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Kids • Youth • White • Originals • Shoes

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Reviews for: Kids Youth White Originals Shoes

118 reviews
Stan Smith Shoes Love it!!!!
November 19 2015

Based from the reviews of many women about the size on this sneakers, I ordered size 6 kids and it worked for me. Was a little bit hesitant fighting between sizes 6-6.5 kids. I'm always 7.5 on sneakers and most of the regular shoes, women. I'm 5'5", 115 lbs and size 6 kids works great on me. I still have room on my toes and it is not tight at all. I'm so happy I bought this and I followed the reviews of the women here, now I'm thinking about getting a pink one with velco straps in 6 kids. ... read more

MJV19, Jersey City go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Adidas Superstar (Women's size to Kids)
November 17 2015

I used to wear the all-white 'Originals' as a kid. I love their simplicity and the casual but stylish look of them. I originally bought a 6 1/2 women (my normal size) but they where way too big! Had to return. I went down a size like recommended and bought a 4 1/2 in Kids/Youth. I do recommend going down a size!! Fits perfectly!! Shipping took only 4 days for both pairs. ... read more

Carol C, Miami, FL go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Looks great!! SO IN LOVE WITH THESE
November 17 2015

I'm normally a Woman size 7.0 and purchased these in size 5Y The top part of my pinky hurts a little when I have them on but I know these are meant for YOUTH which that might be the reason. Overall I love my superstars. Don't think about it twice before buying these. It took me over a week to find these online & In stores :) YOU WILL LOVE THEM! ... read more

Cris79, US go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Love THIS shoe!!!!
November 14 2015

I already purchased this shoe with the green detail. I have had them for one week and they are beyond comfortable. No need to break them in. Just pure comfort on your feet from the first initial wear. I called my local Adidas store and they just got this shoe in yesterday with the blue detail. I will be there this morning to purchase these when the store opens. I highly recommend this classic shoe. They go with everything but most importantly, the quality is top notch. Thank you, Adidas. Please keep making different colors because I want them all!!!! ... read more

Dana loves STANS!!, Newport Beach, CA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Picking Your Size
November 13 2015

I'm a size 6.5 in women, I first tried a size 5 and they were too large so I went for a 4.5 and they are perfect. So, I recommend 2 sizes down for women. I'm normally a 37 euro and the tricky thing is that size 5 is 37+1/3 and size 4.5 is 36+2/3 so you could be 1.5 sizes down or 2... depends on how fluffy your socks are too. ... read more

ARoll, Los Angeles, CA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Buy youth sizes
November 11 2015

I've been looking for these shoes everywhere and now that I've got them I'm so happy!!! At first I bought a 7 for men as I am normally an 7.5-8 in women, but these were EXTREMELY big. I returned them and started looking at reviews and different size charts. I ended up ordering them in 5.5 men, which is under the category youth/kids. They fit PERFECTLY!!! ... read more

sophieee486, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes A litte bit big
November 11 2015

I am size 7 in woman and i choose 4.5 in kids, it's fit with me, a little bit big, so i have to tight lace tightly, wear socks ( not soft socks), that's good. maybe you should buy size 4 , if not fit, u can exchange size 4.5 ... read more

Christine.cev, Florida go to product
November 10 2015

I always go for classic shoes and Stan Smith is just one of those that will never get out of style. My size US W-8.. I got big kids 6.5 this is comfortable with a little allowance.. I can also fit in size 6... that's how big are the kids..also saved me a little money compared to adult shoes ... read more

goms go to product
Stan Smith Shoes I hope I can help....
November 08 2015

Hopefully I can help with the people out there who are wondering what size to get in this shoe with the child size. I was in the store today and tried on multiple pairs of the Stan Smith (LOVE these. Classic. Timeless. Comfortable. Amazing.) I wore these in my younger years and they are so durable, comfortable, stylish, etc. etc. I normally wear a 7.5 womens shoe. I bought the 5.5 and they are absolutely PERFECT. Yes, the women's sizes do run big. I also purchased another pair of Stan's in a women's size 6. Perfect fit...... I hope this helps. I love you ADIDAS!! ... read more

Dana loves STANS!!, Newport Beach, Ca go to product
Stan Smith Shoes HARD TO FIND SIZE
November 04 2015

I'm 5'2 asian, 7 in flats, 6.5 heels/wedges, 7.5 sneakers. I purchased this in size 6, wow they were huge. I then ordered 5.5, still too big. Ok i said to myself size 5 has to be my size...I received size 5 , size 5 looked long for me. I went to the Adidas store and compared them with a 4.5. 4.5 are ok without socks, but a little tight with them. I kept 4.5 ... read more

fluffie1424, SF go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Superstar kids
October 31 2015

I just got mine and i love it! Sizing can be tricky so this might help. Most shoes i own are 7.5 in women's (not in adidas size since it will be too big). I ordered the superstar in kids 5.5 and it is just right with socks on. A bit big without socks but an insole will take care of that. Better a bit big than small. ... read more

Aldub, Tx go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Must have shoes
October 31 2015

I love them you can wear them with anything and there comfy. ima 6.5 but i got a youth in 5 and they were 1/2 too big, but I'm too lazy to return them so i just tighten the laces a bit more and there fine. love them. arrived on the exact date. ... read more

Cathy123, Houston,TX go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Perfect!!!
October 22 2015

