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Men • Blue • Running

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Reviews for: Men Blue Running

119 reviews
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Excellent
January 31 2016

Training for a Marathon and bought these trainers after reading general reviews. They are excellent especially considering the current price. I've only had them a few weeks but have been out in all sorts of weather and on various terrains. They have performed consistently, they are very comfortable, supportive and grippy. The sole is amazing, the boost seems to do just that, up to 14 miles at the moment and no issues with my feet. One small issue is the front surround material seems to be coming adrift on both shoes. I will be returning them to Adidas and exchanging them for exactly the same pair. My only concern is that this needs to be a quick process since it's my only pair. On consideration I may order a new pair prior to returning the old ones. Hopefully Adidas sort this issue out quickly since they are a top class running trainer and I'm defiantly sticking with them. ... read more

CharlieP69, Banbury go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Best Running Shoe I've Owned - Marathon Certified
January 27 2016

I purchased my first pair of Adidas Boost Energy 3 in October 2014. I bought two pairs and loved them. I ran a half marathon and 10k in them. However, in training my feet began to hurt, so I bought the Supernova Glide Boost 7 because it is a wider fit shoe. This shoe is perfect - I trained for a marathon and ran it in these. My feet never hurt while training, the laces stay tied very well, and the comfort level is high. I recommend these to everyone I know looking for running shoes. ... read more

RhodeRunner, Providence, RI go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes Great shoes - perfect for my mixed trail/road routes
January 16 2016

I bought these for the regular Park Run course and mixed trails that I do. The grip is excellent, as is the fit (although a little fiddly to get on), the shoes are light and are responsive enough to handle both off-road and road sections. Both slippery wet mud and smooth tarmac are handled well. I agree that a full waterproof lining would complete these shoes, and I hope Adidas will add this for future models (even if it increases weight). Overall I am very happy with these and really look forward to my off-road routes now! ... read more

KeithMP, Cambridge UK go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes Great looking product ruined by a weird heel
January 15 2016

I got half a size larger which fitted well. The trainers look great and feel well made. The Continental sole feels rugged and grippy. Unfortunately the heel at the back sits low and there's a bulge on the inside which makes them feel like your socks have fallen down and bunched up. I tried different socks but the pressing feeling on my heel and back of my foot made them unwearable. Sadly had to return them. ... read more

Scaljo, Burton go to product
Springblade Pro Shoes Get ready for the compliments!
January 10 2016

Very cool looking - getting lots of compliments. But they run really small. I normally wear 11-11.5, but these 11.5s were way too small so had to exchange for the 12. Also got a different pair of springblades from a store a few days earlier and those 11.5s were almost big. ... read more

BroFessor, Michigan go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Great Stability Trainer
January 09 2016

The Sequence Boost 8 are a great edition to the Supernova Sequence line! Adidas added a bouncier boost step than the Sequence Boost 7's. The uppers are more durable, similar to the Sequence 5's. These shoes are made to last! If you're looking for a sold stability trainer, get a pair of these! I use them for medium distances (5-10 miles) and they are perfect! ... read more

ARC Adichamp, USA go to product
Boston Marathon(R) Qualifier Tee Ultra boost
January 08 2016

I love this sneaker, probably the best upper I've ever had my foot in. Great cushion, smooth and responsive. I only wish it was a little lighter. No worries, when these wear out I'll be buying another pair ... read more

Hunting NH, NH go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes a good cross between running and trail shoes
January 07 2016

I always buy a size bigger in adidas these shoes are wider in the toe but not that much that you need a smaller size. The styling is a bit unusual with the White heel that sticks out. With the Scottish weather it would be good to have goretex version ... read more

Paisley Scotland go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Significant improvements make this a new favorite
January 01 2016

A year ago I purchased rocket boost shoes for winter, and as my review then reflected i was dissapointed in some of the design features and choices, this year adidas has made significant improvements to the quality and balance and materials of this winter runner shoe. I love it. Water resistant, warm, good balance of boost material and improved upper, comfort and texture are comfortable and rugged for the season. Great. ... read more

Adi-addict2, New York, NY go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Great Running Shoe
December 28 2015

