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Green • Running • Shoes

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Reviews for: Green Running Shoes

139 reviews
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Feels like an old shoe - light and nimble
September 17 2015

I ran 15 mile long run with this shoes as soon as it was delivered. Despite the lack of time to get used to, or feeling comfortable about it, the shoes fit perfectly. I really liked it particularly its light and nimble structure. I strongly recommend this product. ... read more

foipop go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Solid complement to my Boost garage
September 11 2015

I already owned a pair of Adios Boost flats but needed a similar shoe that I could use regularly during my speed workouts. I just ordered the exact same size as my Adios and they fit like a glove. With about 20km on them so far I can say that they are very pleasant to use on the road and yes, they are very fast. If you already own another pair in the boost family, you will not be disappointed with the Bostons. They are fast, yet you can still feel supported. ... read more

barbul, Montreal go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Good but......
August 28 2015

I'm a long term fan of the Boston line, perfect fit for my feet, and used them for road and trail. Initially I was pleased with the upgrade to the Boost midsole - shoes felt fast and lighter than the previous version and still a great fit. I've used them on runs of 5 miles to 100. The downside for me compared to the previous version is the much reduced durability of the sole unit. I have 2 pairs, one of which has 300 miles on it but feels more like my Boston 3s or 4s at 500 miles. Except for the first 100 miles they don't seem to have the firm heel and that snap off the road that i like so much on the pre-Boost Boston and Adios2. Ideally i'd like the Boost cushioning just in the fore/mid foot. ... read more

Nick3333, Berkhamsted, UK go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Put the milage on them
August 26 2015

I have read several reviews that state that these shoes fall apart easily and for me that could not be farther from the truth. I bought my first pair on a whim from the adidas outlet store as I was beginning to train for a marathon. I put over 100 miles on the first pair and them bought a second so that I could rotate them, thats how much I loved them. I have run on pavement, gravel, sand, and volcanic desert (in Aruba) and they still have most of the soles on both pairs. I never imagined that I would love these as much as I do, nor that they would hold up as well as they have. Despite how tough they are, I still think my favorite part of these shoes is that they have a very soft heel section. Class pair of shoes, send me a free pair for the best review you have ever had. Regardless, I am buying a new pair next week. ... read more

Gunner74 go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Amazing and can't be beat. Not for running though.
August 11 2015

This was my first boost shoe and it lived up to my expectations. The cushioning is amazing and it really does feel like you're walking on a cloud or a marshmallow. You would think after awhile you would get used to the cushioning but it's like the cushioning is brand new, the shoe overall is very comfortable and the tech fit is really comfortable. It is almost like this shoe cant be beat. I had no problems will this shoe and it still is in brand new condition after wearing it for 6 months. One this is this is not a running shoe and I would not run in it. It is very durable but I think this shoe was made for more walking and casual wear. Thank you adidas! ... read more

Jayadidas, Usa go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Incredible Shoe if they fit
July 30 2015

I have fairly narrow feet and purchased these at size 10 based on my experience with the Boston 4s 9.5 being just too small on my left foot. In other brands, size 9.5 fits best. Unfortunately, my feet felt like they were losing circulation as soon as I put these on, as they are very narrow. I was wearing thin socks. The construction, lightness, airyness, and boost mid soles were all things I was looking for, so I was sad to have to return them. I'm now interested in the adios boost, and will try them on to see if they fit a little wider. I'm also getting more used to lower heel drops, and would have happily used the Boston 5s for my recovery runs and longer runs, had they not been too narrow. ... read more

Sandstorm85, Ottawa go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes great trainers
July 23 2015

I have started to use these trainers as I am planning a run from Reading to Maidenhead I needed something relatively light and comfortable. I have been running on these now for almost two weeks and find them easy going I would certainly recommend. ... read more

