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Men • Blue • Running

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Reviews for: Men Blue Running

131 reviews
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Comfortable but before you buy.........
May 26 2016

Before you buy this item make sure you're ready to waste another 100 dollars on another pair because they don't last long. THEY ARE COMFORTABLE AND AMAZING ON YOUR FEET!!!! BUT. The only problem is that the boost tears and gets very very extremely dirty around the toe area. I had mine and in two weeks, the front part of the shoe started tearing off. ... read more

Adidas24_5 go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes Uncomfortable
May 23 2016

I had to return these shoes because they were not what I was expecting from adidas boost shoes. I purchased the pure boost ZG because I thought that they would stay significantly more clean than my current pure boost. My biggest–and only–complaint is the toe area. There is a piece of hard material on the inside that guards the front end of the shoe, which caused pain immediately after I put on the pair. The piece (of plastic I assume) makes any sliding of my feet in the shoe painful as the toenails continually bump into the poorly placed piece. Maybe this problem only applies to me, but just in case, I thought I would write a review. I was very satisfied with the look of the shoe; I just do not understand the construction of the shoe. ... read more

P.D., Kentucky go to product
Supernova Glide 8 Shoes Great for running or walking
May 21 2016

These are the 4th Supernova's I have worn and the Supernova Glide 8s don't disappoint. The are extremely comfortable and the boost technology is very apparent and a plus. These are great when walking too, as they are my favorite for walking long distances (10 miles). ... read more

Mark54, Boston, MA go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes Very comfortable look great
May 20 2016

Shoes look very sharp. Feels like you are walking on a cloud. One can walk forever and feet will never hurt. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone, you will not be disappointed at all. Fit does come a little tighter than ultra boost but not dramatic difference. I am a size 11 for both pair and I would not change that for the pure boost. Overall, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased. ... read more

Jcodd, Hamilton go to product
Kanadia 7 Trail Shoes Good value capable OCR shoe
May 19 2016

bought especially for Tough Mudder after competing wearing Kanadia TR4's for the last 4 years. I have found them very comfortable so far, and see no issue with using them again for the event this year ... read more

smilne go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Really like these runners
May 18 2016

I read alot of reviews about these runners before buying them, people said to order a size up. I am usually a UK9 but ordered a UK9.5, they are a tight (not uncomfortable) fit so a UK10 would have been perfect. I love the styling and colour. I have done 70km so far in these runners and have enjoyed the runs, nice light shoe. I would definitely buy these again. ... read more

RebelRed, Cork, IE go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Sequence Boost 8 Fault
May 15 2016

There is pressure from the eyestay which causes friction on the tongue. This is a picture taken after 5 months of wear. The pressure has been so great that it has worn a hole right through the material of both shoes. ... read more

Brandon_CT, South Africa go to product
adistar Raven Boost Shoes Bestblisters ever
May 13 2016

Tried 5km out of the box on trail with blister in left ankle sore toes uselly 10-20km on asphalt with the adistar boost 2 tried 33.2 km 189cm 110kg heavyweight no problem . Feels comfy though maybe for standing shoes do work . 46 and 46size shoe versus not available in 46 2/3 so does not cut for me.Allways liked me adidas. ... read more

Tonza, Finland go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Most Comfortable Shoes Ever!
May 13 2016

First off, the boost in these shoes is absolutely amazing. It feels like you're walking on clouds, not that I know what that would feel like. In addition, they are super light weight, it feels like there is nothing on your feet at all. The upper on the shoes is also soft and flexible, which makes the shoes even more comfortable. So not only do they feel great, but they look great too! I would recommend these for casual wear only, do not run in them. There is no support at all, and the lock-down on the shoe is not sufficient for running. Also, you'll want to get a 1/2 size down. I wear a 13 in Nike running/casual shoes and a 12.5 in Nike basketball shoes, but I had to get a 12 in these. ... read more

ifall go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes At Least the First Five Days Were Great
May 12 2016

I got these shoes after reading online and listening to videos that said these were the most confortable shoe they had ever had. I would say this is a fair claim the shoe was extremely comfortable. I have to say the boost technology is amazing. Unfortunately, only 5 days after I had received these shoes. Somehow thought light to mild use The boost material had actually split apart in an area on the left shoe and was separating from the upper on the right. Overall I was initially pleased with the product but had the unfourtunate circumstance in which the quality had been extremely poor. ... read more

SJ88, USA go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes Boost is always the best
May 10 2016

Boost is the best for my feet with plantar fascitis in my left foot I like to be able to do stuff still. Boost allows me to. These shoes are good looking style would order a 1/2 size up mine are QUITE snug as I ordered my normal size. ... read more

Joebles, Chesapeake, Va go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Good versatile shoe
May 08 2016

I have worn the Adios Boost 1 three times, Adios Boost 2 once, and the Adios Boost 3 once. The forefoot of the 3 is better than the 2 but still not as good as the 1. I like that is is wider near the big toe but the curve on the outside portion of the shown is still too narrow. I had the size up 1/2 size in order for my little toes to not get jammed--which made the shoe feel like "good". I also had to order from the IS as Canada didn't have the 1/2 size. Narrow does not mean high performance. If they widened the outside of the forefront of the shoe would be closer to perfect. ... read more

Mansomewhere go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Comfort you feel as soon as you put on the shoe!
May 06 2016

As an employee, we were told to wear adidas originals and adidas training shoes. These caught my eye with the cool color base and the all white mid sole. Very eye catching and trendy! Eye catchers no matter where I go. I'm always recommending them to friends, family, customers. Even the ones who say they need arch support, I always have them try on the shoes and walk around in them and they always buy them. They run true to size with comfort all around the shoe. They tend to get a little dirty but I use a sneaker cleaning product with all my shoes so it's not problem for me. ... read more

