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Gold • Shoes

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Equipment Running Support 2.0 Shoes Men's Originals
$ 150
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Equipment Running Support 2.0 Shoes Men's Originals
$ 150
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Stan Smith Shoes Men's Originals
$ 95
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Climachill Rocket Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 71.99 $ 120
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Climachill Rocket Boost Shoes Women's Running
$ 71.99 $ 120
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Reviews for:Gold Shoes

21 reviews
Climachill Rocket Boost Shoes Great Shoe!
August 31 2015

I have purchased the Adidas Climachill in the past but not the Climachill Rocket Boost. Awesome shoe. Feels great and gives you that added spring in your step. They even look great as well. I will be purchasing this shoe again. ... read more

dlshaw74 go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Mid Gold Cleats sons choice, awesome choice
July 22 2015

Purchased these for my 13 year old boy who's in his last year of youth tackle football. Light, comfortable, great support and flat out good looking, best cleat he's ever played in. He stated as a running back/line backer these cleats allow for quicker, tighter cuts, and better traction. Adidas did it again. I've been a fan for 30 years and now he's one also, 7 years and counting. ... read more

ndfan1, porterville, california, USA go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Canny Dappers!
April 27 2015

Good comfortable shoe. Wore then on day trip and walked for miles in them. Only concern is the tongue length which in all adidas are always 1cm too long and bunch up at the top of my foot/shin junction. In these shoes, they are stiff and not padded so can be uncomfortable before they soften up. ... read more

ToonBenny, Newcastle upon Tyne go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Very Nice
November 11 2014

The design is very nice with the silver pattern going across the cleat and it feels great. When you first put them on they may be a little tight because they are fairly narrow out of the box. Although the Vivid Berry cleat looks red in the picture, it is actually a pink. When you expect it to be pink it does look fairly cool, although I'd rather have it in red. Still a great football cleat! ... read more

Caleb M, United States go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Washing machine
November 02 2014

I'm from the UK so the surface that I play on is mostly real muddy grass, so to avoid continuous toothbrush scrubbing, are these cleats machine washable? Apart from that, these are great cleats, the best I've ever owned by far!!! ... read more

8groove, London, UK go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats SUPER LIGHT! THE BEST!
October 26 2014

These are amazing cleats hands down my favorite cleat; will be getting these next season. It took me a little while to break them in but after that they are like amazing really good stability and VEERRRYYY good traction! Like the stud pattern. ... read more

DMCspeedy go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Okay
October 19 2014

These Are Great Cleats. I Play High School Football & I'm a D1 Athlete , I Play For St. Thomas Aquinas. The Only Problem I Have With The Cleats Is The Plate In The Back Is Starting To Come Off. And The Tongue Keeps Moving Around After Every Run. Overall Okay I Would Have Adidas Upgrade The Tongue , & Plate. ... read more

Myles Autry III, Jacksonville, FL go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Slightly narrow, but overall awesome
August 29 2014

I looked at the reviews and ordered a half-size bigger. They fit great and are really everything they are made out to be. I got the intense pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness games and they look sweet. ... read more

The white Kobe, Washington, DC, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Dependable
August 25 2014

These cleats hold up better than any others on the market. Shoe is light weight and extremely durable what more can be asked of a cleat? I have been wearing them for more than 5 years now and still own my first pair!!!! ... read more

Boltz95, Camarillo go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats These should've been my first cleats!!!
August 22 2014

I'm an amateur player from the UK, so I have only owned 1 other pair of cleats from another company, but I decided to get a pair of these cleats moving into the 2015 season, & I gotta say, these are fantastic! Although the mi adidas cleats doesn't have the sprint web technology, the overall design still holds to the foot real well. Tight, but not too tight! The sprintframe is light & low to the ground, which suits my running style perfectly, as if they're made for me! When I put them on, I don't want to take them off! I play free safety, but these cleats are great for any speed position!!! Im buying another pair, just because!!!!! ... read more

