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Men • Black • Weightlifting • Shoes

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adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Men's Training
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Reviews for Weightlifting Shoes

341 reviews
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Awesome!
December 20 2012

I'm really glad I bought these. I am not sure why people are saying they run narrow because I have a wide foot, and they fit me just great. Also, the sizing is true to any adidas shoe so whatever size you wear in any other adidas shoe, will be the same size you buy in these. They are also light enough for indoor, NO RUNNING, crossfit WODs. I can go from OH squats, Oly Lifts, to double unders, burpees, etc. I am glad I chose not to buy the reebok, hybrid shoe, the oly lifter. These are a great investment in the improvement of my weightlifting skills! ... read more

Mia go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Amazing stability
July 24 2013

First off, I am a female and wear a size 8 (sometimes 7.5) in women's. I ordered a 6.5 as recommended and they fit perfectly! I have been having trouble with my squats since I started lifting one year ago. I have issues with leaning forward and not being able to get deep in the squat. I feel like these shoes have changed my life - after two weeks I hit a PR, my coaches say I have excellent form and I have confidence going up to the rack. I will say that my feet are fairly narrow and these fit like a dream - so wider feet may have some difficulties. I also wish they were lower in price but to me it is worth the investment. ... read more

Debbs83, Boston, MA go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Soooo sickk.
September 07 2012

So I've been "eye balling" these shoes ever since I seen them at the weightlifting competition at the Olympics. Reading nothing but good reviews. One fine day, my gf surprised me with these bad boys, and I've been obsessed ever since. They fit like my casual adidas, but a little narrower at the toe. But its not really a bad thing, cause the shoe locks you in. squats are cleaner, deadlifts feel amazing, and even casual workouts where your standing feel alot nicer. Little stiff to walk in, but that's the whole point, balance. Not a running shoe. Very solid, very stable, no wiggles on heavy weight, feel like rockstar. ... read more

Jay33, ottawa go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Female review of the mens adiPower
September 21 2012

This shoe fits perfectly. I wear a 9.5 in women's footwear, and was hesitant to go down an entire 1.5 in size (thought I may be better off just going down one size), but I listened to the recommendation and I am so glad I did. Ordered a size 8 - perfect fit, very comfortable. Allowed for a super stable squat, let me go deeper too. A solid shoe so far, quality appears to be there too. Very happy. ... read more

Ontario go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Awesome shoe. Must buy if you're a weightlifter
August 16 2012

Bought this shoe for my weightlifting workouts. Used them today for squats and I was very impressed. I can get to parallel with normal shoes. With these I got significantly lower than parallel. After the workout my quads were extremely sore. This shoe puts a lot more emphasis on them. Previously the only way I could work them that hard was to pre-exhaust with leg extensions and then squat. Haven't tried on deadlifts yet.. Not sure the raised heel will be as beneficial as with squats. And while the price is high, the materials are premium grade, so it's worth it. The shoe is very focused and pure so should only be used for weightlifting. ... read more

Phoenix99, london go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes The bee's knees.
January 15 2015

Honestly. I never do reviews. They're a waste of time. But I will for these babies. If you wanna SKWAAT some heavy weight (I would like to swear here but I'm kinda mature now) then these are the shoes for you. Leave your Nike frees in your gym bag, whip out these bad boys and hit some ATG. (Solid base. Metatarsal strap is nice. Great looking shoe. Etc). Spend the coin. Wait for UPS. Receive package. Unbox. Skwaat. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Gains. ... read more

NotJackie27, Saskatchewan go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes ADIPOWER
December 08 2013

First lifting shoe so cant compare it with any other out there. The solid and elevated heal has forced me to lean forward when preforming my lifts making sure that my foot stays solid on the floor without the heel raising up. The support is great and even small things such as the grip on the tough making sure it doesn't slide around is what makes this shoe the best out there in my opinion. Sizing: I am a size 8.5 running shoes will a little space at the end of the toe and ordered a size 7 because they did not have a 7.5. They are a little to small so only was able to try them once but will be exchanging them right when they get a bigger size so my toe isn't getting crushed. I recommend going half a size down at most or the same size if your shoes are already tight fitting as they are supposed to fit tight especially for powerlifting. Customer service: Very fast to reply to email all were within 24 hours and shipment was in 3 business days with standard shipping. Overall one of the best online purchases i have done. Return policy is simple best is to call and they will help you though it all over the phone. Gl picking your lifting shoe I am glad i picked this one. Discount: Sign up with email to receive 15% off your purchases is very quick and simple. ... read more

