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Green • sale

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Reviews for: Green sale

141 reviews
Winterized Cotton Jacket It's ok
November 16 2015

I saw size is really bigger than it should be on the size chart but not exactly...... Usually I get large but I saw size chart said Large is 12-14 so I order medium.... Now I have little tight and short sleeves...... My advise is just go with your size what you wear. It's winter so you are gonna wear thick tops. Overall it's pretty if I choose right size. ... read more

Wntlsdud go to product
Winterized Cotton Jacket Good except the unlined sleeves
November 06 2015

The jacket is roomy, yet because it's A-lined, it doesn't make me look fat. I was worried about the color, but it looks surprisingly good on me. The fleece lining for the torso and hood is very soft and warm. The only thing I don't like about this jacket is the unlined sleeves, and I have to wear something extra underneath to keep my arms decently warm. Sometimes I just don't understand what clothing designers are thinking. I mean, who would want to bare their arms in winter while sweating from the back? I would've loved to have the sleeves at least lined with cotton, sweatshirt-like material instead of that cheap, generic nylon one. ... read more

Babyboo go to product
Winterized Cotton Jacket Just wish I knew!
November 04 2015

Overall, I would recommend Adidas products and even this jacket, although I am unsatisfied with the results I received! All of my jackets are a size medium, (I like to have some extra space to fit a sweater underneath), and that is the size I ordered this jacket in. Except this time, a medium was more like a large! I'm not sure if that is how this jacket usually runs, but it was way too big. I had intentions on taking the jacket to a store and exchanging it for a smaller size, but unfortunately there's no store near me that carries this product! I'm not even sure if a small will fit right for me to just return it and reorder online. The jacket was what I was looking for but too bad the size was off. ... read more

Hennyy go to product
Winterized Cotton Jacket Very warm! Great color!!!!
November 01 2015

The inside of this jacket is a lot softer than I expected, and the color was just what I expected<3 Very pretty green! The hood of this jacket is really big, and I LOVE IT!! I love this jacket a lot, great product added to my adidas collection c: 100% satisfied with this transaction. ... read more

Hayate1015, Calgary go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Put the milage on them
August 26 2015

I have read several reviews that state that these shoes fall apart easily and for me that could not be farther from the truth. I bought my first pair on a whim from the adidas outlet store as I was beginning to train for a marathon. I put over 100 miles on the first pair and them bought a second so that I could rotate them, thats how much I loved them. I have run on pavement, gravel, sand, and volcanic desert (in Aruba) and they still have most of the soles on both pairs. I never imagined that I would love these as much as I do, nor that they would hold up as well as they have. Despite how tough they are, I still think my favorite part of these shoes is that they have a very soft heel section. Class pair of shoes, send me a free pair for the best review you have ever had. Regardless, I am buying a new pair next week. ... read more

Gunner74 go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Amazing and can't be beat. Not for running though.
August 11 2015

This was my first boost shoe and it lived up to my expectations. The cushioning is amazing and it really does feel like you're walking on a cloud or a marshmallow. You would think after awhile you would get used to the cushioning but it's like the cushioning is brand new, the shoe overall is very comfortable and the tech fit is really comfortable. It is almost like this shoe cant be beat. I had no problems will this shoe and it still is in brand new condition after wearing it for 6 months. One this is this is not a running shoe and I would not run in it. It is very durable but I think this shoe was made for more walking and casual wear. Thank you adidas! ... read more

Jayadidas, Usa go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Greatest shoe I have ever owned.
June 01 2015

I got these shoes at the Chicago Adidas store in April. I played a whole season of tennis in them and wear them everyday to school and they are still going strong. I have owned many pairs of free runs and even roshes but nothing compares to these. I love them and definitely worth the money. ... read more

Manty, Wisconsin go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Yes.
May 11 2015

These are a YES. Comfort and simple style came together in one. The boost does die down after wearing them a bit but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair when it's done. Going up a half size wouldn't hurt either, which is what I did and it fit better. ... read more

