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Black • Sport • Outdoor • Shoes

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Reviews for: Black Sport Outdoor Shoes

94 reviews
May 23 2016

Great boot. I normally wear a 10.5 and these felt a tad bit too small, so definitely try them on first! I ordered mine online.... But still they feel great. Comfortable and great traction. I did cut the "excess" lace on the speed laces, which I regret now. I don't know where to get a replacement speed lace set! But amazing boots! ... read more

Danny8714, Downey,ca go to product
Climacool Boat Sleek Shoes Interesting Shoe
May 20 2016

Had a credit I needed to use with Adidas, saw these and thought, those are, I bought them. When I received them, I wasn't impressed. But, after wearing them for about 10 minutes, I fell in love! They are comfortable, stylish, and not many people have them. I wish they came in more than 3 colors.... ... read more

St Louis, Mo. go to product
Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Ruined a really good shoe
May 13 2016

I've been buying this shoe for the last 3 years .It's been one of the best shoes i've ever owned .Very comfortable to wear all day long in any condition.Now they have changed the insoles and totally ruined this shoe .Without the old style insoles these feel like any other cheap shoes ,absolutely no arch support or lateral support at all. There even painful just trying to stand in all day.I'm very disappointed in there new product. ... read more

smurf250, Lubbock Texas go to product
Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Another Diasppointment
May 12 2016

As Adidas designers continue on the their path of shrinking the toebox to over-constrain the human foot we now have designs that for D widths are too narrow. One more 1/8 of an inch in width and height across the ball of the foot at the outer edge is apparently too much to ask as we the people have been complaining for the last few years that all of the adidas designs are migrating to dimensions that simply don't work for the majority . its a shame that they don't get it but alas I will have to move on to manufacturers that understand that the toes, especially the pinky toes need some space to live. give us back a toebox, your sock like fit isn't working out. Other than this the quality and construction of the shoe itself is impressive. ... read more

Chuggity Muggs, kalamazoo go to product
TERREX SWIFT R MID GTX Good shoes but laces broke
April 22 2016

I recommend the shoes as I wear them hiking on rugged trails that vary in dey to muddy conditions. They are very comfortable and have kept my feet dry in wet conditions. The only complaint is the lace broke when pulling to tighten the shoes. Where can I find these laces? ... read more

Azuki, San Francisco, Bay Area go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Not for me
April 11 2016

Adidas trainers fit me perfectly but these boots are a narrow fit. My foot felt claustrophobic in them. Shame as they are good quality and if wider they would have been perfect but I had to return them. ... read more

Vallers, Yorkshire go to product
Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Awesome
April 01 2016

Dry, fast light, and durable. There's nothing more to say really... Low quarter alternative to their old raid boots that you can't get any longer. Addidas, please make a tactical boot version of this shoe ... read more

CCL go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Great for probation officers
March 25 2016

I am a serving police officer and have been in the job for close to 2 years now and have been out looking for the best boots for the job as I have a sensitive foot and was looking for a boot that would take care of my foot as previously owned boots have left my foot with painful corns. However I Read the Lone survivor novel and watched the movie with Mark Wahlberg where the Adidas GSG9 was used I decided to try it out and the GSG9.7 was my selection because it's not partened as my force policy. I have now been using the boot for since I bought them and they are the best things that ever happened to my foot, they are all I ever wanted in a patrol boots . They are very comfy, light, water resistant and breathable. ... read more

Spydersng, London,UK go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Solid, Sturdy and Comfortable
March 22 2016

These boots are very light, so you don't feel bogged down by them. They also offer a lot of grip and are very sturdy, so there is no compromise between weight and protection. I have been wearing them for the past weeks and have had no issues. Make sure you buy a half size bigger than you need, and they will be perfect. The only criticism is that they are quite hard to get on, so they could use a loop at the top of the boot to help pull them on. ... read more

D00p5 go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Perfect boot. Most comfortable I've owned.
March 16 2016

Absolutely perfect. Great fit with the half sizes available. True fit. By far the most comfortable I have worn. I am used to magnums and have always had to go through weeks of breaking them in, but these were soft and comfortable right away. Feels like wearing a pair of trainers to work. No complaints ... read more

JenA85, Glasgow go to product
Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes Fantastic shoe
March 13 2016

I live in a wet climate and these shoes walk right thru puddles. The soles are excellent. The lacing system is what makes these shoes really easy to wear. I have also washed these with a couple of towels and they came out great. I used a box fan overnight to dry them. They're like new again. ... read more

Matt T, Melbourne, FL go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Great boots
March 11 2016

Comfortable boots great quality was suffering with a bad arch on my right foot. Until I was in these boots on my feet all day up and down stairs with heavy loads. Can't complain I'm not in agony thanks Addidas. ... read more

Mj84, London go to product
February 29 2016

This shoes is unbelievable, I am Adidas user since I was 8 years old I am 39 years old Now, this shoes is so much comfortable, warm, I wear it 9 to 10 hours a day it feels so good. Bought this shoes 2015 and it's still same shape for a year now. ... read more