Nick1234, Canada go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great lifting shoes!
April 17 2013

This is my first pair of lifting shoes, so I don't really have anything to compare them too, but the Adipowers are awesome. I got a half size down, so they felt really snug when I first put them on, but after my first day squatting with them they broke in and are extremely comfortable. Definitely helped with my footing/stability on snatches, clean/jerks, and squats. Quite pricey if you are just looking for a squat shoe once a week, but definitely a good investment if you plan on doing any olympic lifting. Just like all adidas shoes, they are a little narrow, so keep that in mind when ordering. All in all a comfortable, well built, badass looking shoe. ... read more

BigBearMeat, Louisiana, USA go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Wide feet
April 16 2013

For anyone reading this who has wide feet and isn't sure about getting these shoes, just get them! I have pretty wide feet. Generally narrow shoes don't fit me good but these feel fine. You're not going to be walking in them that much anyway. Just putting them on at the gym and choking them tight before a lift. btw I'm also not even an oly lifter. I'm a powerlifter. My lifts have gone up since I started squatting and deadlifting in these shoes. I actually also bench in them. I used to be an up on the toes bencher but I've recently switched to a flat foot and the raised heel improves my leg drive. ... read more

Lifter05 go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Well worth the money
January 02 2014

I've been dealing with patella-femoral issues in my right knee for the past 2 years. I am able to squat almost 300 lbs without these shoes so doing basic physio exercises to rehab my knee were just not cutting it. From the 2 leg workouts I've done using these shoes I can already feel the difference in my VMO's contracting in both of my quads. Amazing product. I feel like I can finally get over this issue and get back to playing whatever sports I want. ... read more

abulphysio, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Subtle but important difference between colorways
April 16 2014

I own both the core energy and the newer red/light scarlet colorways. It may not seem like a big deal, but the newer colorway is missing the first lace loop, which changes the way the shoe wears and breaks in. You cannot get the laces to lock down as tight on the newer colorway. Whats even more puzzling is, no other design was changed on the shoe. Adidas simply removed lace loops. I have no idea why they would remove something thats important to the shoe - when you could technically lace the older colorways the same way by skipping the first loops. I prefer the black red colorway, but functionally, stick with the core energy for function - which is whats more important with dedicated weightlifting shoes ... read more

RK4, Louisiana go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great OLY shoe
March 09 2012

I decided to go all out and get this OLY shoe and I couldn't be happier about it. I ordered the same size that I wear for my sneakers and they fit great. They add such stability to lifts and allow me to get deep without sacrificing form. ... read more

JDoo go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Amazing shoe for Oly lifts
May 03 2012

Coming from an older version of the Power Lift trainer, these are much better quality with a lot better features. A little narrow in the toe box but not a problem for me since I have small feet. Highly recommended if serious about oly lifts and powerlifting. ... read more

Houston, TX go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Adipower in Powerlifting
February 08 2013

I am a power lifter (not the same as oly lifting) I manly use these for squats and I would like to say that these are some of the most stable shoes I have ever worn for this lift. Once I am set for my lift, I feel as my feet are stuck to the ground. I wore some heeled shoes before that cost roughly around 115$, but I would consider the adipowers a few levels above those, so the money is well worth the quality of these shoes. I like to wear a size 8.5 so my feet has a little bit to breathe, but I know that a size 7.5-8 would fit my feet perfectly, so I went with the 7.5 for a snugger fit. There is a toe socket for this shoe, so going with a half size or one size smaller than your regular shoe would be perfect. ... read more

Suabluag, Georgia go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Must Have Piece!
January 08 2013

I seriously do not know how did I lift before I had these shoes and why in the world did I wait such a long time before I bought proper weight lifting shoes?!?!? Well, it must be the price. These shoes aren't cheap but they worth every penny. That being said, I do not recommend these to beginners which needs to spend time learning proper form before they use advanced equipment. Also, these are solely made for weightlifting, NO CrossFit WODs, NO general training at the gym, NO running, Tennis, Soccer, get it... ... read more

RK_MSC, Woodland Hills,CA go to product
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