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Grey • Training • Shoes

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Pure Boost Shoes Women's adidas by Stella McCartney
$ 160
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Solar Boost Shoes Kids Unisex Training
$ 65
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Solar Boost Shoes Kids Unisex Training
$ 65
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Crazy Train Boost Shoes Men's Training
$ 120
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Crazy Train Boost Shoes Men's Training
$ 120
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Crazy Train Boost Shoes Men's Training
$ 120
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Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Men's Weightlifting
$ 90
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adissage Marbled Slides Men's Training
$ 30
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Voloomix Slides Men's Training
$ 22
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adissage Slides Women's Training
$ 30
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Voloomix Sleek Logo Slides Women's Training
$ 22
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adipure 360.3 Shoes Men's Training
$ 90
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Duramo 7 Shoes Kids Unisex Training
$ 50
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Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Men's Weightlifting
$ 71.99 $ 90
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Speed Trainer Shoes Men's Baseball
$ 50.99 $ 85
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314 reviews
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes The pursuit of perfect form
February 15 2015

It's Thursday evening, I'm sitting in my room and have just ordered these shoes, i'm excited. I go on about my business and the only downside with the whole experience was it took longer than their 3-5 working days delivery estimation. I understand this is an estimation, however I came home from work everyday only to be disappointed it hadn't arrived. But, finally they arrived. I tore through the packaging like a raging bear through the wilderness chasing it's prey. Then Bam, I hit bedrock. There they were in all their beauty and splender. I instantly strapped them to my feet and air squatted til I couldn't no more. ( Good thing is these shoes just make you want to squat. ) I'm not an expert by any means when it comes to weightlifting shoes, but these puppies were nice, especially for what I want to use them for, which is why I didn't splash out a little more for a more expensive pair. They feel solid, but you can still walk around in them, without looking suspicious. They feel great wearing them, I purchased a size 11, however a friend of mine let me try on his 10's and whilst they felt tighter, I probably couldn't have squeezed into those for my particular sessions. And so for long term use, I thought I would go for 11's just to be comfortable - but that's not saying i'm walking around in a pair of slippers, these puppies still feel good. That leads me into my first workout with them, I decided we'll put them to the test with power cleans. They instantly felt good. I don't know if it was the shoes, or the excitement the shoes brought, but I managed a new PB in both cleans and front squats. I was like you, who I probably imagine are trolling through the comments section because you really want to buy a pair but you're just not sure if you should pay splash out the dolla, so you're looking for someone to convince you. Do it. These shoes are perfect for the keen, enthusiastic gym goer, like myself, who is messing around a lot with power movements and Olympic lifts. In saying that, I'm not throwing around massive numbers, or squatting with big big weight myself. But Put it this way, if you squat, clean, or snatch - get these shoes. Many people will tell you that they aren't necessary, and that it's all about your form, not your gear. Whilst I completely agree with the form statement, doing those particular movements in a pair of running shoes, defeats the whole purpose. Running shoes are designed to absorb impact and absorb pressure. If you're trying to rip a bar to your shoulders you want all of the power you're generating to go straight to a solid surface. And as far as the barefoot argument goes, you'll be able to stay more upright with a bar on your back/shoulders and sit into the squat more if you're heels are risen slightly above your toes, than you would if you're foot is flat. The people who really want to get you down are the people who couldn't justify the purchase and/or have the money, they will tell you well it's false gains etc, help from gear. At this moment you should just leave their company as they talk absolute madness. Just because you put these shoes on doesn't mean you're going to hit serious numbers, let's get that'l straight, but like the title suggests, they promote better form, which in turn will help you hit bigger numbers. As I say, I'm no expert. But if you're toying with the idea, if I was you, ( which I was ) I would give them a go. Happy lifting x ... read more

Power20, Belfast, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Happy customer
February 15 2014

Nice shoe. I have been using them happily for squats, OHP, and deficit DLs. They are comfortable, stable (although I am only 125lb so not squatting massive numbers), light in my gym bag, economical, and even get compliments for their appearance. A note on size for any other gals purchasing this shoe: I'm a woman's size 8 and got men's size 6.5 as recommended on a lifting forum and they fit like a glove. The men's size 7 which I "should" be per the sizing chart would definitely have been too large. ... read more

Dizzydog, Toronto go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes good option for training
February 23 2015

I bought these shoes because I started with a personal trainer recently. For the first few sessions I was working out in running shoes, but they did provide the support that I needed. These provide excellent lateral support and are great for stability workouts. ... read more

Jase700, Arlington, VA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great Lifting Shoe
December 30 2013

For the last 6 months, I've been borrowing a pair of the older Adidas Powerlift shoes from my coach for lifts at the gym (cleans, snatch, front/back squats, presses). It was time to get my own. I went with the Powerlift 2.0 based on the reviews of others and the price was right for my budget. The biggest thing I noticed right away doing squats was the solid footing it gave me. I really liked the feel and felt like I was able to press though the heels effectively. I wear a size 11 in everyday shoes, but ordered a 11 1/2 in the Powerlift shoes and they fit well. I wold definitely recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a good lifting shoe. ... read more

Appleton, WI go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Very Satisfied
May 31 2013