Bobby1978, Slough go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Adidas Boston Boost the best running shoes ever!
July 09 2015

well, I really, really, I like 'em. What else is there to say.the top is so light you feel like you are running bare foot. the bottom is elastic and very supportive. I got them as a replacement for the same I already have, although the one's I have are still fine after 6 months of haevy use. The thing with adidas is that they change the shapes and widths of their products so often, so much so that by the time you need replacements you realise that your type is discontinued. I will definitelly get a second resrve pair if they ever go on sale. Super shoes! ... read more

borisMk, miami beach, fl go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes I love this shoe, but Adidas please take note...
July 06 2015

I own both the supernova glide 6, and the adios boost 1. So was stoked to finally complete the neutral set with the boston 5. I chose to go with a half-size up from my size for the adios and glide, and I have to say I'm happy I did. This shoe does run slightly small. It is also quite narrow. I have a reasonably narrow foot however, and the ride on this shoe is incredible (i wanted something that sat pretty much right in between the glide and adios in terms of cushioning and responsiveness). I've been using it for everything from a 4km time trial to a 90 min trail run (though the grip isn't that suitable for anything other than the driest of trails), and I am loving the boston 5! BUT! What have you done with this toe-box Adidas? It's swede, and as such makes little folds inwards instead of sitting nice and uniformly, which can press a little uncomfortably into your big toes. I don't notice it while running, and hopefully the material will soften as I continue to break the shoes in, but please Adidas, I love this shoe. Take the end of the toe-box from the glide, stick it on future models, and you could be on to a winner. ... read more

SkinnyKiwi, Christchurch, New Zealand go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes The Boost technology is in a leaque of its own
July 03 2015

I had to buy a half size larger like the Glide Boost I'm wearing now. The Glide Boost is more cushioned but the Boston Boost is much lighter. I'm training for a full marathon so the light weight would be an asset. The Boston fit like the Glide, more comfortable and cushioned than another major brand I've switched from. Also Adidas seems to have narrower toe box which is ok for me since I have narrow feet. ... read more

Dooey, Vancouver go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Great light racer with some cushining
June 29 2015

I've raced in all generations of the boston from 5k to Marathon and take the Boston 5 to the world masters this year with confidence. its light and fast with just enough protection when form goes out the window in the last 10k of a Marathon. ... read more

Fluff51, London go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Perfect for me
June 19 2015

I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled too. I will say that shoes are a very individual thing, especially for distance running and I've tried a few but these have come out on top. I'll be running my 30+ (lost actual count) marathon in 2 weeks time in a pair of these and I'll bounce around in sub 3 or my money back (I won't actually get money back if I don't or want it any way). And remember these work for me, for what I do. That doesn't mean they'll work the same for you :) ... read more

ro6er, Stone, UK go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Greatest shoe I have ever owned.
June 01 2015

I got these shoes at the Chicago Adidas store in April. I played a whole season of tennis in them and wear them everyday to school and they are still going strong. I have owned many pairs of free runs and even roshes but nothing compares to these. I love them and definitely worth the money. ... read more

Manty, Wisconsin go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Yes.
May 11 2015

These are a YES. Comfort and simple style came together in one. The boost does die down after wearing them a bit but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair when it's done. Going up a half size wouldn't hurt either, which is what I did and it fit better. ... read more

SteezyPeezy7 go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Great for >1/2 marathons
May 02 2015

Great training shoe, very light for a training shoe and the sole looks very durable, great for races > 1/2 marathon, for shorter races I ran in the adios 1, Also great shoe. Love the boost in the running flats not so much on the others, too much of it tends to feel to musshy. ... read more

Sodaabreu1, Mexico go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Sub 2:50 for the Melbourne Marathon !
April 26 2015

So far the adizero Boston 5 suits my running style without any adverse symptoms with feet and legs. It offers a little more support and cushioning than the adios while still maintaining a light weight for racing. The base is more durable than the adios and should cope well with track and road surfaces. I have run in many models from the Glide 6 to Boost 2.0 and if you are seeking to try a more minimalist model then I would recommend giving the Boston 5 a try. I'm estimating they will last well and should get over 700km with my style of running although I will save them for the next marathon and purchase another pair to train in. ... read more

