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Men • Blue • Running

(17 Products)

Solar Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 80
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Springblade Pro Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Pure Boost Chill Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 80
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Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 100
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Response Icon Hoodie Men's Running
$ 50
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Response Dual Shorts Men's Running
$ 40
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Marathon XT Shoes Men's Running
$ 105
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Pure Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 64.99 $ 130
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Springblade Drive 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 129.99 $ 180
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Reviews for:Men Blue Running

309 reviews
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes not great quality
October 09 2015

Nice looking trainer arrived on time and was a good fit but my sporty son only wore it a few times and the thin fabric upper started to develop a hole. Rather disappointed that the material was not strong enough to withstand greater wear and tear. ... read more

LondonBa15 go to product
Boston Marathon(R) Qualifier Tee Great Shirt - Boston Marathon Blue
October 07 2015

This shirt has the more traditional Boston Marathon blue than might show in the photo with the model (which looks a bit like baby blue or UCLA blue to me). the close up shot of the shirt looks more like the traditional Boston Marathon blue that this shirt is. Fits great, true to size. Standard Adidas gear otherwise. ... read more

WittenbergRunner, California, USA go to product
Solar Boost Shoes Amazing product
October 07 2015

Really in love with the design and color scheme. These are really comfortable and have a certain mystique because it looks great for casual or for running purposes. I am starting to dig the boost technology. Hire me Adidas? Would love to work at adidas ... read more

RioWorld, Corning, CA go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Good for Cross Country training
October 05 2015

My son started wearing these in early April 2015 and has averaged running about 25 to 30 miles a week since then. After six months the tread wear is pretty even but it is time to replace them. The continental tread is pretty tough and no issues with the upper portion. He races in spikes though. My brother-in-law who is a college cross country coach recommends getting two pairs of training shoes to alternate. Pretty expensive when I have 4 boys and 2 are already involved in XC. However, injuries could prove more expensive. ... read more

Huay Chivo, NW Arkansas, USA go to product
Boston Marathon(R) Qualifier Tee Excellent shirt
October 05 2015

3 time Boston finisher. Shirt fits great but I ordered and xl since I have broad shoulders and chest but the bottom is a little wide. I guess they they xl folks are fat. Not me. I buy tons of Adidas stuff and love it. ... read more

Mattski, Clifton, va go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes I run in them.
October 04 2015

I use them to referee soccer games. I have used them on wet & dry field turf, also on dry grass. If you are looking for a minimalist upper with a flexible sole, these are great. They are cushy when up on your toes sprinting and cushy for heel strikes. I've put about 60 miles on them with no discernible wear and less knee pain then my previous Nike shoes. Would love to see the "boost" used in a Samba-like shoe to play soccer in. ... read more

Sounders fan, Pacific Northwest, US go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes shift
October 03 2015

The shoes are great they fit perfectly and the style is flawless. I don't like how on my right shoe i can be standing, and no matter how I tie, adjust of modify my foot in the shoe, my foot always shifts and it becomes a bit uncomfortable. but other than that, it is a pretty amazing shoe. Great feel and resistance ... read more

Alex0001, Tortonto go to product
Response Icon Hoodie Fits like a glove
October 03 2015

I love this hoodie: it's extremely comfortable, looks great and very warm. I especially love the thumbholes on the sleeves which helps cover my hands and wrist. I would recommend this as an essential bit of kit for your runs when it comes the harsh winter months. ... read more

Kritt, London, UK go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Love the boost!!
October 02 2015

Runners' World got it right when they named the Supernova Glide Boost 6 as editors pick last year!! The Glide 7 just continues the tradition!! Great shoe of all my workouts, including long runs, tempo sessions and hill reps! Mile after mile, they just keeps propelling my feet forward!! ... read more

VirginiaSeasonedRunner, Virginia, USA go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Definite boost
September 29 2015

Great pair of trainers. As someone who has flat feet I have been buying the supernova sequence for years as they are the best shoes at supporting my almost non existent arches. Although these seem to be harder at first, when you start wearing them in there is a definite boost to the spring in your step and they are very comfortable trainers. Highly recommended. ... read more

