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Barricade • Tennis

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Reviews for: Barricade Tennis

15 reviews
Barricade Court 2.0 Wide Shoes Not squash shoes, but usable
May 20 2016

Seems like it is virtually impossible to find squash (racquetball) shoes that are 4E wide. These 2E TENNIS shoes are the closest I could find. For indoor play, They lack the gum rubber needed for quick turns. Nevertheless they seem to work okay. ... read more

Hal go to product
Barricade Classic Bounce Shoes Excellent shoe, but sizing changed.
May 05 2016

A beautiful product. Obviously of great quality and comfort. However, the fit was too narrow for me, possibly because of the extra cushioning. I have bought Adidas tennis shoes for many years, but had to return these. ... read more

Magdeline, Ottawa go to product
Barricade 2016 Boost Shoes Fitting problems.
April 30 2016

The shoe overall quality is good and I think the comfort is great but, since it was too large for me it didn't feel comfortable at all. As I saw through the other reviews saying that you should buy a size larger than your true size (11.5); I bought a size 12 one. But when I bought a 1/2 larger than my true size, it was bigger.... ... read more

Eric1337, New York go to product
Barricade 2016 Shoes Adidas tennis shoes always the best fit
April 28 2016

I play tennis for years now a i use diferent brands and i can say Adidas Barricade any model are perfect and i always buy them because it gaves you confort,durability and confidence in the court best support for your feet plus helps with the speed, i always recommend it 100%. ... read more

Rafanumber1, Toronto go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes Awesome. I already feel like a king.
April 26 2016

This is easily the greatest pair of shoes I have ever bought. Being a fan of Greek mythology and history I feel privileged to be the owner of this shoe. The icing on the cake is that "orange" is my favorite color. Wow!! Kudos to Adidas! Thanks a lot :) Krishna The Great ... read more

Krishna20, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes Amazing Purchase
April 16 2016

I absolutely love this shoe. Extremely comfortable and amazing design. As a historian, I just had to have these. Adidas did a remarkable job with the symbols and Ancient Greek on the inside of the tongues. From the lion to the sun of Vergina, simply amazing. Great show for all who live Greek History and admire the greatest Greek King, Alexander the Great. ... read more

George9908, Boston, USA go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes Typo
April 05 2016

The shoes are great love the quality and design. But I believe there's a type in the description. Alexander the Great was Macedonian king not Greek. His father was king of Macedonian and his mother born in Alyria, Albania at the time. I suggest changing the color of the shoes to red and yellow as it would make them stand out more and really increase your sales with a very passionate ethnic group such as myself. ... read more

Sebe, Macedonia go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes Inspired by the great Macedonian king*
March 31 2016

The style of these shoes are amazing, however there is unfortunately a typo in the name of these shoes. Alexander the Great was a great Macedonian king, not Greek. This is why the shoes have Macedonia's national animal, the lion, and national symbol, the Sun, on them. Please change the name of these shoes, as it would lead to generate more sales in them! ... read more

MacedonianForever go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes typo in your title
March 29 2016

You must remove "greek king" Alexander is a Macedonian king! His father was Phillip, Macedonian king that conquered Greece. Yes Macedonia conquored Greece and half of the world ! Alexander's Mother was Greek and his teacher was Greek. After Phillip, Alexander became a "friend" with the Greek nation and he should have known better ! These shoes look good but would suggest changing your title and adding a red and yellow color combination. This would almost guarantee boost in sales ! ... read more

Dean the Great, Macedonia go to product
Barricade 2016 Alexander Shoes Beautiful trainers. Little comfort.
March 28 2016

Bought these recently. Love how they look. But sadly they are far too narrow it feels like they are squeezing your feet. They have little to no flexibility it is like walking with your feet in a vice. I'm a huge fan of the flux series trainers their comfort is second to none. But cannot reccomend these. ... read more

Bam86, Huddersfield UK go to product
Barricade Classic Bounce Shoes Great shoe, but a little large.
March 09 2016

The shoe was very comfortbale and worked very well on hard courts. I am pretty rough on my shoes, playing six days a week competitively for a few hours, so the six month warranty was a huge plus. I wear a 7 1/2 and my other tennis shoes have been running slightly small so I ordered an 8 but it was at least a size too big. ... read more

sydneyer, Idaho, US go to product
Barricade 2016 Boost Shoes Great feel!
February 27 2016

Shoes have nice feel to them. They were a little narrow for my feel but they did fit lengthwise. I suggest they make a wide size for people like me. I will have to take some time stretching them out so that they get more comfortable. Overall the shoes seem to have good feel, I still have to test its durability. ... read more

Crazytony, Winnipeg go to product
Barricade 2016 Boost Shoes Not quite the right fit.
February 22 2016

Was excited about these shoes. The are shallower than I expected. A bit narrower in the ball of my foot than I'd like. And I feel like I need more space in the ankle. There's a way that the shoe is cutting into my ankle painfully. It's as if two fewer lace holes would have been better for me. I'm sad that I'm not able to return them actually. But I couldn't tell how they would really feel and fit until I played in them. ... read more

Shotgunn, Portland, OR go to product
Barricade 2016 Boost Shoes Good quality trainer, very narrow
January 29 2016

These are a great pair of trainers, fantastic quality, however, they seem quite narrow and on the small side. My husband's size 9 feet were squeezed into the first pair of size 9 ordered. Sent back and ordered 9.5, very prompt service. However, these were too narrow. So, returned. ... read more

Leejo, Kent go to product
Barricade 2016 Boost Shoes Nice but small!
January 26 2016

Lovely looking and quality shoes but on the narrow side. I ordered a 9 (my size in every other shoe since forever, well not quite as I wasn't born with size 9 feet as that would be a bit wrong) had to send back for a 9.5, still too small, sent back and got a 10 and happy frickin days they fitted! The sending back bit was a bit of a pain but it is free so I won't cry about it, anyway it's nice to get acquainted with your local post office staff. ... read more

LeeG1978, London go to product
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