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Reviews for: Kids Youth Superstar Lifestyle Shoes

21 reviews
Superstar Shoes Love these shoes!!
April 26 2016

I normally wear a women's 7 and I ordered a 5 and it fits perfectly. I love the color it looks just like the picture! (Pink Buzz) I've been waiting for a few weeks for my size to come in stock and I was so happy when they did!! Shipping was really quick too- 3 days! ... read more

alana123 go to product
Superstar Shoes Comfortable
April 25 2016

This product is amazing.. The only trouble I had was delivery date but adidas were great dealing with it. To avoid disappointment on late delivery order a week in hand. But other than that great product and great service:) would highly recommend these ... read more

Swhite98 go to product
Superstar Shoes SO Happy with my purchase
April 15 2016

I wanted these sneakers for a very long time and finally purchased them and my only regret not getting them sooner. I am a 6.5 in women's and got a 4.5 size in kids. They fit perfect! My feet however are pretty wide, so maybe that's why they fit so perfect. They are very comfortable and go with so many outfits! ... read more

das213, New York, NY go to product
Superstar Shoes 5 fits wmns 7-7.5
April 05 2016

My foot is in between women 7 and 7.5 so I was torn between 5.5 and 5. I promised if I found the right sz I would help those worried about the fit as I was (it took me about a week to decide on my size). I finally saw a previous reviewer wore 8.5-9 in women and liked the 6.5 so I counted down from there and hoped it was correct. 6.5=8.5-9; 6=8-8.5; 5.5=7.5-8; 5=7-7.5. It worked, fit great, looks great, no returns! ... read more

luvshoessomuch, NYC go to product
Superstar Shoes I freakin love my superstar
March 31 2016

I'm usually a size 5 or 5.5 in women, goodthing I read some of the reviews before I ordered my first pair, and decided to order 3.5 KIDS size,because they say that these shoes are 1 size larger. The package came on time and was very happy because the shoes fits perfectly, and it's very comfy. ... read more

Bing8522, North dakota go to product
Superstar Shoes Sizing
March 30 2016

Ordered 3/26/16 and received 3/30/16. I wear an 8 or 8.5 in woman's and ordered a 6.5 in kids. I have wide feet (since I have no arch). So the comments were true, they do feel a little big. However, I think it's because of how the shoe is cut at the back and side. Other than that they fit fine. They are very comfortable, but if your a person that wear Jordan's a lot (I do) then you'll end up walking like your trying not to crease the shoe (that's my problem). I hope this helps someone. ... read more

Diamond L., Maryland go to product
Superstar Shoes These Are Just Perfect!
March 28 2016

They look great with anything you wear and what body type! My legs are short and muscular and I expected to look really awkward and weird, but the shoes still looks decent on me. I just hope that it won't look weird with my black sweats and black hoodie that I usually wear for P.E. I also went down by a size from my Nike to these, but it's still roomy. I bought this from a store though. I was hoping they had the black and white striped ones, but none of the stores near me seem to have them because I don't want to get them dirty. I have the "regular" ones (white and black stripes). These are really comfy. ... read more

Cherri1004, New York, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Good shoes for little boy
March 20 2016

It has been a every day shoes since we got it . My 4 years old love it very much. Just considering the quality . Coz front sawing line become fluffy look only after few days , so far is good though , but not sure. ... read more

Sasha923, New Zealand go to product
Superstar Shoes great but big
March 16 2016

I'm a size 6 in women so I decided to get a size 4 in kids. Once I got them I tried them on. I walked around in them and I noticed that they were big on me. I added another pair of socks and they fit. Also, the upper sides of the shoes were already wrinkled! I kinda got upset but I was really amazed by how comfortable they were. And since I have a wide foot, they fit great. It's just the size and quality that's not so great. ... read more

coolgirl64, New York, US go to product
Superstar Shoes Too big
March 14 2016

I wear a size 9 in women and a 9 was extremely huge. I ordered an 8.5 and it still did not fit. I tried on an 8 in a store and they fit. I recommend getting a half size down or two sizes down from your original size. If you are getting kid sizes like I am, I would have to get a size 6 I'm guessing since I wear an 8 in women. ... read more

yvngk go to product
Superstar Shoes Great classics!
March 11 2016

First, for reference, I am a woman who usually wears a size 7.5 in shoes. After reading the reviews and knowing that the shoes run pretty large, I ordered a 5.5 and a 6 with the plan of returning the pair that didn't fit. I expected the 5.5s to be the fitting pair (again, due to the prior reviews), but I am gonna keep the 6s; here's why. They are a little roomier and while the length of the 5.5s might have been fine, they were just TOO narrow for my foot. I have medium width feet but the 5.5s were too skinny and uncomfortable for me. ... read more

WhitNasty, San Ramon, CA go to product
Superstar Shoes Shoes is very good, I and my friends like it very much
March 11 2016