Vonnie11, The Port, Scotland go to product
Response Icon Hoodie I just can't stop wearing it
September 25 2015

The icon response hoodie is a very comfortable and fits perfectly, keeping me warm but not too hot when I am running, training and just hanging about around the house. The material feels like quality and colour is soothing and fits with my other kit. I have had several people comment on it and ask where I got it from as they fancy getting one as well. All in all a great buy and one of those bits of clothing I just can't stop wearing, so I will be getting another. ... read more

NoseyParker, Leicester go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Boost is the new thing!
September 24 2015

I usually wear other brands and recently, I have been appreciating the models from Adidas this year like the tubular and espically the pure boost 2. I love this shoe for casual wear and I constantly get compliments on these. Let's start off with the cushioning. The boost midsole is very soft and shock absorbent yet still retains its shape throughout every step. There is no insole so you are on top of the boost with opened areas or pods of boosting in the heel and midfoot. I wish the pure boost 3 would have opened areas or pods in the forefoot. Next is the upper, durability, and outsole. The outsole is a soft rubber yet I do not see any signs of damage. The boost is soft but fairly durable, I would just be cautious with it. I have worn these four times a week for a month and I see no damage, except for stains. Buy a bleaching pen and bleach the stains on the boost in order to keep them nice and clean for a year. The upper is soft and harder in the heel or added support. The toecap of the pure boost one was removed, which is kind of disappointing. All in all, it's more comfortable than a roshe, which is amazing. It will hold up for a year and you'll love this product! ... read more

JayJay1738, California, USA go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Very good shoe
September 21 2015

Very bouncy and comfortable on the feet. I have problems with my left foot and numbness. However, my left foot felt pretty good in these shoes wile running an 8 km run. I usually start feel some pain after 4 km but I am able to run the whole 8 km without pain. ... read more

Taxbuster, Fenwick, Ontario (Niagara) go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Nice shoe, recommend it, but not perfect
September 20 2015

A big fan of how the shoe looks and it gets its fair share of compliments (I wear it casually). It's super light, provides fairly good support, and the mesh cover definitely keeps things cool. A few critiques: The insole moving around is a problem for the first few days but it settles in. A week later, not a problem when putting it on but the insole does still pop when taking the shoe off. I've also found that the lower edge of the shoe (white and red) picks up scuffs pretty easy. They wipe off but kind of annoying. None of this would scare me away from purchasing again. ... read more

superluigi, New York, NY go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes My favorite pair of shoes
September 18 2015

I tried on a pair at the adidas store. They didn't really have a color way i wanted, saw these online & had to have em. I don't usually wear them with socks but they are easily the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I'd recommend to anyone from those that run or those that just like the way they look and feel. ... read more

JayMartin go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Love these day to day shoes. Not for running though!
September 18 2015

I have the Pure Boost 1.0 and Ultra Boost however I feel that these are the absolute best of the three for being on my feet as much as I do on the day to day. The Boost 1.0's structure wasn't as comfortable so there have been upgrades to the shoe itself but the sole/cushion is equally as comfy. Ultra Boost are great for runs but not as comfortable for your walks around town. Would definitely recommend the Pure Boost 2.0s ... read more

tdoh, Vanacouver go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Boost foam is so comfortable!
September 11 2015

This shoe is the BOMB for casual wear. Whether you are going out to a party, hanging with friends at the mall, going to school, or anything suited for casual wear. I usually wear different brands but I was so impressed when I put my foot in to these Adidas shoes. Firstly, I would like to start off with the no insole, midsole, and rubber outsole. The shoe has no insole and the foot is exposed to the Boost foam in the heel. In the forefoot, there is something blocking the Boost from the foot. I would like to have some pods where the boost is exposed to the foot in the forefoot in areas like the ball of the foot and the toe, not just in the heel and midfoot. The midsole is very comfortable and the foam is squishy, yet very responsive. The roshe midsole has nothing on the boost midsole. It is so squishy yet but so bouncy, I feel a bounce in every step. The outsole has very soft rubber but is very durable. Lastly, the upper is very supportive in the midfoot and somewhat supportive in the heel but lacks forefoot support. I would like for the upper in the forefoot to be a tiny bit more restrictive and for the toebox in the original to come back. I wouldn't use these for sports an they are very comfortable but lack support. All in all, these are very comfortable and are a must buy! If you can find these on sale you should buy them immediately. ... read more