This running shoe is great for a slight pronator like me. I enjoy having a slight stability shoe, but do not need anything excessive. This shoe fits the bill. In the past I have used Brooks Ravenna. The Sequence Boost feels lighter, has better cushioning, and fits my foot better. When I purchase my shoes I tend to go to a running store and have someone watch my gait, which I would recommend to anyone new to running. They then recommend several shoes to me (Ravenna). The Sequence Boost always feels the most comfortable to me. I purchased these shoes from due my running store no longer carrying them. Shipping was 2-3 days, and free. The only downside is the guilt of not supporting a local store. I replace my shoes every 350-400 miles. Due to my running I have owned several Supernova Sequence Boost 7, and now this is my second pair of Supernova Sequence Boost 8. They feel like the same shoe to me, but that is a good thing. I liked the colors of the version 7 better than 8. If you are looking for a light weight training shoe with a small amount of stability, then I would recommend this shoe to anyone to try. ... read more

Paladin, Ohio, USA go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes Good shoes
December 27 2015

I really like these shoes. For reference I'm getting on a bit, I've been running a couple of years and run 5-10k at around 7:15 to 8:30 min/mile. I've also got wide feet and struggle to get shoes that fit properly, so these are a wide fit. I tried these because I was buying new road shoes and the shop had a two for on deal. I've used Brooks Adreneline GTX and Adidas Supernova Riot and Adidas trail shoes which seem more of a general purpose design than these. I tried a few diferent trail shoes in the shop, these felt a bit weird as they feel a bit like a big soft rubber sock. You could feel the tread through sole running on the shop floor. I nearly didn't buy them but I took a punt as I like the grip the continental sole gives on hard wet surfaces. Running in them I'm hardly aware I've got shoes on, and I don't slip about like I would in the brooks. So far I've used them on grass, tarmac gravel and mud but I don't know what they would be like on a rough rocky surface. On my local parkruns winter course (tarmac, gravel and mud) I'm getting my best times in these shoes. So, to summarise, I'm not an expert runner but I find these shoes very comfy and I seem to run faster in them than my other trail shoes. ... read more

OldBloke123, hampshire, UK go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes Excellent Trail Shoe
December 26 2015

I run some very rugged trails with lots of mud, rocks, gravel, streams, steep grades etc. and these are very comfortable, stable and have excellent traction. I had no problem with mud or gravel sticking to the tread etc. Best trail shoes I've ever had in a few decades of serious trail running. I also love the other boost shoes for road running...but those don't hold up very well on rugged trails. ... read more

Bill M., Eugene, OR go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Reflective Mesh!
December 18 2015

These are wonderful for night running! My wife purchased the blue ones for me, and wow, was I happy! So comfortable and plush, plus the side mesh materials are all reflective! Perfect, for night runs! ... read more

CoyoteDave777, Los Angeles go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes Good purchase.
December 14 2015

Bought them because I liked the look of them online. So pleased with the fit, tight and snug but not too tight. They offer good support, and look like a classy trainer, rather than all the bling that you see on trainers these days. ... read more

Gandi67, Lincoln. go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes runners
December 13 2015

I have several pairs of Boost runners from Adidas, however I find these don't fit anywhere as well as the ones I have bought in the past so am a little disappointed. They look nice though and it might just be an odd pair. ... read more

nedd, london, UK go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Faith restored
December 12 2015

My first Adidas runners were Response Stability 5. I owned two pairs and they fitted my feet perfectly. I have a narrow foot and higher than average arch. Great support and cushioning. When they stopped producing that model the closest in features seemed to be the Supernova Sequence 6. To be honest that was one of the worst shoes I have owned. They felt flat and almost like they had no cushioning. To make things worse they gave me blisters on my inside mid foot. It was with some hesitation that I bought the Sequence Boost 8, however I'd heard some good reports about the Boost technology so thought I'd take the risk. Glad to report that these are back to the fit and support of the Response Stability. The heel is slightly raised relative to the front foot, which suits my comfort and running style. Planning to buy another pair as a backup. Hoping they don' t change this design any time soon! ... read more