I have been looking for Adidas Superstar shoes for a while. I am a woman and never had Adidas shoes before, so I didn't really know how their sizing works. I have registered to all sorts of Shoes stores for them to send me a notification when my size is available, but nothing for a few months. I ordered Superstar women 5.5 (men 6.5) after hearing that Adidas shoes runs big, but 5.5 is too small for me and I had to return them. I normally use size 8.5 or 9 US shoes size or size 39-40 European size for any other shoes. I then ordered this big kid Superstar Foundation shoes size 7 and it fits perfectly!!! Do your research on sizing, measure your feet in inches and find something closer to your size. Adidas also have a great return policy if the shoes you ordered don't fit. Fast shipping is a plus too! ... read more

Vee702, Las Vegas, NV go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Could not be happier
October 22 2015

I have wanted these shoes for quite some time, but have never ordered a kid size shoe, so really had nothing to compare. I finally read every review and choose a 5.5. I normally wear a 7.5 in women's shoes, but often get a size 8 in boots so I can wear thick socks. My foot is wide at the front and narow at the heel and the 5.5 works great. I have a slight bit of slippage in the heel, but the width across the ball is perfect. I do not believe a 5.0 would have worked because the length is perfect on these shoes and any shorter would have made them uncomfortable. They are exactly what I was hoping for. Wonderfully comfortable, very cute, great quality. I couldn't be happier! ... read more

cmac1, Waterford, CT go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes LOVE!!
October 21 2015

these shoes are really trending right now, so i didnt know if they would be a good investment. im so glad that i finally decided to buy these because i wear them at least once a week. they are the most comfortable shoes and i get compliments every time i wear them. but im still figuring out how exactly to style them. im a size 6 in women's so i got the 3.5 and 4's just in case. i generally like my shoes bigger so im keeping the 4's and returning the 3.5. ... read more

hiiiiiiiii go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Too big ! :(
October 20 2015

I have been wanting the shoes for a long time . I finally went to the store and tried on my regular shoe size which is a 6 in women's . It was way to big so I had to go down to two sizes down a 4 in kids and it's still to big! I went online to every shoe store and they don't offer the size I would probably need which is a 2.5 or a 3 in kids . I'm so upset that they don't even give the option to special order the size I need . I will not be able to order these . And I wouldn't reccombend ordering online before going to a store and finding what fits you . ... read more

Brit9219, Washington go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Amazing purchase
October 17 2015

I was really worried about the sizing of these shoes, but after reading all of the reviews, I chose the correct fit. I wear a women's size 8 shoe, but I have very wide feet so I can never know what to expect. I ordered the white superstars in size 6 and they fit perfectly! I mostly wear them with thin socks so I expect a snug fit with thicker socks but that shouldn't be a problem. I highly recommend the white pair since they look amazing with jeans as well as dresses and skirts. The black stripes are a little too sporty for my tastes! The price was also very good considering other superstars I've seen start at $80. Delivery was much quicker than expected! I ordered Tuesday night and received Thursday afternoon so I am very very impressed. I could not recommend any higher as I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. ... read more

Anna_, Kansas, US go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes An Old schoolers win
October 11 2015

If you look at these shoes from the upcoming style perspective they're perfect they go with so many outfits seasonal and your own. You can put them on with brightest colors to the dullest. They go with almost anything. If your into bringing back the 90's I totally recommend these. ... read more

Yungbills, East coast,USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love them-sizing is difficult
October 09 2015

The shipping was very fast, im a womens 7 and i ordered a kids 4.5 the front was very tight not sure if they need some breaking into or i might just have to exchnage them for a size 5 but i dont want them to be too big.Overall i love the snaeker ... read more

CourtG, Fl go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes SUPERSTARS ROCK!
October 08 2015

I am so in love with these shoes! I wear a woman's size 6.5. I order Youth size 4. They fit perfectly. If you normally wear a 1/2 size I would recommend ordering a size down. These fit on the larger side. I have just enough room in the size 4. You can dress up or go casual in these. I absolutely love this classic style. Thank goodness Adidas keeps making it ... read more

TJVANOS, Seattle WA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes too small
October 07 2015

i usually wear a size 6-6 1/2 womens but before ordering i read reveiws that said to order a 1/2 size down so i ordered a childrens 4 and they are a little small. i am going to send them back and order a 4 1/2 and hopefully they will fit ... read more

dani1235 go to product
Veritas Mid Shoes Nice but ruined after 1st wearing
October 06 2015

These trainers are nice and designed for slim feet and very soft and comfortable, from what my 8 year old son has told me. I always buy my kids addidas and unfortunately these didn't stand up to the quality from previous buys. After the 1st wearing out the black rim around the shoe had rubbed off making them look terrible. Only good thing was they are very soft and comfortable. ... read more

Tash50, London go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love them!
September 22 2015

I love these shoes. Only downside is I had to order youth size and I couldn't find them in any store, I had to get them online and they are never discounted (probably because of popularity). They fit really well though! Highly recommend. I wear them to work (retail) so I don't get them dirty. I wouldn't wear them outside though. I gotta keep them clean and perfect :) ... read more

SarahShoes0, Fairfax, VA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love the shoes
September 14 2015

Shoe's run a whole size bigger. I am a 7 1/2 in women's shoe size and usually a 6 or 6 1/2 in men size but, with the adidas superstar kids size i got size 5.5 and it fit perfect. I would recommend getting a whole size smaller or half size smaller. So if your a size 8 in women i suggest you get 6 1/2 in the adidas superstar. ... read more

bm12345, California, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes I love the superstar shoe
September 13 2015

I normally wear 8.5 in woman after reading reviews, I bought 6.5 in kid. It is perfect to fit my feet and very comfortable. I am very strong to recommend the kid superstar shoe to women. I will buy one more it again. ... read more

Qs, USA go to product
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