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Kids • Black • Originals

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Reviews for: Kids Black Originals

24 reviews
Fleece Track Pants Way too big
November 20 2015

I ordered this pant for my 12 year old son and it was so disappointing to find out that it's too big! The pant quality is great and he really loved it, but it just wasn't anywhere close to his size, especially when he already wears this size in other brands. ... read more

Neela1 go to product
Superstar Jacket Good quality top
November 12 2015

Pleasentaly surprised at the quality, seems to be the in things for teens at present as struggled to find one. I do think its a tad expensive but then I got 15% off for being a new customer so wasn't so bad. I would say its true to size and my teen is thrilled with it. ... read more

Heather050, Market Deeping go to product
Superstar Star Wars Shoes Star Wars shell toes
November 02 2015

My 6 year old loves the trainers and they have been comfortable to wear straight away. He has narrow feet so I would say the shoes are slightly too wide for him but just have to pull the Velcro tightly. The star wars design is very eye-catching and I love the classic shell toe style. ... read more

Holly09, Co. Durham go to product
Superstar Jacket Great Junior Fashion Jacket
October 14 2015

My daughter was going mad for one of these jackets in black. We could not find one in ANY shops anywhere! But thanks to the adidas online store, we managed to find one in her size...however, it did have to be shipped from Germany and we received it within a week. Great service. Lovely product, highly fashionable. Thank you adidas! ... read more

GARGOYLE, Manchester, UK go to product
Superstar Jacket grandson!
October 07 2015

A 14 year old grandson is not the easiest to buy for as a 68 year old grandmother. But with a bit of advice from his mother, this gift proved a major success - colour, style, fashion etc. He was so keen to wear it, he whispered to his Dad in the cinema visit following opening the parcel, that he had forgotten to take out the labels! Success!! ... read more

GrannyPenny, Nottingham go to product
Superstar A true superstar
September 28 2015

I buy these for my 3 year old and they are perfect! He is a very active little boy and these shoes are built to last. The rubber shell toe is hard wearing and offers great protection, the strap closures mean he can put them on and take them off himself and he tells me that they are very comfortable. ... read more

Rickster73, London go to product
Samba Shoes Nothing comes close!
September 25 2015

I have worn these shoes on and off for over 15yrs. They are so comfortable and last for ages. I work retail and am on my feet all day. These shoes make a long hard day feel like a cake walk. When I finally had to buy another pair (which I had for 6yrs) I hummed taps as I laid them to "rest". They are the only shoes I truly recommend 100%. They are worth every penny! ... read more

ShoeSnob81, Cleveland, Ohio go to product
Leggings Awesome Product!
September 18 2015

I am 5"1 and about 110lbs and I ordered size L and it fits perfectly! It is tad bit long, but I feel like it may shrink to fit better after couple washes. It is very comfortable, and rises high to avoid any skin showing, which I love. ... read more

Elkhorn, Chicago, IL go to product
Tubular X Shoes Great shoe!
September 15 2015

I waited long since I first saw the tubular x on their fashion show good to know I wasn't desapointed. The tubular x has the comfort and durability I was hoping for. They do run half size big so make sure you gone down half of size. Adidas did really great and defenetly got me back,I had turned my back for a while on adidas after recently getting the zx 8000,they were great although the boost technology was only place through half of the sole which made them too uncomfortable and noisy to wear . ... read more

angel1234567, Illinois go to product
Campus 2.0 Shoes My 15 month loves these shoes!
September 04 2015

He gets so excited to wear his cool big boy shoes & will come sit in my lap and raise his foot for me to put them on. He even giggles a little when I say come here and let's put your shoes on! I love them too, they are so cute and stylish! ... read more

kkdurr, Fort Wright, KY go to product
Superstar Shoes Such a great purchase!
August 31 2015

I bought these shoes for my 8 year old and he absolutely loves this shoes he says that not only do they look good but they also feel super comfy. Mind you he never really gives me an opinion about shoes. I Absolutely recommend this shoes ... read more

KL167, Australia go to product
ZX Flux EL Shoes Great shoes for the little runner!!!
July 31 2015

For my 3 year old who loves to run around! This is the perfect shoe! If it gets dirty, you can't tell and it still looks brand new! Love the easy laces for them to put on and off themselves. It comes with a pair of laces when they are ready to tie up their shoes themselves! Just love it! ... read more