SteezyPeezy7 go to product
Hiking Wandertag Jacket Not Bad
March 30 2015

Had this for 2 months now and I like it! When it rains I don't get soaking wet and that's a big plus for me. The only problem is that it runs slightly big I'm 5'7 with an average body and a M is a bit big, I recommend sizing down a bit. As far as quality goes I must say it's good, I was hit by a car while riding my bike and fell to the floor and I was surprised to see that the jacket was not ripped at all!! It was only ripped from my elbow but that was no big deal. So I'm happy with the product and I would definitely recommend it ... read more

fredo1229, Brooklyn go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Best out there
March 10 2015

The pure boost technology is awesome It absorbs the energy from the moment you plant your foot in the ground I take the shoes to soccer practice and it is comfortable especially a hard day in practice I rea recommend it for athletes. ... read more

Noel.m, Santa Ana,California go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Better than Ultra Boost
March 04 2015

I tried the Ultra Boost but traded it in because it was too tight (the whole upper and tongue are one piece). I got these shoes in and I'm glad I switched. Super comfy and allow more wiggle room. Can't wait to take these for a run. ... read more

Texas Aggie, Dallas, TX go to product
Ultimate Fleece Hoodie My favorite hoodie
February 20 2015

I bought this hoodie mainly for working out and running which is why I like the fact that's its a little loose, giving me that freedom in mobility. Even though I use it to workout, I also wear it just as an everyday hoodie and it also looks great. Love the colors! ... read more

Toto3310, College Station, Tx go to product
Daily Shoes Cool look Great shoes
January 27 2015

I wanted something casual but smart - hard to please I know, but I found them with these. Great to wear with denim jeans but with the brown touches I can pair them up with lots of other items and be smart too. I've got quite a broad left foot but these are a fine fit. Recommended, but please don't all buy them I want to look unique! ... read more

CFCSteve, Newcastle UK go to product
Ultimate Fleece Hoodie Soft, not very thick
January 21 2015

I'm a girl and I bought the small for me. I'm 5'5" 115 lbs and the small fits well. A little roomy but not much. It's really soft but not very thick. Feels more like a spring/early fall hoodie. For that reason I'm keeping it. ... read more

MichiganGurrl, Royal Oak MI go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Excellent shoe
January 19 2015

Extremely comfortable, looks great, can't tell you how many girls I've picked up already wearing them. (Not because I've lost count, rather, because I have a girlfriend). Only suggestion is buy a half size bigger, Im usually a 10 but got 10.5 and am very glad I did, fit perfectly IF anything still on small side but no 0.5 size bigger definitely recommended. ... read more

Scarcliffe, Sheffield go to product
Daily Shoes Good Shoe,but...
January 17 2015

I was extremely disappointed when my shoes got here because they were not grey like the picture shows them,instead they were a bluish-purple. Not sure if they will fade to the color shown in the picture,but if i wanted blue colored shoes,i would have ordered them! Other than that good feel,love the insole! ... read more

Averagekindaguy, Moses Lake,WA go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Best shoes ever !!!!
January 16 2015

This is the best pair of shoes I've ever purchased. The fit is excellent, design is sleek, the lite weight makes them an incredibly, fantastic running shoe feels like you bounce of the floor. The comfort of this shoe is the best!! They are amazing to wear in all honesty my favourite ever pair. This is a review so would like to add a bit of criticism, I would like to see the foam sole being changed color as I live in England very wet and muddy have to maintain white a lot. Would love to see all black pair including sole of the shoe. Try to find a different material on the upper part perhaps a soft leather or something water resistant. This will add weight but won't bother runners or trainer lovers in cold and wet climates. The final part of the review delivery was excellent came much before expected date, they had all forms and instructions incase I needed to return them. (NEVER) also like to say buying online much better managed to get 7.5 which town has never got and I will be using the site in future. If you second thoughts on these shoes don't just buy them. Even if you don't run these will make walking enjoyable they are so comfortable. Sorry for essay but these are special trainers and deserve the effort. ... read more