JayJay3210, California, USA go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes ALMOST PERFECT
September 09 2015

These are almost perfect... Super comfortable, not too wide... Only thing I have to complain is the insole... As cool as the design is... The little holes on the insole actually is kinda weird feeling and uncomfortable, not enough to make a difference but enough to notice... Sadly can't change out the insoles either.... Hopefully version 3 would take those little holes out or something ... read more

Petrie go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Feather-light
September 07 2015

Since I've started using these shoes for running, I ordered another pair for work (I work 12-hr shifts in an ICU; lot's of running around and comfort is crucial to survive a day or night without blisters). These shoes are light and airy; excellent for whatever kind of running you do - from short jogs to 12-hr work days on your feet. Highly recommended. ... read more

spyke1313, Montreal go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Good overall workout shoe
September 06 2015

Personally, the boost material is the best cushioning system ever invented. These response boosts were perfect for me because I run but also do strength training. The placement of the boost material provides a studier base the the shoe rather than a pure or ultra boost. I now have a pair of ultra, pure, and response boost and I would recommend an ultra boost for a running or casual shoe. The response boost is a perfect training shoe. ... read more

Boul.God.123, Rochester, NY go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Pure boost 2.0 comfort and spring
September 01 2015

Got a 10.5 pair, slight room to push my feet forward, so size 10 is good enough. Very easy to slip on and off plus the heel tab is a nice addition. Experiencing a spring in each step and no fatigue after a day's walk. The laces look iffy, kind of thin but they're holding up. ... read more

_kliang112, Brooklyn, NY go to product
Energy Boost ESM Shoes Outstanding
August 30 2015

These are by far and out the most comfortable and best pair of shoes I've owned. They fit like a glove. The upper feels like you're wearing a sock, and the sole has bounce and is very absorbent. Simply put, will buy a second pair. ... read more

Jonnyboyo, Cambridge UK. go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Walking on pillows of heaven!
August 29 2015

You know how much you spent on that mattress to give you a good night of rest? Well,the boost is the same but for your FEET! This is a grade A comfort quality shoe. Your feet will love it. I like how they made some minor upgrades to these 2.0s compared to the originals. The originals definitely had a nostalgic look to them but these look pretty good and function better. better overal cushioning and the tongue doesn't scratch your skin anymore. You can wear them without socks. Probably not prime knit stitching but the mesh gives it a more premium feel. The bottom is my favourite....the days of all white (which made it dirty) or the previous gem 2.0 with ugly patterning are all long gone. Now it's just black and looks good and more prone to dirt. Not sure how long the will hold cuz it's not as rugged feeling as the ultra boost, but all the little details gives my stamp of approval. Good job Adidas! ... read more

katospov, Toronto go to product
Climacool Fresh 2.0 Shoes Light weight comfort
August 26 2015

Aside from the metrics of a narrow space at the ball fo the foot, this choe breathes well, is light on the foot and is comfort in flat terrain. I would avoid a too-rocky path as the light weight of the sole does not add to rock protection. ... read more

Chip1950, Portland, Oregon go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Put the milage on them
August 26 2015

I have read several reviews that state that these shoes fall apart easily and for me that could not be farther from the truth. I bought my first pair on a whim from the adidas outlet store as I was beginning to train for a marathon. I put over 100 miles on the first pair and them bought a second so that I could rotate them, thats how much I loved them. I have run on pavement, gravel, sand, and volcanic desert (in Aruba) and they still have most of the soles on both pairs. I never imagined that I would love these as much as I do, nor that they would hold up as well as they have. Despite how tough they are, I still think my favorite part of these shoes is that they have a very soft heel section. Class pair of shoes, send me a free pair for the best review you have ever had. Regardless, I am buying a new pair next week. ... read more

Gunner74 go to product
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