Received these shoes very surprised, shoes is very good, color is also very beautiful, my family and my friends are very like it, but is a little big, we suggest partial smaller size, I will continue to choose adidas, I like these shoes! ... read more

summer17, London go to product
Superstar Shoes Perfect
March 10 2016

I wear a womens 8 but i wanted blue and they are only available in kids so i ordered a 6 and they fit perfectly. The color is great, its like a slightly lighter navy blue and they are so comfortable...I am very happy with my choice. ... read more

Jh3085, NJ go to product
Superstar Shoes Love my new shoes!!
March 03 2016

I ordered this in a kids 4.5. I'm a size 7 in women's and they were all sold out of this shoe (went to so many stores & websites) so I thought maybe they would have more in stock in kids sizes. The 4.5 fits PERFECT if you're a 7 in women's! I went half a size down because I know these run a bit big. Very satisfied with my purchase :) ... read more

Zeewee11 go to product
February 27 2016

Love these shoes!:) Definitely the best pair I own, they run a bit large but just ask the assistant before buying, I normally wear women size 6.5 in nikes and I got these in a youth size 4.5 and it end up having a little extra space. They're super comfortable and stylish, goes with everything.:) Overall a great buy! ... read more

Isabella036, New York, USA go to product
Superstar Shoes Amazing Shoes!
February 26 2016

I have wanted these shoes for awhile now and they are the best pair of shoes I have bought in a long time. I have owned them for over two months now and I wear them almost everyday. They are extremely durable and comfortable. I decided to order the youth ones because they are $10 cheaper than the adult ones and exactly the same. I am a womens size 7 with an average foot width of about 3 and a half inches. (I recommend looking up sizing charts online to guide you). After reading past reviews I decided to order a youth size 5. The regular conversion between women's and youth sizes is usually 1.5 sizes down. However I went two full sizes down after the reviews said these run large. They fit me extremely well. They have some extra room if I'm wearing thin socks but it doesn't bother me at all. I have also gotten into the habit of wearing slightly thicker socks. However I do not think the extra room would warrant the need for a size 4.5. I believe they would have been too small. Overall I am happy with the shoes and the size I ordered. I would recommend these shoes to anyone thinking about buying them. ... read more

CT,USA go to product
Superstar Shoes keep them instock forever!!!
February 21 2016

i wish they kept these shoes in stock forever so that i can buy them again and again. they are so nice and white which means it will be pretty obvious if dirt gets on them. it's such a hassle to clean the shoes but i love these so much. what's more, junior sizes are $10 cheaper than men's/women's. I usually wear a Eur 37 and I got the Eur 37.3/UK 4.5/US 5(kids) which still felt half a size too big, but I'm alright with it. it's better to have bigger shoes than shoes that are too small and tight. i can make do with it by wearing thicker socks or tightening the laces. if it is really too big for you, you could try stuffing tissue at the toes (provided you are unable to return the item). ... read more

megoosta go to product
Superstar Shoes love them but huge lol
February 20 2016

i recently ordered these shoes in a size 6 in kids and usually wear an 8 in women's. shipping was amazing and they ordered right on time. they came HUGE... i went to the store the day i received it and returned them. at the moment size 5's were out of they came back on stock and i ordered them. hope they aren't big!!!!! ... read more

hana!, texas go to product
Superstar Shoes More Cons
February 19 2016

Some cons of the shoe was the comfort. I get blisters in the back of my feet, and the shoe tends to kind of slip off as I take steps and then my toes are too squished up in the front as well. I'm a size 8 in women's and got a size 6 in kids. It fits just a tad too small but at the same time is lose around the back of the shoe. I also thought the shoe felt a bit "cheap", and you could hear the heavy footsteps of the material when you walk. BUT some things I like about the shoe is deffinetly the design, color, and how versatile the shoe is. I literally wear it with everything. It goes well with almost everything and it gives off a cool, sporty/casual look. Hope this helped :) ... read more

RealCj, Wisconsin go to product
Superstar Shoes Great purchase!
February 07 2016

I love those shoes! They fit well, are really comfortable and look great on feet. Quality is really good for such a cheap price as 40£ is. Fully recommend and I'm already thinking about getting a new pair of those! ... read more

London, UK go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes I don't think any size fits me well
February 06 2016

I tried these in the store and I went to Foot Locker for Kids because I have really tiny feet. I have two other pairs of adidas and they're size 3, so I tried size three in the store but it was way too big. And normally for shoes I try to start by size 2.. But I ended up going all the way down to a size 1 1/2 and it still feels like it's still too big because the heel part slips out a bit everytime I walk. I also tried size 1 in the store but they were pretty tight and I think if I tried wearing it all day my feet would turn purple. So I ended up getting the 1 1/2 ones because they felt better when my friend tied it tighter so I just got them... Then today I wore them and I tied it really tight but my heel still comes out and I'm like... Is this normal? This is so annoying because I'm not sure if I can return them anymore because I wore them out once and the bottom is already dirty. I really like them but they fit me weird. I think I might try to tie it EVEN tighter. I love the shoe but none of the sizes fit my feet well. ... read more

xceemonstAr, Savannah, GA go to product
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