Gadalla, KY go to product
Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes pretty sweet shoe
February 23 2016

great grip on the shoes I am able to play with more confidence I'm not worried about slipping on the rugged terrain or the tea boxes awesome shoes for disc golf. I wish they would have held out a little longer the gore-tex doesn't work too well but is OK overall it's a good shoe. ... read more

discgolf T, stockton go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots One thing missing...
February 06 2016

These boots are absolutely brilliant and really grippy even when exposed to diesel spills. The one and only gripe I have with these boots is that the addition of a finger loop at the heel to pull them on would be absolutely the clincher for me. ... read more

BMcA, Scotland go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Re: Pleasantly Surprised
February 01 2016

Initial reluctance to buy these shoes after reading the mixed reviews was replaced by being pleasantly surprised having bought a pair after being sent an on-line discount voucher, to which I used to purchase my pair. I work quayside with off-shore boats, sometimes working a 16-18 hour shift, so comfort and reliability is a must, and these shoes do not disappoint. In addition, I also have to drive trucks/vans during my shift and have found these shoes to be both unrestrictive and comfortable during driving. I would buy at least a 1/2 size bigger than your 'normal' shoes (something I tend to do with all adidas shoes purchased), other than that I can not find anything negative to say about my purchase. ... read more

Poohmcbear1874, Ellon (Scotland) go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Next time might trade up to GSG-9.2
December 27 2015

Had a pair of predecessors to the GSG-9.2 and this time went for the shorter 9.7 because of the price difference. Had not recognised the differences in the two, just assumed the 9.7 was shorter. The leather uppers continue higher on the 9.2, which is textile on the 9.7 plus the toe design is different and better on the 9.2. Overall, next time I'd spend more money and get the 9.2. Though by that time adidas may have tweaked this popular design classic still further. ... read more

TJNWM, Wales go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Loose
December 21 2015

It seems to me that the right boot fits looser than the left boot. With this being said I had to tighten the right boot so tight that one of the eyes for the laces ripped within the first month of wearing the boots. ... read more

Cody_J_9147, Minnesota go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots GREAT BOOT!!!
December 04 2015

I'm very excited about the boot. I'm glad I ordered the boot a 1/2 inch size larger than my true size which is a 12. The 1/2 inch fits perfect. The boot is comfortable, the sole is quality. I threw some shoe polish on them and the boot really looks good. ... read more

jbstoner43, Houston,Tx go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Disappointed
November 18 2015

Recieved in good time, they looked great, unfortunately, they were too small, i gpt a size 10 which all my boots and trainers are, but these were very tight and not quite long enough, definitely come up a bit small, so would get next size up from usual. Quality was good though, just let down by the fit which is a shame. ... read more

Kazv185, London go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Geeat
November 11 2015

Comfortable right out of the box. Felt like tennis shoes and could easily go on 8 mile rucks with them and run. Fast rope capabilities were great for the first year I had them (roughly 50 sticks). Highly recommend these! ... read more

Newlyveted go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Looks a solid shoe
October 26 2015

I actually ordered this by mistake as I originally wanted the 9.2, anyway as I received the shoe I've tried it in and looks of a nice solid make feels a bit wide at the top of the feet. I didn't use it so I can't comment on real life use. But I returned as I prefer the 9.2 to the 9.7, the return was free of charge no question asked and the money in the bank one week later. ... read more

leozuk, Brighton, uk go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Perfect for work
October 17 2015

Bought these boots for work as I needed a comfortable, lightweight yet hard wearing pair and I am not disappointed. Easy to get on and off even when laced up but not fastened (not like some others where you have to take the laces out of the top two eyelets to get your feet out) . The padded tongue provides enough cushioning so when the boot is fastened, there is no rubbing caused by the neck of the boot around the shin area and there is ample padding to prevent any rubbing around the rest of the boot top. It’s not too tight across the bridge of the foot either when it is fastened and it provides a firm enough contact with the ground but yet retaining flexibility in the boot itself. The traxion sole and the adiprene heel add cushion and rigidity in just the right amount on any surface. Size wise Adidas have got it just right, I’m a size 9 and it fits perfectly. Room enough inside for the feet to still move, but not too much so as to move and cause blisters. If there is one negative about this boot and it is only a minor personal one, I would say that the top 2 or 3 eyelets could possibly be replaced with a quick lace system, although this is just personal preference and may not be to everybody’s liking. ... read more

DaveOredsaint, St Helens, UK go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Good purchase with minor issues
October 15 2015

Boots are pretty solid but we'll see how the durability factors pans out in 6 months! Sizing a bit small- length was fine but sides are too narrow to be my first choice of shoe for comfort- hopefully leather will 'give' in time to change my mind! Ankle support is great and grip is excellent although I haven't tried it on ice yet- should I be worried? All round a pretty good boot but would have been better with the option of a wide fitting. Perhaps designers could use that feedback positively? ... read more

Car605, Essex, originally from Edinburgh go to product
GSG 9.7 Boots Great so far!
August 16 2015

This boot was purchased for work. I've been through many very expensive boots that has not held up very long. So far this boot is perfect. It's lite, rugged, very comfortable and stylish. It's only been about a month but, so far so good. ... read more

steama134, New York, NY go to product
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