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Reviews for: Green sale

20 reviews
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes great football boots
April 24 2016

this football shoe is a very good shoe. it feels very nice and good for kicking a ball. however if you have wide feet I wouldn't recommend it as the boots are quite narrow so make sure you get a larger size ... read more

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ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats Great Boot
April 22 2016

My daughter had a pair of X15.1 shoes that she loved and literally was wearing them out. I purchased the primeknit model as a 2nd pair. She said she wouldn't change shoes but took to them right away. Very comfortable and minimal break in time. She hasn't worn her prior shoes since. I just wished they offered these shoes in youth sizes with different colors. ... read more

DBrown#1 go to product
Light Em Up 2.0 Shoes They work great!
April 19 2016

These shoes work great for basketball. I did get a little blister on the out sides of both of my large toes because they are a bit narrow... but other than that they are doing the job. definitely not my favorite pair of shoes. But I like how the pattern is not exactly mirrored on the shoes. both shoes have a unique but correlating pattern. ... read more

NateZak, USA go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Good quality, tight fitting
April 17 2016

The trainers are made of a sturdy material unlike most of my other trainers I have had, they seem to be stronger therefore don't bend to your foot as easily meaning they'll last a lot longer. The studs are of good quality, long so they'll last longer than your average pair of boots. The only negative I would say is that they are not a true fitting to your size and are tight if you have wide feet like myself. ... read more

Gazza94, Leeds, UK go to product
Superstar Shoes Bad condition when opened
April 16 2016

i thought they looked amazing till i looked at them up close the Adidas sign on the lip was faded out like what leather looks like when it is used up an other little things so i would not spend 120 on these shoes trust me! plus they kinda looks orange ...... ... read more

Norfolk,VA go to product
Superstar Track Jacket Watch your sizing.
April 11 2016

Okay, first-- The color depicted on the web for blue is not the blue you will receive. It's a darker, richer blue, not a light powder almost pastel as depicted. I'm indifferent over this, so no big deal. Now the important stuff. Quality is classical excellent as expected for this jacket, however I was expecting a little more taper and tailoring overall and found the size dimensions to be off by a large margin. I would highly recommend ordering a size down if your very athletic (broad shoulders, small waist). If you're slim overall (beanpole model types) then go two sizes down. I'm happy with my purchase, but will be ordering a size down and returning my current jacket. ... read more

DetroitMD, USA go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Too Narrow for an old guy
March 11 2016

I liked the idea of the sock because the tongue on my shoes will travel to one side and make it uneven. As soon as I tried them on, I knew they were too narrow for my feet. I am 56 but I don't consider my foot too wide. I don't normally buy wide fit shoes, but these were too narrow. I am returning and looking for another shoe ... read more

Roobs, USA go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes good looking boot!
March 11 2016

This was for my 12year old son. He loves these boots and they seem to cope well with his football demands at the astro pitch at present. A few of his team mates have the same boots in different colour and all are happy with look, fit and comfort. ... read more

Scandi go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Son loves these shoes but personalisation is Dreadful
March 07 2016

My son had these for his birthday. He absolutely loves the trainers they are great (5 stars) but the personalisation is pretty poor compared to other retailers (zero stars). Adidas appear to 'stick' on the initials and team/country flag. After 3 wears (none of which have been in the rain!!!!!) the Ireland flag on my sons right foot is begining to peel off as is the Chelsea logo on his right....bit disappointing for an 11 year old, it makes me wonder how long his initials will last once he wears them training in the rain. Other companies embroider/stitch the names on which looks much better and is a permanent addition. Its a shame as I will think twice before buying personalised shoes from here again even though the actual shoes are a real hit!!!! ... read more

VickiMac, Surrey go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Disappointed
March 06 2016

Ordered my usual size and had to immediately return for a size up because they were so small and painful to wear. The size up now has plenty of toe box room but the narrowness and general stiffness of the midsection has left me really disappointed with the shoes. Another problem I encountered during my first game on astro turf was that the sand/grit from the pitch was constantly getting into the shoe from the gaping holes left between the upper and the laces when flexing. Look great but generally uncomfortable to wear and have design flaws for those that want to play on astro turf. Disappointed. ... read more

Ginge82, Manchester go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Great Trainers very comfy to wear..looks fab.
March 05 2016