FreeSafety8, UK go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Not bad
August 22 2014

I bought these for receiver and tight end. They are very comfortable on my left foot. But my right foot has blisters all over it. I've never had wide feet and the cleats weren't too small when I got them. So I'm kind of confused on what's happening. I had to go back to my old last year cleats because I can't run full without my right foot. On the bright side they have been very durable, not a tear to be found. ... read more

SkillPlayer_7, Bath, ME, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Great shoes, but had insole problems.....
August 20 2014

I have had multiple pairs of the Adizero fooball cleats over the years and they have all been great. However, I had a problem with this pair as the insole was moving around inside of the shoe when cutting during football practice. The insole ended up on the side of the shoe rather than below my foot. There does not seem to be enough friction between the bottom of the insole and the baseplate of the shoe to hold it in place when cutting side-to-side. Hopefully this will get resolved for future models. ... read more

Dragon36, Southlake, TX, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats You want light? Here it is !
August 02 2014

Great shoe! Feels extremely comfortable once broken in (was broken in after about a 30-45 minute running workout). They are slightly narrow, but nothing extremely uncomfortable unless you have a wider foot. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel light as a bird when running on the field ! ... read more

Inky B go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Adizero lives up to the hype
July 24 2014

If one is looking for a shoe with great traction,looks just as it does online if not better, and not to mention weightless this is the shoe for them. I would recommend these shoes for any DB as it makes those change of direction a breeze. Would highly recommend to others. ... read more

ThatOneGuyLuna, Anaheim, CA, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats BEST CLEAT EVER
June 27 2014

Not only is this cleat light but the traction on it is great, i'm a receiver and a DB and recommend these cleats for any player out there who wants something light with great traction and very comfortable. Great cleat way better than nikes newest cleats in my opinion. Also love their gold colorway, Really makes me stand out, from now on i'm an Adidas guy. ... read more

E2SAUCY, Lodi, CA, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats lightest shoe ever
June 11 2014

My son LOVES these shoes. He had the 2.0 and wore them our but wouldn't stop wearing them. He played with tape around the front until these new ones arrived! He swears they are like walking on air. My younger son could not wear these. They are much too narrow for a wider foot. Too bad. He really wanted to keep them but couldn't. ... read more

njtex, Austin, TX, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Excellent
June 05 2014

I play competitive ultimate frisbee and are pretty hard on cleats. These are surprisingly comfortable and crazy light. I've burned through a lot of cleats but these are definitely here to stay for me. Only gripe is they did start to tear after one season which is a bit earlier than I would have liked. Adidas excellent customer service however was there to help out on the second pair. I'll buy these from now on hands down ... read more

Danny1215 go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Adizero 5-start 3.0 are sick
May 29 2014

These shoes are great, super light weight with great cutting ability and hold on turf. Only complaint is not much arch support but how can you in a low cut light weight shoe. On my 2nd pair, first held up great and will get 3rd pair to start season. ... read more

FWC#2, San Diego, CA, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Great product
April 13 2014

Much better than the 2.0 which were tight and hard to break in. The material at the front and back of the cleat is much more forgiving when quickly stopping and going. I've had the 1.0,2.0, and now the 3.0's and they are my favorite. I ordered a half a size bigger than I normally do and they fit great. ... read more

DC Current, Arlington, VA, USA go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Solid cleats
April 11 2014

Not like the other adi zeros. It actually feels like a real thicker cleat, even though it's thin. Super durable too. I got them for the all American army combine so they've been true and tested. Traction is solid as well. ... read more

Based Jesus go to product
mi adizero 5-Star Low Custom Cleats Good upgrade from the 2.0
January 15 2014

Considering that I had the 2.0's before these, I love these cleats. Some of the problems from the 2.0 for me was the tongue and the stiffness around the achilles. Now they have a softer cushion-like material so it no longer leaves discomfort or cuts on my feet.The surface of the shoe is also an upgrade. ... read more

qwertyuio go to product
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