RoadTrail, Tasmania, Australia go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Perfect for me
December 01 2015

Don't just buy shoes because they look cool, go into a true running store and have them evaluate your feet and stride. From there, I was given these shoes and they are perfect! They are more flexible and soft around the front-sides of your feet. ... read more

ericcarl, Colorado go to product
Boston Marathon(R) Qualifier Tee A MUST if you are running Boston!
November 30 2015

I bought three for the 2015 race and three for the 2016 race. One to run in (gets very stinky). One to wear out (I don't run in this one). And the the third as a replacement, when needed! Love the Boston Marathon! ... read more

johndfffff go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Different than previous versions
November 23 2015

I'm on my 9th pair of supernova glide boost and I've never had an issue until this version. i have ran countless km in previous versions but this version gives me blisters on the sole of my feet ( I never get any sort of blisters ). Obviously not on shorter distances only when it's over the 30km mark. It's not the socks as I also never change the type of sock. I'm a marathon runner so I'm a bit surprised, something has changed with the shoe. ... read more

Eamon, Meath go to product
adistar Raven Boost Shoes Surprised Me
November 23 2015

Did not think I would like the lacing system/tongue but am a big fan. 10 miler out of box very comfortable at Red Rocks outside of Vegas. 25K race the next a.m. and they protected from sharp rocks a nd offered good traction in desert and on boulders. Athletic fit on my narrow feet made downhill in canyons easy. I have worn Adidas Energy Boost and Boston Boost for last 2 marathons so the comfort did not surprise me. I wanted to go traditional trail manuf like Salomon, Hoka but they could not match comfort and fit. Go 1/2 size up like the Boost road shoes. ... read more

MickRunner go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Excellent Clydesdale long run shoe
November 17 2015

Have just purchased my 4th pair of Supernova Glide Boost shoes. I keep going back to them for my long run option. As a 200 pound plus runner I find they provide excellent cushioning, and they fit my feet very well. (I have medium width feet.) The third pair that I own is over 500 km of mostly asphalt running and there is a little wear on the heal so I would say the Conti soles stand up well to lots of mileage. Where my big toe contacts the upper I can see that there is starting to be some wear, however this is my typical pattern with all running shoes so I wouldn't consider this a deficiency. What else can I say? I like how they feel on my feet when I run and I am looking forward to crushing out another 800 km or so on pair number 4 once I have used up pair number 3:) My only constructive feedback would be that Adidas should expand the options for colours of their miAdidas in these shoes. Would make them even more fun! ... read more

Oldnslow, Calgary go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Feels good so far
November 09 2015

I normally fit a size 10 and have a narrow foot, but based on a previous experience, ordered 10 1/2 which fits perfectly. They look great but have I not had much opportunity to try them out fully, however, so far so good. ... read more

Adrenalinjunkie, Yorkshire go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Finally!
November 07 2015

I have bad feet, and it's hard to find any shoes I can walk around in, without my feet aching at night. I've always gone with Nike air max, which has a firmer feel.they work fine at first,but the air souls seem to break down rather quickly. These shoes are incredibly comfortable. By far the softest ride I've ever seen.They fit me perfectly,unlike the ultra boost, that are just a little too tight. I can walk around all day, with no problems later. I'm going to order another pair in white. ... read more

Rusty nail, Utah go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes nice shoe
November 02 2015

Been running with minimal style addi zero for running offroad up mt manganui, because didnt like the bulky responce and supernova. These feel like they fit perfectly for my now 80% road running scenario and more cushioned in the toe area but still light. They feel better for longer distances for me and because they have a full rubber sole i can use them for jumping on my hardtail and hit some jumps round aucklands urban jungle. Nice bit of daglo detail to keep it interesting. Nice shoe. ... read more

munkeyboy, auckland nz go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Excellent running shoe
October 26 2015

I've been wearing this shoes for over 3 months for running. I normally do 5K for 2-3 days a week. It's the most comfortable shoes I've got. I now wear it to walk to work as well because my other shoes is not as comfortable as this one. Highly recommended. ... read more

JustARunner, Edinburgh, Scotland go to product
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