My son loved these for his 13th ever they are quite narrow and comes up small. I bought size 6 would've been better if it was half a size bigger or a full size, couldn't change them as I personalised it!! ... read more

Jessica1402, Watford, UK go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Nice shoes but uncomfortable
February 29 2016

Once I got my shoes I tried them on and they felt perfectly fine, but unfortunately after one game I felt a pain in the top of my I assessed them and found that there was some sort of hard area which stuck out on the inside of the show and left bruising on my foot.The sizing of the shoes is fine its just the one area which causes me discomfort and solely because of that I have to give the shoe 2 stars. ... read more

Adidasreview123 go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Best astros!
February 28 2016

Overall the best astros I've had, but one of the shoes looks a slight different colour. One looks lighter, I'm not sure if this is meant to be or one has a thicker or more layers of the silicone waterproofing? Comfortable, nice fit. The colour problem is the only issue! ... read more

Ollyfred, Berkshire UK go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Indoor Shoes Primesh indoor boots
February 20 2016

Perfect fit, great colour my son loves them! Very comfortable and finds Basketball practice even better as they don't move when he's running about. Took longer than expected to arrive but ordered on the weekend, so maybe that's why. ... read more

Lyndaloo1, Wiltshire go to product
Ghost Pro Shin Guards Major change in sizing or product mistake
February 19 2016

My family and kids (soccer players) love Adidas products. Their club is Adidas so it is all we try to purchase and as mentioned, we love it. However, these new Ghost Pro shin guards, at least in the XS size are not right. The sleeves are extra small, but the pads are S, they don't even look like the guards would fit in the sleeve. I ordered a pair returned/exchanged them and the same thing on the second pair. An XS sleeve with what appears to be a S shin guard. Very disappointed as I wanted these for my little All-Star. See photos compared to standard Ghost XS shin guard ... read more

Kidder68, Boise, ID, USA go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes The best shoe
February 18 2016

I have all the top football boots and this shoe is better than all of them it is amazing their is nothing wrong with it I think you should buy it but the green one is better the black one gets white stuff on it and makes it look ugly ... read more

Kingoffootballboots, London go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Great For 3g/4g/Astro
February 12 2016

Got these for my son who has worn them to 5 football training sessions now. For him comfort and flexibility are key and these shoes sure provide that. The sock part of the shoe offers a comfortable fit between foot and shoe. The texture on the shoe also helps create great ball curve. Overall these feel like a more expensive pair of shoes that the price tag would suggest, ... read more

drjdgoodwin, Leiceter go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Indoor Shoes Great shoe
February 12 2016

Honestly of of the best take down models there is. I have had many low end models of many cleats and by far this is the most comfortable indoor shoe I've ever worn. The sock also makes the shoe very comfortable, in the past with take down models I always find the tongue moving around even with the laces pulled very tight. It might not be a big deal to most people, but for myself it is one thing that takes away from the comfort of a shoe. This shoe however I don't experience this issue because it has no tongue instead it has been replaced with the sock collar. Overall this is a great shoe, it is very comfortable and also cheap. ... read more

Kennett Square, PA go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Indoor Shoes Amazing football boots
February 07 2016

Everything about these shoes are perfect. The colour contrast make the boots really stand out on the pitch and with the little sock attached adds much more comfort than the other adidas products. Very comfortable look amazing and perform better than any other shoe I have purchased ... read more

Lucas1539, London go to product
ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes Wide(r) fit
February 06 2016

Bought these in 9.5. I'm a veteran player (old guy# and coach, and I have a challenge finding boots that fit my expanding foot. I have some 15.3 turfs #size 10) where they pinch me just a bit in the left forefoot. The 9.5 in this boot is wider in the forefoot and fits comfortably. However where the Prime Mesh forefoot meets the PU mid-foot, gapping and bunching starts causing an un-even fit. I suspect the 16.2 Firm Ground shoe would not do this, as it appears that the Prime Mesh covers both the forefoot and mid-foot areas. The heel also has some gapping, however the ankle-sock helps eliminate slippage. The turf sole for this shoe is very well designed, and provides a stable platform. Not too flat, but not so high that one would have to fear rolling over. I'm going to return these in hopes that adidas brings out 16.2 turf model, however I have no problem recommending this boot. I think for the player who does not have to deal with so many "foot issues" after 30+ years of play will find this a good choice. ... read more

coachg59, Pacific Northwest go to product
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