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Men • Black • Outdoor

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Soft Shell Hiking Jacket Men's Outdoor
$ 100
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GSG-9.2 High Boots Men's Outdoor
$ 175
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GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Men's Outdoor
$ 145
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Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Men's Outdoor
$ 140
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Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Men's Outdoor
$ 140
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Daroga Plus Shoes Men's Outdoor
$ 90
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Climacool Boat Lace Shoes Men's Outdoor
$ 75
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Climacool Boat Breeze Shoes Outdoor
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Terrex Boost Shoes Men's Outdoor
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220 reviews
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Excellent
May 26 2012

I was planning on buying the GSG9.2 boots based on great reviews, but really didn't want the tall. I had checked a couple of weeks ago (Early May, 2012), and noticed the desert boots, but at the time they were only in tan. I needed black because I am in law enforcement. I checked again at the end of May and saw they now came in black as well. I received them fast and have been using them for several days now. They are by far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn, and that's seven years in the army and 12 years in law enforcement talking. I usually wear inserts, but with these boots I didn't need to. I highly recommend them. ... read more

Glass man, Grand Rapids, MI go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Outstanding boot if you can get it on
September 27 2012

Obvious negative, you better not be in a rush when entering or exiting this boot. It's a long process. That's about it for negatives. On the plus side they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever worn. I've been driving manual trans. cars for 15 years, and never felt comfortable wearing winter boots cause they don't allow ankle articulation. But these are amazing, I can run comfortably, bend low to the ground to pick-up/play with my son, and very comfortable when working the clutch on my car during aggressive driving. (haven't worn boots in years cause of this, never got used to it I guess) Would easily get 5 stars if they were easier to get on/off. Also I would suggest a half size larger than your normal. I usually float between a 10 and 10.5, so I bought in 10.5 and it's a little snug, but I feel 11 would have been slightly to big. Hope this helps. Cheers ... read more

Dwight, Montreal go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Six Pairs and still going strong
December 15 2010

I have owned 6 pairs of the GSG9's over the past 4 years. You may see this as a negative, but I wear my boots everyday, 12 to 15 hours a day. Working as a police officer the boats have out performed any boot I have previously owned. I have always worn Addias, and I love the way they fit so when I went looking for an alternative to the brands I had previously been wearing I discovered these on the website. My first pair, on the first day, shocked me. They felt prebroke in, without the stiff resistenace I was used too. I got into a foot chase later that evening and scaled a wall with ease; and I mean ease. The grip was wonderful and the performance was nearly like a tennis shoe. Yes, I caught him. The wear and tear of the boot is excellant, but they breakdown like any boot would over continuous hard use. They remain confortable though, even with the abuse I put them through. The pair I am wearing right now, as I type, are beat up and in desperate need of a fire :) Hence my being on this site. If you are looking for a new pair of boots and wonder if these will do the job, trust me they have and they will. They are light, wear well, grip excellant and well they look great while your doing it. I hunt, hike, work in these boots. Take care! ... read more

Saint Louis, Missouri go to product
March 12 2011

Great pair of boots! The treads are amazing! They go through water, snow, and mud with ease. The boot are the lightest I've put on. They feel like soccer cleats. Usually theres foot fatigue when I wear shoes or boots for long periods of time but not with these. I've walked for hours in several feet of snow and my feet didn't get tired or wet. They kept me warm in the cold and are still breathable. Adidas did a great job with the CLIMAPROOF membrane very similar to Gore-Tex. It would be nice to see ADITUFF in the toe area becasue you can easily scratch the leather. Also like to see FORMORTION in the heel. Otherwise great job adidas! ... read more

adidaddy, Tulsa, Oklahoma go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Good for Law Enforcement training
February 22 2012

Heard about these from the Lone Survivor novel, where the author/SEAL uses and greatly recommends them. Bought a pair as I'm going through an extended period of law enforcement training for several months. Been a few weeks and I can say they're durable so far, very comfortable, supportive yet flexible, and look nice and professional. The grip is exactly how it should be. Brings each step where it should be while keeping sure footing and not sticking. The instructors even knew this boot by name and positive reputation amongst LEO's in our area. A great investment for light/heavy training days. ... read more

TacticalGuy go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Very Nice Boot
August 14 2010

I've been a police officer for a few, and have tried many different boots. I learned about these boots surfing the web and liked the look. The boot is very comfortable and light. I've worn these boots in snow up to my knees, water up to my ankles and my feet never got wet! They did good in the hot summer months and they stay comfortable. I am very hard on boots and these have held up nice(i am on my second pair about to be third). I have never tried but I am sure the boot will take a shine(atleast on the toe). The only negative is they fit a little small so i would recommend a half size larger. Very Nice Boot. ... read more

xrayblack go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots The best boots ever
March 22 2011

I have had these boots for well over a year now. I work anywhere from 80 to 150 hours in a 2 week period. They were the most comfortable boots I have ever had from the moment I put them on. To this day, the tread on the bottom is still in pretty good shape and they are still comfortable. I work inside a jail and have had many situations were co-workers go sliding past me because of lack of traction. (They are buying tennis shoes for comfort.) I would recommend these boots to anyone in the security or police field. Over 15 months of wear and tear, and just now considering replacing them with another pair, although I know I could stretch them out for another couple of months. (As others have stated, "A zipper would be a great addition.") ... read more