Runmyfeetoff, Australia go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Speedwork/tempo shoe
April 23 2015

This is a great shoe for both speedwork and tempo runs and would suffice for a distance racing flat as well. It does fit a bit snug and 1/2 size short in my opinion but the performance is spot on. It has a low to the ground, racing flat feel but thanks to the boost midsole decent cushioning. ... read more

Duman66, Greencastle, IN go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Something's different
April 17 2015

I have bought the last three versions of the Adidas Boston, and they are generally my favorite shoe, however, when I received the 5s I was a little disappointed. The material seems to be cheaper than the last two versions, and for some reason the sizing is longer and narrower on my 5s. Also, I found that they aren't as responsive as my previous pairs...feels like I'm running on sand. Overall I uaully love the Bostons... Just not the 5s. On the plus, the colours are great this year and they look stylish. ... read more

Osteran go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Great shoe!!
March 25 2015

I have had 2 pairs. The first pair I put 450 miles on them. I've run in the in just about every weather condition this winter and they held up great. On my second pair I've just ran a full marathon. I will have to agree when I first got the shoe. I thought the construction might fall apart but after all the miles on them and also being wet a good amount of the time. I would recommend these shoes to everyone that has the right foot type. ... read more

Marcus1, United States. Delaware go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Best running trainers i have had i a long time.
March 13 2015

I have worn the trainers twice since receiving them, i have done a 18k & a 14k both time trainers where very comfy with no issues. I also have improved on my slits time buy 10 to 15 seconds per kilometre don't know if this is just in my head or the trainers ??? ... read more

Daz2208, yorkshire go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Best out there
March 10 2015

The pure boost technology is awesome It absorbs the energy from the moment you plant your foot in the ground I take the shoes to soccer practice and it is comfortable especially a hard day in practice I rea recommend it for athletes. ... read more

Noel.m, Santa Ana,California go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Better than Ultra Boost
March 04 2015

I tried the Ultra Boost but traded it in because it was too tight (the whole upper and tongue are one piece). I got these shoes in and I'm glad I switched. Super comfy and allow more wiggle room. Can't wait to take these for a run. ... read more

Texas Aggie, Dallas, TX go to product
Adizero Boston 5 Shoes Superb running shoes
January 24 2015

Fantastic running shoes and not only: I've been walking around in them every day since they arrived and they feel great. Very light and responsive yet not too springy. I ordered one half size up from my usual size and they fit perfectly. The outsole seems durable enough and shows no sign of wear so far so I hope I will be walking and running in these fantastic shoes for a very long time. ... read more

celtic666 go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Excellent shoe
January 19 2015

Extremely comfortable, looks great, can't tell you how many girls I've picked up already wearing them. (Not because I've lost count, rather, because I have a girlfriend). Only suggestion is buy a half size bigger, Im usually a 10 but got 10.5 and am very glad I did, fit perfectly IF anything still on small side but no 0.5 size bigger definitely recommended. ... read more

Scarcliffe, Sheffield go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Best shoes ever !!!!
January 16 2015

This is the best pair of shoes I've ever purchased. The fit is excellent, design is sleek, the lite weight makes them an incredibly, fantastic running shoe feels like you bounce of the floor. The comfort of this shoe is the best!! They are amazing to wear in all honesty my favourite ever pair. This is a review so would like to add a bit of criticism, I would like to see the foam sole being changed color as I live in England very wet and muddy have to maintain white a lot. Would love to see all black pair including sole of the shoe. Try to find a different material on the upper part perhaps a soft leather or something water resistant. This will add weight but won't bother runners or trainer lovers in cold and wet climates. The final part of the review delivery was excellent came much before expected date, they had all forms and instructions incase I needed to return them. (NEVER) also like to say buying online much better managed to get 7.5 which town has never got and I will be using the site in future. If you second thoughts on these shoes don't just buy them. Even if you don't run these will make walking enjoyable they are so comfortable. Sorry for essay but these are special trainers and deserve the effort. ... read more

Ron1990, Coventry, UK go to product
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