men's Originals
$ 60
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Core 15 Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 40
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Messi Pants Men's Soccer
$ 55
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Real Madrid Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 50
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Chelsea FC Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 50
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Chelsea FC Three-Quarter Pants Men's Soccer
$ 45
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Training Pants Men's Soccer
$ 50
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Reviews for:Men Blue Soccer Pants Apparel

14 reviews
Condivo 14 Training Pants My favorite training/coaching pants!
October 11 2015

I'm a high school soccer coach, and I wear these pants most days. I'd prefer they have zero white accent other than the stripes, but I'm just old school. I already had 3 pairs in black and 2 in navy. I found these on sale in navy (my school's color). I purchased 3 pairs! I told my two fellow coaches about the sale, and they each purchased a few pairs each. ... read more

Gr8Saves, Hanover, VA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants superb joggers
October 09 2015

I bought these for my son who is 6'3" tall and very slim, they are a great fit and the length is perfect. They wash and dry well and don't lose there shape. I will be buying another pair in a different colour. ... read more

chrissy15, grimsby go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Brillant Purchase
October 07 2015

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made in my whole entire life, these trackies have changed my life and made me see light at the end of the tunnel, my wife left me and I got kicked out my house and was having a crisis and then these trackies made all my problems go away, amazing, buy them to change your life ... read more

Jackie699000, Woking go to product
Condivo 14 Training Pants Fantastic purchase
October 06 2015

Cutting edge trousers. If you are looking here, its because you already know they are cool. Worn by the pros, these Large trousers are a perfect fit for a 6'2" male. Over the moon with them, spot on! ... read more

dovastator, Suffolk, UK go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Interesting fit, but it's growing on me
September 18 2015

As far as the material, it's incredibly comfortable...light, breathable, and smooth. The length is a little short; although I'm 6'4", so I'm used to pants running short. The cut is tapered, and is actually a bit tight around the calves and almost felt like spandex at first! However, I got used to it after a few minutes and actually kind of enjoy the fit now. ... read more

MarcZ13, Portland, OR go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants When are you gonna look after the taller guys!!
September 16 2015

6'4 wearing 36in length and 32in waist jeans. The closest I could find to a fitting size, Adidas is really missing out on a gaping chasm in the market as I know many tall slim athletes who, like me, struggle for stylish and comfortable tracksuit bottoms. I had to buythese in XL when I definitely don't have the waist for it. Had to tie them up in the waist and wear them sagging under my T-shirt (which thankully is long enough to cover up the fact they're sagging...). These will suffice for now, but I know you can do much better to accomodate long and lean athletes Adidas. ... read more

AgitatedTallGuy go to product
Condivo 14 Training Pants Speechless
September 12 2015

These are by far my favorite training pants and they are comfortable. I use them when I play soccer, go to school, and when I stay home as well. These pants are uniquely made and I can tell adidas did their best on designing them and I recommend this product. ... read more

YABOYANGEL, Houston, TX go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Improvements from the Tiro 13
September 11 2015

These pants run slightly looser than the Tiro 13's, and I love it. They taper higher up, closer to mid calf, and it gives them a better look and feel. These are hands down the comfiest pair of pants I own. They look amazing in black on black, they go with everything, and they are SO comfortable. I highly recommend this product. ... read more

sethmclaren, Missouri, USA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Excellent quality
September 05 2015

Got a pair of these in black and soon ordered another pair in navy. Ideal for training in and also wearing casually. An ideal fit for someone who often has problems with trousers/shorts due to 'soild' thighs #34" R suit trouser = size Large#. Finally, normal adidas quality means these should last a couple of years of regular use. ... read more

DB74, Beds go to product
Condivo 14 Training Pants Happy customer!
September 02 2015

I've found these pants to be very comfortable, I'm approximately 6ft 1 and ordered a size medium and they seem to fit me perfectly. I'm now looking at buying the same pants or similar in a different colour as a result! ... read more

Cleo815 go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Awesome Pants!!!
September 01 2015

Loved the adidas company store, I definitely would like to go again. I bought the Tiro 15 Training pants as well as some other merchandise because they were recommended to me. They work really well for warming up and keep heat insulated for effective warm up. The fabric is very smooth and nice and the pants are flexible so they are good for full on stretching even splits! The pants are like a mix between tights and sweats. They have the quality of tights that towards the calf they are more form fitting and tend to show off a little definition of legs, where as the upper is more baggy but not as baggy as sweats which is nice! I really love these pants in fact I bought two pairs and I'd probably buy a third when I get the chance, I highly recommend these pants, I would just be a little careful around sharp corners as the material is nice but may snag potentially. Pants can sometimes be a little longer than the size given, but if you are in store go ahead and try them on to find the perfect match. If not and you order online the size difference is not a big deal its barely noticeable! ... read more

NPDXDancer17, WA go to product
Condivo 14 Training Pants My son loves these!
August 21 2015

I bought these for my 14 year old son, who is 5ft 10" and a nightmare to buy trousers for because he's stick thin too. I ordered these in a small and an extra small-he fits the extra small well at the moment and will grow into the others. They are quite a loose fit but I think that's his size more than anything. Good quality, wash well and take virtually no drying. ... read more

Lucy2318, Northumberland, UK go to product
Condivo 14 Training Pants Great for gym
August 15 2015

Bought for the gym and they are great, plenty of room, tapering not too tight, although legs are slightly long. Bought XS and am 5ft 8, length is a little too much. Keeps me dry and temperature control of them is good ... read more

MJ15, UK go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Very comfortable
August 13 2015

These pants are much better than the previous model, the tiro 13. Because the tiro 15 are tighter around your shin area, opposed to the tiro 13 where it is tighter around you ankle which I didn't like as much because they tend to be a lot more baggy around your shin. In conclusion these are very comfortable and very good quality. ... read more

Nickman, Seattle, USA go to product
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