Ron1990, Coventry, UK go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Definition of comfortable
January 06 2015

While the insole is a little different, and isn't as comfy as those found in competitors sneakers, the actual sole itself is rather incredible in comfort and has to be tried on to really feel its bounce. Fit is a bit tighter to what I'm used to, so keep that in mind. ... read more

bizz, London go to product
Ultimate Fleece Hoodie Stylish andf comfortable but probably not durable.
December 29 2014

I ordered this during a huge sale, as a backup hoody. My other hoody is a generic but comfortable fleece from Kohls, that I know I paid less for. The Adidas one is just as comfortable, and the fit is great for my 6ft 170lb frame (I ordered a medium). It's a tad long, but I like that because it keeps it from riding. Anyway I've had it for a few weeks now, and it's been through the wash once and worn nearly daily. The material isn't very thick and the weave isn't tight because the fabric started pilling after 1 wash. Remember the hoody I mentioned earlier? It's also a fleece made from 100% polyester, and it looks nearly new despite missing it's drawstring. It's been in the wash a bazillion times. And as for the warmth? It's definitely a lighter weight jacket like some others have mentioned. Anyway this is just a cool looking hoody but definitely not the ultimate. If you want it to look great for a long time my advice is- don't wear it much. ... read more

mhanlen, Virginia go to product
Ultimate Fleece Hoodie Great Warmth. Snug fit.
December 01 2014

As with all Climawarm product, this hoodie offers a great deal of warmth with very little bulk. This piece is very tightly woven, so it's quite wind resistant, while the brushed interior is really comfy. The smooth fabric along with a "snugger than usual fit" make this a versatile piece, and one that's particularly suited to layering. Note: just about any XXL top in the Adidas world fits me just fine (I'm 6'2", 230), but this is a slim fit item. Body and sleeve lengths are fine ,but it clings. ... read more

Chipper field, Minneapolis, MN go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Unbelievably comfortable
September 09 2014

I was skeptical of the Boost gimmick, but after trying them on at the store, i wanted to test them out in the real world. These are the most comfortable shoes i've owned, light weight, and fairly on trend. These are more comfortable than my Nike Roshe's, they feel lighter as well. The insole's breathe really well, making them comfortable for hours. The only issue is the breathability creates an issue when in the rain or with puddles. Water does get in the insole. That is my only complaint. I am now waiting on the primeknit boost, to increase the upper breathability. ... read more

M_LE, Southern California go to product
Pure Boost Shoes The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!
September 09 2014

Boost is the most comfortable thing you can use for a shoe. It's soo soft. I wish adidas would make a boost insole so you can put it in any shoe. This way you cant enjoy boost with some of the originals that don't have boost. ... read more

Los Angeles go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Most comfortable shoe out right now
August 18 2014

Clean design and the ultimate comfort in a casual shoe. So much better than nike roshe runs or anything with lunarlon cushioning. Please add more boost soles to other classic adidas models or even the ZX flux! ... read more

Steez, Jersey City, NJ, USA go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Amazing!
August 17 2014

These are one of the best shoes I've ever laced up. It has a nice simple design. It runs true to size, and amazingly comfy. I could run for hours with these shoes on. Looks dope for casual wear or going to the gym. ... read more

coolio87, Yakima, WA, USA go to product
Pure Boost Shoes was expecting more
August 14 2014

this is my first boost 1) absorption is ok, but not better comparing to other running shoes with gel - biggest disappointment 2) fit is uncomfortable, although the shoes are extremely soft: the only shoes where my little toes feel like wrung 3) no inner sole, that's where they get this name "pure"... uncomfortable to wear without socks ... read more

paul bond, Moscow, Russia go to product
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