Stop Resisting, Kenosha, WI. go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Outstanding boots.
October 26 2012

These have to be the most comfortable boots I think I have ever worn. Being in the military I am all too familiar with all different kinds of boots, these take the cake. I originally bought the black ones for my civilian job as private security but after wearing these boots I recently just ordered the tan ones so I can be comfortable even on duty with the military! I would highly recommend these boots to anyone and everyone. ... read more

Doza, New Orleans, LA, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Excellent boot for many purposes
May 13 2010

I had first heard of the GSG9 from a motorcycling friend. I was shopping for motorcycle boots, and was mixed between full-blown moto-specific boots, combat boots, and timberlands. Having seen the GSG9 on him, and having seen all the cool features, I decided to give it a shot and shell out the much-higher than usual price. Well, take it from a year and a half of motorcycling, offroading, trail hiking, and outdoor work, these are well worth it. Oh and i've been down in them on the bike (with no ill effects). Still going strong, though I need a replacement sole. The first thing you will notice, is that they feel much more like sneakers than a work or combat boot. They are LIGHT and soft. Which is a huge bonus when you spend all day walking around or shifting the bike, or whatever else the day throws at you. Traction is phenomenal on slick surfaces (ever put your foot down on a motorcycle and found that it was sliding away from you? not in these you won't). They are comfortable in cold, they're not bad in heat, and they definitely outlast anything i've ever worn (usually I went through 2 pairs of timberlands or combat boots a year). ... read more

philadelphia pa go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots good boots
October 18 2010

The look of these boots beats anything out there. Bates, 5.11, Converse, who ever. These boots look good. As soon as you put them on you'll feel the AdiPRENE technology cushioning the bottom of your feet. At first it will be firm but it eventually settles leaving a formed cushion that gives you a very comfortable boot. These are light weight waterproof boots that feel like sneakers. they have very good support around the ankles and the TRAXION allow it to function out in rough terrain. The things I dislike about these boots. The laces they come with are really long sneaker laces. They should come with the stronger boot laces most boots come with. Another thing that has to do with the laces is one of the lace loops that's right in the middle of the boot is really weak and will break if you pull to hard when your tying up. The lack of a side zipper is a turn off, this means your going to have to tie and untie every time. Overall the Adidas GSG9 is a well designed boot with a couple flaws. If you want a boot that doesn't feel like a boot and more like a comfortable pair of shoes these are for you. ... read more

Number Nine, California go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Excellent Boot
March 12 2014

I have used a lot of boots to work patrol and the Adidas GSG 9.2 is by far the best. Everywhere I have used the boot either in the summer or the spring I have found them to be comfortable throughout my shift and beyond. I have have my first one for about six years and it's still good with no sign of falling apart. I mean six rough years of walking the beat even using them to compete in the Lowell, MA Winterfest human dog sled. The boot overall is durable and built to last for as long as you take care of it. I have recommended the GSG 9.2 to several colleagues and they love it Thank You Adidas just make a wide version for wide Feet folks! ... read more

kwodjo, ma go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Really, really comfortable and light boot!
May 20 2015

I work as a corrections officer, and I walk a lot during my shift, and these boots are perfect for that, very light and comfortable, my feet don't hurt at all after a 12 hour shift. I even wear them off duty, they look great! I have some friends who serve in special forces, and they are also very satisfied how this boot performs. I thought that I would bust them in 2 months, because I have wide feet and I weigh 115 kgs, but they handled all of that extremely well, after 6 months, they look brand new. The grip is fantastic on all surfaces! They are waterproof, I wore them in soaking rain all day, and my feet stayed dry, which is truly amazing! The only downside is that the leather on the toebox is really thin and you cen see the contours of your toes, and also the heel area could be stiffer for the support. Anyway, I would recommend this product to those who seek a comfortable, light, good looking and durable boot. ... read more

M_Titanium, Serbia go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots best boots I've ever found
November 21 2014

I've worn tactical boots for 10 years and done by fair share of asking people and googling and the gag9.2 is the best boot i have ever worn. It fits and feels like a well made running shoe and has more grip than it probably should have. Not much else to say about it, it's a high quality boot build properly by a company that knows shoes. ... read more

spicymeats, canada go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Great Boots
September 27 2013

I just ordered my second pair of these boots. I placed the order Wednesday morning at 0230 and received them Friday morning at 1130, so as you can see fast delivery (owe and it was free delivery not express). They fit perfect just like the first pair did. The first pair I have had about a year and half. The only reason I ordered a new pair was because I would lose my boot reimbursement if I did use it. These are the best boots I have ever had, they fit my feet perfect. I have tried numerous different types and have not found any like these. . ... read more

0942S, Florida go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots THE most comfortable boots... ever.
August 25 2013

There is a design flaw in the loops for the laces. They are not reinforced and keep breaking. I am almost ready to return the second pair. Want to wear these every night to work but I cannot if they're not laced up. Quality Control, can you do something to help? Please email me if I can be of any assistance! ... read more

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