AJG, Queens, New York go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Cooler Than They Appear
May 06 2016

These shoes are more impressive in person than in the photos. I also happen to think the silhouette is better-looking than the Ultra Boost. Add to that the fact that these run a little wider and can easily accommodate an insole with solid arch support, and you've got the sneaker I've been looking for! And I really have been looking - this is the 7th pair I've ordered from various brands, and the only one I did not send back. Low-key, contemporary, super-comfortable awesomeness. ... read more

Master Blaster, Brooklyn, NY go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Comfortable and stylish
May 06 2016

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, it's so lightweight that it's liking wearing nothing on your feet, walking on a cloud. Not only are they incredible running shoes; they also look very stylish and can be worn for fashion. The only con I can think of is that the pureboost soles get dirty fairly easily and it's a bit tough to clean. That said, I've bought some shoe cleaner with a good brush and I get it looking like new again (almost). ... read more

LvB_Op131 go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Best performance shoe currently on the market.
May 01 2016

Previously ran in the Boston Boost for general training and decided that the Adizero Adios Boost was next to try. Having had this shoe for 11 days covering just under 100 miles and including a marathon, this is one I will definitely continue to use. Training in the Adios Boost feels so effortless. It feels incredibly lightweight but responsive and enough underfoot to provide plenty of cushioning for the roads. I found I went up half size to the Boston which suits me. This is my new shoe of choice for training and racing. Another pair will be ordered very soon. Great work Adidas. ... read more

Speedie007 go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Read this !
April 30 2016

Ok so I bought my first pair of Adios 3 and run about a hundred miles and I felt that the shoe might be a bit small so I bought a second pair half sizer bigger and they were perfect. How good is this shoe? Well it's a fast and light shoe and I wouldn't go over 250mi with them as the rubber wears out pretty quickly. I have a mid foot strike which these shoes are made for and they are so comfortable that I ran a half marathon with them straight out from the box (mainly cause I've had many pairs of them and know the shoe thru out). If you are looking for the perfect running shoe without any bells and whistles then guys - this is the best you can find ! Dear Adidas, Please do not stop manufacturing them and if you will then please let us know before so I can order a truck load of them for future ! ... read more

HP87, California, USA go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes best running shoes
April 28 2016

this shoes are the most comfortable running shoes I've ever worn so far. The boost technology works wonderfully for my feet in which my feet are not restless and sore post running or workout. Will definitely stick to these shoes for a long time ... read more

rollie07, vancouver go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Solid marathon speed shoe
April 22 2016

Really happy with the adios 3. I run in a few different models and different brands and have to say the adios 3 comes close to nailing the perfect high intensity distance shoe. Perfect blend of cushion and responsiveness. Light weight and a tiny dose of stability. I'm super happy. Was in the Boston before this and am happy I traded down in weight. Classic looks too, means when I retire them from miles I'll be happy to continue wearing them. ... read more

Ireland go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes I have found the shoe zenith.
April 17 2016

My Pure Boost ZG's were incredible straight out of the box. No need to wear them in, microwave, etc.. really no tricks needed to make these fit because this shoe is, like they say, a sock with soles. The appearance is outstanding, they can easily be worn on casual and recreational occasions not just when running. They have quickly become my go to pair of shoes, looks great, feels great, what more could you ask for? Only note of criticism I have is the inside stitching seems like it could be reduced to provide an even more seamless feeling. Adidas has done it again. ... read more

Shradke, Calgary go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Improved upgrade to previous version, should ensure that this is the staple racing shoe for road runners
April 16 2016

The Adizero Adios has been my go to running shoe for all road races from 5K up to Marathon. I have owned the Adios 1 and 2 editions. The main difference with the Adios 3 compared with the Adios 2 is that the toe box is wider and this makes for a more comfortable run, esp for long runs. I tend to get a larger size (so EU size 44 instead of 43) and that suits me fine. Boost cushioning great as ever and the new style Continental grip appears better quality than in the Adios 2 and Adios 1 versions and should prove longer lasting. I would recommend this shoe most definitely - little wonder that it tends to be the marathon racing shoe for the elites. ... read more

SydenhamHillRunner, London UK go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes Comfortable but go for the primeknit version
April 16 2016

I bought the shoes thinking they were the primeknit version, even though it says primeknit. These shoes are made out of a mesh although they are extremely comfortable I would prefer the primeknit uppers any day. ... read more

Josh420, Birmingham go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Light and comfortable
April 15 2016

Having already run in the Adios 2 I purchased the Adios 3 when a new pair of shoes was required. They fit and feel exactly like the 2 which i love. The laces on the 3 don't seem to move as freely as the 2, but overall these perfect. Light, responsive and with enough cushioning for long runs. ... read more

TriDaz, London go to product
Pure Boost ZG Shoes Disappointed
April 10 2016

I purchased the pure boost prime knit zg before buying the non prime knit and for some reason the soul comfort level were way different. The prime knit are way cushy and the comfort level can't be beat. The non prime knit are still comfortable just not near the level of the prime knit. And it's the souls not the prime knit that is the difference. I would so recommend the prime knit but not the non prime knit. ... read more

Brandon00, Oklahoma US go to product
Response Boost Trail Shoes Crazy grip and supreme comfort
April 10 2016

the grip on this shoe is nuts. when i first got them you could hear them literally peel off the tarmac when you walk. The upper is soft and flexible as well as the ankle sleeve. the boost foam is as good as it always is. the best thing though is that it seems Adidas have finally gone with a more neutral colour-way. very comfortable and stable shoe. ... read more

djak go to product
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