YhaaayHappy, Vancouver, BC go to product
ZX Flux Shoes Bipolar Opinion
June 20 2015

as much as i love having a pair of ZX Flux's, i dislike them as i find them to rub the back of my feet most of the time when i wear them. the insulation at the back of the shoe quickly wore down for me until there is literally none there now. the plastic around the heels feels to be the problem as they seem to dig into the bottom of my heel as i walk. I am unsure whether this is just my feet not suiting these shoes or if i purchased the incorrect size, but i did in fact go down a size with them. i seem to be the only person who has this problem, so i hope this does not prohibit you from purchasing a pair. PS, i only ever have shoes that rub until they are properly broken, which usually takes around 2 weeks of consistent wearing them. Also, other than this issue there is no problem with my shoes, i love them other than this. ... read more

Bennion, Manchester UK go to product
Superstar Nice shoes
June 16 2015

Nice and elegant looking little shoes. My 3-year-old boy likes wearing them. The only down point is that sometimes the straps can't keep in position for long after one-month wearing. Overall it's a nice pair of shoes. ... read more

Pegu go to product
Superstar Excellent purchase
June 15 2015

Comfortable, strong and excellent quality!!! Great for winter no water can go through them look great! Perfect and at good price. You can wear them for casual or formal can't go wrong with a black shoe. ... read more

Cac07, Perth Australia go to product
Superstar Shoes Great purchase
June 15 2015

Comfortable, strong and excellent quality!!! Great for winter no water can go through them look great! Perfect and at good price. You can wear them for casual or formal can't go wrong with a black shoe. ... read more

Cac07, Perth Australia go to product
Superstar Shoes Superstars never disappoint !!!!
May 23 2015

Decided to buy these for my son for school as his last shoes fell to pieces around the toes. He's a typical 5 yr old that loves climbing, kicking, jumping and running etc and these trainers not only look very cool but are extremely comfortable and although a little wide can be adjusted with the Velcro straps. Overall a great sturdy stylish pair of trainers. ... read more

SpecialKC, Leeds go to product
Superstar Superstar Foundation Shoes
May 03 2015

I purchased a pair of the Superstar trainers for my son who is 4 years of age. He is very fussy with any new anything so to please him is a big deal, wore his new shoes for the first time last week. When I got home from work he was had his PJS on but still had the shoes on. When I took them off him at bed time he yelled at me I said why are to yelling at me and he said ' I don't want to take them off they are just like my slippers Mum". ... read more

Nerry, Western Australia go to product
Superstar Shoes Kids Superstar - brilliant
March 27 2015

Straight out of the box he loved them. So I hoped the fit would be ok and thankfully all good. Great Adidas quality in miniature. He wants Gazelle's next - good lad :-) Great quality, great price and quick delivery. What's not to like. ... read more

Adye, Leicester, UK go to product
Superstar Shoes for my boy !!
March 14 2015

Had these mini superstars before in the black , so a natural choice this time to get the next pair in white , great for a young lads feet at the quality of the trainer is amazing !! Worth the money !! Well chuffed ... read more

Safehands, Uk go to product
Samba Shoes Samba
March 04 2015

Hello, I purchased a pair of sambas for a second grader at an elementary school in Gresham Oregon. The shoes he were wearing were literally falling off of his feet. After the purchase I brought them to my boyfriend who runs the SUN program so that he could give them to him. What joy these shoes brought to this young man. He was running around comfortably and could not stop showing them off to his classmates. He was well deserving of the shoes and said they felt great. I like Adidas because they last a very long time and provide great support. I thank you Adidas for making your shoes affordable and I'll be saving feet one pair at a time. Thank you, Angel Benjamin ... read more

Angela B, Portland, Oregon go to product
Trefoil Tee Great purchase
February 21 2015

The material is great and looks good too. My son has worn these a few times since we bought them and they still look new since washing. However, the shirt was a tad too long for him. Maybe just how he is built. ... read more

satisfiedcustomerx go to product
Superstar **PERFECT**
February 10 2015

I had a pair of these when I was younger! Finally found this pair in my daughters size she's 3 years old and they are perfect! Perfect fit don't rub or flip off her heel or pinch her toes!! Brilliant!! Happy mummy happy daughter :) ... read more

Emmaleeta, Chester go to product
Superstar Shoes Best shoes!
January 31 2015

We've loved these shoes. We had them in 3 different sizes and have absolutely loved them every time. My son wears shoes very hard, particularly in the toe and these shoes have lasted until he's grown out of them each time. We've had size 8, 9 and now 11. (size 10 we went with another shoe and they didn't even last 3 months). These shoes are definitely worth the money!! ... read more

sah0, Canberra, AUS go to product
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