Just as you would expect from Adidas, this shoe is very comfortable. After going from running shoes to these I feel WAY more stable doing squats and deads. The fit is just right and I have somewhat wide feet. I really feel grounded when doing squats now. The heel wedge height feels just right. Since I work out at home on rubber flooring these babies will never leave the house and should last a long time as they feel to be very well constructed. By the way, I bought the red, white, and blue color scheme and they look great! If I did go to a gym I'm sure they'd be noticed :) ... read more

Mediapolis, IA go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Great Shoes
April 14 2015

I've been using running shoes with Boost foam in them for 2 years, and hoped that they would be just as good in this pair of shoes. I've used these shoes for about 2 weeks in cardio step and kickboxing exercises, and I hardly feel a thing. I'm glad to see they were worth the money. My only complaint is the very small number of color selections (Black/Blue or Yellow/Gray). ... read more

Chyorniykot, College Station, TX go to product
Speed Trainer Shoes Great Workout Shoes
March 03 2015

Excellent training shoe. I ordered online because I couldn't find this style at any retail stores. I use this for general workout and exercise. Will probably use it as a running shoe in better weather. Good support and firm feel. ... read more

Middle Aged Jeff, Taylorville, IL go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Definitely worth buying!!
January 06 2015

I bought these for my fiance as a Christmas present. I took a chance & ordered these ones as they were half the price of others online. My fiancé is a bodybuilder & considering how cheap they are compared to others online - he absuloutly loves these shoes! They're not suitable to walk in (not even to the gym) unless you want to wear down the heel. The heel is a great advantage (so he tells me) as it gives you stability & firmness when deadlifting. By far the best present I could've ever got him. Great quality, very comfy, red/black looks great, excellent customer services & fast delivery. Very good value for money & NOT a cheap quality product. ... read more

FifiMayG, Faversham go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes One of the most comfortable...
July 09 2015

...trainers I have ever worn. And considering I am close to sixty and have been doing sports for as long as I can remember -- memory's still great, thank you! -- this is high praise indeed. Fact is they fit like a glove and feel quite close to walking barefoot. Wonderful cushioning, great fit. As you can probably see in the pictures it has a built in sock-like ankle liner which secures the shoe; just tighten the shoe lace to desired snugness and off you go. Be it running, walking or simply as leisure shoe, these bad boys are hard to beat. Have them in black and grey/orange, size 13. Well worth it in my humble opinion. ... read more

OwnRules, Santo Domingo, Dom Rep go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Solid Lifting Shoe
November 18 2014

I had been lifting with my chucks until I tried these on. Felt very solid and stable unracking from the squat rack. 3/4" heel is perfect for me in terms of not pushing my knee too forward. Good ROM throughout. Heel does not compress at all when I push down on it with my thumb. Overall a good purchase. Would recommend them. ... read more

eguy71, Canada go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Squat low sweet chariots
June 03 2013

Was skeptical at first but undoubtedly an awesome shoe for squatting. The flat sole and hard cuff on the shoe provide much appreciated stabilization for the knees under heavier loads. The grip is awesome, theres no moving them after you plant your feet. All around great shoe. My only complaint is that the picture shown doesn't accurately portray the shoe. The picture shows them having a solid red strap (I got the blk/red ones) but they actually have a pattern like the blue model. ... read more

stevefr0mmachetesquad, Orlando go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Like walking on air
November 19 2014

These are so comfortable, like little feet pillows :) They mesh-type material they are made from will make them great for hot weather, I can feel the breeze which helps keep my feet cool. I am usually a size 8.5 and these fit almost perfectly but they are just a little long in the toes. ... read more

Sheena, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Good lifting shoe!
June 02 2014

I think this is a good shoe, but I continue to form a more solid opinion on it as I workout in these. I have a video review of it with me working out in them on my channel as I form a better opinion of the shoe over other exercises. ... read more

Silverback Sovereignty, NY go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shoes to squat in
March 23 2014

I was looking for good Oly lifting shoes. These are a good starters for the price. I like the fact that they stabilize my feet a lot when I squat and then I can focus more on the power. I have tried doing Oly lifting in them and it helps there too. Gives me great stability. However I haven't been very confident about doing the split jerk in them. Its just that Im used to doing that in very flexible shoes. Also, I got one size smaller and they were too tight but then I was too excited and worked out in them anyways. Now that they've been broken into, This size feels perfect very snug and sturdy. I don't feel that its too tight anymore. ... read more

PA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shoe
May 29 2015

The shoes feel and look great, they're of very high quality and should last for years. As someone who struggles with mobility/ being able to hit depth consistently while squatting these have helped for sure, my form improved and I felt stable throughout all lifts. Like a lot of other reviews the issue with size arose for me, I'm usually a size 10 but I ordered a size 10 1/2 with these, they were still a little too tight on one of my feet, I'd recommend either going up 1 whole size or chancing the 1/2 size up like I did. I would consider picking up the power perfect 2 over these if you're struggling with mobility but for the price you really can't go wrong on these and adidas have a great return policy that's very easy to go through. I've uploaded a few pics of these in another colour from adidas speciality + one picture with my thumb by the elevated heel to give you some size reference in regards to how much of an elevated heel these have. ... read more

Jason78, Cork, Ireland go to product
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